Lead With Respect Kindle å Lead With PDF/EPUB ²

Lead With Respect Kindle å Lead With PDF/EPUB ²

Lead With Respect [Reading] ➸ Lead With Respect By Michael Ballé – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Lead With Respect is a terrific book that puts the elements of genuine motivation into a broader context and helps leaders translate those principles into action —Daniel H Pink author of TO SELL IS Lead With Respect is a terrific book that puts the elements of genuine motivation into a broader context and helps leaders translate those principles into action —Daniel H Pink author of TO SELL IS HUMAN and DRIVE The Ballé books are a great way to get started or to speed up your pace of transformation Lead With PDF/EPUB ² personal and organizational —Jim Womack Founder of Lean Enterprise Institute In their new business novel Lead With Respect authors Michael and Freddy Ballé reveal the true power of lean developing people through a rigorous application of proven tools and methods And in the process creating the only sustainable source of competitive advantage—a culture of continuous improvement In this engaging and insightful story CEO Jane Delaney of Southcape Software discovers from her sensei Andy Ward that learning to Lead With Respect enables her to help people improve every day “For us lean is all about challenging yourself and each other to find the right problems and working hard every day to engage people in solving them” he says Lead With Respect’s timely message brings a new understanding of lean While lean has become essential for companies to compete in today’s global economy most practitioners see it as a rigorous focus on process to produce higher uality goods and services—a limited understanding that fails to realize the true power of this approach This new novel by the Ballés the third in a series that includes Shingo Research Award winners The Gold Mine and The Lean Manager breaks new ground by sharing huge amounts of practical information on the most important yet least understood aspect of lean management how to develop people through a rigorous application of lean tools You’ll learn • How to apply Lead With Respect attitudes to the lean tools you are using now so that you develop a truly sustainable lean culture • What specific steps to follow to make lean leadership behaviors daily habits • How to manage with respect through the emotion conflict tension and self doubt that you’ll face during a lean transformation.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 219 pages
  • Lead With Respect
  • Michael Ballé
  • English
  • 18 January 2016

8 thoughts on “Lead With Respect

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    Another of the increasingly popular business novel genre Lead With Respect aims to introduce some Lean management concepts and does so by following the fictitious story of an IT provider to a Lean auto part manufacturer Overall the book was heavy on gemba walks kaizen leaders as teachers While it did toss around a few terms from the Lean lexicon they were common ones and not overbearingThe challenge with business novels is the amount of barely passable literature you must slog through to get the intended lessons and I felt this one was a bit strong on the barely passable side and a bit light on the lesson I got some info out of this but I'm not really certain that it was worth my time It was useful to see examples of how Lean concepts apply to a software context but I suspect there are better books for that I would guess that it might be most valuable to people who have trouble grasping new paradigms and need them soft sold and for whom Lean was mostly brand new

  2. Aaron Strouse Aaron Strouse says:

    Definitely need to re read this I like the structure of the book and how they portray the concepts I am currently trying to do this in my place of work and it’s fun to read about a fictional success but harder obviously to practice Definitely will try and steer how I do things the way the book did I do wish it wasn’t fictional and used like an actual work place for the boom or could have side examples I like learning from best practices

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I liked that personal development mixed with narrative I thought it had good simplistic tools to implement no matter what the business is I would love to get some printouts on the tables in the book and maybe use some cloud resources for developing a community that practices these habits regularly

  4. Robert Robert says:

    There is a particular peace that comes when you realize that the larger problems are in your mind

  5. Chet Marchwinski Chet Marchwinski says:

    Full disclosure I have worked with coauthor Michael Ballé to produce and promote this book the third in a series of lean management books that he and Freddy his father have written I can honestly say that this is the best so farThe pace is uick and the novel format lends itself to showing how the main character CEO Jane Delaney must change her leadership behaviors to “lead with respect” for peopleRespect here is not a soft or sentimental ploy To improve the business Delaney must improve processes to improve processes she must improve people’s competencies and problem solving abilities if people get better at what they do the processes they come up with can’t be copied by the competition Lean management practitioners will particularly find this book helpful but so will anyone interested management Check out the reviews on and download a sample chapter at its web page

  6. Bob Wallner Bob Wallner says:

    As I have written before I love business novels They are easy and enjoyable to read The Goal Andy Me have been long standing favorites I really enjoyed Lead With Respect The is the first book I have read from the Balle's and it was an excellent place to start As the title suggests it focuses on leadership Even though the protagonist is a CEO the Antagonist is a VP the lessons that the book drives are applicable to any level of leadership I really liked how the story flowed and the characters interacted I wasn't a fan of how neatly the ending got packaged up but I understand they had to wrap up some how

  7. Jan Jan says:

    I both liked and didn't like the book The novel format didn't suit me It's a lengthy way of introducing lean practices Also the practices mentioned related to software development are no brainers if you are familiar with test driven development pair programming etc

  8. Mike Thelen Mike Thelen says:

    The latest in the Balle novels about lean now the lean leadership is moving into their suppliers and the reader sees a whole new level of lean implementation

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