Kindle Edition ↠ Save Me PDF/EPUB Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Save Me PDF/EPUB Ú

10 thoughts on “Save Me (Life After the Outbreak #1)

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    Dude seriously Brace yourselves people I feel a hardcore rant coming on and it's filled with spoilers so as a summary for those who don't want to see them in a nutshell I liked the writing of the author like others of my bad review giving ilk but I uber hated the shit out of the heroine Ahem let us beginoh and there's belligerent language about to be involved too I'm sure so now you've been properly forewarnedview spoiler Where do I begin?? The good? Yes it's true this author can write very talented actually The flow is easy and moves along uite nicely working to draw you right into the story And right off the bat too that's always nice when that happens The secondary characters are pretty good too interesting just like the writing I liked Will uite a bit even with all the near crying that's one sensitive dude BUT then we get to Andi our dear lil heroine annnnnnd here's where I jump offBoiled down contrary to her many many protestations and testimonies she is nothing short of a twit you just wanna shake the shit out of and holy smokes do I? I mean I really disliked how Janet insulted her all the time At first But then I understood I'm sorry but I full on agree with other detractors of this novel Being a talented writer just doesn't cut it if you end up writing a protagonist who is too stupid for your audience to get into and identify with Andi keeps crowing about how she's taken care of herself for the last two years since the outbreak but honestlyc'monC'MON how in the living fuck did this dumb dumb live longer than two days? Let's list it out spoiled immature self involved just plain dim naive whiny insert your own flaw here etc etc Not to mention the insecurities that should really be an afterthought in the face of the apocalypse Having to read Dan Andi's yes no argument over Will's feelings for her was excruciating and ridiculous We're left with no real reason why Will is so into her Yet they feel deeply Sure And every single outing they choose to unrealistically argue out in the middle of the road Who the fuck does that with zombies and enemies out everywhere?I was than disappointed that this book suandered the opportunity of zombie doomsday adventures instead choosing to focus on the romantic ponderings of this dim witted asshole Yes I said it Don't believe me? Check this we take this girl who clearly likes a good guy and she does nothing but doubt deny thinking up a whole bunch of idiocy and uses it to lash out at him every chance she can get And stubbornly sticks by her dummy responses She's 18 going on 12 Good Christ Very uickly I started to ask why am I listening to this girl's incessant whining about inane crap and where the fuck are my zombies?? Hello zombies where are zombies? Zombies? Anyone? Bueller?Many of you probably won't agree with me No doubt too busy swooning over Will and asking WTF does this evil reviewer expect? And here it is I expect a story about a kickass girl who is realistically surviving on her own through a zombie apocalypse y'know? Someone with survival instincts perhaps? She hooks up with a guy eual to her with said skills and instincts and together create great chemistry And in addition they come up on serious factors to be considered in the apocalypse I wanna see action peril adventure clever plot points and scenarios and I wanna see them kick some ass and take some names goddammit Not some stupid little girl shit fantasy about a boy and witness how she does nothing but cause her own unnecessary confusion because she's too wrapped up in her own invented insecurities to pay attention to him and the undead corpses trying eat herStill don't believe me? Who the hell runs out on the people she's with one in heartbreak the others in an argument both of which she caused without any bloody weapons? Even if you're the biggest asshat known to the end of the world you still take your weapons Where does this girl think she is? Sweet Valley High? I mean I would never condone hitting a woman but I think at this point Will should've just punched in the throat and called it a day hide spoiler

  2. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    3 12 Pink Pony Wearing Hero Cute love story during the zombie apocalypse but I had a hard time connecting to the characters

  3. Allison Allison says:

    45 Apocalyptic Stars Arc was provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAndi is 18 years old she lives alone because everyone she loved is dead She has no desire to stick with a group because in a Zombie Apocalypse no can be trusted That is until Andi finds herself trapped in a dog cage with zombies surrounding her and trying to make her their next meal Will who is also traveling alone come across trapped Andi and saves her by killing all the zombies I guess this would have been the end of me if not for my knight in shining armor And by knight and in shining armor I mean a tall boy wearing combat boots ripped black jeans and a black t shirt with a pretty pink pony smack in the middle After being saved by Will Andi going with her gut tries to send him on his away but Will sticks around feelings for one another uickly form between Andi and Will Through their travels they come across Janet and Dan old friends that they've met along the way Can love survive jealousy hate rage and lust while in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? It's the one thing that's never changed When everything is different and the whole world sucks you can look up and it's the same The same stars I looked at with my dad in the backyard when I was little the same ones above the lake on Saturday night when everyone hung out having a great time without having a care in the world It's the only thing Save me was a great read a story filled with fear and hope You will feel the drama unfold while gripping your e reader and never wanting to put the book down No matter what happens Will I want you to know how much you mean to me You've saved me I love zombie apocalypse books its my favorite genre I highly recommend this book to the new zombie readers out there its a much lighter zombie book so don't be afraid lol And if you are a zombie freak like me well I promise you it wont disappoint All in all a great book and I cant wait to read book #2 to see what the future holds for Andi Will Janet and Dan The moment I first saw you trapped in that dog cage I knew that you would be the one to save me That very moment you became my salvation

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    35 starsThis review will sound conflicted because it is indeed a conflicted review My thoughts are that lost on the matter Save Me is a zombie apocalypse romance novel It started off well The description was good but I failed to connect with the main heroine A few things bothered me How she met the hero and took him back to her place after a year of not being there bothered me It bothered me because here was this perfectly good sheltered place that she could’ve been living in for the past year and instead she wasn’t? I don’t get that She had solar panels and a basement stocked full of supplies and weapons I just don’t see someone leaving a place that sheltered with protection during a zombie apocalypse no matter the bad memories So once there they connect she’s blind to his attraction and affection More characters come into play and she starts getting jealous and then he starts getting jealous of the affection she’s getting from another secondary character For an apocalypse novel there was way too much whining and not enough blood guts and glory Now even though the story itself didn’t capture me; the writing did It was actually pretty flawless Word usage was superb That is where I will sound conflicted But it’s the truth the writing was good enough to keep me reading the story even though it wasn’t for me If the book would have been longer and less whiny with connection I would be dubbing this a 5 star read This Author is one to watch because if this writing is applied to a longer less rushed story it will be a five star read I’m sure of it I imagine this is only the beginning for this author and I will look forward to reading This is just my opinion; this review is just that My opinion Look forward to seeing

  5. Miranda Whore Miranda Whore says:

    Review of Save Me by L J BakerCopy provided by author in exchange for honest reviewSave me is the debut story for L J Baker I have to admit most times I am nervous to read first books because it’s hit or miss This book grabbed me from the start Baker has a talent for making you feel like you are right there with her characters as the scenes play out Save Me is than just the typical romance novel; it is an exciting adventure into what reality would look like for the Average Joe during a zombie apocalypseBaker has created characters that make you cheer for their successes and rage at them when they are making mistakes Andi is a tough as nails on the outside soft and suishy on the inside kind of girl Her incredible sense of humor and level of snark will have you laughing from page oneWill her knight in pink pony armor I promise it will make sense when you read it will have you falling into book boyfriend love Without giving much of the story away the supporting characters Janet and Dan will take you through many emotions hate lust rage fits of girlish giggles acceptance and so much You will just have to read to see the beauty in the drama that unfolds One thing will be a constant throughout no matter who saves who you will read it to the end wondering if they will ever save each otherSave Me is a must read debut novel that I give a full Five Stars Not only did I fall in book boyfriend love but book boyfriend lust enough that I considered being a cougar might not be such a bad thing GrawOrReview by Mommy’s a Book Whore

  6. Sabrina Burgess Sabrina Burgess says:

    Marked as TBR Sounds awesome

  7. Twinsie Talk Angie J Twinsie Talk Angie J says:

    Check out this review and others at wwwtwinsietalkblogspotcomwwwfacebookcomtwinsietalktwinsietalkI received this book for an honest review I really gave this a 375 rating but I rounded up OK I must first say I am not a HUGE YA reader but I did enjoy this story When a fellow blogger mentioned needing some reviews of a zombie book with a love story I said YES PLEASE I love zombies love stories and the Walking DeadWhen I started reading this story it was a little slow to get going Andi and Will were kinda living in the same space and dealing with their reality Then Andi is kidnapped by not very nice cousins who want her for companionship to put it nicely Will saves the day and then he and Andi have a moment I was waiting for that first kiss but it didnt happen Then Will gets a bit douche and is pulling away When I get really angry at him is when JANET shows upgrowl JANET So they have a history and she is defo giving off the Will is Mine vibe to Andi Andi is sooo confused as was I She thinks Will likes her but he is sleeping in bed with Janet at night?????? So I begin to notice I can't put this book down I am totally and completely invested in the book I will say I was shocked at how fast I got completley wound up and stressed Which is the marking of a great book right????? So anyway the angst is ramping up and my emotions area alllll over the place When I am totally confused and stressed out over AndiWillJanet comes Danrolls tongue back in to my mouth Dan puts the moves on Andi and Will gets jealous WHUT I am like Andi and confused totally Well Dan and Andi talk and straighten things out When the DanAndi and AndiWill and WillJanet mess is finally revealed I was happy So I think Wow that was great but waitthere is still to the story So the 4 decided to make their way to a medicalmilitary base to get support and maybe have a real life??? OMG then the story gets intense againthey get trapped by a hordeOMG this was a great book but I am left kinda hanging as to the endis there to this story? i hope so because I want to know what happens with everyone

  8. Aimi Aimi says:

    When I first found out that this is a zombie apocalyptic book I was terrified I'm not much of a zombie fan I nearly crapped myself watching the Walking Dead tv series but it's kind of like you're witnessing a terrible accident happening and you just can't turn away despite being terrified to death? Walking Dead is like that for me It scares me I couldn't be alone for a while big wimp I know Did it stopped me from watching it? Hell no In fact I'm addicted I need those freaking zombies whether if I like it or notSo when I stumble upon this book I was kinda happy and terrified at the same time I want to feel that goosebump creeping into me But what did I get? NadaDude Post apocalyptic world It's suppose to be terrifying running for your lives kind of situation But this book hardly mentions much about the gore about the scariness of the zombies or any goosebumps inducing scenarios In fact this twit of a heroine seems to skip around in daylight without much of a weapon and still lives the day Wtf? Sometimes I wish that the heroine Andi gets eaten by a zombie just to see some action happeningI think Ms Baker aims for the heroine to have a snarky attitude She's like a spoiled brat to meFor example Andi refuses to kill a child zombie despite that little killer hobbling towards her like she's chow meat and Will the hero got pissed at her And Andi was like 'dude why are you pissed?'Correct uotes are 'I don't know why he was being such a jerk He knew it was difficult for me Why did he need to push so hard?'wtf man Andi you're surviving the zombie apocalypse Duh It's hardly the time and place to be pickyAnd also Will tries to save her sorry ass many times and she ended up getting pissed'He really was being an ass How long did I need to be punished for one little mistake? He was being a little ridiculous now holding a grudge this long over me going upstairs without him'This nice guy tries to save her life and she's being a bitch about it smhOverall it was a pretty short read although I could've used that time to read other books Or re watch my asian dramas

  9. Donna Donna says:

    I finished this book but it was very frustrating to see this young woman with no self esteem complaining and acting like this is a normal world yet thinks she could just refuse help if offered run off by herself into a zombie infected area get herself taken by bad guys get rescued and still her biggest worry is if this guy likes her I know; I just wrote a huge run on sentence You can imagine my frustration with this young woman It is such that I am not continuing with the second book because I can't listen to this girl worrying about if anyone likes her if she can trust a guy who has saved her life So this primarily a romance The zombies are just a little extra I can't really even like this girl and see no reason for the young man to like her either other than the fact that she is the only girl his age he has met and that they have shared time together She insists she needs nobody but she obviously needs help to survive She is a bit of a brat It was well written and I would read other books by this author but probably won't read in this seriesSo I am giving this three stars but probably two and a half would before accurate Rounding up

  10. Christy Christy says:

    Save me drew me in and kept my heart pounding page after page Watching Andi's life unfold in her uniue zombie apocalypse I was in a never ending cycle of terror tears and exhausted relief Definitely not the best decision to read before bed You'll thrill when Andi is saved by green eyed charmer Will and grip your book or Kindle in horror imagining friends and family eaten alive LJ Baker has begun an exciting new series destined to be a success I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait for the seuels That's the frustrating part great new authors with great new stories can't possible keep up with how fast their fans can devour their books This one is sure to make me a Facebook stalker constantly checking to see when the next one will be out

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Save Me (Life After the Outbreak #1) ➽ [Download] ✤ Save Me (Life After the Outbreak #1) By L.J. Baker ➲ – Andi was doing just fine on her own Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead She was Andi was doing just fine on her own Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead She was alive though taking care of herself She had little desire to indulge in building relationships with anyone People just couldn't be trusted Whether they screwed you over intentionally or just managed to get themselves killed no one stuck around for very long She didn't need anyone else either That was until Will showed up to save her Will with his sparkling green eyes lips you just wanted to taste and insanely adorable crooked smile wasn't letting Andi get rid of him so easily Yet still Andi did everything she could to push her feelings and Will away The time they spent together though the difficult that became In a world where another day was not something you could count on wasting even a single moment could mean missing out on your only chance for happiness.