The Power Couple Without Rules #3 PDF ✓ The Power

The Power Couple Without Rules #3 PDF ✓ The Power

The Power Couple Without Rules #3 ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Power Couple Without Rules #3 By Tyffani Clark Kemp ➱ – NOW AVAILABLEUS Learn at After the loss of her husband and her preterm baby Mariss Red is finally starting to put her life back together She's in a semi stable relationship and her publishing business NOW AVAILABLEUS Couple Without eBook ↠ Learn at After the loss of her husband and her preterm baby Mariss Red is finally starting to put her life back together She's in a semi stable relationship and her publishing business is doing well None of that can fill the hole in her heart but she's a survivor Her newest obstacle Maneuvering the hazy boundaries of an open relationship with a man who can't be bound The Power PDF or by rulesSebastian Boa The Man Without Rules struggles to live an honorable life Mariss meets and approves any woman he happens to bring home and things are going well aside from the occasional miscommunication It's bound to happen since he's never been in a steady relationship before But he knows Mariss is keeping something from him and he knows it's probably another manA trip to Paris is meant to be a Power Couple Without PDF ↠ romantic break for the strange couple but it ends up in disaster when Sebastian catches Mariss with her secret lover Add a crazed fangirl trying to seduce Sebastian a man who has found that rules just might work for him after all If it means he keeps Mariss in his life It seems The Power Couple may never catch a break.

10 thoughts on “The Power Couple Without Rules #3

  1. Clem (the villain& Clem (the villain& says:

    This series is the only kinky one I remember I guess it means it wasn’t as bad as it could have been

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    I wanted to correct the typos otherwise a good read

  3. Nay Denise Nay Denise says:

    I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest reviewThe conclusion to Without Rules the third and final book in this mind blowing trilogy PERFECTION I saw so much growth love and of course drama what would Bas and Mar's relationship be without drama that I can't help but favorite this entire trilogyThe final book follows Sebastian and Mariss as a couple in an open relationship They are together but they can have sex with others just as long as they advise AND get approved from the other That was totally freaking insane I cannot believe it all I know Sebastian is not a one woman man but he should have been from the start Mariss should have never agreed to itI did not like Sebastian much because he was totally rude I understood his protectiveness but he should not have been that pissed about Mariss being approached by men for sex or having sex with another man He decided on an open relationship and should have known that meant both ways What he did in Paris simply irked my nervesOnce again the old sad hag Brenda returnsI still hate her B was a douche because he never gave up I feel bad that Mariss used and lead him on but at the same time he should have just backed off Ummm Juliet and Mariss together simply blew my mind away I was hoping it never happened again but sheesh they went at it this book I can't believe Hellena had a son in Germany and sent him to live with Sebastian It was a stupid move but also a life changing one Sixteen year old FennichThe crazy chicks Greta and Marie are freaking insane I'm glad about their demise The fact that the two of them resembled Mariss was sick and a desperate move on both parts Greta definitely was crazy She tried everything to be Sebastian's sex partner even down to trying to kill kids Psychotic much I'm glad Mariss was crazier though with her alter ego Cassandra Love both Cassandra and Mariss to pieces they are the same personThat ending was like cotton candy fluffy and sweet I'm glad they became exclusive that he said those three little words and that they had a family forever between the two of them Katie and Fennich I couldn't have asked for a better ending for them bothThis trilogy was freaking perfect and highly suggest it to all my adult romance and erotica readers

  4. Cody Smith-Candelaria Cody Smith-Candelaria says:

    Book 3 is all the Angst you could ever want Seriosuly we are still following Sebastian and Mariss on their journey but this time the road is a little bumpier a little dramatic and for sure emotional They've come along way they are working our their own path but so many things stand in their way I feel like this is the story where you get to see Mariss in a full length mirror you get all of her depth all of her strength and all of her character This might be my favorite of them all

  5. Kerry Kerry says:

    I'm sorry I didn't like this as I read it right to the end trying so hard to find something that I could say positive about it I couldn't get into the characters and apart from Juliet I didn't like any of them either Won't be reading the next in the series

  6. Fiona Smart Fiona Smart says:

    very good end to the 'Without Rules' trilogy #Red #Boa

  7. Courtney Coakley Courtney Coakley says:

    I really did like this series I do wish there was an epilogue to it but I do think it did finish out well

  8. Kathy Wideman Kathy Wideman says:

    This is the 3rd book in the Man without Rules Series Sebastian is the man without rules He doesn’t date just one woman ever and he doesn’t do girlfriends Mariss was the woman who changed that Mariss and Sebastian have started dating they have an open relationship Mariss approves any woman that wants to be added to Bassy’s rotation He is always sure to ask first before he sleeps with a woman Mariss always knows where is and who he is with They never sleep overnight with anyone else always at home with each other Sometimes they invite someone to join in with the both of them Everyone seems to be having trouble believing that Bassy and Mariss are dating Women continue to throw themselves at him and he continues to sleep with them as long as it’s okay with Mariss Everything is working out just fine until an old friend of Mariss’s comes to town Mariss sleeps with him but feels horrible afterward like she cheated on Bassy She can’t bring herself to tell him even though she knows she needs too Will Mariss tell him or will he figure it out on his own? What will happen once Bassy knows? As usual someone is after Mariss Who is it this time? It is someone from Mariss’s past or is it because of her connection to Bassy?I loved this one as much as the other two books I love Mariss and Bassy They meet by coincidence but had a connection immediately Bassy knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it Mariss was no different He couldn’t have imagined how much he would change because of her and how much happier he would be He thought he was happy living the way he was but as his relationship with Mariss grew he realized that he wasn’t really happy before He is the man without rules If he does make a rule it’s just so he can break it later Through the 3 books he and Mariss go through so much and come out so much stronger in the end I can’t say enough about each book and the series as a whole It amazes me how much Bassy changes and doesn’t necessarily become better just different Another fantastic book TyffaniI was given this book in return for an honest review

  9. Pratr- Authors Pratr- Authors says:

    Mariss is struggling after the loss of her husband and her premature son Her and Sebastian are in an relationship That includes other women if Mariss agrees This seems to be working for them There are still people out there that are trying to destroy Mariss and they come pretty close in this book Sabastian still won't come clean as to his feeling for Mariss you can see them in some of his actions Sadly Mariss is the one who ends up cheating but to me that was just because in truth she was sharing Sebastian with other women knowing that was how he wanted it and she was afraid of losing him if she spoke up Yet the only reason it was considered cheating was because she didn't tell Sebastian about it before hand While I enjoyed this book and I was really cheering for Mariss and Sebastian to get their act together There was entirely to much poisoning going on It got a little far fetched Almost like filler Bringing the evil women into Mariss's life was Sebastians fault because he couldn't keep it in his pants Yet that time he did but it was to late After three books I got the ending I was waiting for but why did it have to happen on the last page? Over all l loved the series

  10. Rayxa Quiros Rayxa Quiros says:

    The Power CoupleBy Tyffani Clark KempAgh Again a love hate relationship with this one Ugh I mean poor Marissa she can't get a break through the book Definitely has a lot going on which both kept me wondering if this is unreal but at the same time it kept me wanting to read to see what would happen next Bassy Totally loving him in this book although he did do a few things that made me want to punch him in the you know where I love how the author had his character grow in so many ways I love how she incorporated his children's home in this book I did love that there was a happy ending However I did not like that there was no epilogue I felt like I needed a little Maybe a glimpse showing all those things they planned for and worked so hard for through the whole book But who knows maybe the author will make a fourth book or maybe even a little mini novella???Overall this new author did a great job on this series It is definitely a series worth reading It's full of action suspense murder tragedy love sex comedy and crazy stalkers lol

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