Unchained Men in Chains #3 PDF é Unchained Men

Unchained Men in Chains #3 PDF é Unchained Men

Unchained Men in Chains #3 [Download] ➶ Unchained Men in Chains #3 ✤ Caris Roane – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk ABDUCTEDStalked by a vampire Stolen in the night Seduced by a lover Anthropology student Shayna Prentiss wakes up to find herself trapped in a world she never knew existed—with a man she cannot esca ABDUCTEDStalked by a vampire Stolen in in Chains eBook ☆ the night Seduced by a lover Anthropology student Shayna Prentiss wakes up to find herself trapped in a world she never knew existed—with a man she cannot escapenor resistENSLAVEDDrawn to her beauty Driven by lust Doomed by his destiny The vampire Marius knows he must bond with this captivating mortal with hidden powersor both their races will be destroyed foreverUNCHAINEDBound by a blood chain that seals their fates together Marius and Shayna must stand and fight the ultimate Unchained Men PDF/EPUB ² enemy—a madman hell bent on destruction who will test every ounce of their strength their power and their passion When the final weapon is unleashed will their love remain unbroken Or will darkness shatter their chainsfor eternity.

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  1. ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡ ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡ says:

    This bound thing went way too uick Like they looked at each other had to have one another the constant draw Then there was that typical push pull of yes I want him no I have to go home Marius finds Shayna drags her with him in this alternate universeplain and gives her a tour of his fathers constant torture of human women caverns in his cave Yes the rape torture of women is dark but the description of what was really going on besides passing through seeing what was happening seemed very light so it was not a hard to read section In fact I found that too light It didn't seem as bad as what she wanted us to believe This book was pretty good but it seemed to be lacking some depth The above description is only one that I am specifically siting There were a few areas that seemed shallow but over all it was ok This book only not her others I read really reminded me of Christine Feehan so if you like Caris Roane you may want to check out Christine Feehan or vice versa I will read a few of these but it really isn't one of my autobuy series

  2. Shauni Shauni says:

    Originally Reviewed for Tea and Book I fell in love with author Caris Roane the first time I picked up one of her Guardian of Ascension books She has a gifted way of world building that takes the unbelievable and makes it believable Her characters are usually multifaceted strong and interesting Either good or evil it doesn't matter there is just something special about them Sadly for whatever reason I have missed her last few books and finally am playing catch up With UnChained I am of course starting at the endUnChained is book three in her Men in Chains Series where she tells the story of Vampires that live on an alternate earth Similar to her Ascension Series and yet totally different Shayna Prentiss was pretty much your average grad student immersed in her plans for the future getting ready to go for a year long on site anthropology dig in Malaysia and then finishing her doctorate A bit geeky a bit socially awkward and all the way brilliant What she wasn't was one of the girls who fell for just about any line So when this blurry vision of a man no she hadn't drunk that much starts telling her that he needs her to help save his world let's just say she scoffed a bit All the while sure he was just a hallucination What she didn't expect was for a small team of flying men to try and attack her and to be carried off by said hallucinationMarius is youngest of five Each brother has chosen sides in the war Either with their father who just happens to be powerful evil and just a tad insane who is attempting a coup that will leave him as supreme ruler of both the Vampire Earth and the Human one Marius and two of his other brothers have chosen the side of good To destroy their father at all cost And in order to do that he needs a certain type of woman who can help him track and destroy a weapon of Vampire destruction Shayna Prentiss fits the bill What Marius hadn't expected was to fall so hard for her so very fastShayna having an anthropological mind was pretty accepting of the entire Vampire Species In fact after their initial meeting she pretty much accepted it as fact Accepting her part in it took a little bit longer Realizing that she could belong in this world now that took a long timeMarius might be the youngest might be riddled with guilt about choices he made as a very young man barely on the brink of adulthood but he is also the most powerful in his family Only he needs to realize his powers and accept them For reasons unknown his connection with Shayna brings out those powers See wonderful world building and uniue characters BUT this time Ms Roane has missed something Her premise is fantastic her characters have what it takes and yet the dialogue is two dimensional and missing something At times I felt I was reading a much better written version of a Twilight genre type book I expect from Caris I expect fire and sizzle This time I got fizzle Yes this was the third book in the series and maybe had I started at the beginning but I don't think so Even if the other books are spectacular this one this time was just out of sync I know this review was harsh I feel bad writing it but Caris has such a spectacular talent I honestly feel she just missed the mark with this one Of course it's just my opinion ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of UnChained provided by netgalley schedule to be released on November 25 2014

  3. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    This the latest instalment of the Men in Chains series features Marius a vampire who has recently escaped from his evil father Daniels clutches Daniel wants nothing than to rule the world both human and vampire and cruelly tortures even his own children in an effort to gain their cooperation Marius is set on preventing his father from gaining even power and the only way seems to be to prevent Daniel finding and using a devise that has the power to destroy vampires Marius will need help in locating the weapon and to that end seeks out a human with the latent power to pair up with him and share visions The race is on but how will Marius convince a simple minded human to help him?Shayna is an anthropologist with an insane curiosity to discover secrets of lost civilisations What she hadn't expected was to start seeing hallucinations that fly and talk to her When the all too real illusion reveals himself to be a vampire what on earth is Shayna supposed to think? No time for introspection though as Marius is not the only apparition on the street and when they are attacked Marius does the only thing he can he takes Shayna away to his secret lair Slowly but surely Shayna starts to come round to the idea that vampires are very much real and the time she spends with Marius the she learns about their fascinating culture but there's a bond forming between them and if they are to stop Daniel they need to act uickly Marius has never wanted to use all his vampiric powers but there's no doubt his power level is escalating and what he does not want is to become a monster like his father Shayna wants nothing than to explore what's between them but even if they survive Marius knows Shaynas place is amongst her fellow humans Can they stop Daniels attempt at world domination and even if they can win this battle what does the future hold?I have really enjoyed this series with it's strong world building and fast paced plots These books are not for those easily offended though as they are uite raunchy with lots and lots of steamy moments Marius has truly had an awful life but he stands firm and I admired his steadfast belief that cruelty should not be tolerated Yes he is in many ways a tortured hero but he definitely has a very sensitive side that Shayna brings out As for Shayna well she's not one to let the grass grow under her feet and that's for sure More than happy to jump Marius almost from the moment they are alone together although to be fair on her his vampire blood and the magical chains they share are partially responsible for the rapid coupling I think this is where I felt a little let down by this book In previous story's the brothers have been uber alpha and experienced and yet here I had trouble believing that Shayna would physically want Marius as uickly as she does He to this reader felt uite young in many ways and I was unconvinced that their romance would start at such a rapid pace I do love this authors work but I didn't fall for the hero Marius which was a shame really Will I read the next book? Oh most definitely yes as this author has a wonderful imagination and the skill to bring her stories to life and Im always keen to see what Ms Roane will dream up next

  4. Crystal Marie Crystal Marie says:

    I gave this book 3 stars because it seemed free of mistakes That’s basically all the good I can say about it I found Unchained boring her vampires annoying and that the human wins all trite and kind of unforgiveableAnyone who writes a paranormal book knows they need to create their paranormal entities to be true to the universe they are creating Instead I found Caris Roane’s vampires to be too magical to be vampires If she wanted a magical creature she should have chosen another being besides a vamp Seriously – these vamps levitate fly no they aren’t bats and travel long distances in short amounts of time As if that wasn’t bad enough? A the end of the book the two protagonists have sex – boring sex – and he splits himself into two people and they have a ménage with her in the middle Did I mention it was a very boring ménage? It almost felt like if a circumstance came up that needed to be navigated the author decided to create a new thing the vamp could doNow if the vamp weirdness wasn‘t enough to turn me off and the book itself ultra boring the heroine irritated me Okay so she’s an anthropologist So that suddenly makes her okay with the whole vamp thing and makes her uestion everything with interest which is annoying Can I say annoying some ? Because this book was really annoying But at the end who kills the bad guy? She does Yep that’s right I don’t care that Marius shared his power with her I’m not going into that piece of magic there was no way a human should have been able to win None It was trite Why can’t the bad vamps win from time to time? Especially against puny humans? It only makes senseAnd the worst part? When Marius asks her to stay in his world she says no And that alone isn’t bad – hey she should have some time to think about it after having been kidnapped etc But her reasoning made me gag Basically? It went to the tune of “I’m an anthropologist and it’s a calling I can’t leave it” Say what?This was a part of a series and this book can be read as a standalone but for me after reading this I won’t be reading any of the others Reviewed by a nony mouse for Crystal’s Many ReviewersCopy provided for review

  5. Eva Millien Eva Millien says:

    Marius Briggs has one chance to stop his father from gaining control of an extinction level weapon but that means he has to bring Shayna Prentiss from the human world into the vampire world in this spectacular paranormal romanceThis exciting and fascinating world just gets better and better with lots of suspense excitement passion and a fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of captivating characters that I just can't get enough of Marius' emotional issues hold him back but that doesn't stop him from being a sexy strong and determined warrior and with Shayna by his side this couple takes the world by storm and their attraction is out of this world hot which of course leads to some hot and steamy sex scenes including some very inventive onesLots of action and excitement builds spine tingling tension throughout the story keeping the reader on pins and needles waiting for what will happen next while unexpected twists courtesy of the author and the maniacal evil mastermind ensures that readers are surprised throughout the story Additionally the learning curve for Shayna's hidden powers adds some spice while the time crunch that the couple is under send the tension level skyrocketing and ensures that there is never a dull moment The well written scenes and details paint vivid images that bring the story to life while the well planned events ensure that the reader can't put the story downOnce again Caris Roane spins a spell binding web of entertainment with a complex and sexy world full of uniue and delightful elements and sexy vampire warriors that just want to steal my heart and I can not wait to find out what happens next

  6. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Shayna does not want anyone else touching her man the hell with anyone else is feeding you I'll do it You saved my life My blood is yours Marius he's a demanding lover look at me His voice was barely than a hoarse whisper And keep looking I want to watch you come then I'm going to fill you with all I have to give When the boy devotes his love it's in a very manly nature in a goddamn righteous effing heartbeat I'm in love with you Shayna all that you are not just how you might fight into my life I know how important getting your doctorate is to you your education and your hope one day to teach I enjoyed this book I loved Marius

  7. Sam Sam says:

    Marius is a hot alpha male with an attitude the match between him and Shayna was a bit of a stretch at the beginning and I wasnt feeling it much But after reading into the book I started to love the story line and the characters This is a perfect book three to the series and well worth the read

  8. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    This was good but I didnt njoy it as much as the previous two books

  9. Samantha Samantha says:

    Unchanined is the final installment in the series and we have the third brother Marius Daniel is closer and closer to finding the extinction weapon and he needs Shayna to help locate it Meeting her will change his life She may be human but her latent powers are off the charts Together on their journey new powers come to light Old enemies are back stronger than ever and their plans are worse than anyone could imagine Add in mysteries the brothers never knew and you have one exciting book

  10. Liz F Liz F says:

    Review copy courtesy of the publisherI'm on a roll with this Men in Chains series by Caris Roane so I figured I continue on when I received this book which is Book 3 in the series I did not finish Book 2 Chains of Darkness but it didn't really seem to matter too much Shayna was an okay heroine She's a graduate student in Seattle going about her daily life when a stranger stops her outside her apartment building and changes her worldview I think she was supposed to be likable because she was a fish out of water in this vampire world and I think we were supposed to feel like she did But I didn't like her for probably at least half of the book though because I thought she seemed very selfish The vampires need her help because she has some kind of latent abilities and they think she can help locate a device that could destroy the vampire world and then eventually the human world The man who wants to do the destroying is a major player in the human trafficking and sex slave business When Marius a vampire shows her the HUMAN women who are abducted and then tortured and forced into sex slavery she was still mostly concerned with getting back to Seattleto continue on with her education I mean I can see how maybe taking care of a sick parent or being the guardian to a young sibling would make a person hesitate if someone were to ask for help in saving lives saving worlds But a degree? And of all things a degree in cultural anthropology? I mean it's not like she was going to cure cancer In addition to her hesitation she was also REALLY hung up on a relationship that ended over a year ago and that only lasted six months I understand that she was traumatized by something he did in the bedroom I totally get it But why then was she not moved by the plight of the women that she saw who were bound tortured andor raped right in front of her?? Obviously she eventually agrees to help but after all that I just didn't care and I definitely didn't like her Marius was a little better than Shayna At least he seemed to have his priorities a little straight He was strong and handsome and everything great He cared for Shayna and regretted that he had to take her away from Seattle before she could actually think it over or agree He felt like he had taken away her right to choose for herself and he hated that I really liked that he felt so adamant about it But then he never really let it go Sure Shayna never made it easy for him to let it go but his guilt was so oppressive that it was just really depressing In fact I'm trying to think of some other aspects to his character that I really liked and I can't pluck anything out of my brain that isn't a spoiler or something about him feeling so damned guilty Guilt for what happened before he was imprisoned by his father guilt for taking Shayna guilt guilt guilt It was a little too much for meEventually Shayna and Marius were a pretty decent couple They were definitely very hot in the Sexy Time area for sure One thing that I saw that I thought was pretty cool if sad was that they had this one significant thing in common They both have extremely negative self imagesself esteem Shayna's problem is due to that six month relationship where the guy belittled her and criticized her He did it often enough that she started believing some of what he said without realizing that she was believing it Does that make sense? Because I thought it was brilliant And Marius's issue is because of his past deeds which I don't really want to say anything about in case its a spoilersorry But both Shayna and Marius manifest that negativity by subconsciously blocking their inherent powers or their specialness in Shayna's case Which is sort of doubly weird because they each ARE special and have uniue powers but those powers never emerged clearly because of the self doubt I mean talk about a vicious circleThis wasn't a bad book but I'm on the fence about whether or not I'd recommend it I didn't really have issues with the story but I just couldn't get over my problems with Shayna No matter what good deeds she did later in the book nothing ever made up for her selfish behavior at the start And I think it pretty much ruined the book for me Also I feel like the writing style is a little strange I haven't been able to put my finger on it and really I still can't uite pinpoint what I mean The best way I can describe it is that the characters maybe say some things that people just wouldn't normally say And they say them in a way that people wouldn't normally say them Maybe like they were overly poetic? Like there were A LOT of times that it felt like they were making these grand declarations super dramatic and it just soundedread very strange And they said things that didn't need to be said Re stating things over and over again Like I said I can't put my finger on it and I had felt this a little in the previous books but it was much noticeable here It's entirely possible that my dislike of the heroine had a part in noticing it but I'm not sure I guess if you've enjoyed this series up to this point you'll like this book just as much But I would not recommend starting this series here

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