Paperback Þ The Simulacra PDF Ú

Paperback Þ The Simulacra PDF Ú

The Simulacra [EPUB] ✾ The Simulacra ❃ Philip K. Dick – Set in the middle of the twenty first century The Simulacra is the story of an America where the whole government is a fraud and the President is an android Against this backdrop Dr Superb the sole re Set in the middle of the twenty first century The Simulacra is the story of an America where the whole government is a fraud and the President is an android Against this backdrop Dr Superb the sole remaining psychotherapist is struggling to practice in a world full of the maladjusted Ian Duncan is desperately in love with the first lady Nicole Thibideaux who he has never met Richard Kongrosian refuses to see anyone because he is convinced his body odor is lethal And the fascistic Bertold Goltz is trying to overthrow the government With wonderful aplomb Philip K Dick brings this story to a crashing conclusion and in classic fashion shows there is always another layer of conspiracy beneath the one we see.

  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • The Simulacra
  • Philip K. Dick
  • English
  • 13 April 2016
  • 9780375719264

About the Author: Philip K. Dick

Philip K Dick was born in Chicago in and lived most of his life in California In he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short story collections He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in for The Man in the High Castle and the John W Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year in for Flow My Tears the Policeman Said Philip K Di.

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    The Simulacra reveals Philip K Dick as a nihilist with a sense of humor Published two years after the Hugo award winning The Man in the High Castle The Simulacra may have been a pulpier version of the science fiction classic as PKD further explored an alternate history theme of fascist domination The Simulacra is also reminiscent of Heinlein’s The Cat Who Walks Through Walls published in 1985 so was Heinlein influenced by PKD? But mainly PKD shows how everything is false and any and every institution is susceptible to be taken over by simulacra personifying and embodying his extended metaphor for all encompassing superficiality No subject is free from PKD’s uniue and stinging satirical observation; the Democratic and Republican parties have merged into one party showing PKDs amazing powers of prophecy The perpetual first lady has been portrayed by a series of actresses and the president is an androidPKD uses absurdist Kafkaesue situations and surreal caricature to form an allegory about the inherent falsity of institutional especially political structures Like the best of PKD The Simulacra features an eclectic blend of pulp science fiction awesomeness – time travel Oedipal references Neanderthals android politicians Nazis in togas telekinetic hypochondriac musicians telepathic Martian bugs and a classical jug band duo A lesser known PKD gem

  2. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    35 starsORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteraturePhilip K Dick is one of those authors who I often enjoy reading for his peculiar ideas cool technologies bizarre plots and neurotic characters But every time I read one of his stories I need a break from him — there’s a feeling of frantic paranoia permeating his work that makes me feel like I just need to chill out for a while If you’ve seen the movie The Adjustment Bureau which was based on one of his stories you’ll know what I mean In that story the main character discovers that the reality he thought he knew was totally wrong Instead there is something big going on behind the scenes and his life is being manipulated by The Unseen People Who Are Really In Charge TUPWARICThis theme is common in PKD’s stories and The Simulacra is another example The government of the United States of Europe and America which appears to be a matriarchy is a sham — the President is really a simulacrum When TUPWARIC gives the contract for building the next simulacrum to a different simulacrum company and Hermann Goering is fetched from the past with a time travel device problems ensue and the USEA government is in danger of being taken over by fascistsuirky characters include the First Lady who never seems to age the telekinetic piano player who thinks that a commercial has given him phobic body odor and that he’s becoming invisible the psychotherapist who has lost his job because a pharmaceutical cartel has managed to have the practice of psychotherapy banned a couple of brothers who work for simulacra companies and are fighting over an ex wife and a couple of guys in a jug band who want to play for the First Lady Then there’s the reclusive group of Neanderthals descendents of radiation exposed humans who live in Northern California and seem to be waiting for something important to happenThe Simulacra juggles a huge set of characters and several subplots which at first seem unrelated but which Dick successfully brings together into a coherent whole by the end of the novel which is not necessarily a guarantee with PKD The whole thing is chaotic zany creative funny and contains Dick’s usual undercurrent of frenzied paranoia With so much weird stuff going on I thought that a plot disaster was imminent but Dick pulls it off The Simulacra ends at the climax though and a seuel would probably have been well receivedI listened to Brilliance Audio’s version of The Simulacra which was read by “Golden Voice” and “Voice of the Century” Dick Hill Mr Hill who is always superb handled all of those characters and that madcap plot with ease And you should hear him play a jug

  3. Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy says:

    Fake DudesPhilip K Dick apparently liked The Simulacra a lot and so do I It’s very difficult to summarize the plot of this novel which is an extension of one of Dick’s short stories Novelty Act because there really happens a lot to a lot of people and in the end we are still none the wiserThe United States has now become the USEA since West Germany joined it sometime in the nineties the Democrats and the Republicans have merged into one Party – that is not far off the mark with regard to present day developments in my country – and the President is actually – I can say it here because it is always mentioned on the book jacket – an android Parts of the US are inhabited by Neanderthal men so called chubbers who are descendants of people exposed to nuclear radiation in the wake of a war and the government has been enabled to make use of the technology of time travels The First Lady Nicole Thibodeaux uses this technology to bring Hermann Göring from the past – for what particular reason never becomes uite clear in the course of the novel; or I simply didn’t get it – and then there is Bertold Goltz charismatic leader of a fascist movement who is also able to undertake trips in time The population is divided into the mass of Be’s who don’t know about what is going on in their world than what the media tell them and the elite of Ge’s who are Geheimnisträger and most people live in great blocks of apartments subjected to petty rules and regulations and reuired to constantly do relpol tests ie tests which eventually allow conclusions as to their loyalty towards the states and its official dogmas and which also force them to expose themselves to official indoctrination because to fail in a test means to lose your place in those prestigious buildings There is the chance of emigrating to Mars especially with the help of ramshackle spacecraft ensuring a one way trip but this is frowned upon and there is no way to returnAdd to this a psychokinetic piano player who is obsessed with the idea that he exudes deadly body odours – at least unlike many others he worries – the last Freudian psychoanalyst in a world where everyone seems to have a few screws loose – enough to fix an android with – two brothers vying for one woman and two classical jug players who want to make it into the White House with their performance and you can imagine that The Simulacra will prove a page turnerCritical readers may find fault with Dick’s tendency to believe in conspiracy theories because after all a successful conspiracy on a large scale involves intelligence co operation foresight and self restraint than any of our present day politicians will ever possess but nevertheless the author is very good at pointing out the major dangers to freedom and individuality of our time and much of what he wrote in 1963 certainly rings true today For example he shows how big business corporations increase their power over the government forcing it to pass laws in their own interests Here we have the Chemie AG who manages to make the President oust psychoanalysis in order to dominate the market with the sale of psychotropic drugs Dick also underscores the fact that working for a big corporation might not give you the same degree of self fulfilment as working for a smaller firm”After all a small firm was much like a small family Everyone rubbed elbows in close personal fashion and on many psychological levels It was much elaborately intimate than the depersonalized human relationship held by employees and employers of cartel sized operations”Also Dick’s vision of life in those big apartment blocks with its mechanisms of emasculation and control gives us a glimpse of what the modern world is turning into Likewise he is well aware of the fact that modern day democracy especially with the advent of super natural political associations like the EU often leaves but the illusion of participation to the voters”Now there was just the one party which had ruled a peaceful and stable society and everyone by law belonged to it Everyone paid dues and attended meetings and voted each four years for a new der Alte – for the man they thought Nicole would like bestIt was nice to know that they the people had the power to decide who would become Nicole’s husband each four years; in a sense it gave to the electorate supreme power even above Nicole herself”It is details like these that make The Simulacra like many other PKD writings such a compelling read On a personal note I also like what Dick writes about the Israeli Premier because it shows that he has a clear understanding of the special situation of this little country which often depends on itself for its mere survival”It was not customary for him to cringe before anyone; he had come a long way to this post and success for him would not have been possible if he had been made any other way but this His was not a position for a coward; Israel was – had always been – a small nation existing among huge blocks that could at any given moment efface her”This is of course a minor detail in a novel which is strictly speaking all over the place but it struck me as a very likeable one All in all I’d highly recommend this novel to anyone who has already read a little bit of PKD and who wants to explore his less known works

  4. Printable Tire Printable Tire says:

    Jeepers this was goofy even for a Philip K Dick book And like a lot of his books all over the place sentient alien tape recorders neanderthals coming back to life transporting car lots that sell junk space ships to send you to mars time traveling variety shows and jug bands pet aliens illegal psychiatrists simulacra neighbors and government spam flies telekinetic hypochondriac pianists and all sorts of wacky stuff I've probably forgotten all about What's with this guy's obsession with apartment complexes? Martian Time Slip had to do with mammoth apartment complexes and I think the Game Players of Titan did too Did Dick get jipped by his landlady or something? Was his sink clogged at the time and the super wouldn't fix it so he decided to write about twenty novels on evil apartment complexes? I don't get itKongrasian is a great character there's a particularly vivid scene in which he projects his internal objects into objects and visa versa and I like the idea of Nicole it was an interesting take on a sort of eternal Jacueline Kennedy figure that the public via media comes to adore uncriticallyBut like Dr Futurity I think the laying on thick bizareness of this story works against itself It's probably silly to complain about realism and logic in a Dick story but for the most part I can suspend my disbelief or change it in accordance with the world he creates But in the Simulacra we have a world where one figure Nicole has been First Lady and in affect in power for 90 years The President changes every 4 years or so and by the way there are companies that create simulacrum people And yet the populace apparently never sees a connection between these three facts until the earth shattering revelations are revealed It's a bit sillyAlso a bit silly and extraneous was the time travel bit with Goering and the Nazis and the Age of Barbarism I have no idea what was going on in this sub plot but it didn't go anywhere anyway and getting in contact with a Nazi to change the past seems like a stupid idea Philip Dick novel or notUltimately this offering was a mish mash of various previous Dick plots and tropes of past and future novels Nazis simulacra conspiracy government emigrating to Mars deformed beings telekinesis blah blah blah It's not his best and it's a step back from Martian Time Slip but it was wacky enough to be fun to readOh yeah I forgot to mention I keep on thinking the cover of this book is a silhouette of a toy cowboy when it's obviously a busty chick tHe SIMuLaCRa

  5. Ed [Redacted] Ed [Redacted] says:

    Disjointed and rambling tale of government and corporate plots The USEA US and Germany Government is run by an actress and an android Cro Magnon or some other Early Modern Humans have re appeared in Northern California I may have met some come to think of it Emigration to Mars now takes place in homemade and technically illegal craft called jalopies This is a weird and wild story even for Philip Dick The book contains most of the usual suspect PKD ideas; time travel Nazis androids paranoia people not who they seem to be government plots corporate plots etcThere are a ton of great ideas and I enjoyed the book however it is a bit rambling than some of PKD's better books It is worth reading but I wouldn't place it too high on the list I would say definitely not an entry level PKD book

  6. Sesana Sesana says:

    It's tough to give a book like this a rating On one hand PKD uses some really brilliant SF concepts here Take the apartment buildings HOA gone mad in a way that's almost eerily plausible And then there's how the cult of personality has inhabited politics to the point where the First Lady is a perpetual office and citizens vote on a husband for her Plus there are some great further out there concepts like the jalopies that can fly you to Mars but not back and the simulacra themselves I do expect to see a bit of future blindness in older SF this was originally published in 1964 so it doesn't bother me too much to see Freudian psychonalysis so uncritically embraced or to see that the Cold War is apprently still going onBut concepts will only take you so far Although there are uite a few interesting scenes they don't ever coalesce into a whole novel The individual storylines are too interwoven to not belong together but they still don't really make up much of anything And I can't really say anything great about the characters Kongrosian and Nicole are fabulous memorable characters but few of the others are Especially grating is how PKD handled Julie whose only role in the book is to set up a conflict between brothers while they bargain with each other over who will possess her I don't think I have ever been desperate to see a storyline end than when she was told directly that she'd go with who she was told her own feelings on the matter be damnedSo we have good concepts but with characters who are uninspiring and a story with little payoff PKD has done much better But it's worth the read if only for the scene at the end of the book with the resurgent Neanderthals

  7. Sandy Sandy says:

    Fueled by prescription amphetamines and in a burst of creative effort rarely seen before or since in the sci fi field cult author Philip K Dick in the period 1963 64 wrote no less than six full length novels His 13th since 1955 The Simulacra was originally released as an Ace paperback in 1964 with a cover price of 40 cents The book written in Dick's best middle period style gives us a pretty whacky look at life in the mid 21st century David Pringle in his Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction aptly describes the work as an overpopulated novel which flies off wildly in too many directions and indeed readers may need a flowchart to keep track with this one According to my careful count the book features no less than 56 named characters not to mention several unnamed and the manner in which Dick interweaves their stories in an ingenious manner is one of the book's main strengthsIn the crazy world that Dick depicts the US and Germany have merged to become the USEA; the country is in awestruck love of First Lady Nicole Thibodeaux who has somehow remained ageless for her 73 years in office a character most likely based on then First Lady Jacueline Kennedy; giant drug and simulacra think robots identical to humans cartels hold almost limitless power; northern California has turned into a chupper think radiation mutant filled rain forest as a result of atomic war; and the government is able to make use of the von Lessinger principle to travel backward and forward in time Against this backdrop Dick introduces us to some of his sympathetic little people with big problems Dr Egon Superb the world's last practicing therapist wonders why he alone has been allowed to continue when all other practitioners have been outlawed Brothers Vince and Chic Strikerock employed at rival simulacrum companies become caught up in a love triangle and government plots Richard Kongrosian a psychokinetic pianist on the verge of psychotic collapse worries about his turning invisible as well as his phobic body odor Nat Flieger a record company exec travels to northern California to record Kongrosian and observes the chupper community there Bertold Goltz street agitator and time traveling radical attempts to bring the government down Ian Duncan and Al Miller with their classical music jug band act finagle a way to perform before the First Lady in the White House And in a sadly underdeveloped subplot Nazi bigwig Hermann Goering is brought forward 100 years in an attempt to alter history Somehow Dick manages to keep all these story lines percolating and interweaving throwing out interesting bits of speculation and background color along the way such as insectlike advertisements that burrow into cars and homes to spread their annoying messages and a machine to which penitant folks offers confessions the confessionator that is like a lie detector than anything else The author's pet themes of deceitful governments the real truth behind the apparent truth What's unreal and what's real? Ian asks succinctly at one point neatly summarizing just about the entire Dick oeuvre and the dubious merits of drugs are given major play here and some of the author's pet passions such as classical music Dick it should be remembered managed a record store and programmed a classical music program for the radio in the early '50s and cigars a good dozen or so cigars are referred to by name throughout the novel are strongly represented Good as it is The Simulacra is not a perfect work Ultimately the plottings of Goltz and of National Police head Wilder Pembroke are convoluted to the point of being impossible to fathom several characters just kind of peter out such as Israeli PM Emil Stark and conapt resident Edgar Stone and the novel doesn't so much wrap up neatly as abruptly come to an end Dick could easily have kept the multiple plot threads weaving for another few hundred pages here had he so chosen or written a nice seuel a common temptation for most sci fi authors and one to which Dick never succumbed Still the book is compulsively readable often very funny endlessly imaginative and in all a real hoot It has also managed to provide me with a line that may become my new catchphrase How are you going to workthat into your Weltanschauung?

  8. Joe Joe says:

    Philip K Dick is known for strange ideas and eually bizarre writing This is not an exception I didn't uite get what he was trying to say in this and sad to say I didn't overly enjoy it due to the unusual and hard to follow ideas and plot He's an author whose books I always greatly like or dislike

  9. Buck Buck says:

    Here is the story of The Simulacra by Philip K Dick in a nutshellview spoilerAfter World War III the United States merged with Germany and became the USEA Under the MacPhearson Act psychoanalysis is outlawed in favor of psychic drugs Dr Egon Superb is the only psychiatrist allowed to remain in practice for the purpose of treating a particular government official A recording team travels to northern California to record the music of Richard Kongrosian a famous pianist who plays telekinetically Kongrosian however has checked himself into a mental hospital believing that he is invisible and has horrendous body odor caused by a commercial He is under Dr Superb's care Most of the characters in the book see Dr Superb at one time or another Vince Strikerock is a resident of the Abraham Lincoln apartment building Vince's ex wife Julia has moved in with his brother Chic Strikerock who lives on the top floor Ian Duncan who also lives at the Abraham Lincoln persuades his old friend Al Miller to perform in a talent contest at the Abraham Lincoln in hopes of being invited to perform at the White House for beloved First Lady Nicole Thibadeaux Al Miller runs a Loony Luke's jalopy lot He uses a papoola a supposedly extinct Martian creature with telepathic capability to encourage prospective buyers to purchase a jalopy a vehicle capable of a one way voyage to Mars Al agrees to perform with Ian on condition of bringing the papoola along to influence the audience to assure their winning the talent contest Ian and Al are amateur classical juggists They win the talent contest and go to the White House and perform for First Lady Nicole Ian is completely infatuated with Nicole as is most of the country She's been the First Lady for about 70 years Al's boss Loony Luke tells Ian that the real Nicole is dead and that she is being portrayed by an actress about the fourth in a series Ian can't believe it but it's true The papoola bites Nicole Ian and Al get kicked out of the White House Later Ian can't remember even having been able to play the jugMeanwhile Chic Strikerock's boss Maury Frauenzimmer has to fire Chic due to a lack of business Chic decides to emigrate to mars Richard Kongrosian walks out of the mental hospital Since he is invisible nobody sees him He also decides to emigrate to Mars and finds his way to Al Miller at Loony Luke's jalopy lot So Al is trying to sell both of them jalopies Al and Chic don't notice that Kongrosian is invisible Kongrosian offers to cover Chic's expenses on Mars and to buy a larger jalopy so they can emigrate together I won't go into the scene with National Police Commissioner Wilder Pembroke at Loony Lukes jalopy lot with Al Chic Kongrosian and Ian among others The USEA doesn't have a president but has der Alte a German consort of the First Lady and who unknown to the general population is a simulacrum an android The current der Alte Rudi Kalbfleisch is old and needs to be replaced The der Alte has always been built by Karp und Sohnen Werke but Nicole decides to give the contract for the next der Alte to be named Dieter Hogben to Maury Frauenzimmer Maury is frantic trying to get Chic back Meanwhile the recording crew find themselves in the middle of a street demonstration of the Sons of Job led by Bertold Goltz a Jewish neo nazi They also discover that the little mountain town they are in is home to a large group of chuppers Neanderthal like people including the Kongrosian's two children They decide to try to record the chuppers' rhythmic chanting songs Vince Strikerock works for Karp und Sohnen Werkes His boss orders him to get his brother to hire him at Frauenzimmer In a kind of wikileaks move Vince andor the Karps reveal that the der Alte is a simulacrum The citizenry reacts negatively Wilder Pembroke brings Hermann Goering in from back in time to help with the situation but he is too indecisive It turns out that Bertold Goltz also is the chairman of the council that really runs things The council meets with Nicole to discuss the situation Pembroke barges in and shoots Goltz and has his NP men execute the rest of the council; thus begins a coup attempt Tactical nuclear weapons are used against the factories of Karp und Sohnen Werkes and AG Chemie the psycho pharmasutical cartel behind the MacPhearson Act Kongrosian uses his telekinetic power to transport Nicole to his home in the mountains for her own safety There she encounters his wife Beth the recording crew and the chuppers The chuppers all seem rather pleased with the civil war as if their time has come The End hide spoiler

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    I went to the library a couple of weeks ago and walked out of there with The Simulacra and Black Hole in my bag Two depictions of a dystopian world The book written today Black Hole is set in the 70's and Philip K Dick's book from 64 takes place in the year 2010 The time change might be part of the Science Fiction genre that I am new to and I wonder what it meansThe Simulacra feels very dated It describes a world split between two super powers Soviet and USEA I hoped that Dick would move beyond this image of the future as it must have looked like during the Cold War to elaborate on political hypocrisy power games and popular apathy in a way that feels relevant for today The theme and morale of the story power is symbolic information is the key to domination and nothing is ever what it looks like beware truth can be found where you least expect it are older than Shakespeare but still novel revelations to liberal arts students every day In other words timeless But history lies heavy on his book and it was hard for me not get stuck on the specific historical situation that influence his writing The popularity of Freud and psychoanalysis for example comes through in both the plot and the character development in a way that feels old and dusty All the men in the book are in love with the country's first lady the mother of the nation and some kind of Oiedepus complex or is it Electra? is supposed to explain their pathetic behavior The first lady is in fact the only female character that is the least bit developed The other two are demanding and spoiled lovers whose only purpose for the story is to give the male characters a reason to interact LameThe Simulacra was perhaps not the best of Philip K Dick's books He must have written much engaging books since the material that was made into the movie Blade Runner is as cool and scary as ever I'll give him another try But first I'll see what Burns can do with the genre Maybe it isn't Dick maybe it is me and Sci Fi? I'll soon find out

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