Among the Hidden ePUB Ç Among the PDF \

Among the Hidden ePUB Ç Among the PDF \

Among the Hidden [BOOKS] ✫ Among the Hidden ✵ Margaret Peterson Haddix – SHADOW CHILDRENLuke has never been to school He's never had a birthday party or gone to a friend's house for an overnight In fact Luke has never had a friendLuke is one of the shadow children a third SHADOW CHILDRENLuke has never been to school He's never had a birthday party or gone to a Among the PDF \ friend's house for an overnight In fact Luke has never had a friendLuke is one of the shadow children a third child forbidden by the Population Police He's lived his entire life in hiding and now with a new housing development replacing the woods next to his family's farm he is no longer even allowed to go outsideThen one day Luke sees a girl's face in the window of a house where he knows two other children already live Finally he's met a shadow child like himself Jen is willing to risk everything to come out of the shadows does Luke dare to become involved in her dangerous plan Can he afford not to.

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  1. Jey Jey says:

    I am adding this book as a warning The first book and a half are very interesting and the plot is fascinating DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN READ THESE BOOKS Somewhere in the second book it begins to get uite violent By the fourth or fifth book there is holocaust type violence children killing in cold blood and outrageous examples of treachery and hate These books are dangerous as the first one is so good Please use caution when you give your children books to read I learned the hard way to read all of a series before you recommend them whole heartedly to a childPost Script I'm amazed at all the responses I got to this review When I wrote it 13 years ago my older kids were just learning to read and my youngest kids were babies I was teaching middle schoolers at a private school in a very conservative town and I was thinking hard about what was appropriate for a child to read or not I had really strong opinions at the timeMy strong opinions have swung far in the opposite direction since then If a child is interested in a book like this or even something else have at it I loved the suggestion from one mom about reading the book together with their child Fabulous The only point to be made here now is that the first book in the series wasn't as violent but then the series gets much intense so if your child is sensitive like I was as a kid you might pay attention if they need guidance or to be told it's okay to put down a book or maybe just an extra hug?Read on Jey

  2. Kelly H. (Maybedog) Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    The issue faced by the characters in the book that of overpopulation and what to do about it is an important one and deserves to have a children's book written about it The possibility that we will one day be limited to two children or fewer per family and people will undergo forced sterilization is not so unlikely China already has strict population control laws one child with heavy fines for violatorsHowever the author simplifies the issue to a simple black and white set of extremes She fails to fully examine the issue of overpopulation In the book the need for population leveling is solely due to food shortages The characters assert that it's mostly due to mismanagement by the government that the famine happened at all In fact everything bad appears to be the fault of the controlling fascist yet inept government Even in the end the author doesn't appear to grasp the reality of the effect of our population explosion Food is not the only issue Others include Where will we put all the waste from these people? How will there be enough drinking water? How will we have enough energy to run the machines we need to support our society? Where will resources come from to create things like clothes furniture houses cars? How do we deal with all the pollution this manufacturing brings with that many people? And how will we survive when we've cut down all the trees and there is no oxygen being produced?The simple answer given in the book seems to be we could police ourselves some people could have kids if others had fewer And who does that policing? We certainly aren't doing it now What are realistic ways we can address this population issue?The author also appears to be showing how fascist and evil the government is by showing how they outlawed junk food and even meat Vegetarians are truly the evil of the future ; This is an interesting absurdity in that calories are contained in fat than in anything else so if food were scarce it would make sense to make food very high in fatOne excellent point the author does assert is that those who make the laws often don't follow them Exceptions are made when it is convenient for those in power This is an excellent point and I would have liked this to be expanded a bit Especially since those in power the US right now currently use up many times resources per person than the non powerful 3rd world countries The barons in the book by excepting themselves from the rules are causing even greater harm Yet even that point isn't explained just inferredPerhaps the simplicity is necessary for a children's story and yet the heaviness of the topic and the tragedy of the plot are all mature enough themes that any reader of the book should be able to handle the additional complexity The author also only shows one side of the story that of the victims of an extremist totalitarian government who dealt inappropriately with a very real disasterWhat I would have liked to have seen would have been an afterword that addressed some of these issues on a level kids could understand Just presenting the ideas in a fictional context may be too confusing Other award winning children's books that either deal with confusing heavy issues or take place in other mystifying eras have afterwards for information I think such a beast would help this book tremendously As it is I am curious to know what children reading this book come away with thinking Is overpopulation bad? Or is the government bad and we don't really need to worry about overpopulation? Because I fear the latter is the message children will walk away with after reading this novel I have to be very wary about recommending this book

  3. Madeline Madeline says:

    I love this book Iwould recomend it for anybody who has a craving for excitment and adventure I also love the use of words and the excitment I cannot stop reading the book Margaret Peterson Haddix is a tallented auther and has AMAZING creativity with books and words Any book that she writes is or will be wonderfull

  4. Mariah Roze Mariah Roze says:

    I'm reading this book to my students and they love it but I found it to be very boring I'm not sure how others feel but nothing happens in this book especially the first half I read through the first half of the book super bored

  5. Selene Selene says:

    Fifth Read September 23 2019 November 7 20195 StarsI read this with my current grade 6 class and my whole class was really invested in this story They enjoyment of the story made me realize how much I love this book Fourth ReadSeptember 24 2018 November 8 20184 StarsI read this with my grade 6 class I had some students really get into the story Third Read February 16 2018 February 26 2018 4 StarsI read this with my grade 6 class They loved it Second Read January 12 2018 January 26 20184 StarsI read this with one of my grade 6 classes They loved it First Read In elementary school 3 Stars

  6. Mav Mav says:

    After reading this I am very surprised that the publishers determined the targeted reading age group to be Age 8 12 It's a bit like Brave New World for YA See that bold print in the back that says an ALA Best Book for Young Adults

  7. Amber J Amber J says:

    I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know Thank youWell I can see why this book got so many awards in its day It's an amazing book of 'what if' What if the government took the overpopulation crisis in their own hands Banning people from having than 2 children What if some families had 3 children anywaysOne of the things that struck me most was the moral dilemma in this book On one hand no mother would want to 'get rid of' one of their children just because a forced operation didn't take but keeping them locked up and hidden for the rest of their lives seems almost crueler It was a great start to what I think will be an amazing series I don't know where it's all going to lead to in the end but I'm eager to find out This is something I should have been reading in my teens but I didn't Better late than never right? How I choose my rating1 Hated it I had to force myself to finish it2 Didn't like it I didn't hate it but not sure why I finished it other than for some closure3 I liked it I had some issues with it but as a whole it was good I probably won't reread ever but there is a chance I might finish the series If part of one But if not it's not a huge loss4 I really liked this book Maybe not a work of genius but highly entertaining I might reread this and I will finish the series If part of one I would recommend to those I know hold interest in this book's content5 I loved this book I found little to no issues with it at all I will be rereading this and probably than once I will finish the series and reread it multiple times If part of one I will recommend this book to EVERYONE

  8. Farid Farid says:

    This book is about a boy that is living I think that in the future because of the Law that is happening in the book The law of this book is that the families cant have than 2 childs So Luke the main character has to be hidden he stays inside his house and cant go out because if they see him they would kill him While Luke was wondering by the window of his room he saw a face on the window from the Barons the family beside their house the girl was called Jenniffer and she was also a third child They both needed a fake identity and with that fake identity they could go and live with another family But Jeniffer Luke and other 40 third childs planned a rally everyone was going but at the end Luke didnt wanted to go So Luke then finds Jeniffer's father and he told him that the police had killed all the 40 kids and Jeniffer alsoI really like it because it leaves you thinking in what will the life of Luke be in the next years I would really recomend this book to you for me it has been one of my favorite books that I have read Also there are books that follow upon this one that I WILL read them

  9. Katie Grace Katie Grace says:

    Aww memories I remember reading this when I was nine or ten It was fun to revisit the world though I'm not sure if I'll reread the other 12 or so in the series Though I do want to know what happens Hm we'll see

  10. Olivia Olivia says:

    Among the Hiddena wonderful bookfuturistic Luke Garner is a third child a hidden child After the government passed the population law third children and pets have been outlawed But Luke's mother had always wanted four boys Matthew Mark Luke and John she says When Luke's farmland is bought to be turned into a neighborhood of barons Luke takes interest to watching out of his attic vents The Sports family's home the Blonde family's homehe names them all But waitwas that a face in the window of the Sport's family's house? Luke is too timid to find outor is he? In a way some people I know are like Lukesitting around letting the world be changed for them I am not like that at all If I were Luke I would try to change the world I'd stay outside letting that late summer air blow in my eyes My mom and dad would say to the uestioning people Oh she's our niece that'sPatty I would try to be Patty for as long as I could as I show unuestionable loyalty to my family and close friends Anyway Luke sitting in his attic creates a plan He breaks into the Sports family's house and finds Jen another shadow child as she puts it Jen is me the complete opposite of Luke bold and daring Jen and Luke become fast friends but in April before Jen's rally Luke turns down her offer Jen wants to rally in front of the White House to protest the population law She and Luke have a big fight leaving Luke scared and alone Soon she returns to his house to say goodbye as she leaves for the rally When Jen doesn't come back Luke is horrified and nervous What if Jen he can't bring himself to think of it Overcome by curiosity Luke sneaks back to Jen's house where he is told by Jen's father that she is dead At the end of the book I myself was full of uestions Will Luke change the world like he promised to Jen's spirit? Will he get caught? Will he ever see his family again? But most importantly When will Margaret Peterson Haddix write a seuel?

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