The Third Angel PDF/EPUB ô The Third MOBI :Ú

The Third Angel PDF/EPUB ô The Third MOBI :Ú

The Third Angel ❮Epub❯ ➣ The Third Angel ➢ Author Alice Hoffman – In The Third Angel Hoffman weaves a magical and stunningly original story that charts the lives of three women in love with the wrong men Headstrong Madeleine Heller finds herself hopelessly attracted In The Third Angel Hoffman weaves a magical and stunningly original story that charts the lives of three women in love with the wrong men Headstrong Madeleine Heller finds herself hopelessly attracted to her sister’s fiancé Frieda Lewis a doctor’s daughter and a runaway becomes the muse of an ill fated rock star And beautiful Bryn Evans is set to marry an Englishman while secretly The Third MOBI :Ú obsessed with her ex husband At the heart of the novel is Lucy Green who blames herself for a tragic accident she witnessed at the age of twelve and who spends four decades searching for The Third Angel–the angel on earth who will renew her faithBrilliantly evoking London’s King’s Road Knightsbridge and Kensington while moving effortlessly back in time The Third Angel is a work of startling beauty about the uniue alchemical nature of love.

  • Hardcover
  • 278 pages
  • The Third Angel
  • Alice Hoffman
  • English
  • 13 November 2016
  • 9780307393852

About the Author: Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction including The World That We Knew The Rules of Magic The Marriage of Opposites Practical Magic The Red Garden the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth The Museum of Extraordinary Things and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston.

10 thoughts on “The Third Angel

  1. PorshaJo PorshaJo says:

    Finally Finally I read this and finally I'm writing my review finished this over a week ago I've yet to read an Alice Hoffman book I didn't adore I had been wanting to read this one for so long kept grabbing the audio from my library returning it doing this over and over Finally I listened to this one and just couldn't stopThe Third Angel tells a story where three different stories in different times are told but somehow linked together All bringing into the story the Third Angel the angel who walks the earth Each story was so uniue I really enjoyed the first and third stories and while I enjoyed the middle one I felt it started to drag just slightly and mind did begin to wander There is a bit of magic in the story classic Hoffman And birds I've read a number of books by her and there is always a common theme running through them I've found birds in some form always showing up The other is red heads which I didn't recall here I grabbed the audio and just loved it Nancy Travis did the narration and she did a wonderful job I was so pulled into this story at times and wanting to hear I wouldn't say this is the strongest book of Hoffman's I've read But one that I'll remember and happy that I finally got to it Now to patiently wait for her upcoming book Yes

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Alice Hoffman is a literary goddess I loved this book The writing is absolutely gorgeous and it's one of those novels that I end up reading the last page and then starting over again Stories of three interconnected women at crossroads in their lives are woven together in really wonderful ways As always with Hoffman there's a touch of supernatural and very interesting human characters As an aside I had lunch with the author and 20 other people a couple of years ago and she is just as fantastic as you'd expect I want to be her when I grow up

  3. Maria Maria says:

    This book is very special to me Not only because it was written by my favourite author but because I found it in a small bookshop somewhere in Dublin IrelandI deal with hundreds of people every single day At work at uni even at home while chatting online Sometimes I wonder about them I wonder if we were meant to meet meant to run into each other meant to exchange a couple of words I am not exactly sure whether I believe in fate or not but sometimes I just sit and wonder and I can't help but wonder if they do the sameYet again I found myself crying at the end This book is everything I don't believe I will ever grow tired of saying how much I love Alice Hoffman and the way she writes She writes with everything she has with every single emotion a human being is capable of feeling I always get lost and it's always so hard to find myself sitting on my bed the back cover of yet another brilliant novel staring at me It's not easy to let go Sometimes I find myself wishing her novels would last foreverThis is a story about love about hope about believing about second chances This is yet another story about life about the living And it's brilliantly well done I just wish I could put in words what I am currently feelingAlice thank you Your books remind me of how human I am remind me of how great it feels to feel Thank you So much

  4. Charlotte Castle Charlotte Castle says:

    Where do I start?The book begins with a protaganist so unlikable that I nearly gave up four pages in Self absorbed hideously disloyal self pitying and narcisstic I couldn't have cared less what happened to her and was mightly relieved when we moved onto our second female heroineFreida is entirely likeable and at this point in the story we begin to dig deeper into the ghost story that lies at the heart of this book My interest was peaked and yet and yet I found myself skim reading The writing though competent seemed laboured and twee I wanted to know what happened to Michael Macklin but I was happy to skip huge chunks to get thereThen we find ourselves with Lucy Another likeable character yet the plot begins to feel dreadfully convoluted Three generations of a family all with curious similarities I can cope with a healthy dose of magic and mysticism in my books hence I chose this but here it just felt unlikely I never managed to suspend disbelief and found myself rolling my eyes at certain partsFinally we get to the heart of the ghost story and it was confused and unsubstantial Lucy's traumatisation seemed very real yet I'd found out what I needed to know and so there was very little left to keep reading for I'm afraid I gave up ten or so pages before the end something I have only done twice before with a novelWould there have been a stunning ending that would have changed my opinion had I read on? Perhaps but I'm afraid I'm never going to bother to find outDreamy dreary depressing and dull Sorry

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book was uite a disappointment Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors and I expected a lot from this book as I do of all her books But right from the first page I knew there was trouble I didn't like the voice of the first main character Maddy And as I learned about Maddy we do learn a little bit the less I liked her character I found her to be shallow jealous self centered and very annoying And what she does is despicable The book is sectioned into 3 parts focusing on 3 different women at 3 different times You learn that all the women are interrelated in some way Each section could be a novel on it's own and probably should have been I felt that Hoffman didn't develop any of her characters She left them flat and in the cases of Maddy and Frieda downright unlikeable The only character I felt she did justice with was Lucy and unfortunately hers is the last section of the novel All the stories are left wanting None come to any kind of satisfactory resolution And then there was the story of the Heron and the story of the Third Angel These stories meant to reflect in the characters felt forced Like an amateur writer trying to make her book 'deep' with metaphor But Hoffman is no amateur writer so these stories just fell flat and adding nothing to the scope of the novel Especially the heron storyI know this is not how you are supposed to read a book but if you want to get the most of this one read it backwards Lucy's section first then Frieda then Maddy Or if you are a glutton for punishment read it normally and then read it a second time I really disliked the book so there is no way I am re reading itIf you are a Hoffman fan skip this one I wish I had

  6. Mary Mary says:

    This book was a considerable departure from her stock cookie cutter settings mixed with enchanting magical uirkiness which I have become addicted to Even so this is my favorite Hoffman book so farvery moving a bit complex and utterly gorgeous prose

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Just finished reading this story of three women in three different decades each in love with the wrong man involved in a love triangle It was a very different feel for me than many of Hoffman's other books but was eually as descriptive and thought provoking keeping her right up there as one of my favorite authors The stories are interwoven and characters appear in two sometimes three of them Plus the three women all interrelated in a abstract sort of way MAddy Heller who loves her sister's fiancé Frieda Lewis mum of the aforementioned fiancé who in her youth was in love with a drug addled rock star and Bryn Evans aunt of Lucy Green who grew up to be the mother of Maddie Heller in love with her dangerous but charming ex husband even on the eve of her wedding to another man It also is the tale of those left in the wake of disastrous love young Lucy Green and Teddy Healey the doomed fiance It is a a ghost story a story of love lost and unreuited of mothers' love and of the mystic Blue Heron and his wife Each layer that unwraps only to interweave somewhere else in the story is beautifully crafted filled with both sadness and hopeThere were as usual for Hoffman some descriptions that took my breath awayYou can see that the ideas that create a backbone for Hoffman's story; truisms such as love has nothing to do with the here and now which helps both Maddy and her sister overcome loss Or words from the night clerk at the Lion's Gate Inn in London “Love is ancient and mysterious and you can’t mess with it If you do it just backfires and you meet with disaster That’s a fact” This didn't have the magical realism aspect of Practical Magic for instance but had a certain magic of its own I'll be honest that there were some parts very difficult for me to read simply because there is a lot of loss and a lot of cancer in the story but I managed Perhaps it was the Third Angel helping me AS we learn in Freida's story Frieda's doctor father takes her with him on his house calls and tells her there are three angels The Angel of Life is with them on most nights they visit the sick The Angel of Death rides with them on hopeless cases The Third Angel doesn't even appear to be an angel You think you're doing him a kindness you think you're the one taking care of him while all the while he's the one who's saving your life See what I mean?I do want to read the children's book that was created by MAddy's sisterm though The Heron's Wife that tells a different but complete tale if it is read backwards

  8. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    I read Alice Hoffman when I was in high school and remembered liking her esp At Risk but this book disappointed me It seemed sloppy Her writing was grandiose but completely without subtlety so it didn't pack as strong a punchTake this sentence Seeing him Frieda felt her love for her father; but she thought about how he'd betrayed them and love didn't seem uite so important This is actually one of the likeable examples of what I'm talking about but imagine that style of description repeatedly endlessly and with overblown ness Sometimes I rolled my eyesThe story is told in three parts The first part seemed the most amateur and sloppy The second and third were better I like books where all the little pieces of people's different lives come together into one coherent whole a la the movie Crash so if you like that as well you should check out this book But be warned that there are a bunch of 'eh' motifs like the third angel garbage which didn't make a whole lot of sense or add a whole lot to the story

  9. Grace Grace says:

    This is Hoffman's first book I've stopped reading before I was doneI got about halfway through it maybe even and I just decided I wasn't enjoying it at allThe characters are hard to sympathize with But the most offputting thing to me was her lack of an active environment Her books usually take place in small towns where the townthe buildings the historybecome almost like another character in the story I just didn't get the same feeling from this urban London setting I will of course still keep reading other Hoffman books Every author has a bad day

  10. Marla Marla says:

    Three different stories that are interesting A little harder to remember it is three different stories on audiobook especially if you are distracted when the stories switch

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