Death The Time of Your Life eBook í Death The MOBI

Death The Time of Your Life eBook í Death The MOBI

Death The Time of Your Life ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Death The Time of Your Life By Neil Gaiman ❤ – Death incarnate as defined by master storyteller Neil Gaiman THE SANDMAN is a genuinely likeable young girl with a fondness for ankhs who truly cares about people It's small wonder then that when a ri Death incarnate as defined by master storyteller Time of PDF/EPUB Ä Neil Gaiman THE SANDMAN is a genuinely likeable young girl with a fondness for ankhs who truly cares about people It's small wonder then that when a rising star of the music world wrestles with revealing her true sexual orientation just as her lover is lured into the realm of Death that Death herself should make an appearance A practical honest and intelligent story that illuminates the miracle of death.

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  1. MischaS_ MischaS_ says:

    Okay no view spoiler Death should be impartial just taking whoever time it is Not that someone has a grand speech and she's just like fine I'll take the guy over there hide spoiler

  2. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    As great as the first time that I read it This the collected edition of the story “Death The Time of your Life” with an introduction written by the actress Claire Danes who is a personal friend of Neil Gaiman and she was the lead actress in the film adaptation of “Stardust” another story by Neil GaimanCreative TeamWriter Neil GaimanIllustrators Chris Bachalo Mark BuckinghamLetterer Todd Klein since he is the best letterer in the business always it’s relevant to mention that he was involved BUYING THE FARM People don’t bore me I like people Really? All of them? All of them Even the creepy ones? Nobody’s creepy from the inside Hazel Some of them are sad and some of them hurt and some of them think they’re the only real thing in the whole world But they’re not creepy This was my first Neil Gaiman’s I bought it some years ago some months after watching the film adaptation of Stardust and of course I had watched the film adaptation of Coraline so I knew that it was very likely that I’d enjoy to read Neil Gaiman’s works but until then I hadn’t buy anything yet I found this TPB in my local store and odd enough nobody knows if somebody had ordered but it was there and I didn’t think it twice and I bought it I read it and I liked it a lot but of course I didn’t know anything else about The Sandman’s related material or even the character of Death but I like a lot the reading experienceNow that I had read it for second time right after reading Death The High Cost of Living I like it even and definitely I appreciated it even since Hazel and Foxglove the main characters here they were introduced as support characters in the previous story so it was awesome to realize that Neil Gaiman was careful to avoid a repetition of how he did The High Cost of Living where Death was the main character to understand her and her reaction to the support characters In here The Time of your Life is just the opposite in the sense that now Death is a support character and you have Hazel and Foxglove as the main characters and you appreciate the reaction by Death due their interconnected storiesOther great thing is that Hazel and Foxglove aren’t perfect and while Hazel seems to be a better person it’s not like Foxglove is a bad person she is just human susceptible to commit mistakes And Death is right there to help them both CASHING IN THE CHIPS I care about everyone Hazel Neil Gaiman is a storyteller and if you want to understand him maybe a tip is that not always the story will be part of a grand scheme the tale won’t be vital to the survival of the universo even the story doesn’t have to be about the title character but about the “support characters” but if you have time and you want to know a story a wonderful story about the human condition you are in the right place with the right material in your handsDeath again is this lovely smiling girl in black clothes and while she has a duty to perform she isn’t sad about it and while she doesn’t do deals she always love to hear the people and if they want to make a deal she is in the gameYou need to enjoy life to understand what’s really important and be prepared because if you smile enough you will know when the time of your life is finally around you

  3. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    I have a bit of a thing for Death I really like the concept behind the character so much and well I think she’s rather lovely Rather than death becoming an idea associated with negativity; it is something to be embraced and accepted It is a natural part of life; thus she is relaxed and very mellow She does not need to give those at their end much coercion to go with her Her calming presence is all they need She’s also rather wise “People don’t bore me I like people” “Really? All of them” “All of them” “Even the creepy ones?”“Nobody’s creepy from the inside Hazel Some of them are sad and some of them hurt and some of them think they’re the only real thing in the whole world But they’re not creepy”And then there's this As great as she is she took a back seat in this story and did not feel very present like she did in the previous volume It felt like she was appearing in someone else’s story rather than her own This needed far of her for it to truly belong to herOverall it was entertaining though hindered by the central character’s lack of presence

  4. Patrick Patrick says:

    A nice short story that doesn't actually feature the main character Death very much at allIt's probably best to think of this as a tangent book to the Sandman series as it deals mostly with the characters from those booksThat said it works fairly well as a stand alone story and I think most anyone could read this by itself and still enjoy it uite a bit

  5. Airiz Airiz says:

    In Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman universe Death is not a “tall guy with a bone face like a skeletal monk with a scythe and an hourglass and a big white horse and a penchant for playing chess with Scandinavians” cliché much Sexton Furnival Gaiman’s interpretation of Death is exactly the concept’s opposite a uirky perky Goth girl with a jovial demeanor a down to earth aura lingering about her a sunny smile and the Egyptian symbol of life dangling around her neck As if that paradox is not enough Gaiman spawned yet another mini series featuring Death in a gritty yet hopeful tale that celebrates life talks about how love can change a person’s way of living and shows what it means to be aliveA follow up to Death The High Cost of Living Death The Time of Your Life takes us back to the story of the lesbian couple Donna “Foxglove” Cavanagh and Hazel McNamara The couple was first introduced in The Sandman Vol 2 The Doll’s House and was seen again in the first spin off featuring our favorite antropomorph of demise The spotlight is now focused on them as they crossed paths once again with Deathand this time there is a bargain involved After a drunken one night stand with a co worker Hazel becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy Alvie Foxglove forgives her partner and accepts Alvie as her own But happy ever afters are hard to come especially for same sex couples Hazel and Foxglove's relationship screeches close to the brink of collapsing what with the latter being engulfed in the suffocating arms of fame Foxglove is a successful and globetrotting rockstar and to maintain her status she must never reveal her true sexuality to the public To top of it all Alvie dies Now normally Death doesn't make deals but she remembers Hazel fondly when she walked the earth as a mortal not so long ago reuirement of being a psychopomp So she agrees with the bargain she extends Alvie’s life for a time and when that time finally runs out Hazel Foxglove and Alvie will be meeting up with her in her realm and someone must stay behind as a payment At the final turn of the glass everyone meets up in the limbo in the borders of Death’s realm to do what needs to be doneafter all a bargain is a bargain Death may be a cheerful as your chummiest neighbor but she plays by the rules of the universe’s book not even sparing the concept of palabra de honorWhat I liked the most about Gaiman is that he can easily beguile everyone who is touched by the magic of his words even if the very bones of the tales he’s telling are already bordering on trite The premise of this little tome is something I’ve heard of ages ago But Gaiman being Gaiman he finds the best angle to tell it from and populates it with people you would surely care aboutUnlike The High Cost of Living this story resembles the usual pattern of The Sandman novels where the featured Endless only stands as a character that serves as the bobbin where the threads are being pulled into without standing as an outright protagonist or heroineAs for the art hands down I loved it Carefully drawn and inked the illustrations appear to be vibrant with life yet still give off the dark theme of this purported story about demise Over all this is a satisfying read a story of music sacrifices friendship sexuality mortality and unconditional love that is sure to resonate with a lot of readersedited

  6. Dimitra Dimitra says:

    Another story of death with Death as a character in it Nice short story but Death wasn't featured as much as in the first oneThe artwork is stunning in this one The drawings are still a bit old school but the general artwork is amazingIt loses a star because the story was not something extraordinary but it was cool

  7. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    I admire this rather than like it which means I appreciate very much the beauty of the story and the illustrations but ultimately don't feel moved by it I think the difference between this and the earlier Death The High Cost of Living is how the first book dealt with far broader concerns and themes rather than just the single story of Foxglove and Hazel that appears in this one In this case the problem faced by the protagonists a life is saved at the cost of a life is really specific to them and Death is a side character instead of the central figure Me I want the Endless stories featuring Death to be about universal common to humanity things so I failed to connect with this narrowly focused story Aside from that I think Gaiman did some interesting things with Hazel and Foxglove's relationship particularly in forcing Foxglove to finally grow up and become a better person and in allowing Hazel to grow up and discover that her gentle nature is a source of strength

  8. Bandit Bandit says:

    I’m not a rereader I read epic copious amounts of mostly recent and future thanks to Netgalley books but seldom do I want to revisit a book already read This was an exception Many moons ago I was positively obsessed with Sandman it rekindled my love of reading and provided me with so much entertainment and delight Not just the main novels but the numerous spin offs too the main ones of which were probably the Death graphic novels Gaiman’s cryptic gothette she is nearly as famous as her brother Morpheus and beloved by all ankh wearing all black clothed girls Or she was anyway at the time Now two decades later for me as an adultit just doesn’t uite work I can appreciate Gaiman’s writing and the artwork and how revolutionary awesome it was for him to make two main characters lesbian in that day and age but the entire thing is just tooyoung is it Yeah that’s the best way I can describe it The energy of the comic is just too young not dumbed down YA style but not really a thing for mature readers either Or for this one anyway I mean the introduction is provided by Claire Danes who was the hot young thing at the time It’s almost sad in a way that one of the Endless isn’t uite timeless But it’s also a fascinating experiment to track one’s own changingevolving tastes and mentality I think for me it’s a thing of the past and should be left well enough alone to rest there upon the clouds of fondest memories

  9. Elizabeth Tabler Elizabeth Tabler says:

    Loved it RTC

  10. PurplyCookie PurplyCookie says:

    Morpheus' sister Death returns for a second solo outing in a haunting tale of music mortality friendship and the power of love in the face of death In the hands of most ordinary writers this story would've been a disaster It juggles a myriad of complex issues such as sexuality the fleeting nature of fame the multiple meanings of love desire and commitment and the value of friendship and life But this Gaiman we're talking about so rest assured he's going to take us for a ride that leaves Sandman fans picking up clues as allusions to The Sandman story arcsFoxglove is struggling personally even as her fame shoots through the roof she wonders whether she should stay in the closet and whether she should stay with Hazel and their son Alvie Hazel is struggling too; she wants to know the value of her relationship and to save her son's life most of all Death listens understandingly patiently And because of her Hazel and Foxglove realize what matters most to themMy advice would be for readers to follow the story arc backwards to The Sandman The Doll's House where Foxglove's small world is perhaps at its tightest You will meet someone who knows Donna Cavanaugh before she turns into Foxglove You will meet someone who will later share an apartment building with Foxglove and Hazel You will find several allusions to and a newspaper clipping of a defining moment in Foxglove's life This story is woven into Gaiman's existing tapestry with care subtlety and expert craftsmanship Death The Time of Your Life also includes a gallery of favourite renderings of Death by the likes of Dave McKean Bill Sienkiewicz and many others Though it lacks the immediacy and emotional power of Death The High Cost Of Living this is still a captivating companion pieceBook Details Title Death The Time of Your LifeAuthor Neil GaimanReviewed By Purplycookie

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