Leona Tärningen är kastad Epub ´ Leona Tärningen

Leona Tärningen är kastad Epub ´ Leona Tärningen

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  1. Carol Carol says:

    E galley graciously provided by Edelweiss Other Press and Author Jenny Rogneby for my honest review A shout out also to GR friend Denise's review To be published August 1 2017This international crime thriller defies the genre and anything you thought you knew The first in a series it features Leona Lindberg of Stockholm’s Violent Crime Division A seven year old girl is used as a pawn in bank robbery in broad daylight Crawling naked and bloody she enters and deposits a tape recording of a thunderous man’s voice demanding the money and threatening the girl’s well being Leona is a capable detective but is thwarted at every turn by her boss a medium and even her own husbandview spoiler If despicable characterization is your thing The Die is Cast Leona #1 is a must hide spoiler

  2. Selene Selene says:

    275 starsTriggers? Yes view spoilerChild abuse physical and verbal hide spoiler

  3. Trish Trish says:

    This debut fiction has so many divergences from a standard police procedural that we are held in thrall to the last page not believing our eyes During the process of investigating a series of bank robberies Investigator Leona Lindberg reveals certain unsavory truths about her police department and the people in it Someone who was abused as a child apparently turned around as an adult and inflicted the same kind of suffering on another child For moneyIn fact there is so much going on that is different in this novel that it begs to be discussed in a book group One of the first things that captured my attention is that the author is a woman of color born in Ethiopia adopted and schooled in Sweden She became a criminal investigator in Stockholm after graduation from Stockholm University gleaning enough information to create the character Leona Lindberg and the circumstances under which Leona does her jobIt is not clear that Leona is a woman of color It is never mentioned in this first novel Leona is desirable—several men on the workforce make plays for her attention at different points—and her hair is described as “brown curly and fluffy” When I realized that Rogneby wrote this novel without pointing to race I realized how unusual that would be in AmericaThe writer Chris Abani born in Nigeria and now an American citizen says America has a uniue relationship with race “Slavery in America is not really over” Blacks from countries with black majorities naturally think of themselves differently than do black Americans Jenny Rogneby though growing up in a white majority country like Sweden is also different than American blacks who probably wouldn’t consider writing a book where race is not mentioned simply because it is so much a part of their daily calculations Even now I am here having a big discussion about race when it is not even mentioned in this book What does this say about us? What does it say about Jenny Rogneby? Of course Leona has important things to worry about than skin color She registers on the autism spectrum and has a son with Crohn’s disease who reuires expensive repeat surgeries to fix a long term life or death ailment Her daughter is of an age to reuire parental oversight and her husband gets insufficient attention Leona herself stays up many nights to gamble online Meanwhile she is heading up one of the most perplexing series of robberies in modern Swedish crime history It’s a lot to juggleThe novel itself at several points strains credulity But Rogneby manages to pull us back from the brink partly because she is coming at this from such a strange angle that we are dying to see how she is going to manage it Knowing what we do about large bureaucracies where everyone is very busy we sometimes can buy her explanations for how things are overlooked If we remember we have information that the police department in general does not in contrast to most novels of this sort we could be convincedIt is worth hanging around to the end because Rogneby manages to pull off something so devilishly clever and so disturbingly depraved that we really feel as though the term “crime novel” has just been inventedThe multi talented Jenny Rogneby worked as a pop singer in Sweden before going to university for criminology and working for some years with Stockholm City Police Department In that authors reveal a great deal about themselves in what they write I will admit I looked for clues to Rogneby’s experiences in her work According to her website Rogneby “took a year's leave from work sold her apartment and all her furniture in Stockholm moved abroad and wrote LEONA The Die is Cast She submitted her manuscript to Swedish publishers and 10 publishing houses were interested in publishing her debut Now the book series is sold to 13 countries and the film rights are sold to Hollywood” You must admit her life as been interesting so far Might as well see where it goes from here

  4. Susan Johnson Susan Johnson says:

    I found this one of the best mysteries I've read all year It was like being on a high speed roller coaster where it was difficult to catch your breath Just when I thought I had things figured out something else would happen and off I'd go againLeona Lindberg of Stockholm's Violent Crimes Division is assigned the case of the seven year old girl bank robber Yes a naked girl covered in blood and bruises would walk in a bank with a back pack and a tape recorder and walk out with millions in money She would then vanish Not a word was spoken by the girl and no one tried to stop her It's an unusual crime and they put Leona on it as she has had a great career in solving crimesIt is noticeable that Leona has problems She has to remind herself to look at people in their eyes She reminds herself to make small talk to others to talk nicely to them and to pretend to take interest in her colleagues At first I though she had autism but then something is revealed and I thought that's why she's that way Then something else is revealed and I think that explains it and then something else is told and I had to tell myself just to hold on and let the story unwindThere's plenty else going on There's a nosy reporter trying to expose a corrupt Minister of Finance There's a second robbery by the little girl Her young son has Crohn's Disease and needs major surgery not even done in Sweden Her husband wants to buy a new house Leona needs sleep I need to catch my breathThis is a Swedish Noir book and is full of dark gritty unpleasant things but it keeps you enthralled I just kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next It's been awhile since a mystery captured my attention with so many unexpected twists and turns I highly recommend this book but do want to warn that it is very graphic and may not set well with some people No punches are pulled

  5. Taryn Taryn says:

    Have you ever been in a meeting at work and wished you could just blurt out all the snarky thoughts in your head and damn the conseuences? If so Leona Lindberg is the cop for you She’s an outspoken misanthrope with a dark past who manages to keep her job on the Stockholm police force because she’s a good detective and decidedly not because anyone likes her Her latest case is a weird one banks are being robbed by a young girl who comes in naked and covered in blood Leona’s colleagues don’t want the case because robberies are small potatoes compared to murders but Leona’s motivations for volunteering to add it to her caseload arecomplicated it turns out Very complicated I like “cop with a dark side” stories as much as the next girl but you have to really be okay with darkness to be a fan of Leona If you can’t get behind an antihero maybe give this one a pass especially because at 450 pages you’re going to have to spend a lot of time with her If you don’t mind your detectives on the shady side though step right upMore book recommendations by me at wwwreadingwithhipposcom

  6. Denise Denise says:

    Stop this is a suspense thriller unike anything you have read before Beware the havoc that comes from withinA girl only seven years old walks into a bank bruised and covered in blood She sets down a tape recorder She takes the money and disappears Leona is a detective assigned to the case But she doesn't appear to be chasing down the leads doing the interviews or following the investigative techniues that are normally applied Leona has some problems she's hounded by a journalist beset by personal problems at home and is on thin ice with her superiorsThis is a police procedural but also an incredibly different take on crime fiction I loved it I won't say due to spoilers but this one the first in a series took me by surprise I love Scandanavian noir and this is set in Sweden Although the protagonist is not very likeable she is complex and her choices are uite disturbing She's sort of an anti heroine and I can't wait to read This ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I hate that but definitely I am hooked I am definitely going to want to read the next bookThank you to NetGalley and Other Press for the e book ARC to review

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Any readers looking for something different LEONA THE DIE IS CAST could be just the ticket There's so much here in the writing and the styling that is very brave of this authorLeona Lindberg is both a highly regarded investigator and an outsider She has a personality disorder which makes her a tricky person to work with and an even harder protagonist for a reader to establish a connection with Her internal dialogue clearly shows she's aware of her limitations that her interactions with others are flawed and able to moderate that to some extent Every now and again her true self breaks out though and she offends and annoys many around herShe's also the one that's than willing to take on yet another case in a workload that's killing her and her colleagues the really odd case of a naked bloody young girl who has robbed a bankWhilst that case and subseuent crimes by this young child stay in the forefront of the investigation aspects of the book Lindberg's personal life her family and her background are slowly revealed There is much that gives pause for thought about this protagonist and whilst you might struggle to see her in the role of victim there's a real challenge being thrown at the reader throughout this book Getting inside the head of somebody who is so different so blatant and so matter of fact about her own self interest isn't a straight forward experience but it's very worthwhile in LEONA The reveals are built deftly into the narrative in exactly the matter of fact style you'd expect of somebody like Lindberg and there's no doubt whatsoever from the very start that there's something about her that's not uite right Spending time in Lindberg's head is hard work to be honest she's not the nicest of people to be around and her ruthless use and disregard for everyone around her is startling fascinating and profoundly discomforting It's also instructive and for this reader surprisingly moving in the end This is a woman who simply doesn't seem to give a damn about anybody else and for a while readers will have to wonder whyNeedless to say the revelations come solidly throughout LEONA and saying much about the actual plot is difficult without huge spoilers But if you're lucky enough to get a chance to read this book no matter how off putting you find your initial introduction to Leona Lindberg stick with it This is an unusual approach to the psychological crime thriller from a style of crime fiction that concentrates on why rather than who or how or gotchahttpwwwaustcrimefictionorgrevie

  8. Ken Fredette Ken Fredette says:

    Jenny Rogneby played with everyones feelings for the underdog The little girl that committed all the robberies was the first on my list She had everything bad going for her the cuts and bruises you kept wanting her to do everything right Leona what can I say about her She was her own best enemy But she manages to get out of all her faults and escape each situation We let the end take care of her conscience Rogneby wrote a very edge story where it starts out on a good note and then it transforms into a noir story I wasn't at first liking it but it really grew into something that I could live with almost Her story was uite interesting and I think my readers would enjoy it

  9. Elaine Tomasso Elaine Tomasso says:

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Other Press for an advance copy of Leona The Die is Cast a psychological thriller set in StockholmA bloody seven year old girl walks into a bank plays a tape and walks out with a stack of cash The police can't understand how it happened but put one of their best investigators Leona Lindberg on the case Leona has problems of her own and this could be the case that tips her over the edgeThis is not the novel I expected it to be a straightforward police procedural with a damaged protagonist Instead it is a clever psychological thriller with some very good twists and turns It is not a genre I particularly enjoy so I struggled with it but as it is well written and plotted with an unusual original premise I have awarded it 4 stars in recognition of these ualitiesLeona is a deeply troubled person At first I wondered if she was on the spectrum as she is unable to connect with people but it soon becomes clear that she is a psychopath Her reasoning and behaviour are fascinating and goal oriented but it is impossible to empathise with her which makes for strange readingAs I said the novel has some good twists and while the ending is another good twist it is a little unbelievable It is impossible to say without spoilersI think that anyone who likes a good psychological thriller will find Leona The Die is Cast unputdownable

  10. Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) Rachel (TheShadesofOrange) says:

    30 StarsThis book started out incredibly strong with so much potential The premise sounded amazing The first few chapters were incredibly compelling and I thought this could become a new favourite Unfortunately my reading experience went downhill from thereThe biggest draw of this thriller was the main character Leona who was intended to be a strong and memorable female lead I actually loved her unapologetic personality In the beginning she was so unlikeable and emotionally detached that I originally believed the author had written a high functioning sociopath detective However as the story progressed Leona`s personality became increasingly inconsistent She wavered back and forth between being callous and being nurturing Her actions and thoughts were constantly contradicting themselves If the author wanted to write an unlikable character then she needed to fully commit The writing was fairly average with a simple easy to follow style The translated story was accessible for an English audience yet managed to keep enough Swedish details to give the book a Scandianvian atmosphere Given the premise this book included some fairly dark and potentially disturbing scnees Readers must be okay reading with stories involving child abuse and other uncomfortable subject matter This thriller did contain some good unexpected twists and turnsl However I reached a point where I broke my suspension of disbelief lost immersion in the story and the plot just fell apart If other readers are able to maintain their suspension of disbelief they may enjoy this story that I did I wanted so badly to love this novel but I was ultimately disappointed The author had a bold idea but failed ultimately failed to deliver

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Leona Tärningen är kastad ❰Download❯ ➵ Leona Tärningen är kastad Author Jenny Rogneby – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A naked and bloody seven year old girl walks into a bank clutching a grubby teddy bear She plays a threatening recording demanding money No one dares intervene The child leaves the bank and disappears A naked and bloody seven year old girl walks into a bank clutching a grubby teddy bear She plays a threatening recording demanding money No one dares intervene The child leaves the bank and disappears without leaving a Leona Tärningen Kindle - trace of evidence This daring robbery is trusted to highly regarded investigator Leona Lindberg of Stockholm’s Violent Crimes Division But why is Leona ignoring witness statements and calling in suspects on the barest thread of suspicion When a second robbery takes place how does she manage to be the first one at the scene Leona The Die is Cast is a gripping crime thriller featuring an unusual heroine who holds on to reality by the skin of her teeth In life as in poker Leona is unwilling to fold despite so much being at stake.

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