On a Ring and A Prayer Jessie Stanton #1 PDF Ö a Ring

On a Ring and A Prayer Jessie Stanton #1 PDF Ö a Ring

On a Ring and A Prayer Jessie Stanton #1 [KINDLE] ❃ On a Ring and A Prayer Jessie Stanton #1 Author Sandra D. Bricker – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Twelve years of marriage 4000 suare feet of dream house and a handsome husband Jessie Stanton has it all until one fateful afternoon when she notices her BMW bouncing by the window behind a tow truck Twelve years of marriage suare Ring and PDF/EPUB Â feet of dream house and a handsome husband Jessie Stanton has it all until one fateful afternoon when she notices her BMW bouncing by the window behind a tow truck Her husband has gone and he's taken it all The whirling tornado that cuts down the life she's built drops Jessie onto the sandy beach of Malibu with a thud penniless On a Kindle - and alone When all she's left with are the designer labels in her closet and the dreamy Neil Lane rock on her finger Jessie tries to make ends meet by pawning her prized ring to fund a new business venture a small shop where her designer duds and shimmering accessories are temporarily leased out to Southern California women with champagne tastes but root beer realities As Jessie tries a Ring and PDF/EPUB Â to rebuild she realizes she can't move on not without answers Reluctantly Jessie turns to beach bumprivate investigator Danny Callahan for help But is she staking her future success and happinesson a ring and a prayer.

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  1. Ane Mulligan Ane Mulligan says:

    You won't just read Sandra D Bricker's new novel On a Ring and a Prayer you'll breathe it in and become part of it It's a story of overcoming; a story of finding hope and one you'll remember long after you turn the last page Novel Rocket and I give it our highest recommendation It's a 5 star must read

  2. Nathenia Roberts Nathenia Roberts says:

    What little girl from Slidell Louisiana doesn't dream of having it all? The perfect husband house car clothes and jewelry and lots of money to spend? Jessie Stanton had it all and in a blink of an eye it was gone Her car gets towed while having lunch with her BFF her credit cards are declined and when she tries to reach her husband she finds that both his cell and work numbers have been disconnected Shortly after arriving home and discovering that her husband of 14 years has taken everything except for the clothes in her closet a few groceries and a bed to sleep in a realtor knocks on the door informing Jessie that her home has been sold along with the big beautiful bed tooHomeless and even hopeless at times Jessie finds with the help of Piper her BFF a surfer detective and others a way to start putting the pieces of her life back together But just when we start having hope that Jessie's life is coming together and she's close to discovering her faith and the light her Grampy says she has inside will shine through we're left with the end of the book Yep A cliffhanger I wasn't expecting that at allSo while I'm anxiously waiting for the release of book 2 in the Jessie Stanton series I will say that On a Ring and a Prayer is definitely unlike any Sandra Bricker novel I've read to date I absolutely loved it I found that it was a subtle reminder that things are just things and are not what should matter most to us in this life Happiness is not found nor should it be defined by the possessions we hold While this book is unlike Sandie's others it is still filled with the humor that we've come to know and love You can't help but laugh and cry feel for and love all the characters Call me sentimental but I must admit I really enjoyed Grampy's narrative of Jessie I found myself hearing often as I read the voice of my own Grandfather his prayers for me and wishing he were hereI was given a copy of the galley version in exchange for my honest review I highly enjoyed and recommend this one as well as Sandie's other books for others to read and enjoy

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Sandra Bricker's latest novel is a another wonderful read filled with great characters lots of humor and a fun storyline I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jessie and her attempts to pick up her life after her husband unexpectedly disappears along with her fancy car mansion and all the money Jessie's a woman you can't help but root for You want to see her come through all the hard stuff and find happiness I loved the other characters Danny Riggs Piper Antonio Amber and the rest are such fun characters and the ways they help Jessie find her way and her place is an extremely fun journey that I highly recommend I can't wait for book two to see what happens next

  4. Cathy Daniel Cathy Daniel says:

    I liked this book I didn't love it not like I usually love this author's books It's also not LOL funny but different from her others Be aware also this is women's fiction primarily about a woman rebuilding her life and not a romance Hint of romance to come at the end I loved Danny What an awesome hero I didn't care for the kiss while she was still married I can't say without a spoiler but for all intents she was married I'm not a gray on moral issues at all but black n white I also don't care for cliff hangers This one has one

  5. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

       On a Ring and A Prayer A Jessie Stanton Novel Book 1 Sandra D BrickerGenre Christian LiteratureFiction Adult Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Stupidly I missed the “Christian” tag attached to this novel I’m open minded about religion – any religion I’ve my own personal beliefs like to explore other religions but avoid reading any fiction labelled religious or Christian simply because I hate the preachy tone that comes through That’s part of what put me off this read My fault my bad I should have checked carefully So poor Jessie I really felt for her and applauded her when she picked herself up and began to push forwards with her fledgling business Danny is a lovely man Piper a perfect best friend and Amber and Riggs rounded the group off nicely A good potential story with a great group of characters Somehow though it all felt too perfect the solutions all fell into place too slickly for me I was so saddened for Jessie but once she made her decisions everything just seemed so perfect each thing leading on to someone or something that would be helpful to her The God part – the bit that puts me off To begin other than mention of Danny’s tattoo and Grampa’s thoughts there’s isn’t much that’s overtly Christian By halfway though somehow God and how He shapes so much in our lives was beginning to permeate the story and that’s when it fell for me from a novel that was fun with characters who believed in God to one where the story was second and the main purpose almost seemed to be leadingpreaching the reader into opening themselves to Christianity As I said I’m very personal over religion and I just don’t want a book that preaches to me That and the way everything fell so neatly into place just spoiled this one for me Sorry – I can see there are some huge fans and if I’d been observant I’d have avoided it but I wasn’t I didn’t and I need to be honest about how the story worked for me NB I couldn’t believe that Jessie went there asked Danny about xxxx after reading online She didn’t even do it in a tactful way – if there is one – it came across as rude intrusive and Danny was incredibly gracious about it Also the price – over £11 wowStars Two just a bad choice on my part a good book for the right reader but I’m not it ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

  6. Michelle Morgan Michelle Morgan says:

    On A Ring A Prayer A Jessie Stanton Novel Book 1 by Sandra D Bricker Christian Fiction ISBN 978 1426711602 Abingdon Press Jessie Stanton had it all She had the mansion husband and any martial possessions every girl dreams of After fourteen years of marriage she witnesses her car being towed her credit cards are declined and her husband and his belonging are gone He has left her homeless and taken anything with value I laughed with her and my heart broke for her but she is one resilient chic She handles each and every bump in the road with grace and dignity She finds hope when things look hopeless The ending took me by surprise so book 2 best not be far behind Sandra D Bricker has done it again with this 5 star book She has a way of writing entertaining stories and interweaving faith throughout She is one of my favorite authors I highly recommend this book and any other she has written If I learned anything from this book it is possessions are just that things What really matters is friendships and faith I want to give a high five to the author Sandra D Bricker and publisher Abingdon Press for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith I was provided with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for the authors and publishers generosity

  7. Midgit Midgit says:

    Another amazing book from Sandra Bricker This series strays away from her other books There is a lot of depth to the book and really gets you thinking about what matters in life Is it the material things you have or what's inside of you that matters? The answers might seem easy but it's something Jessie struggles with and I think it's something that a lot of people struggle with I loved the way the each chapter ended with Jessie's Grampy talking about her with little flashback scenes and even what he thought about what was currently going on It was a nice way to get the back story to Jessie without having to spend chapters just focusing on it It helps you understand where she has come from and why she is where she is today It leaves you hoping that somehow things will come full circle and she can find her way back to her roots and the light that shines inside of her NOOO Is want I almost screamed at the end of the book as I tried to turn the next page only to find out it was the last The book ends with such a cliff hanger It definitely leaves you wanting and now waiting for the next book By the way why is it that all good ideas happen in the bathroom? I received a ARC copy of the book for my honest opinion

  8. Mrs. Lopez Mrs. Lopez says:

    Another winner from Sandra BrickerOn A Ring And A Prayer shows a different side to Sandra's writing Christian romance readers will be challenged by the depth of this book including a main character who isn't a Christian and doesn't suddenly become one for the sake of saving the romance in the last moment of the book As always Sandra has done a fantastic job developing the characters I was able to connect with and relate to the characters and I can't wait for what is to come for them in the next book The characters were fresh and uniue The book is chock full of detailed descriptive that transforms the story and characters and brings them to life This book will captivate and hold your attention from start to finish I received a copy of this book to read and review This review is based on my honest opinion of this bookOn a Ring and a PrayerSandra D Bricker

  9. Gina Hott Gina Hott says:

    Hott ReviewWhat I liked I have no idea how Ms Bricker does it She makes you feel every devastating blow to Jessie without making it sad All I felt through the knocks Jessie endured was hopefulness​Another thing I love is Jessie’s friend Piper It is wonderful to see real friends portrayed when they’re so few and far between especially if the SoCal rumors are trueWhat I didn’t like At times it frustrated me how easily Jessie got on with her life After the initial devastation​ I thought maybe she moved on a bit uickly BUT I think her personality type and naiveté are at fault

  10. Shannon Binegar-Foster Shannon Binegar-Foster says:

    I positively could not put this book down I laughed cried and laughed some I loved every single character in this book with the exception of Jack off course I am sure I will read this one many times Book 2 just can't come soon enough I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear of Jessie's story Well done Sandra D Bricker you have captivated us yet again I have yet to read one of your books that I didn't love to pieces Thank you for giving us such great stories I received an ARC of this book which in no way influenced my opinion of this book

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