Touching the Edge Epub ✓ Touching the PDF or

Touching the Edge Epub ✓ Touching the PDF or

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Touching the Edge
  • Michael McClure
  • English
  • 23 September 2014
  • 9781570624407

5 thoughts on “Touching the Edge

  1. Josiah Miller Josiah Miller says:

    Amazing Some of these devotions are jaw droppingly beautiful and some are just ugly but they all are thought provoking and are ugly and beautiful for a reason It makes me feel like i want to start reading this over again but i might let it sink in first

  2. Richard Richard says:

    I've been reading Michael McClure since sometime in the early 70's though I've never gotten through an entire collection until now Touching the Edge is McClure totally on his game with 99 pages that come deep from the heart of meditation The subtitle of the book is Dharma Devotions They feel a little like being inside McClure as he sits It's a stunning book in his inimitable style and would be a good exercise one poem one day at a time which is pretty much how I took them There's a bit of a reminder of Kerouac's Mexico City Blues in that Touching the Edge is not so much 99 poems as one rolling poem of verses while the chorus is in your mind and is the practice itselfVague? Ohok

  3. Joe M Joe M says:

    The Bay area poet Michael McClure first came to prominence in the Beat era This book subtitled “Dharma Devotions from the Hummingbird Sangha” consists of 99 poems split into three sections of 33 poems McClure’s attention to aesthetic beauty is well realized in the poems’ form uncluttered; vertically oriented with a freuent use of all capitalized words; and centered at the page sometimes directly dropping down and sometimes drifting slightly askew as if blown by the wind In terms of content the Buddhist influence that has informed McClure’s latest work is clear The poems are loaded with natural imagery especially a plethora of types of birds and flowers as well as other Eastern images such as bells incense dragonsyet McClure is careful not to exclude man made objects either emphasizing the co existence of these elements Reinforcing this holistic view he employs a freuent use of paradox contrast and negation to suggest that the world of the illusory and the immaterial exists on an eual plane with ‘reality’ “It’s all flying apart and coming together” “motionless wine in a moving flagon” “Thoughts twine around nothingness” “Ever and ever is nothing maybe” “The content of the enlightenment is everywhere nowhere” “hear imagined echoes of imagined roaring” “I was whoever” “delusion resting on real insubstantiality” Another Buddhist theme is that of recycling key words and phrases repeat throughout the poems eg hummingbird blossom mountain fog delusion lion throne and are ‘reincarnated’ in a manner by subtle changes in their associated words My favorites of these repeated phrases are “the calico cat kitten sleeps slides snores” and “Manjushri’s snow lion roars coughs as the flame sword swings” My enjoyment of this book has increased with each read As McClure writes “This may be delusionbut it shines originally written May 23 2008

  4. Mat Mat says:

    Beautiful poignant moving Buddhist flavored poetry in the same vein as his collection Plum StonesMcClure's poetry has achieved a remarkable refinement and sophistication as a result of his studies into Buddhism In these poems you can feel his gentleness and spirit as he explores the delicacy of fruit the poetry in motion of animals such as deers and raccoons as well as the ephemeral delicacy of twigs covered in lichen or paint or ink splashed across the page The way he gets the reader to center his eye and attention on the center of the page with only a few words on each line often only one word helps us glide through this book with ease and wonder Highly recommended You will come away from this book changed with a beautiful refreshing perspective on life and how every moment is not only a glance but a triumph and a painting to be lived and appreciated Some moments in life are only witnessed by us and it is these treasures which we should live and enjoy when they take place One great uote I remember from this book is Wisdom is not knowledge but awareness How trueGreat stuff

  5. Mills College Library Mills College Library says:

    81154 M1286to 1999

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Touching the Edge[KINDLE] ✽ Touching the Edge By Michael McClure – Innovative Beat poet Michael McClure has written a book of poems unlike any of his others These dharma devotions are fruits of his Buddhist mediation practice Like bold calligraphy moving vertically d Innovative Beat poet Michael McClure has written a book of poems unlike any of his others These dharma devotions are fruits of his Buddhist mediation practice Like bold calligraphy moving vertically down a white scroll they surprise the eye and mind awakening us to a heightened sense of everyday things.

About the Author: Michael McClure

Michael McClure born October in Marysville Kansas is an American poet playwright songwriter and novelist After moving to San Francisco as a young man he found fame as one of the five poets including Allen Ginsberg who read at the famous San Francisco Six Gallery reading in rendered in barely fictionalized terms in Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums He soon became a key member of t.