The Night Garden Kindle ½ The Night PDF/EPUB or

The Night Garden Kindle ½ The Night PDF/EPUB or

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  1. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    4 SIT A WHILE AND REMEMBER WHATS FORGOT StarsThink of your favourite fairy tale characters smoosh them all together and add all the colours of the rainbow as well as all the others you know of and uite a few you haven’t heard of yet and write it for grown ups That pretty much sums up the Technicolor ride you go on with this book sprinkle in a little bit of magic a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of weird and wonderful and you will happily find yourself ensconced in Green ValleyTo visit Pennywort farm was too be reminded of everything in the world that wag beautiful and bountiful and luxurious and endlessly goodIt is hard to give you too much information about The Night Garden without giving things away and I don’t want to do that this is a book you should start blind not literally obviously and let the writing and the characters draw you into its pages as it goes On the surface everything seems pretty normal at the farm yes you could call its inhabitants a little uirky or eccentric but essentially they are good hard working people The story builds gradually this book is definitely not a sprint to its finish things assemble as the plot develops there isn’t a huge turning point but lots of little ones that all culminate into bringing everything together like a well thumbed recipe or your favourite cocktail you know it’s right by the feeling it gives you and not necessarily by the approval you receive from cooking or mixing it”I’m not going to give up Ollie”Sam and Olivia are special their love story starts when he was 8 and she 6 the things that separate them initially become the things that eventually bring them back together This isn’t like any other love story you are likely to read and because of that I cannot recommend it highly enough It isn’t often that you pick up a book that is so wholly uniue that you cannot liken it to any other story The Night Garden is definitely a book I would put in that genre There was magic in the maze people said Magic that gave inner clarity that stripped away all pretensions that a person fabricated around himselfLisa van Allen is an author whose work I have read and enjoyed before and I will certainly be seeking from her again in the futureIt’s not where you’re born that defines you; it’s where you’re rebornARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my absolute pleasure in providing the above honest review

  2. Susana Susana says:

    15 stars Review to come closer to the release date as reuired Release Date October 7th Arc provided by Ballantine Books through NetgalleyIt appears that I have been luckyUp until this book I had never considered the fine line in which magical realism authors have to stay in in order for things to work The phrases used that should be magical instead of cheesy Part of Olivia's particular allure was how mysterious she seemed how kind hearted yet distant how nurturing but withholding how resistant to summary of any kind Up until this story I had never read such a poor attempt at this genreI wasn't able to read this as magical realism for me this is a mishmash of soap opera romance with some silly metaphors performed by lacklustre characters Cats had begun taking dust baths like birds and birds began lazing on porch stairs like cats Well that or cats could just open their big mouths to provide a nice cool shade for the birdsDescriptions should be used to help the story be told They should not be used to fill pages per seAnd that's what I feel happened hereI don't want to read a book mainly filled with descriptions in which the characters don't have anything in them besides some extremely deranged dramaLong long boring descriptions that surpassed the clichéd and went full into cheesy department The birds in the valley began to sing such intricate and virtuosic songs that scientists with recorders and binoculars started to come from miles around enraptured by avian talent Two words that probably should never ever be used togetherAvian Talent First she knew that she still wanted him in the same old way on a level that was elemental and animal and chemical and utterly miserable and thrilling and miserable again Yes there is uite a number of adjectives that can be used in a textBut just because you can use them doesn't mean you should use them all at onceFor me this overuse of adjectives doesn't make a sentence stronger it makes it weaker because the whole thing is just too verboseWhy can't you people just save a few trees?If you can say something in a single page why use ten freaking pages? he could see that she was wearing a pale cotton dress that made her look as sweet and cool as an ice cream cone Ice cream cone? Really?I can't evenThen there's this sense of white book for white people because of phrases like this If people shunned them because his family had been white and Jewish and hers was neither of those things they were too much in love to notice or care Neither of those thingsMaybe its just me But this particular phrasing rubs me the wrong waySo what colour was she? Blue Pink Black?What's the problem with using the actual word?Then it has that slight sermonish thing about God It was only by the Grace of God that they had managed not to have sex; Snorts This was supposed to have that thwarted big romance vibe But instead what I got was Two kids that knew each other growing up and who then decided to experiment their words making outThey liked it so much so of course they had to be in love First and only love For her at least poor woman The romance between a strong good woman and a kind courageous manThen due to the amount of information given we get things like these In one moment Olivia's hair is peach coloured and in the night it is the colour of wineNoI don't care which time of the day it is Colour pigments aren't rainbowsAs a redhead myself that doesn't happen unless you change hair colour multiple times a day DON'TLess is More Don't overcomplicate things Then this is not appropriate reading material to scientists because this would probably give them an apoplexyWe have a character who has to be in constant contact with poisonous plants because if she doesn't she will dieHow? Why?No one knows for sure it appears to involve some gross parental neglect but besides that?NothingNow this is where the magical realism would enter if this had been properly developedThis setting could work I am thinking about Alice Hoffman's beautifully done Ice ueen in which the characters have some different health conditions But unfortunately this one was so poorly done that I didn't buy this for a instance Oh and the last part with the monstrous vines and all that?That should be in a fantasy book not a magical realism oneIt was way over the top I am aware that this review borders the angry and you know what? Yes it does because people keep comparing this to Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen and that couldn't be further away from the truth and that leaves me upsetAlice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen books are about connections friends family loversThis one is mainly a convoluted romance and I didn't even feel all that love between themThen there's the story of Olivia and her father but the thing is so ridiculous that I am not even going to bother with itHere we don't have strong women's relationships We have our main character Olivia that is all that is good and kind and perfect and basically the perfect woman and then we have the other ones Who aren'tI don't think I will be reading any books by this author

  3. Leah Leah says:

    I wish I had something better to say or at least something to comment on Truth be told nothing about The Night Garden grabbed me I didn't care about the setting I didn't care about the characters I didn't care that instead of a bed Olivia's sleeps outside in a garden full of poisonous plants The magical aspect did nothing for me If you're new to Magical Realism please don't start with this novel If you're a fan of the genre I'd still say give this one a pass Maybe if I was stuck in a waiting room for an hour and had nothing better to read I might be inclined to give this one another shot but as it stands I simply didn't care enough to continueFor the full review and head over to The Pretty Good Gatsby

  4. Debbie Robson Debbie Robson says:

    I really believe that we are drawn to certain books at certain times in our lives Sometimes we don’t even know that we have chosen the “right” book For me 2015 was a terrible year health wise My eczema flared up to the point that I couldn’t function at work or at home I reached for this book because I loved the blurb and the location of the novel upstate New York“Nestled in the bucolic town of Green Valley in upstate New York the Pennywort farm appears ordinary yet at its centre lies something remarkable a wild maze of colourful gardens that reaches beyond the imagination Local legend says that a visitor can gain answers to life’s most difficult problems simply by walking through its lush corridorsYet the labyrinth has never helped Olivia Pennywort the garden’s beautiful and enigmatic caretaker She has spent her entire life on her family’s land harbouring a secret that forces her to keep everyone at arm’s length” Well what the reader finds out fairly uickly is that Olivia’s skin is poisonous which of course was an odd coincidence when I was reading the book Because of this I found the book emotionally comforting and reassuringBeyond this personal experience I believe that The Night Garden is a wonderfully healing book as it is uite insightful in highlighting how we sometimes hold ourselves back by worrying too much about other people This is Olivia’s case but the writing doesn’t constantly remind us of this instead the allegory is told amidst an amazing landscape“The Pennywort farm with its fields and woods and outbuildings and barns and garden maze was like a living human sized terrarium exclusive self sustaining self contained What happened on the farm happened for the farm so that in the same way a plant made its own food from sunlight the farm kept itself running by effortlessly drawing toward it and claiming the things it needed including Olivia”With such skilful writing as above Van Allen draws us into the world of the Pennywort farm and her childhood best friend Sam Van Winkle who has just returned home after many years away There is magic realism which I often don’t like but for me it doesn’t exist in The Night Garden for itself but to drive the story There is much to love in this book including the beautiful descriptions of Olivia’s world Highly recommended

  5. Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* says:

    This book had such potential but it just fell flat There I said itOlivia is poisonous to people and has distanced herself purposefully and absolutely That is until her old flame Sam comes back into the picture and is determined to figure out a cure for her touch issues All of that being said she also keeps a barn full of lost and misunderstood women who look for answers but provides little to no comfort to them Her father is a hermit living in a ravine by himself and the entire thing is just a bit strangeI came to hate the neighbors and the boarders There are always those people that cannot keep to themselves and leave people alone who wish to be left alone A nosy and self righteous neighbor is one of the worst things that a person can be because they assume that their ways are the best and everybody else is wrong People like that make my skin crawl I'd rather live next to a frat houseMei was eually bad as a supporting character Rude selfish and childish She was infuriating to read and if I was Olivia I would have kicked her out She was supposedly looking for answers but what it seemed like to me was that she was looking for a handout There were no redeeming ualities to herWhat I am trying to say is that the horrible supporting characters were such foils to the perfect and virtuous main characters that it made me mad Apparently everybody else in this little valley were severely flawed where Olivia and Sam were notThe writing style was also incredibly slow It dragged on This was not a long book but it still took me a decent amount of time to get through it It mimicked the arduously slow summer that was occurring in the book and while that might have been intentional it was just as painful to experience But than anything the thing that annoyed me most was the basic ignorance of basic botany I know this is supposed to be a magical garden but there is certain stuff that cannot be ignored Like identifying mushrooms using spore tests instead of just looking at them Or the fact that the botanist doesn't realize that there are some people that don't have reactions to poison ivy It seemed like easy knowledge was ignored for the sake of a story and that always ticks me offI keep saying this in my reviews It could have been awesome But it wasn't

  6. Grace Grace says:

    I never before realized what a subtle balance is reuired in a good magic realism story Since it is my favorite book genre I figured the fantastical elements the better Van Allen proved me wrong with this story The garden itself is beautifully described a wondrous creation of hedge bordered maze like spaces with differing themes The garden maze can help the wanderer realize the answer to his or her uestions and it grows magically But even elements of the garden itself seem unbelievable How can Olivia add a new room to it each year? As a gardener I know how much time and money goes into gardening and I see no source in Olivia's life for the massive income needed to maintain a garden this size let alone add on to it yearly This is a nitpicky detail but it made me pause with confusion as did many other details in the book One room of the garden has a subterranean mushroom cave where a plethora of varieties grow under a huge grass covered door in the ground At this point the garden just seems a thing of fantasy ungrounded in reality Again the resources needed to create such a place excavation logistics planning seem entirely inconsistent with the details of the characters So it's a pretty amazing garden but it has no grounding in reality whatsoever Having the garden in the story with everything else somewhat grounded in the reality we know would have been a decent magic realism balance for this book But on top of this we are told that Olivia herself has poisonous skin and is unable to touch another person even in passing for fear of killing them with poison ivy like rashes Okay We're getting a little further into Suspensionland of Disbeliefdom but if the book was done well perhaps I could have followed along But it wasn't The romantic relationship was stiltedwe were supposed to believe that these two people reunited had previously been extremely close so they already understood each other This just seemed like a lazy romance plot line where you don't have to build anything between characters at all because of a convenient existing detail And the resolution of all of the built up conflicts that had been pounded into our brains throughout the book were fixed uickly and unsatisfactorily at the end By the way all of this is not even to mention the inconsistencies in the book itself that a good edit and proofread could have fixed For instance on page 14 Olivia's outfit is described as a close fitting tank top work boots and a long cotton skirt accommodating than denim On page 16 moments later in the story she pulled a handkerchief from the back pocket of her pants and rubbed her sweaty face Similarly when Olivia re met Sam she looked at him blankly until he asked if she knew him and then she acted surprised A few pages later she said she instantly recognized him again when he moved back despite his changed appearanceOn page 50 Olivia herself had no idea that at four years old she'd already caused such a sandal It may sound like I'm nitpicking the book but really when I love a book I can forgive an awful lot But when I'm already distracted by confusing plot and character details and over the top supernatural elements all of these little things add up into an unsatisfying storyVan Allen's first book The Wishing Thread had promise It wasn't uite on the level of say Alice Hoffman or Sarah Addison Allen but it was enjoyable This one however just seemed rushed both plot and typo wise A better editing team and time to ponder story changes would be advised for her next novel

  7. Ayah Ayah says:

    My ReviewI received an eARC of The Night Garden from Random House via edelweiss in exchange with an honest reviewThis book is a great collision of Shatter Me's Juliette and the beauty of The Secret Garden two of my favorite readsLisa Van Allen has such an exuisite way of painting such a creative magical realem then bringing it to life with her amazing description Her writing is not only limited to this but also the beauty of portraying a person's state of mind and the credibility of storytellingIt took me a while to be absolutely into this book but once I did I couldn't put it downThis book gave me butterflies in my stomach and a few tears rolling down my face You learn lots of important lessons about life like how you may not fit in like anyone else and still be happy and like sometimes people do stupid things with intentions to protect you then end up hurting youThat life can take something very important from you yet you should keep looking for a way to cope with it and make the best out of itIt was told mainly from three different perspectives where you got up close and personal and you get to learn about the character's past memories before any of the other characters making you feel like a secret keeperSometimes I got lost to if a certain character was dead or not There was also that one sentence that I found to be a bit creepy in an awkward way but that did not effect my overview of this bookI am looking forward to read from this outstanding author with her beautiful descriptions down to earth characters and finally but not least the captivating storyI gave this book a 55 stars and an A according to my own rating scale

  8. Vickie Vickie says:

    I really wanted to like and enjoy The Night Garden by Lisa Van Allen I enjoy magical realism but unfortunately this book did not live up to the expectationOlivia Pennywort is not a character that I could believe ineveryone is allergic to her and she sleeps in poison ivy every night Arthur Pennywort her father was selfish leaving a 16 year old Olivia to run the family farm so he could go live in the ravine Sam Van Winkle was a relatively flat character as wellThere was some promise in the premise of the book However the writing style was laborious to read I felt at time that the author was trying to modernize the fairy tale Rapunzel but she fell short of the goal for meLesson learned Don't read a paperback book while sitting in the sauna The hot dry air will melt the glue and the pages will fall out as you read LOLGo Cards L1C4

  9. Annie ⚜️ Annie ⚜️ says:

    25 stars Meh

  10. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    “To visit the Pennywort farm was to be reminded of everything in the world that was beautiful and bountifulluxurious and endlessly good”In upstate New York Olivia Pennywort tends the family farm and the remarkable garden maze that she has created as a haven at its heart It is said that the maze offers its visitors the answers to their most difficult uestions but it affords no such benefit to its caretaker who harbours a secret that forces her to keep everyone at arm's length Over the years Olivia has schooled herself to accept that there is no solution to her problem but when Olivia's childhood best friend and sweetheart Sam Van Winkle returns to town her fiercest desires are rekindled and she is compelled to ask herself if the garden she has created is her protector or her prisonVan Allen's prose is often lyrical with vivid imagery of the garden and its surrounds I could easily visualise the bordered up house the stone walled garden of poisonous plants and the ramshackle cottage where Olivia's father made his home though I wish I had a better knowledge of horticulture to fully appreciate the individual design of the maze As she approached the garden maze she saw that it too had gone wild with the joy of the rains The smell of flowers was so thick it crossed the line from pleasant into nearly repulsive Inside Olivia wound through the twists and turns admiring how rambunctious and joyful her maze seemed as if it were spring instead of late summer Morning glories the size of dinner plates stayed open all day long and thickened beds of coreopsis gave off a mustardly glow There was a slight breeze that carried the faintest scent of autumn and far beneath the sweetness the mineral scent of winterThough billed as magical realism the magic wasn't grounded in the way I would expect from the genre and instead I feel the story had in common with a modern reinterpretation of a fairytale like Sleeping Beauty Olivia beautiful and beloved by all lives alone at a top of a tower is essentially trapped in stasis and is eventually rescued by her Prince Charming who has to hack through wild overgrowth to save her The romance between Olivia and Sam which began when they were childhood sweethearts and is reignited on his return is touching and soulful I sympathised with their hopes and fears for their relationship I believed in their yearning to be together and I could feel their frustration at not being able to have skin contact And then he was threading his fingers into the mass twisting and untwisting it in his hands She didn't even try to make conversation while he touched her; the sensation was too exuisite too painful and pleasurable at the same time He combed his fingers through her hair from top to bottom and each time he caught a tangle it was like a little bite a small and precise blast of desire like the spark from flint and steelIn terms of plot however the neighborly conflict seems forced and fizzles out and though we are told the garden can offer help to those seeking answers Van Allen never really shows this The overall conclusion too is unrealized almost as if Van Allen couldn't figure out how to solve the conundrum herself and so just hoped the reader would would accept vague assurances of 'love conuers all'A tale of loss grief desire love and hope I enjoyed the story of The Night Garden

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The Night Garden [Reading] ➿ The Night Garden By Lisa Van Allen – Nestled in the bucolic town of Green Valley in upstate New York the Pennywort farm appears ordinary yet at its center lies something remarkable a wild maze of colorful gardens that reaches beyond the Nestled in the bucolic town of Green Valley in upstate New York the Pennywort farm appears ordinary yet at its center lies something remarkable a wild maze of colorful gardens that reaches beyond the imagination Local legend says that a visitor can gain answers to life’s most difficult problems simply by walking through its lush corridors   Yet the labyrinth has never helped Olivia Pennywort the garden’s beautiful and enigmatic caretaker She has spent her entire life on her family’s land harboring a secret that forces her to keep everyone at arm’s The Night PDF/EPUB or length But when her childhood best friend Sam Van Winkle returns to the valley Olivia begins to uestion her safe isolated world and wonders if she at last has the courage to let someone in As she and Sam reconnect Olivia faces a difficult uestion Is the garden maze that she has nurtured all of her life a safe haven or a prison.