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The Skull Throne Kindle ß The Skull Epub /

The Skull Throne [Ebook] ➩ The Skull Throne ➯ Peter V. Brett – The first three novels in New York Times bestselling author Peter V Brett’s groundbreaking Demon Cycle series—The Warded Man The Desert Spear and The Daylight War—set a new standard for heroic f The first three novels in New York Times bestselling author Peter V Brett’s groundbreaking Demon Cycle series—The Warded Man The Desert Spear and The Daylight War—set a new standard for heroic fantasy The powerful saga of humans winnowed to the brink of extinction by night stalking demons and the survivors who fight back has kept readers breathless as they eagerly turned the pages Now the thrilling fourth volume The Skull Throne raises the stakes as it carries the action in shocking new directions The Skull Throne of Krasia stands empty Built from the skulls of fallen generals The Skull Epub / and demon princes it is a seat of honor and ancient powerful magic keeping the demon corelings at bay From atop the throne Ahmann Jardir was meant to conuer the known world forging its isolated peoples into a unified army to rise up and end the demon war once and for all But Arlen Bales the Warded Man stood against this course challenging Jardir to a duel he could not in honor refuse Rather than risk defeat Arlen cast them both from a precipice leaving the world without a savior and opening a struggle for succession that threatens to tear the Free Cities of Thesa apart In the south Inevera Jardir’s first wife must find a way to keep their sons from killing one another and plunging their people into civil war as they strive for glory enough to make a claim on the throne In the north Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn struggle to forge an alliance between the duchies of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians before it is too late Caught in the crossfire is the duchy of Lakton—rich and unprotected ripe for conuest All the while the corelings have been growing stronger and without Arlen and Jardir there may be none strong enough to stop them Only Renna Bales may know about the fate of the missing men but she too has disappeared.

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  1. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    slight spoilers possible for books 1 3The penultimate installment in Brett's demon cycle uintology the V in Peter V Brett is in fact the Roman numeral for 5 it was always going to be a uintologyAnother great read that I consumed in chunks over the course of 6 weeks At first I was confused by the sheer number of names of ranks and people that I'd forgotten since the last book But at the Grim Gathering Peter pointed out to me that I was an idiot with great diplomacy there's a family tree and glossary of terms at the endIt's a big fat book packed with violence massive fight scenes and some sex Alongside this we get the unfolding of uite complex events featuring all our favourite characters with court intrigue on both sides of the Krassian Hollower divide There are lots of very human stories spinning out along with the super powered battles and Brett does a great job with bothThe 'headline' story of the Painted Man plays out slowly and sparsely compared to that of the remaining cast so don't expect enormous progress there In some ways that part of the story is waiting for the rest to catch up Arlen is almost demi god like and there's really no place for him in the main tale other than bringing everything to a conclusion I presume in a boss fight to end all boss fights in the final bookWithout spoiling I will say that the last 20% of the book is a bit like a ten chapter Red Wedding Brett mercilessly winnows his very sizeable cast with loved and not so loved characters falling in drovesWe also get to meet the lad who sparked Brett's 'Mud Boy' short story in the Unfettered anthology Although he popped out of nowhere late on he does seem remarkably talented and surely has an important role in the final bookThere is perhaps a danger with so many characters all bristling with super powers be they off the scale ninja skills or many flavoured magic that we lose contact with the cast but Brett does ground us with all manner of courtly politicking including a ball designed to supply Gared reformed bullying giant axeman with a bride and the ongoing feuding of jonglers Roger and SweetsongAll in all if you loved The Daylight War you'll love this Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  2. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads Spoilers from previous books and minor spoilers from this one Peter V Brett’s DEMON CYCLE began with a truly excellent first installment but it's been all downhill from thereI've been struggling with a feeling since about midway through book 2 but I've been reluctant to give it voice bc it would mean admitting that once upon a time I watched soap operasNot of my own volition I spent a lot of time with one of my grandmothers who watched them and then later I had a babysitter who watched the same ones and well I watched them tooThis series feels a lot like a soap operaAn aging beauty sleeps with her in the bloom of her youth daughter’s ex betrothed whose father was “the one who got away” except not really bc despite marrying someone else she kept sleeping with him tooBeautiful Daughter falls alternately for two men who were once like brothers but who are now archenemies becoming pregnant by one but refusing to marry him and become wife #15 and in an attempt to protect her child and her reputation she falls into bed with handsome new royal in town with the intent of passing the child off as his but wonder of wonders she falls in love with Duke and can't bear beginning their life together on a lie bangs head against wallHonestly if that was my only complaint I could've handled it It would've kept the series from my favorites list but drama in fiction it's inevitableBut there's also the virtual disappearance of #1 MC from this installment so there still hasn't been sufficient page time with him and his brand new that came out of nowhere wife for me to used to the ideaThen there's what I'm forced to conclude aren't significant headaches that for some reason warrant mention every time our focus is on Leesha as well as her bladder reuirements bc why waste time with plot developments when you can consistently fill up page space with everyday bodily functions?But what finally made me call it uits was view spoilerThamos getting killed hide spoiler

  3. Petrik Petrik says:

    355 StarsThe Skull Throne is a good penultimate installment to the Demon Cycle seriesWhen you're playing a video game especially role playing games usually before the final boss you're going to do every side uests before you proceed to finish the game These side uests are usually important for character developments info on the world building and gaining all the necessary weapons and power to make the confrontation in the end either easier or satisfying; The Skull Throne encapsulated this situationThis book doesn't have a lot of main plot development almost everything in it is just a setup for the final entry in the series at least that's how I see it I'm mostly okay with this storytelling direction especially when the beginning and the last section of the book was really well written The last section of this book in particular is the best in the series so far Also almost every character's development made sense and the most important thing only one flashback chapter Yes you heard that right only one flashback chapter on a new character Aisha and I have to admit that it was great Do note the word 'almost' because every positive thing in this book doesn't revolve around Leesha at least not for meThe middle section was where it fell short for me because of again Leesha I honestly don't know what Brett is trying to achieve with her character here her development is too different and illogical compared to how she started in the first book I hope I don't sound like a broken record here but Leesha's character development truly hurt the uality of the series for me it's been that way since the second book and it's still the same here There's around two hundred pages of soap opera drama in the middle that provide close to zero importance to the main plot By soap opera I seriously mean that the story revolves around who get to marry who who get to fuck who who get to bang Leesha from behind and left their sperm dropped to the floor It's been this way ever since the second book it got worse in the third book eased down a bit here but it's still the same situationAnyone who followed my reviews would know that I have a reading pace of around 150 200 pages each day; even during weekdays where I have a full time job to attend to The first and the last 150 pages of this book both took me a day to read but the remaining 300 pages in the middle took me five days to read because it bored meLeesha started to redeem herself at the end of this book which is good but I can't deny the feeling that this series could've been cut down into four book instead of five; in culmination up to now there's at least 600 pages of unnecessary content that hurt the uality of the series for meThat said every other character especially Rojer received much better treatment when it come to their development Also even though the true main characters doesn't have a lot of spotlight due to plot reason and there's a few demon fighting Brett has provided something that has been missing for me ever since the second book a sense of danger for the character I do however hope that the last book would make the demons scarier because right now everyone is practically superhuman and the demons are a jokeThe Skull Throne is another good installment in the Demon Cycle series in my opinion it's still a better book compared to The Daylight War but it still fall short in comparison to Brett's amazing debut I can't wait to heed the call of the Core because with this book everything has been setup for the big conclusion All that remains is to see whether Brett could deliver the conclusion that this series deserves or not and I'm going to find out about it soon You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy and Sci Fi reviews at Booknest

  4. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    Certainly this book frustrated me on a number of occasions and the use of terminology and naming conventions grated but I enjoyed reading it Peter V Brett remains an author high on my to read list I may not like all the choices he has made with his books but I respect his decisions and try to see and enjoy the story he wants to tell even if it is not the story I thought I wanted His work continues to improve in complexity characterisation and style and it is worth readingI’m left feeling like the bulk of important things that happened in this book happened in the last couple hundred pages There certainly were key things before then but wow there some major events right up to the very end Lots of action plotting uests for power Pretty much it was war And with that can come unpredictability and changes that will impact everything else yet to comeWithout giving away the 'why' and the 'how' of it the second half of the novel deals directly with the clash of cultures and the battle over ideas It's epic it's violent and it's filled with betrayals than you can count Despite what you might be thinking after the first half especially given the size of the book this is not just an attempt to pad the story and sueeze out another book Big stuff happens here Important stuff Crucial stuff Up until now the fate of mankind has rested almost solely on the shoulders of Jardir and Arlen but no longer We'll have to wait and see what the true conseuences of this book will be but the world we're left with at the end is not the one our heroes began fighting for Sadly we'll be a few heroes and villains short going into the last book but those wounds are far too fresh for me to even dance around much less tease or spoil All I will say is that these are not cheap deaths they happen on the page in full view of the reader and they're as horrible and heartbreaking as you could possibly fear or hopeIronically for a book where the demons take a back seat to the evils of man those very same demons are the one flaw in the story for me We'll have to wait and see how Brett develops what he started here but I'm a bit uncomfortable with how he shifted them from monsters to enemies The Skull Throne lets us inside their heads and I think that takes away from the awe and the terror Having said that there's a throwaway line towards the end the really intrigued me leaving me to wonder how he'll reconcile history and mythology in the final book but you'll just have to read it for yourself

  5. Obaid Haroon Obaid Haroon says:

    Oh man Oh man I just can'tOh manshall weman I can'tfuck it let's do this If you haven't figured out by now that there are spoilers in my reviews then there is no hope for you Should we start with the Deliverers and their reflective crews? Good Glad you agree So despite the fact that everyone and their alagai wanted to know what happened after the world's best exit it is pretty obvious that this book wasn't about them But it was still interesting to see how their relationship evolved One time ajin pals turned hated enemies Then a fight to the death leading to an alliance of sorts Hell of a whirlwind bromance It was mostly from Jardirs POV and his reaction to Arlens story was perfect The grief at what his friend had been through at his hands and the pride and admiration at how his brother had survived Every moment was brilliant Then there's the plan itself Kidnapping a mind and marching to the core Insane audacious and fantastic So they lay in wait at Anoch Sun witness the literal shitting on the bodies of the Kajis men and here I thought it was a turn of phrase when Jardir said it My mistake Peter and baited a trap in the tomb of the man himself The ensuing battle was awesome Jardir fighting his way out of a solid floor was particularly cool and it ended with Renna misting away and killing every demon between them and escape After killing a mimic of course All in all they took up a much smaller portion than you'd expect But it's definitely obvious that the final book will be heavily centred on these two Oh and there may have been two other Krasians there Maybe?Now we delve into Everams Bounty Given that it's called The Skull Throne you'd be right in assuming most of the action is centred here First we start with Ashia A character who if she has been in previous books I did not pay attention to Boy was I wrong We get a uick glimpse into her past Forced into the Dama'ting palace but denied the chance to become dama'ting So what does she and her sisters do? They train with one of the greatest sharusahk masters 20 hours a day for years becoming some of the most dangerous people on earth Like a boss She's head of the personal guard for the Damajah and is married to a gay guy who is in love with her brother Yeah you read that right And the Damajah is trying to keep a crumbling army together while her two sons get into a dick swinging contest over who takes the throne Jayan the eldest displays his usual tactic of swinging it so hard it flys off and takes his own eye out While Asome is subtle and uses his to pick the lock to the throneI'm going to abandon the dick swinging metaphor now I regret using it But not enough to rewrite the last part And all the while Abban is doing his best to keep his own kingdom together at the same time as keeping the other one together Because let's face it Abban comes first Any of his wives could tell you that All the pettiness and jealousy that pervaded Krasian life before Jardir united then under his banner came rushing back and took the Krasians to the brink of implosion After a bit of domestic terrorism funded by the Duchess Mother no less Abban and Jayan are sent to take Laketown And while they are gone Asome works his wiles to get in position to take the throne Making himself and his brothers stronger and gaining the friendship of his wife In the course of a few awesome water battles Jayan manages to do the wrong thing most of the time and still comes out alive Thanks mostly to Abban and his crew But he doesn't make a complete mess of things Takes the docks and ships Encountered a truly uniue little boy but on him later All in all a good time was had by all Krasians Until he gets it into his head to take his army and attack Angiers Because that was stupid Even for this crazy cyclops Yeah he lost an eye at his wedding Didn't I mention that?Now while all this is happening Asome is maneuvering into position He's getting the dama out into the night Killing demons and getting stronger He's letting people see him as a leader He's even getting into his wife's good side Yeahinto Asome is planning a coup Will be be successful? Tune in next time to find outLet's take a break and see what the pale faces are up to Now here we see Leesha and Rojer doing what they do Leesha is doing her best to solve her baby daddy drama It's no secret that I didn't like this person in the last two books She went from being awesome to worse than stupid But here she came back Organising the healersTeaching them advanced healingAwesomeExperimenting with warded soldiersTelling her mother she's an old whore AwesomerHer love for Thamos was good to see After jumping from Arlen to Ahmann and back again it was nice to see her happy But it could not last At the moment he asked her to marry she told him the truth And it all went heartbreakingly downhill And while she was dealing with a failed romance Rojer was dealing with the man who ruined his life and killed his friend But while that is daunting his wives provide much neededrelief This is probably my favourite part of the series The growing relationship between him and his wives The learning about each other and the happiness they findsob I can'twe'll get there So if you thought two wives was enough apparently giving blood to a dying woman makes you married So he ends up with three Kendall being added to his life in a memorable time in the bath But the happiness could not last The whole group was summoned to Angiers to get Gared married Nothing good ever happens in Angiers Nothing The journey was rather uneventful Apart from Thamos being the embodiment of a great leader and protecting the helpless Leesha being lured off the road by Arlen who wasn't Arlen but a mimic resulting in Thamos charging to the rescue All in allstandard Thesan journey So we get to Angiers It starts off rather well The boys go hunting and then they go HUNTING And Rhinebeck manages to act like both a dick and a pussy Which is impressive in a way And Thamos I must say I didn't like him in book 3 But he is such a great guy in this that I feel bad hewe'll get there too Next we visit the place where Rojer spent most his childhood A brothel Is it worrying I wasn't surprised by that? While we are there we see another touching scene between Rojer and Amanvah are introduced to a Weed Gatherer and meet the future Baroness Cutter So I walk into this whore house titties everywhere and this girl asks to see my dick And that kids is how I met your mother Yes He met his soon to be wife in a brothel But let's be honest he isn't exactly a paragon of virtue And she's sharp as a whip I see good things for these two Partially because neither are important enough to kill But then againBrett But rich white people love their balls so even though Gared knows who he wants they go through the whole song and dance He ignores every simpering sycophant in the room until she walks in and then ignores everyone but her Everyone is angry at having been robbed of the chance to marry into a Barons family except Jasin who knew exactly who she was While Leesha and Thamos were having a uickie in the corridor followed by a meeting with a wonderfully intriguing boy called Briar Rojer and his wives were being attacked en route to his rooms by none other than Secondsong It would have been the fiddle wizards endif not for the fact that his bodyguard was a Sharum and he was married to a warrior princess no not Xena and an assassin Coliv killed most before being cut down himself Amanvah and Sikvah handled the rest and Rojer he killed Jasin with his own two hands And that was when the guards found them So despite the fact that a big ass group attacked four people who gets arrested? The guy holding the knife Political bullshitOk now this is where the stories converge In the aftermath of the ball Thamos was ordered by Rhinebeck to attack the Krasian army at LaketownThamos attackedThamos fought JayanThamos diedIt was then at the urging of a dama'ting that he marched on Angiers And Briar left for Angiers with a note from Thamos to LeeshaI forgive youDammit but this book stabbed me in the heart Briar A little boy who is somehow half Krasian and half Thesan Who as the dama says outran the Sharum in Laketown went up against a sharusahk master and lived and attacks demons as calmly as most people visit the privy Delivers are not born They are madeWell wellBack to Jayan He sends a messenger first Bearing Thamos' head This was swiftly followed by the messenger trying to kill everyone in the room He did a damn good job at it too Would've succeeded if not for Leesha and her meddling wand This leaves Angiers surrounded by an army of Sharum Various types of them Veterans noobs reverse coconuts the whole lot And Rojer has a great view from his tower jail cell But he's not alone Sikvah is there too Just hanging around Things rapidly come to a head The uickest political marriage between the only surviving son of the Angiers family and the ugly duckling from Miln results in the Milnese contingent coming to battle But before the glorious charge Amanvah gets sent to the same cell as her husband A friend for the end of the world right?So the Sharum charge the city They jumpclimb the walls and the gates are broken Thousands of warriors from the most dangerous army in the land run screaming at about four hundred Miln soldiers And they get blown apart Yes That's right Miln has guns GAMECHANGER BITCHES This is a whole other level Not only is the Krasian army routed but the secrets of fire have been put to use With the army gone Jayan loses control of Hasik The disgraced warrior kills Jayan and then kidnaps Abban Making him totally fucked By a eunuch no less And while all this shit was going down Jasins uncle thought this was the perfect time to send a team of killers after Rojer It went as well as you could expect Assassin brides and what not But then something terrible happened They tried to kill Amanvah And Rojer did the only thing he could He threw himself in front of his wife and took the blade Rojer is deadWHERE ARE MY TEAR BOTTLESI refused to believe it I could not WOULD NOT But they carried his body out The world became a little less happier Less bright His last reuest for his wives to keep singing will haunt me We will miss you fiddlerThings went uickly after that The wives killed the uncle Leesha snuck them out and they all went back to the Hollow Keeping Up With The Krasians pt 2Ok so after the aftermath of the colossal cluster fuck that was the assault on Angiers the ramifications for the Skull Throne were huge The dama ting that tricked Jayan into attacking the city was working with the dama ting who got her hand fucked up by going against Inevera as a child I call her Claw So Claw and her lover got Jayan killed with the intention of killing Inevera and taking the throne with Asome Epic fail Inevera killed them both but not before Asome killed his uncle and his dama brothers killed the tribe leaders assuming leadership Except Aleverak That wily one armed bastard killed his challenger and went toe to toe with Asome He died But damn did this guy earn your respect At that moment Asomes lover tried to kill his wife but that didn't end well For him Ashia killed him in front of Asome and fled to the Damajah More violence ensued and people died at Ashias hands And at the end of the day Inevera sits beside her son as he becomes Shar Darma Ka And finally the Deliverers get the mind demon into the tower and spend months trying to get him to talk Except he can't talk Until he takes a Krasian mouth puppet Pleasantries were exchanged Chronology corrected And a threat was delivered There will be swarm Holy shit What a book Easily the best one so far continuing the trend Like everyone else I wanted the majority to be about Arlen and Jardir But like a child I didn't know what I really wanted which was an epic book And Brett delivered what was needed An in depth look at the politics underpinning the Krasian empire and the tenuous relations holding Thesa together Key points⋅Amanvah Sikvah and Leesha are all pregnant⋅The dama hold almost total control of Krasia⋅Briar is an amazing young man Read his story in The Messengers Legacy⋅The Unifiers have no plans to return to the world anytime soonI don't know about you but I lost my shit reading this PVB took us on one hell of a ride; one I was not prepared for I cannot imagine what is going to go down in the next book But one thing is for sure It is going to be legend wait for itPRE REVIEWSo here we are 45 Over half way in The Demon Cycle To most people this would be time to answer a few uestions Right a few wrongs All the while whetting the readers whistle for the grand finale But does PV Brett play by the rules? Does he f That is something we've all figured out On this journey we've seen Arlen walk a terrible path alone almost loosing his humanity only to have it truly returned by Renna We have witnessed Rojer come into his own as a jongleur then as a man and most recently as a husband to two wives Brave manAnd we saw Leesha get progressively idiotic There have been many other struggles as wellRenna fighting back against a lifetime of abuse to stand tall in the night next to her spouse Gared learning to think with his empty skull instead of his bulging breeches Jardir Inevera and Abban realising that in spite of all the hatred and adultery they are particularly suited to one anotherAnd then in all his wisdom PV Brett brings the two leaders together Do they set aside their differences to save man kind? Does one cede to the other? Do they try for a partnership? No Instead HE THROWS THEM OFF A GODDAMN CLIFFNever before has there been such an ending to a book and I have no idea where he's gonna go The title suggests electrum will play a part in the book as they coated the skull throne with it towards the end if no3 in order to increase its power But that was before Jardir became a desert pancakeEven if he does survive which he has to being the mind hunter it will be a while before he's fighting fit Unless he learns to 'mist out' as I like to call it But that would make the whole end scene of no3 a giant middle finger to the readers So I'm thinking while he's out for the time being Arlen will wreak a little havoc amongst the Krasians some of whom are starting to see HIM as the deliverer And while that's going on Leesha and Inevera are going to have issues over Leesha's baby daddy But they are zhaven so we will see what goes down there Rojer as always will remain on the periphery amusing us as always while Abban works his intrigues between meals of pork and anal intercourse Then when we reach the end of The Skull Throne and we are torn between the desire to bask in awe shred the book in rage or laugh in shock at where he's taken us there is one thing that's for certain PV Brett will have once again raised the game that he himself created

  6. Kristina Kristina says:

    04172016Another year has passed I tried to make this book last forever because I know the next is still a long time coming I finished today though and I need time to process what just happened 04062015Almost two years to the day since this original post and I must say I AM SOOO EXCITED to see all the 4 and 5 star reviews that keep popping up I am starting this on Wednesday and I CAN'T WAIT04052013Just finished The Daylight War now I wait

  7. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Are Arlen Bales and Jardir dead or just missing? Who will step up to fill the power vacuum left in Jardir's absence? And what of Leesha Paper and the child inside her or Rojer Half Grip and his ever growing group of wives? And what of Count Thamos? All of these uestions and will be answered in the penultimate volume of the Demon Cycle The Skull ThroneI got this from NetgalleyAfter the wreckage that was the Daylight War I decided nabbing an ARC was the only way I cared to continue the series Fortunately I got my wish Was it worth the time?That's hard to say In many ways I thought this was A Feast for Crows for the series Why do I say that? Arlen and Jardir are barely in it Once the cliffhanger from the last installment is resolved I'd say they barely get 50 pages total The rest of the book is split between the Krasians Leesha and Rojer and what's going on in AngiersWhile it didn't focus on Arlen and Jardir what we did get was better than the Daylight War Maybe not having to experience Arlen and Renna's fake seeming relationship actually perked up the story a bit I do like where the book seems to be heading for the conclusion of the saga though Too bad we get barely a taste of that in this volume thoughMy two main gripes with the series as a whole are that it seems to have been Martinized after the first book in that a lot of extraneous characters have been introduced and some of the existing ones have been detailed to an excruciating degree Also when the main character is the least charismatic of the bunch you have problems While I like Arlen in a DD character sort of way I don't really find him very interestingI'm giving this a 3 since I liked it than the Daylight War but didn't like it like it

  8. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    Two stars and let it be known that I am beyond caring Truly Therefore dear Reader if you are after a review stop right now this ent a review this is a rant And full of spoilers Spoilers first view spoilerIt was obvious that Thamos will die from the moment he sticked Leesha so I cannot say I was overly surprised hide spoiler

  9. Brett Brett says:

    The first book of this series was good The main character was someone you could root for The story was uniue and interesting The world and magic were interesting and readers got to follow the main character doIng interesting things I'm not sure what made the author decide politics particularly politics of some uasi islamic closed minded hateful culture was what made the series worth reading but he certainly commited to that idea in a big way With the latest book I find myself skipping chapter after chapter to find a story about characters I care about Sadly Rojer Leesha Inerva what ever the fuk all the other fanatic characters are called are not those characters The bits about Arlen are good the general arc is good the remaining 80% is not good Frustration would sum up my feelings for this book for a good story suandered The author seems to be following the path of George R Martin make some interesting characters and ignore them I would generously give this book two stars since I skipped most of it because there is a good story in there somewhere

  10. Myke Cole Myke Cole says:

    I am one of the fortunate few who has gotten to read the manuscript pre publication I will not say anything other than that Brett continues to get better with each book and you are all in for a treat The Skull Throne is his best work yet

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