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Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History BOOKS Pearl Harbor The Verdict Of History By Gordon W Prange Answers Decades In The Making About The Shocking Surprise Attack On Pearl HarborIn The Predawn Hours Of December 7, 1941, A Japanese Carrier Group Sailed Toward Hawaii A Few Minutes Before 8 00 A.m., They Received The Order To Rain Death On The American Base At Pearl Harbor, Sinking Dozens Of Ships, Destroying Hundreds Of Airplanes, And Taking The Lives Of Over Two Thousand Servicemen The Carnage Lasted Only Two Hours, But Than Seventy Years Later, Terrible Questions Remain Unanswered.How Did The Japanese Slip Past The American Radar Why Were The Hawaiian Defense Forces So Woefully Underprepared What, If Anything, Did American Intelligence Know Before The First Japanese Pilot Shouted Tora Tora Tora In This Incomparable Volume, Pearl Harbor Experts Gordon W Prange, Donald M Goldstein, And Katherine V Dillon Tackle Dozens Of Thorny Issues In An Attempt To Determine Who Was At Fault For One Of The Most Shocking Military Disasters In History.

About the Author: Gordon W. Prange

A graduate of the University of Iowa, from where he received his Ph.D in 1937, Gordon Prange began his teaching career as a professor of history at the University of Maryland In 1942, he was granted a leave of absence from the University to embark on a wartime career as an officer in the United States Navy Sent to Japan in 1945 as a member of the American Occupation Forces, after completing his