This Morning I Woke Up Dead PDF/EPUB ☆ This Morning

This Morning I Woke Up Dead PDF/EPUB ☆ This Morning

This Morning I Woke Up Dead (Pre-Earth, #1) ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ This Morning I Woke Up Dead (Pre-Earth, #1) By Mindy Larson ✸ – What would you do What rules would you break to be with your soul mate This morning Hadley Christensen and Dominic Morris woke up living their dream lives They are engaged and each has promising caree What would you do What rules I Woke PDF ✓ would you break to be with your soul mate This morning Hadley Christensen and Dominic Morris woke up living their dream lives They are engaged and each has promising careers in the medical field They are happier and fulfilled than they have ever been and they are ready This Morning ePUB Ò to begin their happily ever after Sadly on her way to work Hadley is in an accident Before taking her last breath she realizes she is already dead and everyone on Earth is too Now Hadley and Dominic must each find a way to live without one another How do they continue when they are Morning I Woke eBook ↠ two parts of one flame Hadley is given permission by the Masters to contact Dominic in the hopes he will also realize he is already dead If Dominic can open his mind to hear Hadley they can be together forever Is Dominic ready to give up life the way he knows it.

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  1. Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms) Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms) says:

    Ebook provided by author in exchange for honest review This Morning I Woke Up Dead is a story like no other It's a captivating book that shows us that love knows no bounds In this story we see how powerful love is Mindy Larson really makes us believe in true love with this book Here's a small tidbit from the synopsis This Morning I Woke Up Dead takes you on a journey of discovery as two souls fight against their undeniably difficult situation of being tormented and separated by different realms of existence proving that those who are destined to be together will not be kept apart by a beating heart This is the reason I picked this up Reminiscent of Elsewhere this book takes us on a journey to the afterlife From the very beggining I was captivated by the author's beautiful and poetic prose She had such a way with words Memories are forever cemented to your soul They cannot make you forget Another aspect I really loved about this story was the characters All the characters were uniue and special in their own way I especially loved Hadley and Dominic the protagonists Both of them had really nice voices Their love was beautiful and tragic at the same time They were the very definition of soul mates I found myself rooting for them from the very beginning I loved every minute of reading their love story This book in a way found a way to preach to us It found a way to get into your mind and make you re think your stance on life I am so glad that I read this book because frankly it's one of the best romances I've ever read You should definitely pick this up5 stars

  2. Regan Regan says:

    Description from AuthorEdited for length of the blogThis Morning I Woke Up Dead takes you on a journey of discovery as two souls fight against their undeniably difficult situation of being tormented and separated by different realms of existence proving that those who are destined to be together will not be kept apart by a beating heartMy Review and ThoughtsI criedYep that is exactly how I am going to start this reviewI criedIt has been a long while since a book or even a movie has stirred and affected my soul in a way Mindy Larson’s “This Morning I Woke Up Dead” has managed to do I try very hard to stay away from “YA Romance” novels because they are usually overly written cheesy and unrealistic But this one piued my interest Death Ghosts Afterlife With those three things alone I can over look sap I was presently surprised to find that the book was lacking sap If you’re the type of book reader who cringes at overly mushy or over the top romantic love scenes then this book is perfect There are no obnoxious love scenes There was gentle scenes that made me mourn painfully for the two main characters Their love Is better written than a lot of YA romantic books Mindy does such a fabulous job with the character building and creation that you become completely immersed into both worlds she has created From jump my heart clung to Dominic’s character I felt his pain I wanted to just hug himAll the other characters that were mixed in with the main character’s lives were very poetically strung together by Mindy She really did do a fabulous job of marrying life after life and seven degrees of separation together The scenes played out with ease and I found myself turning page after page without getting lost One of the things I loved the most about this book was her chapter and sentence set ups She took each chapter from the first view point of either main character; Hadley or Dominic I loved how I did not have to keep waiting to see what happened like with some authors Mindy did very well with staying on topic and not straying off course with some unneeded secondary plot outline It read smooth and enjoyableHer sentence structure was impressive too Some sentences were so simple they only needed one word but the emotion and impact behind them hit hardExample “Left foot Right foot Left Right” – I have been here I have walked those very same steps I felt the pain and sorrow with each and every letter typed out on the pageI LOVED the author’s creative take on spiders crabs insects It makes me want to look at them differently too and Lord knows I hate me some spidersConfusing AreasNegative AspectsTowards the end of the book something pretty major happens to one of the supporting characters The author writes “He is in custody” but does not go into detail about who was brought into custody what happened specifically to the character and left it too open I felt this was the only open ended portion of the book I had a feeling whom the author was subtly referring to but because it was left pretty open I would either elaborate or omit that sectionAfter discussing this with the author I was confirmed on who my suspicion thought It was eager nosy beaver I am I want to know details of what happenedThe only other portion of the book that left me scratching my scalp was the variance in worlds; Pre Earth Earth Thereafter I guess the cycles had me confused and the After world had me confused But this is not a negative reflection on this book Mindy does a beautiful job on everything else withinOverall ViewBuy this book OR GO TO THE LINK ABOVE TO WIN IT But really it is hauntingly entertaining and romantically entrapping Make this author well known so she will put out many beautifully written books There are so many ways she can expand on this book I was excited to find out that she has intentions of making it into a series I will definitely be following her for updates

  3. Megan McCooey Megan McCooey says:

    Have you ever wondered about deja vu or why you simply feel drawn to some people even those you've just met?Whenever I had a deja vu I immediately tried to understand why and what I was remembering exactlyWhen I read the synopsis for this book I was immediately intrigued I am one of those people that likes to understand the meaning behind weird unexplainable things For instance a deja vu or why when you meet certain people you just simply feel drawn to them Or have you ever looked at the clock at the same time everyday and gone crazy trying to understand it's significance in your life? I havemine is 1117 and that was what Mindy Larson's This Morning I Woke Up Dead dealt with Georgette's memories will slowly fade little by little as she begins to speak again as an infant Learn a word Lose a memory As time passes some begin to remember things with a feeling of deja vu or through dreams Memories are forever cemented to your soul I really enjoyed the concept behind the book and the author creates an interesting tier of realms that we all have the pleasure of enjoying at some point in our life cycles You will start a new life cyclethen you diethen earththis realm I was fascinated by her differentiation between soul mates and soul twins I was drawn to the characters could relate to the love that they shared and felt bad that their lives were ripped apart before it even had a chance to begin I sympathized as Dominic attempted to get on with his life and could even relate to those feelings of guilt you feel when someone close to you dies Moving on is never easy but what if all you had to do to be with that person was to admit to yourself and truly believe that in your life on earth you were already dead? Seems simple enough except being dead but believing you are alive is still living to some degree right? After all if you accept that you are dead as Hadley does you loss everything It really makes you think about how you live your life how you treat others and how you spend your time which is why I loved Mindy's explanation for what happens to all of the bad people when they begin a new life cycle Throughout the whole story I continued to think huh I always wondered about that what a neat spin or WOW that's a really fascinating explanationwhat if? I love books that make us take a step back and think outside the box The spirituality that Mindy brought forth was deep and touching to say the least I can honestly say I walked away from this book thought provoked and curious and as you can see there were several parts where I could not help myself but to bookmark some of beautiful wording The reason I rated this book as a 4 star I liked it was because there were too many coincidences between the character connections which I supposed were written that way from a spiritual soul mate soul family perspective However the loss both Dominic and Emerson experienced followed by all of the loss Dominic suffered thereafter just felt like too much I would have liked to see him realize his true destiny without being so pushed to the brinkUnless maybe it is only in our most desperate moments that we are willing to face the truth A fascinating read that I recommend to anyone who believes in soul mates and the ideal that some love is boundless even in death I am gray colored yarn Dominic is chocolate brown Harper is light blue My mother us emerald My father is sapphire Together we make a beautiful tapestry Apart we are loose ends waiting hoping to be woven together again Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of This Morning I Woke Up Dead in exchange for an honest review Congratulations Mindy I look forward to reading Thirteen Choices

  4. Becky Louise Williams Becky Louise Williams says:

    Firstly for this being Mindy's first book it is amazing so well written and so good and it had a massive pull on me Normally I find books that have the story split between the two main characters to be annoying as I always tend to feel lost and confused as to what is happening but with Hadley and Dominic this wasn't the case at allThe story it's self was gripping I loved the see the struggle that both characters were going through Hadleys desperation to get through to Dominic and Dominics desperation to just carry on and be able to contact Hadley Also reading some history of the characters from both good and bad times helped me to understand them better and it made me feel for them Also the fact that the second main characters Emerson and Logan played a significant part in the lives of Hadley and Dominic helped to bring the feelings of the characters together having them all a common goal for wanting the lost loved one The efforts and the descriptions of the characters and their feelings over the happening events made me feel like I was connecting with the book therefore sucking me further into the story and the plotThis would be a great read for anyone who is looking for something different but amazingly good I'd just like to take two seconds to thank Nerd Girl hit them up on Facebook or Twitter NerdGirlNG for the competitions they run and for the fact that the copy of the book I have was from their competition I also just want to share my favorite uote from this book being on the first page it really grabbed my attentionWhile were on earth we can play Love Find our talents Those who are smart use them It's a pity that not near enough of the population do Most waste their time on earth gossiping arguing spending too much money worrying about everything and anything We cause pain To ourselves and others The opposite of livingTo me this practically describes today's popultion to a T Defiantly recommend reading this book

  5. Colleen Bratley Colleen Bratley says:

    This story is the epitome of what if I found myself asking that uestion throughout the book as I tried to picture what happened and how it would endThere are two main characters in this story and they each talk in the first person as it goes from one to the other It keeps you from wondering what the person is thinking and feeling and instead wondering what they will do or understand nextI can't and maybe you won't either help but feel their distraught emotions and love for each other You want them to reconnect and you don't really care how they do it Dead alive it makes no matter as long as they get back together Crazy right? Of course if they were people I actually knew I might not be so cavalier with their lives But then again maybe I would That is if I felt the same emotions with them as the author made me feel with these charactersThe concept the author explored death is one we all think about and probably a lot than we want to It is a fact of life but what we know of it is completely limited and inadeuate to make us feel comfortable and safe to transition to that state even though we know it is our final journey The unknown is a haunting thing to say the very least So we wonder and the what if uestions saturate our thoughts What if it is nicer than here? What if we would be happier? What if our knowledge and concepts are not even close? See what I mean?The characters did the same thing One tried to figure out what was happening and the other tried to find peace with what was Or rather what was believed to be reality But then as things happened uestioning the unknown was the only solace they had The only peaceful and soothing solution to bathe their minds was uestioning what was real and what could be real if only they could grasp the supposed impossible with both hands and hang on For some reason maybe it was how we were taught in school about science; we always seem to need physical validation to believe Of course it's okay in religion to have faith but somehow everything else is off limits Funny right? How shallow and mind limiting we can beOverall the story was entertaining and emotionally charged You felt what the characters felt and sought to find an acceptable conclusion without keeping the two apart As they rode the waves of the moving tide with each other you wanted one of them to grab hold of the other and not let go Either way they needed to be together Read the book and I think you will agree one moving on without the other just wasn't acceptableThis book was given to me by the author for an honest review It was an easy chore

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    This Morning I woke up Dead was a really interesting read I am happy to see that this is going to be a series because the book initially explores the concept of three different realms of living and dead It introduces a concept of a pre earth But once the idea of the afterlife is laid out the story of Hadley and Dominic kind of take over and we don't really get to explore the ideas of pre earth and earth again So I would really like some information about the different realms in the next book But I didn't even realize that we didn't get information about them until after I was done reading the book because I was so swept up in the story of Hadley and Dominic The book is told in dual narrative between the two of them and I loved that That is uickly becoming my preferred method of narration I just love switching back and forth between the guy and the girl and getting the story from each of their uniue perspectives And in This Morning I Woke up Dead it was even uniue because Hadley and Dominic were in different realms of existence The story includes numerous flash backs throughout and that was a good method for the story because we got to know about Hadley and Dominic's relationship ad well as learning back stories on Hadley's guide Logan and Dominic's sister helped make the story seem complete I liked how effortlessly Mindy Larson made everything flow The book never felt disjointed and it was full of emotion Right from the very first Dominic chapter I was hooked He was so sad This Morning I woke up Dead definitely drums up some emotion Dominic struggles through so much of the book I felt so bad for him He was dealing with the loss of his finance and you could tell they had such a great relationship through their flashbacks We got to see how they met and what they did It was really cute Their relationship did almost seem a little too perfect I thought since the author made freuent use of flashbacks that she could have thrown in a short fight or hardship that they had to make the relationship seem realistic but even without that you could tell that these two shared a special kind of bond This Morning I woke up Dead was a really good read I can't wait to check out the next book and see what is going to happen next I hope we get to learn about pre earth and the concept of the realms and of twin flames This book is an emotional journey for all of the characters and for the reader It takes you through some tough times but Mindy Larson does an excellent job I really enjoyed this story

  7. Jennifer Madero (Boricuan Bookworms) Jennifer Madero (Boricuan Bookworms) says:

    I was given an eBook copy of this book in exchange of an honest review Rating 5 stars 3We're all dead but we don't know it Hadley realized she was dead making her go to the next realm as some would say heaven And her fiance Dominic is left on Earth as alive And the only way for them to be together once again is for him to realize toothat we are all deadI got really engaged with the synopsis of the book with all the afterlife mystery The author knows how to use words They suck you in from the very first page until you end it; they flow effortlessly in the pages It's a book that makes you really think about what's going on in your life Are you living as fully as you can? Are you merely existing? What am I good at?I loved how in this kind of book the religions weren't involved not that I am necessarily against them But there are times when you get to think how about we read a book where there aren't any gods? No Greek no Nordic no Mayan God etc The plot was fabulous The twist it takes the way pieces here and there end up together it's amazing You foresee a few things without it being too obvious nor too frustrating At the end of the book a lot of the uestions that appeared were answered as well as a few unanswered left to make you think all night over it It ends with the suspense the hope that there might be a seuel or maybe notA thing I'm always very picky about are the characters Here the characters have a voice of their own When you read you instantly know its them even if it wasn't written in the book You know it's them You know what they are capable of doing and how they think in some cases I loved Hadley and Dominic protagonists the most Their love conuered all and went through hell until they were together again This heart warming emotions wrecking story gives a whole new definition of the term Soul Mates During the whole book I couldn't help but feel these bittersweet emotions towards their situation I literally fangirled on most parts of the book when something cute or wow happened with them 3I thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read this bewildering romantic paranormal fantasy I was completely blown away by the work of this new author Loved it 3

  8. Karla Kbooklover Karla Kbooklover says:

    My Rating 45“This Morning I Woke Up Dead” explores the existence of an afterlife a different realm of existence and how life could be in that placeI loved the beautiful love story of Hadley and Dominic from the beginning I was waiting for them to find their happy endingThis book also addresses some difficult issues like the loss of a loved one the grief and what follows for those who remain but the author manages to do it very wellSomething I enjoy in books is the narrative from different POV in this book the story alternates between the POV of Hadley the main female character and the one from Dominic Hadley’s boyfriend this allows us to see what they are experiencing in a parallel manner and in two different worldsFor me the narrative of Dominic particularly at the beginning was really heartbreaking through the pages you can feel his pain his agony over the loss of Hadley but also all his love for herReading the book there were times when I experienced some sadness but there were also moments that really made me smile one of them was while reading how Hadley and Dominic met and began datingBesides the main characters there are others that I found good and likable like Logan Hadley’s “Guide” and Emerson Dominic’s sister and it’s interesting to learn their storiesThis book is an emotional journey for the characters as well as a journey of learning and I think the author did a very good job in showing this in the storySomething I think is important to mention is that there are moments in the book with transitions between pastpresent one realm of existence and the other in which you should pay attention so you don't lose track of the progression of the storyAs the writing in this book is emotional and the characters feel very real be prepared to possibly shed a few tears as you readOverall I think this is a really good book and I recommend it also I look forward to reading from this author

  9. Jamie Jamie says:

    I received my copy from Goodreads First ReadsThis book could have gone through a few drafts before being published It was hard sometimes to keep reading from all of the typos that littered the book Commas were freuently misused words were misspelled or wrong words were used in one instance aloud instead of allowed and in another you're instead of your and later in the book periods were sometimes forgotten Aside from the grammar a lot of the moments between Hadley and Dominic felt overdone and cheesy While I understand that they are twin flames and have a strong pull to each other each time that they spoke of each other they sounded cliche to the point that it didn't seem realistic I think maybe highlighting some not so good aspects of their relationship could have helped to make it believable such as a fight that they had or a strong trait that Hadley didn't like in Dominic or vice versa Plus some of the sections where they described their love for each other were unneeded and could have been either severely tightened or deleted all together It's already clear how much they miss each other just by her determination to stay in contact with him and his inability to move on from her death What I did like about the book was the idea of the life cycle between three realms with Masters as God I wanted to know about the cycle mainly about Pre Earth and the details of that realm and was slightly disappointed that nothing was revealed about it except it's the phase before Earth where people are alive What confused me however was the purpose of Earth If on Earth one is to discover herhis traits for the next realm then what is the purpose of Pre Earth besides living? Why can't the people on Pre Earth learn their traits to take into Earth and Earth be the final realm that helps Pre Earth?The book overall was a nice story but it seemed too much like a first draft With better attention to grammar and a realistic relationship the story would have been really excellent

  10. Danielle-Claude Mba Danielle-Claude Mba says:

    Hadley Christensen isn't about to die She is already dead No one else knows but they are all dead too And with those powerful three statements Mindy Larson got me hooked on her book I didn’t even need to have a love story or the love story of Dominic and Hadley to make it even intriguing Or the intriguing fact Mindy didn’t use regular biblical names for her characters Hadley Dominic Emerson Logan Ruby yes I notice that However it wasn’t just about Hadley not being an Unknown my new term of the week any and exploring The Truth There were a lot to learn about rules Pre Earth Earth abilities realms these alone could have filled a whole novel and I would have been than content Hadley was given the rare privilege to make contact from the other side desperately hoping to convince Dominic of his true state and ensure they would be together once But Dominic was crippled by grief and wasn’t very receptive so for me I thought that her actions were a bit selfish By the end of the book so much has happened that I’m left wondering if being an Unknown isn’t better that knowing The Truth But Mindy isn’t satisfied with making me want to keep my head buried in the sand for the next ten lifetimes You would have to read the book to understand that statement You know what that they say the truth will set you free A thrilling and romantic story that puts you in the driver seat instead of passenger one no pun intended This Morning I Woke Up Dead is well on its way to become a cult classic of its genre

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