Shadow of Suspicion Kindle ↠ Shadow of PDF or

Shadow of Suspicion Kindle ↠ Shadow of PDF or

  • Kindle Edition
  • 342 pages
  • Shadow of Suspicion (Haunted By The Past #2)
  • Danielle Rose-West
  • English
  • 11 November 2014

10 thoughts on “Shadow of Suspicion (Haunted By The Past #2)

  1. Anne Anne says:

    Second book in this series and once again excellent storytelling and great characters which is what I most value in a book Looking forward to the next one

  2. Jackie Williams Jackie Williams says:

    Thrilling I have to be honest here I wasn't grabbed by the first few pages It was all a little too predictable and for a brief moment I though'Oh here we goanother miserable adoption story' BUT OH BOY was I glad I perseveredI sat for the next several hours completely transfixedAs soon as Callie is on the move to find her birth mother I was completely gripped The character descriptions and scene setting suddenly leaped from the pages pulling me into this gripping paranormal thrillerWhen Callie's car broke down in a violent storm I literally had the hairs on my arms stand up on end with what happened sorry no spoilers here but just let me warn youit's creepy Fortunately she was saved by the gorgeous but unavailable roadside recovery driver JasonEverything was described so well but without going into too much depth that my imagination went into overdrive The B B was beyond ghastlyYou could feel the atmosphere surrounding the whole place I particularly loved the description of the filthy bathbeen there and done that most unfortunatelythe use of descriptive language and scene setting had me positively suirming in my chair Jason's girlfriend was suitably vile and manipulative and the family were just awkward enough to be horribly realisticI loved the banter between Jason and CallieHis sister Fay was brilliantly done tooA typical bratty teen I really enjoyed the natural feel of this book even though the final scenario of Callie's family relationships turned out to be beyond horrendous The story keeps you on the edge of your seat right until the epilogueA brilliant book all round I will be reading of the series

  3. Danielle Rose-West Danielle Rose-West says:

    Obviously as the author I will give this book 5 stars I really enjoyed writing another mystery It was so much fun to explore the intricacies of the plot I hope I keep you guessing right to the very end who the culprit is and whyThis book also has a ghostly element but this time it is a child haunting the heroine of the story Who is she and why is she there? That's for you to find out as you read the book All I will say is that she captured my heart and I loved writing about her and the romance between Callie and Jason I actually did cry when I wrote the ending Yes I am a soppy soft touch But it was just so perfectI hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing itHappy Reading to you all

  4. Linda Linda says:

    I liked the story It is a predictable romance but it has twists and turns you won't expect Callie gets a letter from her mother who gave her up for adoption 23 years ago Callie heads to the village to meet her mother and to start a project to fix up an old BB She meets Jason a mechanic just outside the village when her car engine freezes up It is annoyance at first glance The story progresses with several near death experiences for Callie and her mother refusing to meet with her I like the style of this author and it is a romance but with a ghost involved and some mysterious happenings that make it interesting than a simple romance novel This is the 2nd of 3 in this series so far but each one stands alone There is a reference to the characters of the first book but nothing that reuires any knowledge I just always like to start at the beginning when I read a series Now I'm starting the 3rd book

  5. Victoria Victoria says:

    Is a great book to read

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Shadow of Suspicion (Haunted By The Past #2)[Epub] ➟ Shadow of Suspicion (Haunted By The Past #2) Author Danielle Rose-West – A letter from the mother she’s never met catapults Callie Price on a journey to Devon She yearns for answers that have always plagued her life Why did her mother give her away when she was born and A letter from the mother she’s never met catapults Callie Price on a journey to Devon She yearns for answers that have always plagued her life Why did her mother give her away when she was born and who is her real father Things become increasingly complicated when a child begins to haunt her with deadly warnings and Callie finds her life Shadow of PDF or in danger The last thing she needs is an annoying sexy mechanic to add to her troublesJason Hawkes’ life is filled with nothing but complications His sister needs a firm hand His father has invited his partner Sandra’s long lost daughter to visit against Sandra’s wishes Jason’s own relationship is steadily going to hell in a hand basket and he has no idea how to fix it The last thing he needs is a stuck up city business woman thrown into the mix To his horror Callie turns out to be the long lost daughter Sandra doesn’t want to know Could things get any worseWhen Callie’s life is under threat she and Jason find themselves thrown together time and again Can they unravel the mystery behind who is threatening Callie And will they lose their heart to each other in the process It will take all their courage and wits to find the dark truth that lies within the shadow of suspicion cast over their livesand time is running outCan be read as a stand alone novel.

About the Author: Danielle Rose-West

I am a huge reader and have been since I was a child I love books and the written word It has been my dream my whole life to be a writer I began writing romance books but have discovered over the years that my true passion is mystery Every romance book I wrote ended up having a bit of a mystery Shadow of PDF or added to it Now I have succumbed and am writing mystery with just a hint of romance in it I could.