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  1. J-Lynn Van Pelt J-Lynn Van Pelt says:

    This book is a beautiful telling of a horrific story Set in Spain in 1500 Estrella DeMadrigal is a normal teenage girl whose everyday life revolves around her well respected family and her best friend Catalina The peaceful existence of her charmed childhood is disrupted when soldiers build a bonfire of books in the town’s centerThis barbaric act signals a rebirth of anti semitism and as the government decrees against Jews heighten Estrella realizes that her family may have reason to be afraid The already prejudiced town—which is divided into the “alajama” where Jews are forced to wear red circles on their clothes and are locked in at night the Muslim section on the outskirts of town and the Christian neighborhoods which hold all of the power—turns against one another as neighbors accuse each other of secretly being Jewish The slim book packs a powerful story complete with secrets betrayal forbidden love and torture Hoffman tackles themes of racism sexism and religious intolerance through Estrella’s naïve eyes but even as she realizes the terror of untamed hatred Estrella grows to accept and love her family and their heritage Through Estrella’s journey and the climactic ending readers are reminded of the importance of remembering the horrors of the past

  2. Konstantin Konstantin says:

    Very enjoyable despite some anachronisms but it would have been even better if the author decided to make it longer

  3. Linda (Miss Greedybooks) Linda (Miss Greedybooks) says:

    Another amazing book by Alice Hoffman Fantastic characters so well written I have a lump in my throat and a tear on my cheek Beautifully told haunting history

  4. Sarah Amelia Sarah Amelia says:

    Such a gorgeous book I read this last May and now have found my copy Incantation is the one of the best historical novels that I have ever read I couldn't put it down Incantation is thrilling beautiful and just unexplainableUpdate Even better the second time reading it

  5. juje juje says:

    Alice Hoffman is an amazing author She has the ability to write each novel like a poem It feels like poetry but with an incredible story to go along with it But each book is so extremely sad which is a hard emotion to write Alice Hoffman's books are super great and the emotions they can control is extraordinary Incantation my second Hoffman book is about a girl Estrella who is living in Spain in the 1500's All her life she has thought she was a Christian and thought she knew who she was But as people in her town begin brutally murdering and punishing secret Jews she finds out secrets about her family and herself that she never knew before Her family is Jewish and they have been practicing the religion without Estrella even knowing that her religion is different To make things worse Estrella falls in love with her best friend's cousin Andres The friend Catalina becomes extremely jealous as she had planned to marry Andres The two who had been best friends for their lives began to split apart and become enemies Catalina had been hiding behind a mask of jealousy her whole life and she decided to get her revenge by turning in Estrella's family The sense of panic love and other emotions is so strong in this book The way people were killed brought tears to my eyes and even made me see it like the characters were As they say in the book Remember the story she is about to tell you True words indeed though this book is probably difficult to forget anyway

  6. Lanica Lanica says:

    As others have said this is a well written book about a little known period in time The Jews in Spain in the 1500's were forced to become Christian Some chose to hide their true religion and lived a double life It's sweet and bitter You know something terrible will happen but you hold out hope until the very endI loved the main character Alice Hoffman did an excellent job of letting us witness the evil of the world through innocent eyes Beautiful terrifying hopeful tender harsh real wonderful darkLIBRARIAN REVIEWI would buy this for a middle school library without any ualms and it should be found in any high school It is a bit too violent for elementary TEACHING TIPSIt takes place in Spain but the setting is generic in that it could have been any large city of the time There is a Jewish area a Muslim area and the Christian area A market a church a suare a well etc Don't read this book as a let's learn about Spain encounter for the kids It's a good learning tool about the conflict of religions and the time period of the inuisition but does little for geography or the Spanish language

  7. Tara Chevrestt Tara Chevrestt says:

    Every time I sit down and read a book about the Spanish Inuisition I'm shocked all over again What pointless and horrid brutality And though I've read a story with this theme and plot before it still impacted meTerrific writing style and prose though I have to say the dialogue being all italics instead of in s is disconcertingYou have a girl in Spain during these troubled timesshe notices little things Her family crosses themselves differently doesn't eat pork has mysterious visitors etc She discovers they and her are Jews The wrong person finds out and you can imagine the restI'm not done Full review is on Book Babe

  8. Jaemi Jaemi says:

    The day the books burned in the plaza Estrella’s life began to change She caught her first glimpse of a different side of her best friend She felt the evilness which had come up and inhabited her town She saw a part of her mother that scared her the same way her grandmother always hadEstrella’s town has always been divided Years ago the Jews we all made to convert to Christianity or leave Some refused both and were forced to the outskirts living behind a gate On the other side of town lived the Muslims also not allowed too close to the Christians But they were not uite as forbidden and Estrella made trips to see them with her mother when she went to sell her yarnsBut after the book burning things get bleak Her neighbors are arrested accused of being Marranos Hidden Jews Estrella is lost in confusion These are good people who attend her church Worse yet one night she spies someone in their housespying through a window she finds her best friend Catalina and her mother going through the Arrias’ thingsCatalina and Estrella have been growing apart Estrella has feelings for Andres Catalina’s cousin whom she plans to marry regardless of whether Andres feels the same Catalina envies the pearls Estrella was given on her sixteenth birthday She envies her looks Estrella begins to see Catalina in a new lightBut not a light that would make her believe her own best friend would destroy her familyWhen the notices are posted in the plaza on how to spot a hidden Jew Estrella grows fearful Though she was raised Catholic all of the things on this list are things her family does She worries but time passes and things seem almost to return to normalUntil Catalina catches her with AndresHer family is taken one by one And thus the dominoes begin to fall She can’t believe how far its come this evil that has overtaken her home which no longer feels like a place she belongs or wants to be She struggles in vain to help her family and cling to what little hope she has left

  9. Abigayle Claire Abigayle Claire says:

    The length of this book was a blessing I enjoyed it but really only because it mystified me as I read With cryptic language and almost ethereal imagery I could picture things but it was almost as if the author did not want to present the situation as wholly real The formatting was also uniue being divided by parts and scene breaks alone I actually grew to like this and it assisted me in reading the book so uickly Looking at another of Hoffman's books I believe it is a style she utilizes again The setting of the Spanish town and the determination of everyone to be devoutly Catholic so as not to be thought Jewish was riveting and tense I believe this was the first book I had read in the Spanish Inuisition Overall it did not disappoint and the story weaving engaged me but I felt that I never truly got to know the characters before something drastic happened to them Often the poetry of the language would lead me to doubt the details of the occurrences when it dipped into something that couldn't be real I've never read a book and felt like the entire world it presents through the main character is in a haze It was very ueer but the atrocities of the era were impacting For rather blatant drama violence and rituals I would recommend this for 15

  10. Amy Amy says:

    Read in one sitting and really tough to ingest the amount of pain Love Alice Hoffman and what she is able to evoke but man A punch in 166 pages By the time I'd write a synopsis you could have read the book But its a young naive 16 year old in the 1500's in Spain following the inuisition who comes to discover she and her family are Murrano's Converted Jews and are in danger

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Incantation ❮Read❯ ➹ Incantation ➼ Author Alice Hoffman – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From a New York Times bestselling author comes a journey of loss and rebirth with a startling premise inspired by historical fact Estrella is a Marrano one of the Spanish Jews living double lives when From a New York Times bestselling author comes a journey of loss and rebirth with a startling premise inspired by historical fact Estrella is a Marrano one of the Spanish Jews living double lives when those who refused conversion risked everything Estrella's discovery that her family secretly practices the ancient way of wisdom known as kabbalah leads her to her true self and true love but also to a devastating confrontation with unimaginable evil unleashed by the betrayal of a friend With themes of faith friendship and persecution Alice Hoffman's tragic and beautiful novel resonates profoundly in our times.