The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever ePUB Ä

The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever ePUB Ä

  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever
  • Joshua Daniel Cochran
  • 17 March 2016
  • 9781492149323

13 thoughts on “The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever

  1. Darla Darla says:

    I read this on a friend’s recommendation I can’t say that I enjoyed it as much as he did but the ending made it all worth it The author is clearly a talented writer even if his style is not entirely my taste There were lots of great uotes and plenty of thought provoking statements that kept drawing me in when I was wondering whether I wanted to finish it The last few pages were exceptional and I’m glad I kept reading to get to experience them They were somehow both exactly what I expected and an encouraging delightful surpriseEdit the very last page was absolutely hilarious I feel that way to a hopefully much lesser extent about people who seek out spoilers

  2. Randy M. Randy M. says:

    The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever does not ualify as the most important book I have ever read ever but it was enjoyable nonetheless It is very witty throughout and uite intelligent in its own way The author of the book is also its main character and he has ostensibly written it after he has died The plot revolves around the author very pretentiously and sarcastically claiming that he intends to write a memoir to save mankind from itself; to help it understand what awaits in the afterlife so the rest of us won’t be as confused and disoriented as he was upon his demise Concurrently there is a prophecy in the afterlife that he will be the “one” who comes to restore it to that which it should be and once was until it became corrupted by less than altruistic souls looking to control itThe author has created an atheistic afterlife how’s that for an oxymoron? There is no God here but if you live your life correctly an afterlife does await you for a while anyway It all depends on whether you are ever able to look outside the little bubble that constitutes “your” world and realize that the universe does not revolve around you If you are able to develop a fully formed consciousness during your physical lifetime an afterlife of wispy ether and delicious buffets beckons At least until you decide to move on yes the afterlife is not a final destination Otherwise upon your physical demise you instantly become part of the nothingness or everythingness as the author also puts it of the universeUnfortunately this Godless afterlife is as corrupt as any worldly enterprise with the souls occupying it vying for the age old objects of desire – power and control This is a conspiracy laden story proclaiming that the group that is in ultimate control of everything on Earth is also the same group that is in control of the afterlife and the group that is responsible for the author’s death of course Following the author’s ie the protagonist’s ramblings about this is uite a task and is best accomplished in as few sittings as possibleThe book is very self aware and references itself many times The narrative is very sarcastic which I found to be amusing But if sarcasm rubs you the wrong way you may want to pass on this book The narrative is also very aware of YOU the reader and is not kind to those who like to skip to the last chapter before deciding whether to read the whole thing If you are one of those readers this book hates you and lets you know it

  3. Tina Tina says:

    At first I thought I was reading an elaborate combination of Kurt Vonnegut and The Monster At The End Of This Book but then somewhere towards the beginning of the book a nugget of truth gushed out of the pages to which I could not ignore It lay there naked and breathtaking; encouraging me to forget whatever writer preconceptions I had mistakenly conjured in the first few pages of reading Dear Reader do not be fooled into simplistic assignation Joshua Daniel Cochran delivers when he so boldly writes “But it everything is awry The world is dissolving faster than we like tired swimmers can keep up Humanity is doomed which is why this book has to be written not out of some manifestation of ego pride or self worth or lack thereof but because having lived my life to the very end I can better see the arc of our common humanity in its fullest potential I write this out of love I write this in order to save the world in a most humble fashion”Perhaps I am just as honestly nutty as Mr Cochran but I know what I have witnessed in my own life so I must dismiss that either of us and you as well dear reader truly is certifiable This book is most definitely a phantasmal yarn but it is done lovingly I will not divulge my secret truth found within The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever but rest easy that I am not part of the conspiracy tina huerta

  4. Corey Corey says:

    Note I won this via First Reads giveawaysWow this book was one of the most fun reading experiences I've ever had everI laughed A lot Its incredibly funny throughout and lots of sweet moments great little stories here and there The message of the whole thing is great ending did not disappointCould not recommend this enough anyone who wants a few laughs or a great fun read get this The premise the storyline the characters all of this was fantasticI don't know what to say because I really want to avoid any kind of spoilers but it really was an amazing book its easily one of my favorites now It was hard to put it down I know people say that a lot but it really was I stayed up later than I should have each night trying to cram reading in

  5. Bonnie Staughton Bonnie Staughton says:

    This was a GoodReads First Read giveaway I gave this a rating of It's Okay but was really tempted to rate it I Don't Like It One review I saw previously said that this book was a comedy I just don't see that If so it is a very DARK comedy I really hate to write a bad review I'm sure there are those who will thoroughly enjoy this book It just wasn't my cup of tea It took me about 13 of the way through before I could actually make any sense out of it The ending turned out to be fine though nothing most of us don't already knowThe last chewing out by the author on the final page was totally unnecessary That in itself gave me a very bad taste in my mouth for Joshua Daniel Cochran I wish Joshua well on his further writing endeavors but I doubt I will be reading them if this is an example of his style But that's just me

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The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever[EPUB] ✰ The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever ✶ Joshua Daniel Cochran – After suffering an ignoble end one man endeavors to write the first true and humble memoir in order to save humanity from destruction and restore order to the universe The only problem He's dead Frust Important Memoir Epub ß After suffering an ignoble end one man endeavors to write the first true and humble memoir in order to save humanity from destruction and restore order to the universe The only problem Most Important Memoir Ever Written MOBI :Ú He's dead Frustrated The Most PDF/EPUB or by a brief and confusing life Joshua Cochran a nobody investigates his existence in The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever As he writes from the clarity of death he is unimpressed by the monotony of Most Important Memoir ePUB ☆ the afterlife marked by endless buffets and ice cream socials and countless dead souls but not much to do In his memoir moments of gritty reality such as his life as a firefighter or off kilter Most Important Memoir Ever Written MOBI :Ú college professor his experiences with women and the trumpet travails over the implant placed in his neck by the government a sexual problem with Ivory Soap his eventual death all meld into less than touching moments of self realization even as the author is accosted by fellow dead souls who oppose his tell all memoir Cochran tries to make sense of his paltry life even as a collection of dead artists and philosophers wage war against the shadowy Underground Coalition a group of dead ne'er do wells to determine the fate of humanity and the order of the universe.

About the Author: Joshua Daniel Cochran

Important Memoir Epub ß A graduate of the University of Arizona and City College of New York my first published short story won the Fred Scott Award way back in More recent publications include Bourbon Most Important Memoir Ever Written MOBI :Ú Penn and The The Most PDF/EPUB or Gathering Darkness anthology from Black Cat Books My second novel The Most Important Memoir Ever Written Ever was released in January Currently I live and write in my hometown of Tucson Ariz.