Diving In Open Door Love Story #2 Epub é In Open Door

Diving In Open Door Love Story #2 Epub é In Open Door

Diving In Open Door Love Story #2 [EPUB] ✶ Diving In Open Door Love Story #2 Author Stacey Wallace – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk She was drowning and he was the only one who could save herBrynn Garrett is unsure about a lot of things Was taking a year off between high school and college to learn the family dry cleaning business She Open Door Love Story eBook Ä was drowning and he was the Open Door PDF É only one who could save herBrynn Garrett is unsure about a lot of things Was taking a year off between high school and college to learn the family dry cleaning business a smart move or a stall tactic Is she maintaining a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Andy because she loves him or out of habit And will her family of four ever be in the same room again since her older brother Liam broke Diving In PDF/EPUB ² their mother’s heart by simply following his ownWhat she does know is that ever since Gabe Riley rolled into her life with his beautiful smile and his easy confidence Brynn is seeing herself less as a lost little girl and as an independent woman who goes after what she wantsAnd what she wants is Gabe.

  • ebook
  • Diving In Open Door Love Story #2
  • Stacey Wallace
  • 04 January 2014

About the Author: Stacey Wallace

Stacey Open Door Love Story eBook Ä Wallace writes engaging stories that make Open Door PDF É her readers snort laugh ugly cry and fall in love with her characters She lives in Beaverton OR with her husband and their combined five children Obviously she drives a minivan.

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  1. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 The complete Open Door Love Story 4 book series is FREE on today 4172020 🎁

  2. Rainy Rainy says:

    Buy it borrow it just read itBuy it borrow it just read itDont wait If you can read #1 you don't have to but you wont regret itI loved this book

  3. Bianca Bianca says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewDiving In is book 2 of the Open Door Love Story and can be read as a standalone However I strongly suggest you read the first book in the series as it will shatter everything you thought about love I wasn’t sure if Brynn’s story could top the first one But the way my heart reacted to this story I think it did I did than read and experience this story I lived it Yes LIVE“This is what it means to desire someone”Most high schoolers go on to college after graduation Others that do not make plans And then you have Brynn Garrett who isn’t sure of anything in her life at the moment She feels a pull towards staying home and learning the family’s dry cleaners business But what about college? She is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend that she is simply complacent with Her family of four is torn apart as her mother is completely broken over her brother’s decision to live a life that makes him happy One thing she is sure of? Gabe Riley She wants him But there is a problem She may be hiding something big And Gabe has no ideaGiving away the plot of the story would be a complete disservice of this story Diving In is meant to be experienced by the reader Gabe is once at the top of his game in high school And one tragic day changes everything Years later he runs into Brynn She is immediately intrigued with Gabe’s outlook on life His circumstances are anything but ideal but he is living He is funny and he is still as gorgeous as he was years ago That feeling she has? That’s what it means to yearn for someone She’s never felt that Until Gabe Despite that he is now different She wants him “He’s getting something he loves back something he’d almost made peace with losing without knowing what he was denying himself”I loved the banter and wit of this story It was genius It held my attention the entire time The characters are genuine Their emotions raw You feel everything in this story You feel the inner turmoil of all the characters Diving In shows that we are all imperfect and that is simply OK We are all flawed but that is what makes us who we are Brynn loves that Gabe is broken She loves that he is not perfect and never once wished him to be She never saw him as broken pieces She only saw the pieces that would make her whole again “You see all of me Brynn I know you do and you don’t care that I am broken”What I love most about this series and this author is that she takes chances She goes where many books try and fall short This story and the first one shatters the things you think you know about love The love in Diving In is DEEP It is unlike anything you will probably EVER read The kind of love that sees no obstacles Brynn and Gabe only see each other The heart doesn’t know boundaries It overcomes them It is not until you love that you truly live This author holds nothing back She shows us that even the most broken people are worthy and capable of love and being loved She gives people who are seen as different a voice Diving In is definitely one of my favorite stories this year This beautiful heartfelt emotional story absolutely moved me It gave me chills It made me fall in love with reading again THIS BOOK It’s everything that I wanted to experience as a reader and As I said before it will shatter any idea you had about love I laughed I cried I lived

  4. Chelsea (OwlAlwaysBeReading) Chelsea (OwlAlwaysBeReading) says:

    This book is part of a series Open Door Love Story but can be read as a stand alone It is recommended to read Crossing first as this book has details eluding to the story in CrossingBrynn Garret is a high school freshman she loves swimming but it's a secret One Labor Day weekend she attends a party because her mom who is always worried about appearances made her go She's in the back pond to go for a swim While she's swimming out of sight two kids come down to the dock and start making out Another guy comes to the pond and tries to stop what's happening between the couple Then something terrible happens I scramble to my feet my legs wobbling like crazy my breath choking down a sob and then I think 'This is traumatic This is going to change my life And I can't tell anyone' Three years later Brynn graduates from high school and instead of leaving her horrible mother behind she feels compelled to stay in town She takes a year off after high school to learn the family's dry cleaning business One day at work Gabe Riley literally rolls into her life Gabe Riley is trying to get his wheelchair around the door while holding it open and there's not enough room between where the door swings out and the concrete parking space thing for his chair to fit through Brynn tries to keep her life low maintenance She tries to fly through the middle of life trying to go unnoticed She stays behind from college continues to date her boyfriend Andy although he's moved away and just overall trying to please her mother as best as she can I just wantboring? Normal? I want my life to be low key Nice A minimum amount of stress Until Gabe that is Until Gabe she is content with the normal stress free life she is living Gabe and Brynn begin to hang out and their relationship progress Brynn finally breaks up with Andy so her and Gabe can finally commit Every time you open your mouth I just like you so could you shut the hell up please? Then all the secrets coming pouring out Gabe learns something Brynn has known since that fateful day in high school Gabe can't deal with it and walks away from Brynn at one of the hardest times in her life Brynn's mother drops another bomb on her and everything changes Watching Brynn take all that she can and hold everything on her own shoulders is inspiring She's such a strong girl and once she comes out of her shell and stand up for what she wants A copy of Diving In was generously provided by the author through The Books Machine in exchange for an honest review

  5. DCT DCT says:

    35 stars A nice continuation in this Open Door series I had just completed Crossing so I dove right in to Diving In This story focuses on Brynn Liam's younger sister who didn't let her Mother's need for constant perfection and keeping up social appearances hold her back from living her life her way We start the story getting a glimpse of a traumatic event that has a great impact on Brynn and we learn how she tries to cope with the decisions she made that day and how they have impacted her life Enter Gabe whose life was changed that fateful day yet we witness his beautiful spirit his resilience his joy for life and his strength of character Brynn learns a lot from Gabe and his strength gives her strength and eventually love; however others are also affected by the events of 3 years prior and Brynn's silence is now ringing loud and clear How do you respond when the one thing that you felt would protect the one person you love only serves to destroy everything? That in a nutshell is the beauty of this story The author gave us a real and truthful glimpse into the life of Gabe and it made me as a reader appreciate his plight all the I understand that Izzy's story is next and I look forward to see her fight through her demons and find joy in her life Thanks Stacey for another insightful read and to Kindle Unlimited for another enjoyable read

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Diving In was just as memorable and risky as the first book in this series is You hear horrifying stories of stupid actions turning into life changing events like Gabe being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life but there is rarely any story on what their life is like afterwards Benefiel clearly did a lot of research or has a personal relationship with a paraplegic to be able to explain Gabe's experiences in a believable yet relatable way Similarly to Crossing having less in common with these characters than those in perhaps your average romance book doesn't prevent you from feeling what they feel the entire time The book did follow a very similar rhythm to Crossing in a way that tied them together than just the brothersister relationship but it didn't feel cookie cutter which I appreciate as well

  7. Selina Selina says:

    This was a uick fun read The characters are vibrant the tone is funny and the voice is strong and uniue The characters jumped off the page for the most part and had good development I felt that some aspects were rushed particularly the big reveal of the long held secret It seemed rushed sloppy and uickly glossed over The storyline with the Mom added another element to the story that also seemed a bit rushed and glossed over at timesI liked the ending I felt like it was fitting and gave a strong sense of closure It was nice to see a romance that didn't end with we've been dating two months Marry me These are young characters to the point where this book teeters on the edge of YA and New Adult so the marriage thing would have made it too unbelievable for me

  8. Rose Canteiro Rose Canteiro says:

    The book starts interesting and exciting but then it turns into a superboring story of two youngsters in a laundry shop dealing with repelent parents I could barely finish reading it all the thrill and suspense and emotional weight of the inicial drama fades away to dullness It was boring it's a shame Perhaps I should reread it sometime in the futureBut I want to do justice to some lovely parts like Gabe is a very cute character he's not bitter or shy about his disability at all I love him his gestures as a tetraplegic in different occasions are nice and natural Brynn and Travis are great as team Gabe taking him to swimm best friends indeed Yeah very nice

  9. Barbie Barbie says:

    This book hit close to home with me I have a member in my family who is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life die to horrible motorcycle accident I was laughing crying happy almost every emotion there is I was thatShe clearly did her research wrote the character's and plot perfect Not to much detail and not to little which can get annoying It had parents who annoyed their child we can all relate secret likes mines reading and I hid it well I recommend this book to all my friends

  10. Antonia Antonia says:

    a nice story that flowed well some big coincidences but they fit ok a family relationship that seemed fed up but then families and relationships like that exist the writing was good yeah nice

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