Never Tickle a Tiger PDF/EPUB ↠ Never Tickle ePUB

Never Tickle a Tiger PDF/EPUB ↠ Never Tickle ePUB

Never Tickle a Tiger ➹ [Download] ➵ Never Tickle a Tiger By Pamela Butchart ➼ – Izzy is always shuffling jiggling suirming and twitching She just can't keep still So when Izzy's school go on a trip to the zoo her teacher warns her to behave She must never wriggle she must never f Izzy is always shuffling jiggling suirming and twitching She just can't keep still So when Izzy's school go on a trip to the zoo her teacher warns her to behave She must never wriggle she must never fidget and she must certainly Never Tickle a TigerBut does Izzy listen She does NOT and what happens next throws the zoo into complete chaosWith eye catching illustrations by the internationally acclaimed bestselling illustrator Marc Boutavant Never Tickle ePUB Ò Never Tickle a Tiger will amaze and delight children and parents alike It includes a spectacular double gatefold for the grand chaotic reveal.

10 thoughts on “Never Tickle a Tiger

  1. Ova - Excuse My Reading Ova - Excuse My Reading says:

    Are you looking for a book which has an unusual non princessy heroine for your little one Then this is it the main character in this book is a very clever naughty and adventurous little girl I really liked it NEVER tickle the tiger

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    35 starsA bit to much DON'T do this DON'T do that Animals were cute

  3. Iqra Fiaz Iqra Fiaz says:

    Izzy is a little girl who cannot keep still She fidgets and shuffles and jiggles and wriggles Despite everyone around her telling her to stop she carries on until her class goes on a trip to the zoo and her not being able to keep still creates a little bit of chaos This book is a wonderful way of resonating with all the young girls and boys who find it hard to concentrate in class It can be a great way to start that conversation with children about being told to do something but doing something else and the conseuences your actions can have I would read this book with Key Stage 1 children and even lower Key Stage 2 children The following SPAG could be taught using this text Command Sentences Verbs Speech Past present and future tensesThe story can be used alongside other animal texts stories exploring actions and books where characters go on adventuresThis book could be used in literacy as a model for children's own writing about a time when they did something and something went wrong as a result In art DT children could draw the animals that they saw at the zooIn drama children could explore Izzy's character and bring her movements of shuffling jiggling suirming twitching wriggling and fiddling to life Overall the story is great because it is different One that would definitely engage children

  4. Ella Ella says:

    Izzy can't sit still and is always getting told off Her class go on a school trip to the zoo and Izzy ends up tickling a tiger which sets off a chain reaction with each animal doing something to the next and causing trouble Izzy ends up stopping all the chaos but she still wants to have fun by prodding a polar bear Izzy is an unusual character in children's books I haven't come across many stories where the main character is a child who struggles to sit still While I was reading the story I made connections between Izzy and children who I have worked with in the past seeing the benefit of characters like Izzy for these children A lovely story that I would use from FS to year 34

  5. Emma Emma says:

    I loved this book and I think it would be great to share with children up to Year 3 It's about Izzy who can't stay still and is told no to tickle a tiger on her school trip to the Zoo However she does tickle the tiger which prompts a chain reaction with everything going wrong This shows the effect of conseuence on children's actions but it's also a great fun story which could help children who fidget a lot and struggle to pay attention as rather than saying don't do this don't do that they are included in literature It's full of humour alliteration and colourful pictures so I think it would be enjoyed by many children

  6. Sam Grace Sam Grace says:

    my 3 year old was really into this one Sure he was into the animals and the rhyme but I think his favorite part was the energetic and mischievous Zara Zarandilla Thanks library I think we'll buy this one Also his grandmother LOVES reading it to him

  7. Megan Watterson Megan Watterson says:

    This was a vibrant book that followed a little girl who had a lot of energy and could not contain it The book is good for a foundation class as they can look at the animals and get excited by the story and I would enjoy reading it to them

  8. Cleo Jones Cleo Jones says:

    A lovely book with beautiful illustrations It is full of alliteration; tapping the tortoises poking the peacocks and bothering the bears plus some great adjectives Could also be used to practice sentence Fluency

  9. Jennifer B. Jennifer B. says:

    Very cute but perhaps a bit careless in its message In that way it's uite nostalgic and the illustrations are as well

  10. Tara Harries Tara Harries says:

    I liked the use of verbs throughout this story and the use of alliteration The large font helps to emphasise certain words when reading aloud

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