Kindle Edition ☆ Double Major ePUB Ú

Kindle Edition ☆ Double Major ePUB Ú

Double Major ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Double Major By Catherine Gayle ✍ – There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN hereThis is a novella of second epilogues to books 1 4 in the Portland Storm series It is approximately 35000 words long It’s the NHL’s draft day There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN hereThis is a novella of second epilogues to books in the Portland Storm series It is approximately words long It’s the NHL’s draft day but the whole Portland Storm team is back together for an entirely different event Complete with a double wedding an unanticipated guest overdue apologies unexpected goodbyes and fresh starts this big day has the potential to get them all called for a Double Major The Portland Storm series Breakaway On the Fly Taking a Shot found in the anthology Seduced by The Game or releasing separately on September Light the Lamp Delay of Game Double Major releasing September In the Zone releasing November .

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  1. Dali Dali says:

    It's liveNovellas give us glimpses and slices of life of characters we love and probably wouldn’t get otherwise I anticipate them giddily and I certainly savored Double Major I’ve enjoyed the Portland Storm series from the start So this short in which everyone in their hockey family comes together that gives us beautifully bright beginnings and some difficult and heartbreaking ones is just perfectThere’s something for everyone because all the main characters from previous books get to star Even a couple that has been slowly developing on the side lines in each book get a standout role We see how each of the couples have grown and matured together and individually and how they handle the good and the bad that life throws their way In the midst of the happy double wedding between Eric and Dana and Brenden and Rachel Noel and Liam prepare for a significant trip to Sweden Sara and Cam face an unexpected and unsolicited blast from the past And the young loveable Jamie and Katie make decisions regarding the vast future that awaits themWhether it be long or short I truly appreciate how Catherine creates incredibly charming and endearing characters that feel real because she also writes about genuine situations and the very real effects of dealing with heartache and loss right along happiness and love I fought back happy tears ugly sad tears and I’ll confess that I had a mini angry fit because life and love are beautiful but they’re also messy and Catherine doesn’t shy away from writing about it “No one ever tells you how much love hurts I think maybe if you knew in advance you’d be too scared to go there to let yourself feel something that was both wonderful and horrible all at once” If you’re a fan of the Portland Storm clan Double Major is a must It will make you smile sniffle and swoon If you haven’t heard of this series I urge you to pick up any of the full length contemporary romance novels The books revolve around the Portland Storm hockey team but each centers on a different couple and can be read as a standalone In either case it’s highly advisable that you read the books in order to appreciate this story I was graciously given an ARC of this book for an honest review by the author The excerpts are from that copy buy link of my reviews and those of my best book buds and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter

  2. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 STARSFans of Catherine Gayle’s Portland Storm series will no doubt love this latest novella Double Major In the middle of the off season two players marry in a double ceremony Along with the excitement of the wedding there are a lot of changes coming to the Portland Storm family and this book gives us a little insight into what is happening nextThis story is told from various points of view from characters we have spent time with before We get to see Dana and Eric as they get through their wedding day and face what comes next in their lives Dana’s brother Brenden and his fiancée Rachel are also tying the knot with Rachel finally getting the dream wedding she’s always wanted and Brenden taking on not only a wife but two children he’ll be happy to call his own as soon as the adoption is final Liam and Noelle are headed to Sweden so she can meet his family and the family of his late wife and Liam is hoping Noelle loves his home country as much as he does An unexpected wedding guest leaves Sara reeling and Cam there to try and keep her calm Jamie is feeling all sorts of guilty because while he’s in Providence to be a groomsman for two of his teammates and friends he’s missing being with his brother who will be drafted into the NHL at some point and while he was happy to be there for his friends he wants to also be there for his brother To top is off he will see Katie for the first time in almost 6 weeks and he knows she’ll have some news of what she plans to do with her life to shareAs a lover of this series I was than excited to see glimpses into the lives of all of these characters I have grown to love While there were a few moments that made me sad and made me cry there were many moments of absolute happiness and a glimpse into what we can expect in the future with this seriesWhile this book had me humming David Bowie’s Changes because there are so many I can’t help but realize that’s what life is all about Sometimes changes are easy and sometimes they are hard but they always lead you in a new direction It’s up to you if you make the most of them or let them drag you down With this group I can only imagine how these changes will affect their lives and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for all of them

  3. Patricia Patricia says:

    ANOTHER SWEEP FOR GAYLEWhile this book didn't have any hockey games it was full of hockey players Unlike the others it was also relatively tame almost but definitely not family orientedWhich is to be expected since the story revolves around weddings and the beginnings of families I loved it from the bridal girls's night out to the final I do's with all the adventures in betweenMerged reviewANOTHER GREAT SHOT FROM CATHERINE GAYLEUnlike other books in this series this book is very close to sweet What sex there is is limited to references that are almost invisible It is not however short on emotionIt really can't be after all wow a double wedding the NHL draft a mother child reunion Ms Gayle seems to want to get it all into this little storyAnd I would say she succeeds I didn't all out cry during this one but I sniffles and smiled and even sort of laughed It's a beautiful story once again and while it wraps up some loose ends it also creates a few I am waiting for the stories that must happen in Scandinavia They truly must

  4. Teresa Teresa says:

    I normally don't love novellas This one gets 5 stars becauseBABS

  5. Irina Irina says:

    Nice novella in addition to the series especially Jamie's parts sighKomplette Rezension auf Deutsch

  6. Diane Lynch Diane Lynch says:

    Double Major Portland Storm #45 by Catherine Gayle The Portland Storm are gathered at Eric ZellingerDana Campbell’s and Brenden CampbellRachel Shaw’s double wedding Between the festivities and the NHL draft it is a busy couple of days affecting all the teammates and their families I would definitely start with the other books in the series before reading Double Major This novella is a uick update about everyone’s lives in the off season while attending the dual wedding It flashes back and forth between all the main characters of the Storm I loved getting this update I definitely cannot wait to find out what is going to happen next season after reading this book So many things took place in such a short time The emotions were all over the place I am looking forward to seeing how the series progresses I love Catherine Gayle’s writing style Her stories flow well and are believable She has a way of making you love every character faults and all While I was reading Double Major I thought its format would make it an excellent TV series I would totally watch a Portland Strom television show Maybe the NHL network would pick it up Portland Storm is one of my favorite series I have never been disappointed It is a great story for anyone who enjoys well written contemporary sport romances For those that already follow the Storm you will definitely want to read this before the next book comes out

  7. Jenn Jenn says:

    Double major was not only a story about two couples sharing a wedding day but it also gave us updates or life changing moments for other members of the Portland StormDana Eric sharing a wedding day with Soupy Rachel as well as getting awesome newsNicky who is book 6 finding support and love from the guys and realizing he needs to change his life aroundBabs getting good news and double bad news all in one day and making a commitment to Nicky and his team He also had good advice and got great adviceSoupy Rachel getting married and having Tuck steal the show during their wedding and Soupy connecting with Maddie even Katie letting goCam Sara Sara faces her past and Cam is rock of supportLiam Noelle making future life choicesOver all it's was a good chance to catch up with people on the Portland Storm team We saw some changes happy moments and news sad moments and news and how life keeps changing and moving on in the life of hockey players and their loved ones

  8. Marisela M. Chavez Marisela M. Chavez says:

    Oh my goodness I just loved this book Dana Eric Brenden and Rachel all get their happily ever after Cam and Sara wind up talking to someone unexpected and it turns out to be an amazing outcome Liam and Noelle discuss their future And Jamie and Katie young love means saying have to say goodbye

  9. CC CC says:

    Mehit was ok Not bad but not spectacular

  10. Pam Nelson Pam Nelson says:

    Double MajorOmg a double wedding I loved this novella we get to see all our favorites and see what they are up to and what they are getting up to It’s a wonderful addition to the series Dana Eric I loved getting to see them get there HEA I was a little confused with some of it because I didn’t read book 2 or 3 and didn’t know that Brenden and Rachel were together or even getting married so that was news I have to say it was still great to see how everyone is doing and give some hints of what is to come in the next book

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