The Circle Unbroken ePUB ñ The Circle MOBI :Ú

The Circle Unbroken ePUB ñ The Circle MOBI :Ú

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  1. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    45 Stars Belinda Burke introduced a fantastical world of mythical characters in Dark Side of the Sun book one in the Eight Kingdoms series and has continued to build upon its mythology as well as the relationship between Macsen Cadoc and Bran Fionann in The Circle UnbrokenThis series is several things all at once it’s a love story of opposites it is Irish folklore it’s the pagan celebration of the seasons and it is a story of vengeance Macsen is the Red King—the King of Winter His lover Bran is the son of the Summer ueen and this is where the contradiction of their love story lies within the unbroken circle of the seasons and the interconnectedness of their respective times They are dualism and yet winter and summer necessary to each other to complete a cycle and this also is the cause of friction in the complicated that is their relationshipIntegral to this story is the human element the huntress ueen of Ireland who is out to destroy the sidhe But she is no match for Macsen and has her sights on Bran I loved the element of suspense in this part of the storyline the crossing over of the two realms and the conseuences of these humans and the fae not only interacting but in the division of allegiances This is a major arc in the series and will carry over as the storyline moves forward because Dealla is nothing if not obsessedMacsen and Bran’s relationship is tested in this installment Bran beginning to uestion his place in Winter as well as his place in Macsen’s heart Is it bloodlust or the oath that binds them one to the other or does Macsen truly love his prince of Summer? These uestions Bran can’t answer are cause for conflict because he isn’t sure he can trust his Red King’s motives and as much as the first book was about the mate bond this book introduced all the realities of not growing a relationship outside of that bond I loved where that took these two and felt it deepened and strengthened what’s been growing between themAs with the first book in this series Belinda Burke’s prose is stunning and at times borders on poetic There’s an intrinsic passion between Macsen and Bran that is evident in every scene The world building and the lushly worded descriptions of time and place are vivid enough to draw mental images of each scene giving some an almost dreamlike and ethereal uality which I loved as wellThe Circle Unbroken is a great addition to the Eight Kingdoms verse and one that has done nothing but improve upon this fairy tale worldReviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approach Reviewshttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco

  2. DaCon DaCon says:

    Re read

  3. Nikyta Nikyta says:

    Reviewed at The Blogger GirlsIt’s been only a few days months to humans since Macsen rescued Bran from the humans Days of Bran not doing anything and Macsen fearing Bran will get bored and leave But while Bran is getting bored he has no intention of ever leaving Macsen That is until Bran meets sidhe from other kingdoms and hears things that uestion not just Macsen’s feelings for him but Macsen’s intentions as well With the threat of Dealla still out there Bran must come to terms with what he knows and what he doesn’t know but when the time comes to learn the truth will he be able to accept what that and who he is?Where the previous book Dark Side of the Sun was all about Macsen finding Bran and rescuing him this book is about the fragile relationship Bran and Macsen now have It’s about learning the truth about their bond and Bran coming to accept what his new life is like living in the Winter Kingdom In addition to that Macsen’s last threat to Dealla has haunted her all these months and she’ll do everything in her power to kill Bran before he can kill her to the point that her obsession with Bran consumes herI still adore Bran and Macsen They’re complete opposites with Bran being the sun and Macsen being the night but they also fit together uite well and are able to give the other what they so desperately need – love touch compassion companionship I loved that Bran still uestions his role at Macsen’s side and his struggles to accept Macsen’s ways At the same time I love that Macsen is this brutal cruel being but so gentle and caring towards Bran Many times over the course of the book it’s mentioned how Macsen shouldn’t be trusted because he’s bound to deceive you However the only person he wouldn’t dare deceive is Bran and that gave me the warm and fuzzies throughout the book LOLMy only big issue with this one is that the constant POV switches to Dealla irritated me As a character I hate her She’s very vindictive and petty but also slightly annoying because she thinks she’s entitled to everything It wasn’t just that though I felt like Dealla stole the show in this book to the point that her number of POVs seemed to outweigh Macsen and Bran’s Personally I would have liked less of her and of our boys because I just felt like they weren’t given enough screen time Of course this is a personal opinion so others may think differently Beyond that there were a few uestions left unanswered but I’m guessing those answers will come with the next bookEven so this was a great seuel I really enjoyed getting back to Bran and Macsen and seeing how their relationship is put to the test I loved that Macsen treats Bran so differently than he would anyone else and how Bran is still so naive when it comes to being sidhe Be warned this book doesn’t have a conclusion when it comes to the overall conflict but to me it wasn’t such a huge cliffhanger to really agonize over I’ll be looking forward to the next book in the series though because I feel like things are about to get waaaaay interesting

  4. JJ JJ says:

    This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below Bran and Macsen begin their life living together but Bran is restless Having spent his whole life working it is difficult for him to adjust to his new existence; doing nothing but sleeping with his lover Bran finally has a chance to meet his mother and starts to wonder about the oath made between her and Macsen when he was a child He worries that the connection he feels between him and Macsen is some kind of magic and he begins to doubt their love At the same time Macsen senses Bran’s boredom and discontent and worries that Bran will go visit his mother and never return Macsen’s fears are realized when Bran’s doubts result in him leaving Macsen to live with his mother Macsen tries to exist without Bran but finding it impossible eventually goes out to find him At the same time Bran realizes that Macsen truly loves him despite any oath previously made It appears that the couple will get back together but danger from the previous regime threatens their reunion Despite all the heartbreak this book has a happy endingI am a big fan of fantasy and loved the mood that Belinda Burke creates which gives the world an ethereal feeling In the previous book I was hoping that Bran would wake up and doubt his union with Macsen since there appeared to be some kind of compulsion involved when they first met So I was glad to see Bran step out of the haze and start to consider whether magic was making him love Macsen or whether their love was real At the same time Macsen’s suffering when Bran leaves made me dislike Macsen less Before he seemed very arrogant and took Bran for granted but this separation makes him realize Bran’s worth The only difficulty I had with this book was that it took uite some time for the story to unfold However I was happy that Bran and Macsen were able to resolve their issues by the end

  5. Tyari Tyari says:

    I love it Again Belinda Burke has published another beautifully written book I'm on the edge of my seat as I read further and further My heart is in my throat in anticipation and hope that everything will turn take a turn for the better Macsen is so deeply in love with his Bran it's just painfully beautiful poor conflicted Bran just wants to find his place and Dealla Well Dealla has a few screws loose I almost cried when I finished it I can't wait to read the next one

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The Circle Unbroken (Eight Kingdoms #2) ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Circle Unbroken (Eight Kingdoms #2) By Belinda Burke ➱ – A prince a king an oath to bind and an oath to break Can something begun in darkness survive the light Or does the shape of that oath define loveand the circle unbrokenThree months have passed since M A prince a king an oath to bind and an oath to break Can something begun in darkness survive the light Or does the shape of that oath define loveand the circle unbrokenThree months have passed since Macsen The Circle MOBI :Ú Cadoc’s rescue of Bran Fionnan—three mortal months three days in Macsen’s Red Kingdom Bran has begun to seek a place for himself—as sidhe as Summer’s Prince and as Macsen’s consort The Red King has begun to balance the thirst of his own nature with the love that now moves him just as much Yet when Bran is reminded of an oath that was made between them when he was just a child that which has so far held them together may end up tearing them apartWhile the strength of their love is tested a mortal enemy is once in motion Focused only on their destruction Dealla seeks to step into the place of her dead father–to rule over the Milesians and fulfil the oaths of crown and country To do so she must find a way to hurt two foesone new and openly deadly the other ancient and its enmity long asleep Allies appear in unlikely places armed by their own motives to seek the same destruction Dealla desiresbut the price of success may be higher than the cost of failure—higher than any plot or plan allowsWhat is the price of an oath fulfilled Is love born from nothing or does it wear a path that can be traced.