Improper Series Bundle eBook Í Improper Series PDF \

Improper Series Bundle eBook Í Improper Series PDF \

Improper Series Bundle ❰Read❯ ➬ Improper Series Bundle Author Juliana Ross – The Improper Series by Julianna Rossthree absolutely improper tales at one low priceImproper Relations The Improper Series by Julianna Rossthree absolutely improper tales at one low priceImproper Relations.

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  1. Nikita Nikita says:

    IMPROPER RELATIONSHannah Bell is the unpaid companion to her late husband's Aunt Augusta Marchioness of Dorchester Alfred Leo Wraxhall is the Marchioness' second son and enjoys a carefree life of drinking gambling and women One day Hannah is working in the library when Leo comes in uickly followed by one of the maids What follows is a mortifying yet intriguing surprise for Hannah as she watches Leo and the maid have sex right there across the desk of the library Once the maid leaves Leo tells Hannah he knew she was there the whole time Leo beings teaching Hannah about pleasure and the wonderful things men and women can do together right under the roof of strict Aunt AugustaThe story is written from Hannah's point of view Despite being almost 30 and a widow Hannah is painfully ignorant of sexual relations believing them to be uncomfortable and purposefully unpleasant for women in order to atone for their sins She is fearful of Leo's sexual prowess but curious almost eager to learn about the pleasures men and women can bring each otherLeo is the second son of Hannah's former in laws He desires Hannah and revels in teaching her about pleasure He is patient with her and completely focused on Hannah and moving at her paceIf all of this sounds like summary that is because outside of the sex scenes there is little story to this book The narrative skips past entire days or weeks at a time and there is hardly any backstory to speak of that serves to provide character development or explain Hannah and Leo's actions There characters have presumably been living under the same roof or at least in close proximity for a few years and yet after only a few orgasms suddenly find themselves in love with each other? I found it forced and unbelievable What little plot there is contains numerous plot holes and cliches plot devices with almost no build up leaving the reader scratching her head wondering if something in the narrative was missedThe sex scenes are very sensual and about the only satisfactory part of the storyIMPROPER ARRANGEMENTSAlice Cathcart Ross wishes to explore the Alps and sketch the plants she finds there To do so she must hire a capable guide and has a list of recommended guides provided by her climbing enthusiast brother While traveling to the first town along her route she is rendered speechless by the sight of Eli climbing a rock face without any ropes whatsoever When the two later meet on the road their instant attraction to one another leads them to Alice's hotel room and a night of steamy passion One that neither party has any intention of repeating However when Eli turns out to be the renowned EP Keating Alice and Eli's intentions of not repeating their passionate affair may be easier said than done as they begin their journey through the AlpsAlice is a talented and affluent artist She is determined to remain an independent woman and enjoys the outdoors She is not uick to complain and demonstrates a hardy resilience not often exhibited by Victorian women Nor is she a naive little miss She has taken lovers before and enjoys self pleasure when she has the desire and privacy to indulgeEli is a practical man He has a straight forward and efficient personality that serves him well guiding Alice through the High Pass Recovering from a major climbing accident that killed his friend Eli is reserved and cautious in both manner and actionAlthough they are instantly attracted to one another and often give into that lust during their expedition love develops slowly over the course of the story They do not recognize or acknowledge the feeling until the very end Eli is the first to realize it and must convince Alice that letting him into her heart will cause her to relinuish her independenceA sopho effort from Ms Ross for the Improper series; better than Improper Relations but nothing that really stands out The plot has been done many times This erotica novella reads like a historical romance novella since the sex scenes are neither numerous nor particularly steamy About on par with something you would read in a typical historical romance but mild compared to most erotica The characterization of both Alice and Eli vacillates and there are times where the phrasing or thoughts appear contemporary than historicalOverall a uick read with some sweet and steamy moments But I would suggest borrowing this book rather than purchase for yourselfIMPROPER PROPOSALSCaroline Boothroyd who recently lost her husband has spent most of the last few months writing a guide for housewives on proper housekeeping When she sends it off to a publisher Thomas Cathcart Ross of Peregrine Press he rejects her manuscripts and instead reuests that she write a guide for housewives to use in the bedroom something that will show sexual relations can be a positive experience and pleasurable not something shameful or frightening But over the course of their publishing partnership lust ignites between Caroline and Tom Can Caroline learn to love again?Like the previous books in the Improper series this is written from Caroline's perspective although the view does occasionally hop into third person You would think such a choice would provide valuable insight into Caroline's personality Unfortunately I don't think she has one Despite claiming to have been well loved by her deceased vicar husband Caroline comes across as staid and clinical as the writing She shows almost no inclination towards desire and even when she does it seems to come from nowhere This improves as the story and love scenes progress but I don't want to wade through 55% just to find a halfway decent heroineTom is sadly much the same as Caroline in terms of characterization and personality that is he has none And like Caroline his desires seem to come from nowhere since there is nothing to suggest any kind of feeling for Caroline before their first kiss And there were a few other things in Tom's characterization that threw me off For example the first the reader hears of Tom having a mustache and beard is right before the first love scene in chapter 8 this a few chapters after Caroline told Tom how much she disliked the scratchiness of her late husband's beard That would have been a good time to mention Tom's beard perhaps a comment on the scratchiness of his own? Instead the reader is left to wonder at how one beard can be distasteful and scratchy while another is soft and pleasant to stroke The book is littered with these kinds of inconsistenciesThere is great irony in the fact that Thomas spends a significant amount of time providing Caroline with feedback on her writing and tips for improvement I feel as though this book would benefit from the same advice The writing is clinical and full of awkward phrasing and dialogue There are many points where the reader is told something happened instead shown that something happened At one point Caroline talks about how her prose was so provoking that stark unabashed desire resonated from every page Except the excerpt that followed read like a textbook and was twice as boring Maybe those prose might have been provocative for Victorians in 1870 but that's not the audience reading this book today The prose was not in the least bit provocative or even slightly steamy like tepid water than steam Also there is no indication to signal where the story ends and Caroline's writing begins There were than a few passages that I had to double back on because I realized I was reading something that was supposed to be from Caroline's guidebook and not part of the story action itselfFrankly I struggled to finish this book and very nearly threw it in the Did Not Finish pile It was an interesting idea but a poor execution The later love scenes are good but that doesn't make up for the story's other shortcomingsOriginally posted at Plot Twist Reviews dot com

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    Overall all stories were engaging and kept me burning the midnight oil I enjoyed them found them slightly different from traditional historical romance stories edgy which is cool

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