Paperback ↠ Operation Sunshine ePUB Ú

Paperback ↠ Operation Sunshine ePUB Ú

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  1. Nicola Clough Nicola Clough says:

    I love Jenny Colgan books and she didn't disappoint me at all with this book Evie works as a receptionist in a Harley street Drs and works all hours but she's desperate for a holiday She wants a uiet holiday like anyone wise as hers never have been uiet she just wants to sunbath and have peace Her employers invite her to France for a holiday and she gets the chance to party with the stars and rich holiday of a lifetime but do things work as she planned or not for her and dies she get her holiday Full of romance and adventure and a simply brilliant read

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Ohhhh do I feel bad rating Jenny Colgan 1 you bet I do but I just could not give this book any It seems to have gotten so confused at what it is actually trying to achieve and doesn't really feel like a Jenny Colgan book to me I think this may in part be due to the fact that it is on of her earlier books but I just really really didn't enjoy it Evie is an absolute mess and not in a relatable way in a look away from the crash way She is honestly useless at her job I don't know how she still has it she is specifically told that it is a work trip not a holiday and she goes along to seminars and writes no notes OKAY what a way to do a good job The rest of the characters just seem to be caricatures and stereotypes and had no development whatsoever Tom was clearly not whoever he said he was and the romance between Evie and Wilf could be spied a mile off Honestly my main issue is the plot; it just unravels as the book goes on and gets and over the top and unbelievable as it goes on Secret spies trying to infiltrate a Doctors retreat secret spies popping up kidnappings? I just checked out half way through this book but finished it because I generally love Colgan's books The plot was just utterly ridiculous that I don't even have much to say apart from recommending that you don't read this book and explore some of her recent works which are much enjoyable

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    Amusing yet so stupid This book is full of self revulsion snobbery and false causes It is dverting and entertaining and a few of Jenny Colgan's one liners made me snicker But this plot was just too ridiculous plastic surgery yachts and doctors behaving badly It is the definition of a holiday read down to its location in Cannes and the Hollywood level eye rolling plot points This isn't God awful but nowhere near Jenny Colgan's later better books The Bookshop on the Corner being my absolute favorite

  4. Mandy Mandy says:

    Operation Sunshine is about a receptionist in Harley Street who is asked to administer at a conference being held by her practice in Cannes and her misadventures there Which include romance ObviouslyI really really like Jenny Colgan As a person that is I have read a previous novel of hers called Amanda's Wedding because I am a Manda but have very little recollection of the novel apart from the title I do not even recall if I enjoyed it or not Jenny herself however I love I have seen her interviewed a few times now and she is warm and giggly I can even forgive her obvious superwoman powers she seems to write her novels while simultaneously juggling several babies and I have actually seen her change a babies nappy without actually looking at what she was doing which is pretty impressive stuff because she is so lovelyIt was her sunny uality plus this books sunny title that made me pick it as my next read The sun is beginning to shine and I am beginning to think about putting heavy winter coats away until next year What a good time to read a frothy sunshiny happy bookExcept now I have read it I don't feel that sunshiny happy glow I was expectingThe first problem was that this book still needs proofreading There are a few examples of this in the first few chapters and they irked me ExampleEvie our heroine asks for a vacation recommendation from one of the cosmetic surgeons in her practice he suggests Necker the caribbean island paradise costing merely 45000 a day Evie wryly asks for a 315 pay rise Of course she needs 315000 to afford a weeks holiday in Necker and someone should have noticed this it is such an obvious errorThen there was so much that I failed to believe about the book I failed to believe that such a workshy dunce like Evie would keep a job such as she describes for longer than half a day let alone being given the responsibility of helping at a conference There is talk of the masses of work needing to be done in Cannes of the practice phones being diverted presumably to Cannes But Evie does no work out there unless turning up is classed as work and she certainly never takes a work call Evie even books party organisers to do a party on a yacht apparently without knowing the name of the yachtI was prepared for a silly story but not plain unbelievable and all these little niggles kept me from settling into the storyAnd Jenny doesn't do description very well Evie is sat on a beach but relatively little of the sights sounds smells and experiences that this implies are described to us so we are not on that beach with her And I did want to beBut there were moments that I forgave Jenny everything Evie talks about getting married and it wouldn't be about how small a nose I had or how tight my bottom was It would be because it was fun and warm and happy and we liked spending time together and spending our lives together I thought yes Even the mixing of tenses that annoyed me on one level was silenced by the pure joy of reading the best ever description of the reasons why two people tie themselves togetherAll in all I don't think I will read any of Jenny's novels but she is such a lovely person that I already feel very guilty about that decision

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    Oh I love Jenny Colgan I really really do and I love her books But this one is my least favourite of hers I just couldn't get to grips with the characters and the main character Evie just seemed to fancy any man with a pulse The situation was a little far fetched and not as funny as normal Colgan humour It was a nice simple read a light hearted book for a short holiday I suppose but it's not in the same league as Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe or The Little Beach Street Bakery or even the early ones like Amanda's Wedding I was going to give this 2 stars but my love for other Jenny Colgan books made me bump it up to 3

  6. Claire Simpson Claire Simpson says:

    I spent most of this book trying to work out what was happening I just didn't know whether it was supposed to be a romanctic comedy or a thriller and somehow it ended up being neither I found the world of surgery hard to care about and the main character was very self absobed and pretty useless I found Wilf to be boring and dull and the complete lack of romantic spark there meant the ending was pretty tacked on and unsatisfactory A shame really

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    It started off uite funny and made me laugh a few times but as the story progressed so did the ridiculousness The type of chick lit that I hate with the main character as the irritating look at me I'm so ditzy but adorable types who gets into countless stupid situations yet unsurprisingly gets the guy at the end The only person I feel ever did this successfully was Sophie Kinsella with the first couple of Shopaholic books

  8. Helen Maltby Helen Maltby says:

    A freebie from a magazine Going to give it a uick read before bookcrossing itGlad I didn't pay for this It was alright I guess but I don't think I'd bother with any of her books The central character was trying to be like Becky from the Shopaholic books but without the charm that that character hasWill bookcross it and perhaps someone else will enjoy it

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    It's unfair to say i really didn't like this book because i read it to the end and i liked the plot but the first few chapers were so cheesy Just a generic character with generic chic lit feelings written in a really cheesy way it made me cringeI dont think i'd bother reading anything by this author again if this is anything to go by

  10. Karen Wickham Karen Wickham says:

    Very good beach novel The action flows uite well Evie the main character runs into a few problems on her working holiday in Cannes But the story takes a sinister twist when she realises what's actually going on Cleverly woven tale

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Operation Sunshine [PDF / Epub] ☀ Operation Sunshine ✍ Jenny Colgan – Evie needs a good holiday Not just because she’s been working all hours in her job but also because every holiday she has ever been on in her life has involved sunburn arguments and projectile vomit Evie needs a good holiday Not just because she’s been working all hours in her job but also because every holiday she has ever been on in her life has involved sunburn arguments and projectile vomiting – sometimes all three at once Why can’t she have a normal holiday like other people seem to have – some sun sand sea and hopefully sexSo when her employers invite her to attend a conference with them in the south of France she can’t believe her luck It’s certainly going to be the holiday of a lifetime – but not uite in the way Evie imagines.