Et si c'était vrai... eBook ↠ Et si PDF or

Et si c'était vrai... eBook ↠ Et si PDF or

Et si c'était vrai... [Epub] ➞ Et si c'était vrai... By Marc Levy – Kad bi to zbilja bila postigao je svjetski uspjeh odmah po objavljivanju 2000 Riječ je o ljubavnoj priči posve originalna zapleta a neočekivan obrat na kraju nikoga neće ostaviti ravnodušnim Prem Kad bi to zbilja bila postigao je svjetski uspjeh odmah po objavljivanju Riječ je o ljubavnoj priči posve originalna zapleta a neočekivan obrat na kraju nikoga neće ostaviti ravnodušnim Prema ovom bestseleru snimljena je romantična komedija Samo nebo zna s Reese Whiterspoon i Markom Ruffalom u glavnim ulogamaMarc Levy Boulogne Billancourt francuski romanopisac Autorska prava za svoj prvi roman.

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Et si c'était vrai...
  • Marc Levy
  • Croatian
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9789531957618

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Et si c'etait vrai If Only It Were True Et si c'était vrai #1 Marc LevyIf Only It Were True is French author Marc Levy's first novel released in 1999 Lauren Kline is a pretty young medical resident completely devoted to her work in the Emergency Room of San Francisco Memorial Hospital She worked round the clock dealing with patients until she got into a serious car accident As a result of the accident Lauren went into a coma She woke to awareness outside of her still comatose body and was frustrated that she could not communicate with anyone After a while she chose to spend most of her time at her old apartment where she is discovered by Arthur the man who took over renting the place Only he can see hear or touch her After some initial disbelief on his part they fall in loveIt was translated into English in 2000 and was adapted into the American film Just Like Heaven in 2005 A 2006 Bollywood movie named I See You is also an adaptation of this book عنوانها کاش حقیقت داشت؛ و اگر حقیقت داشت ؛ نویسنده مارک لوی؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش چهاردهم ماه می سال 2012میلادیاین کتاب «مارک لوی»، با دو عنوان «کاش حقیقت داشت»، با ترجمه خانم «مژگان محمودی»، در 260صفحه، توسط نشر البرز فر دانش 1388، و شابک 9786005545241 در قطع رقعی و وزن 650گرم، و دیگری با عنوان «و اگر حقیقت داشت »، با ترجمه ی خانم «الهام دارچینیان»، در 304صفحه، توسط نشر علم روز بیست و ششم ماه اردیبهشت، سال 1385هجری خورشیدی، منتشر شده استنقل از کتاب «تصورکن برنده یک مسابقه شدی و جایزه­ ات اینه که بانک هر روز صبح، یک حساب برات باز می­کنه و توش هشتاد شش ­هزار و چهارصد دلار پول می­گذاره، ولی دوتا شرط داره؛ یکی اینکه همه پول را باید تا شب خرج کنی، وگرنه هرچی اضافه بیاد ازت پس می­گیرند؛ نمی­تونی تقلب کنی و یا اضافه ی پول را به حساب دیگه­ ای منتقل کنی؛ هر روز صبح بانک برات یک حساب جدید با همون موجودی باز می­کنه؛ شرط بعدی اینه که بانک می­تونه هر وقت بخواد بدون اطلاع پیشین حسابو ببنده، و بگه جایزه تموم شد؛ حالا بگو چه طوری عمل می­کنی؟ او زمان زیادی برای پاسخ به این پرسش نیاز نداشت و سریعا؛ همه ما این حساب جادویی را در اختیار داریم زمان؛ این حساب با ثانیه­ ها پر می­شه؛ هر روز از خواب که بیدار می­شیم هشتاد و شش ­هزار و چهارصد ثانیه به ما جایزه میدن، و شب که می­خوابیم مقداری را که مصرف نکردیم، نمی­تونیم به روز بعد منتقل کنیم لحظه ­هایی که زندگی نکردیم از دستمون رفته؛ دیروز ناپدید شده؛ هر روز صبح جادو می­شه و هشتاد و شش ­هزار و چهارصد ثانیه به ما میدن؛ یادت باشه که من و تو فعلا از این نعمت برخورداریم، ولی بانک می­تونه هروقت بخواد حسابو بدون اطلاع قبلی ببن؛ه ما به جای استفاده از موجودیمون نشستیم بحث و جدل می­کنیم و غصه می­خوریم؛ بیا از زمانی که برامون باقی مونده لذت ببریم ازت تمنا می­کنم؛ پایان نقل ا شربیانی

  2. Annie Annie says:

    I was so delighted when I discovered the movie was inspired by a book I really thought the film was so sweet such a feel good kind of chick flick The book however is a whole lot betterThis is the kind of story that makes you believe in magic It makes you believe that two people can be fated to love one another and that that love is capable of creating the most unexplainable of miracles It's books like this that strangely feature no religion but yet make me feel closer to God to the universe to the love that connects us allPerhaps one of the most gorgeous parts of this story comes from Lauren's observations of the world now that she is no longer part of life There is a message in this book about living in the moment and it is spoken through Lauren's anguish at being separated from her family her regrets her desperation to be heard and most of all in her ability to see all the beauty in life There's a part of the novel towards the very end where Lauren plays a game with Arthur about a bank account This particular scene really touched me You'll know what I mean when you read itIf you're feeling disillusioned and need to remember what it's all about give this book a go It won't take you long to read and when you've finished you'll feel as though you've taken a good long deep breathWatch LIVE bestselling author interviews and win free booksIn this fun interview series bestselling novelists reveal the secrets behind their beloved storiesall whilst playing a round of Pictionary with a live audienceYOUSubscribe now to ensure you don’t miss an episode

  3. Valérie Valérie says:

    Marc Levy writes a poetic funny love story between Lauren and Arthur Their first meeting is not very ordinary because she was in his closet and he is the only one who can see her He does everything for her so that she can go on living and that welds them together

  4. Abbey Abbey says:

    Have you all seen the super cute Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven? It was one of my faaaaavorites in high school a fun uirky sweet chick flick Turns out it was based on a book called If Only It Were TrueSo when I was looking for an audiobook for my trip home for Easter and I found the book version of Just Like Heaven I was excited I also got The Kite Runner but decided to listen to Just Like Heaven which I later discovered was originally called If Only It Were True first because I thought it would be lighter and funWrongGuys don't read this book Probably I mean it has good reviews on Goodreads so I guess some people like it But seriously don't Here are a few reasons I didn't like it1 Holy sentimentalism Batman The whole book is overly dramatic and sentimental Granted it makes sense to have an increased awareness of the value of life when you're kind of a ghost and don't know if you'll ever be alive for real again But man did this book drag When I think of it I think of The Notebook which I didn't like btw dipped in molasses and dragged through a vat of icing Yup that's what I'm going with It was just too much2 There was a lot of the whole creating situations and or characters for a singular reason business that I don't like For example spoiler alert Arthur at one point steals Lauren's comatose body for a while Since he ends up giving it back and not getting in any trouble the only point I could find to him stealing her was to force him to go to his mother's old house and remember and be sad and force his relationship with his mother to the front Which brings me to my final point3 Aaaaaaaaaaaargh the mother stuff It was just awful No one talks like the mom does No one And it didn't relate to the Lauren stuff and was just stupidThe book is also sprinkled with terrible writing like when we conveniently find out only right before they wanna have sexy time that Lauren can change or eliminate her clothes just by thinking about it Which she does and she's suddenly naked then she stands there naked and explains that she can do it Isn't that awkward? I thought it was terribly awkwardAnyway Maybe read this book But probably don't

  5. Eva Eva says:

    This is too much of a romance novel for me too like it It's about Arthur who moves into a new appartement In his closet he finds a woman She turns out to be the previous inhabitant who had a terrible accident and is in a coma The woman he sees in his appartment is only her spirit He falls in love and when the hospital is proposing euthanasia he sets out to save herThe story has good parts some funny stuff But also terrible passages concerning the police investigation Very much a charicature and absolutely unreadable

  6. Kate Kate says:

    This book was preachy and sentimental And I am someone who usually enjoys sentimental romantic books The basic premise of the story was interesting enough the spirit of a girl in a coma can only be seen by one special guy However the author delves into all kinds of background information that was completely unrelated to the plot such as excessive information about the guy's dead mom and her lover I kept thinking WHY is this extra stuff in here? The book needed some serious editing And boy the lessons about living every moment were plastered over every page of the last couple chapters However my biggest peeve was that it was never explained why this guy could see her and no one else could why sometimes the girl could touch things and sometimes she couldn't and why something else happened that I won't give away because it would be a big spoiler From reading the synopsis of the Reese Witherspoon movie based on this book it seems that MANY changes were made to the script that improved the story So I would probably see the movie and avoid this book Unless you are one of those people who really really likes the sappy uotations about life that people post all over facebook because this book reads like a compilation of those

  7. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Et si c'était vrai is the story of a man haunted by a troublesome ghost possibly a mental illness of his until she turns out to be closer to him than he realizes and when he discovers that there's still some hope to restoring her life he does everything in his power to help her Despite being kind of preachy for the most part this novel was incredible

  8. Jenne Jenne says:

    I picked this up while weeding books at my library because that movie with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo where she's in a coma and he falls in love with her ghost was based on itI didn't like the movie that much but I thought maybe the book would be good I'm not sure why Anyway it wasn't

  9. Czarny Pies Czarny Pies says:

    Faute de pouvoir donner cin étrons je lui donne une étoileDepending on how you look at it Et si c'était vrai is either a shoddy novel or a serviceable movie scenario that ultimately become Just like heaven starring Reese Witherspoon 75% audience approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes The French publishing industry has produced far too many of these monstrosities over the last 20 years Marc Levy's recipe is admittedly very strong From The Choice based on the Nicholas Sparks novel he takes a beautiful young doctor in a coma a hero who refuses to let the hospital authorities euthanize and a discussion of God's grace From Mermaid he takes a heroic kidnapping to save the heroine's life and an appeal to the audience members to let the magic of love enter their livesOne would have to be churlish to hate this well intentioned work I am It gets one star because there is no lower rating on the scale

  10. Jadine Jadine says:

    I wanted to love this book because it is what the movie Just Like Heaven was based on I figured the characters would be fleshed out and you would learn about Mark Ruffalo's character but the whole back story was different and not nearly as engaging Rent the movie; it was worth watching than once and the book wasn't worth finishing even once

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