Falling for Bentley Falling for Bentley #1 Epub à for

Falling for Bentley Falling for Bentley #1 Epub à for

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  1. Assenette Assenette says:

    A CLIFFHANGER ?? Is Book 2 out? OMG Book 2 better be out Oh it is I need to see what happens next Be back later

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review☆☆☆☆4 Sweet Country Stars ☆☆☆☆ Home is where the heart is the heart is And that can't be true for Haley as she spends her summer back home taking care of her grandparent's farm while they are on vacation While in town she runs into Bentley a former high school bully who made Haley's high school life miserable Bentley is instantly attracted to Haley and immediately apologize for his stupidity back in high school So can Bentley win the heart of Haley and show her that he is a changed man? Will Haley leave her city life for life on the farm?Falling For Bentley by Shawnte Borris is an easy and uick read It was fun light and sweet Though this book is fast paced I wished the author took time with the development of Bentley and Haley I enjoyed their friendship but I felt the author rushed these two in a BAM serious status But overall I really liked the book and can't wait to read what's in store for these two in Catching HaleyNote There is Cliffhanger endingShawnte Borris

  3. Denise Denise says:

    This was a first time read from this author This was an easy and light read you can read in a nightBentley Knight made Hales school days terrible for her He teased and called her a name thunder thighs Hales is a teacher she just got done teaching and was ready to go home to her grandparents ranch for the summerHer grandfather and grandmas was taking a trip while they are gone Hales gets help from the local football team to help with the ranch only to find out Bentley Knight is one of the coach'sthis is part one and i can't wait to read part two

  4. Laura Laura says:

    uick read but it was a good really cute story Overall I enjoyed it Diving right into book two cause that ending was such a cliffhanger

  5. Kat DM Kat DM says:

    ✩★✩★✩5 Sweet Stars✩★✩★✩ARC given by the author in exchange for an honest review This story is so sweet and innocent Was a little too tamed compared to the other books I have read but I loved it all the same Shawnte will pull you in right from the beginning of Bentley and Haley's journey which is a part one in the series She will make you fall in love like it was your first time falling Will make you want to slap and pull Bentley's hair and love him at the same time Haley is feisty and I loved her spunk She may have been bullied and made fun of in high school but she fought it even though it hurt her really bad from all the bullying And get this it was Bentley's doing He was the one who started calling her THUNDER THIGHS at school It made her feel like she wasn't worth anyone's love and time She struggled with this issue for uite sometime it was just a huge impact in her life that it made her so miserable And when she finally started to think that she's got everything figured out that she is so over the high school crap that Bentley started he goes and run into her She tried to ignore him but he was very persistent He just would not uit bothering her until she gave in Well how long can she deny this gnawing feeling she has since everywhere she looked he's thereBentley was a high school football coach And since it's a small town not everyone were able to afford uniforms This is where it all changes for Bentley and Haley her Grandpa makes a proposition he wanted the football team to work at the farm while he was on vacation in exchanged for the team's uniforms Of course Bentley could not refuse the deal He started working with his team at Haley's grandparents ranch Each time he sees her he's just so stunned by her beauty and just could not stop staring always looking dumbfounded every time she is around He will not stop at anything to prove to Haley that he is so very sorry for putting her in such a bad situation in high school that it almost ruined her Will she ever forgive him for his cruelty to her in the past or will she just make him chase her and make him suffer like she did?These two young couples you will automatically fall in love with It was such an innocent love story that it made me feel like I was in their shoes falling in love for the first time Second chance encounter will they make it right this time or will they both end up hurting even worst than the first time? I can't wait to read the part two of the series Awesome job Ms Borris I LOVED ITBe WARNED that there is a CLIFFHANGER

  6. Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.• Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.• says:

    Haley is a school teacher on her summer holiday break and is spending it helping out at her grandparents farm in southern Arkansas whilst they go travelling for a while She spent every holiday break at the farm as a child and her grandparents have played a big part in her upbringingBentley is the boy who taunted Haley at high school he called her thunder thighs and basically made her high school years pretty miserable He is also the defensive coach for the school football team who are doing a working bee at Haley's grandparent's farm this summerBentley cannot believe how cute Haley is now and she begins to get under his skin the time he spends in her company Haley is still confused about why he is being so nice to her acting like all the bad stuff in school never happened It had a huge impact on her self esteem and her confidence Bentley just doesn't realise just how much his behaviour affected Haley back then This was a really sweet story kind of a second chance love story although the main characters were not in love the first time they knew each other it is a second chance for both them For Bentley to redeem himself and for Haley to come out of her chrysalis realise that she is a beautiful young woman and worthy of loveARC received from the author for an honest review

  7. N Swaffar N Swaffar says:

    A copy given by author in return for an honest review☆☆☆☆☆ 5☆☆☆☆☆A short simple but addicting story about two people falling in love This book hooked me from the beginning that I had a hard time stopping to go to bed to sleepI really enjoyed the sparks and the flirting between Haley and Bentley I love how easily it was for them to fall into each others arms I enjoyed the football team also They were not only helpful but sweet and protective towards Haley Even though Bentley ends up doing something so dumb in the end I couldn’t hate him I knew he would find his way and make everything good again Yes this book ends with a cliffhanger which I usually hate but not this time because I got lucky enough to have both copies on hand and went straight into reading the 2nd book Catching Haley

  8. A Novel Love A Novel Love says:

    My Rating 4 starsFalling for Bentley is a sweet and easy read I liked the idea that coming home is what makes you happy and for Haley I believe that is what she needs from the beginning I liked her sass and the way she stood up to Bentley from the time that she walked back into town Bentley is clearly a work in progress I enjoyed that the author give you his high school background to show his growth He is clearly growing into a stand up man He still does not have it all under control and his devotion to his family and his actions of being a stand up guy for his younger brother are admirable I do not want to give you any spoilers but the one thing that I had an issues with was how uickly Haley forgave Bentley for traumatizing her during high school I feel like she should have held out longer and made him sweat On the flip side it is a uick read so maybe she had to forgive him uickly so they could move on This is not what I would consider a traditional cliffhanger but the author does leave you with the desire to find out what happens in the next installment I enjoyed this book and will definitely get the next one to see where Haley and Bentley go from here I was gifted a copy in exchange for a honest review

  9. Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog) Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog) says:

    I was gifted a copy by the Author in exchange of an honest reviewOh what a lovely story I loved the way it was written Bentley is your typical high school heartthrob and has a football career ahead of him and Haley is your typical good girl who gets teased by maybe not being your perfect size cero girl when times move forward and destiny brings this two characters together both have to face the ghost of their past both have to learn from their mistakes and forgive past transgressions at the same time acknowledging the past has had an influence in the people they have become nowShawnte gives us a beautiful well written romance it was fast paced and had all the ingredients of a good Romance one that will make your heart flutter that will melt you and perhaps bring some memories of your ownMy rating 4 out of 5 only because I was left wanting I DONT LIKE CLIFF HANGERS

  10. Blushingdivasbookreviews Blushingdivasbookreviews says:

    5 Blushing StarsI loved this story It was light and sweet and I couldn't get enough it I loved the characters and their connections and relationships with one another This story holds old wounds fresh starts first loves and mistakes made I was drawn in to the story it felt like I was there like an old friend catching up I can not wait to find out what happens next in Chasing Bentley I am a huge fan of series and author

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Falling for Bentley Falling for Bentley #1 ❮Read❯ ➶ Falling for Bentley Falling for Bentley #1 ➺ Author Shawnte Borris – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Just when Bentley Knight thought life was only about football and women a Hail Mary pass comes at him changing everythingForced to grow up faster than he wants Bentley struggles with the responsibilit Just Bentley Falling for Bentley Epub / when Bentley Bentley Falling PDF/EPUB Á Knight thought life was only about football and women a Hail Mary pass comes at him changing everythingForced to grow up faster than he wants Bentley struggles with the responsibility of being a good example to his younger brother on and off the football field and pleasing his frustrated demanding father Just when he reaches his limit of complications in walks a beautiful blond angel endangering the delicate for Bentley Falling for Bentley Kindle - balance he’s finally found in his new life When mistakes of his past threaten to derail Falling for PDF/EPUB or his future will Bentley be man enough to win the heart of the girl he once ridiculed in high school who just happens to be the woman of his dreams.