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Kindle Edition ↠ Spanking New PDF/EPUB Ú

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  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    This is one of those books that's probably somewhat impossible to pin down genre wise It is a strange book concept wise and in actuality And I loved 999% of every second of it I laughed I cried I um completed the bookAn entity has been ripped from the collective knowledge and been forced to be To be an I instead of a we The entity is somewhat annoyed about that separation from The Knowledge but what’s done is done And now it’s time to look for parents To make the next step All the while losing bits and pieces of knowledge until ‘the great forgetting’ that occurs at birth But for now the entity can float around observing knowing and sliding into people’s thoughts memories and brains WatchingFinds itself in an alley behind a theatre Looks around curious wondering why they are there Spots Rick and Howie talking and smoking a joint Next to a dumpster Ew this can’t be wait there’s something about this Rick guy Sliding from one to the other the entity examines their thoughts and desires and feelings Having knowledge they do not Learning that the Rick guy is there because he’s showing Howie a ‘good time’ on his last night before he has to return to duty with the military; and because a girl he is interested in is there – no not in the alley – she had been on stage in a really weird play The entity seeing and feeling Rick and Howie experiences things and comes to a decision – the entity is a he He will be a boy when he finally gets his parents together Time passes It is possible that Rick and Nina that girl that Rick was interested in might not actually get together Stupid stupid entity Choosing two people to be his parents when they hadn’t even meet yet So thinks Spanky – the name used for the entity in the book description for a reason and so I use now so I can stop saying ‘the entity’ Spanky slides along watching feeling visiting the parents and families of both Rick and Nina sliding along watching Dink and Pablo – two of Nina’s friends – interact At first Spanky is worried about Pablo less so about Dink – for Nina is really into Pablo I mean really Will Spanky not get to be born Will he get reabsorbed But And this is something Nina actually knows but is suppressing Pablo is a gay man Massively gay On the other hand the friend that Spanky didn’t initially worry as much about Dink is really into Nina – the way Nina is into Pablo Though Dink keeps pretending to herself and mostly herself that she isn’t a lesbian so there’s still an opening for Rick For Spanky to be bornAnd time passes Relationships build fall apart background characters than main characters and build again; romantic and family relationships fluctuate Spanky continues watching and learning and knowing that once he is born that he will stop knowing – that he’ll go through the veil of forgetfulness and forget all that he knewStrange thing occurs though once Spanky actually ‘gets inside’ Nina and yes there is a rather graphic depiction of Spanky ‘getting inside’ Spermy and I’ve forgotten now what Spanky called Miss Eggy have merged but XX They have created an XX entity Spanky is a girl Spanky is confused Then considers the idea that he just saw Rick and Howie’s and the father’s interactions and wanted to be with them – tossing a baseball playing a guitar – manly stuff eventually learning about ‘boy things’ ‘girl things’ and fluidityThis is an awesome book a great book had me in tears from laughter and otherwise I want a seuel want to watch the life that I saw being created – live Grow Spanky by the way does not actually get named ‘Spanky’ – that’s just her name while ‘inside’ Nina A joke – probably drug influenced there’s a lot of drugs alcohol and stuff going on in this book Rating 55April 19 2017

  2. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    This is the second time I’ve read this book It’s an odd ball kind of book and as I noted in the start of my previous review – somewhat impossible to pin down genre wise Previous review is probably good enough ‘what this book is about’ so I just ramble here yes No Well I’ll think of somethingBare bones the main character is someone who is uite knowledgeable about certain things not so knowledgeable about other things They are a spirit like entity – pre birth And that’s their mission in this book – find parents be born Once born they’ll lose their memories – a barrier would be passed and they’ll enter the ‘land of forgetting’ or however that was worded The book follows the spirit entity on this journeyI liked the humor on display in this book though a lot of it is ‘in context’ vaguely humorous not out of context humorous Like when the entity later named Spanky by parents unsure of what name to pick so I use Spanky from now on spots potential father for first time and has certain thoughtsSurely I’m not going to take just any dad one who would lie to a best friend a soldier about to risk his life for his country Then again I really like his hair Hmm I only have one other highlighted bit of humor and it is even less easy to see the humor in it out of context so I move onI really like the characters on display here Most of them would not normally be my type of character I’d want to spend time with but in this book they work uite well From the somewhat ditzy flighty ‘mom’ character with her fixationobsession on one of her male friends and her ability to ‘forget’ that he’s gay; to the ‘dad’ character who still lives at home works in a car shop and has a music degree; to the borderline but not stereotype gay best friend; to the ‘refusing to accept the fact that she’s a lesbian’ other best friend; to the gang of friends the ‘mom’ type was friends with; to the incredibly socially awkward nervous sister who is uite selfish and stubborn but shows hints of many great traits hidden beneath; to well many great characters who on a surface glance fall into a category of ‘nooo’ but aren’t what they seemIt’d be neat to see the ‘next’ part As in this book shows an individual ‘pre birth’ to humanization to birth Then ends It’d be neat to see what happened next in their life And no they didn’t end up getting ‘Spanky’ as a name – well I didn’t see a birth certificate or anything but the parents did agree eventually on the name Lucy note to self the action in this book takes place in 2007 The next book by this author not yet published involves a Lucy character but includes action from 1989 so different LucyGreat bookRating 5April 4 2018

  3. Elaine Burnes Elaine Burnes says:

    It's rare that a book described as hilarious actually is and Henderson's books live up to the hype Spanky has a great voice and outlook on life or life to be The characters are intensely vivid I cried for one who had a very small part The writing is flawless and while we get inside everyone's head thanks to Spanky's ability our narrator keeps things clear I thought the story moved along well but never hit truly big crises Never got so close to the edge of the cliff that you are really not sure what will happen But now we know why babies cry when they take their first breath

  4. Kate McLachlan Kate McLachlan says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was a fresh idea I loved the story telling perspective from the viewpoint of the child not yet born and it was well written all the way through I never felt she hit the wrong tone It touched on a lot of serious issues abortion coming out gender identity family estrangement but all with a light and humorous touch For a book with a fantasy like perspective it was amazingly realistic I'm going to recommend this one to my book group

  5. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

  6. Kirstyn Kirstyn says:

    Nothing spectacular uite a few things about this book bothered me 25 stars

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Spanking New [Epub] ➟ Spanking New ➤ Clifford Henderson – Getting born is trickier than Spanky ever imaginedYearning for life Spanky chooses Nina a flighty actress just out of college and Rick a sax player who changes tires to get by to be his parents Only N Getting born is trickier than Spanky ever imaginedYearning for life Spanky chooses Nina a flighty actress just out of college and Rick a sax player who changes tires to get by to be his parents Only Nina seems to be hung up on her gay guy friend Pablo and Nina’s best girlfriend Dink is hung up her Will Nina and Rick get it together in time to conceive Spanky before he evaporates And if this hurdle gets crossed will they choose to keep him There’s not much Spanky can do but watch from above while his fate plays out—and if that’s not scary enough—an unexpected twist of fate makes Spanky have to completely reevaluate his expectations He’s a girlA poignant hilarious unforgettable look at life love gender and the essence of what makes us who we are.