Irenaeus on the Christian Faith MOBI Ô the Christian

Irenaeus on the Christian Faith MOBI Ô the Christian

  • Unknown Binding
  • 216 pages
  • Irenaeus on the Christian Faith
  • James R. Payton Jr.
  • 27 November 2016
  • 9780227900178

3 thoughts on “Irenaeus on the Christian Faith

  1. Potter McKinney Potter McKinney says:

    This book is a welcome and needed tool for those interested in the theology of ancient Christianity It is a condensation of a much longer work the Adversus Haereses of Irenaeus of That work though incredibly interesting and relevant to modern theological discourse is in many ways inaccessible due to two factors the increasing datedness of English translations and the content of the work itselfOn this first point Payton has done a wonderful job of editing the work of existing English translations for greater readability Despite the complexity of the work I never felt confused by the wordingPayton’s work on this second point is far interesting Irenaeus’ original work contains a massive amount of information about historical groups of heretical Christians and their thought This material is meticulous and charitable to Irenaeus’ credit But to the modern Christian or Christian theologian this material so dense and complicated is basically useless except as a record of historical context In some places this crowds out Irenaeus’ relevant insights into the Christian faith Payton has excised much of this and presents only those insights using footnotes to contextualize them This makes it much easier to understand and interpret this great theologianLikewise the short introduction is superb and proves the significance of this work to anyone interested in the ancient Church and its historyThe only aspect of this book that makes me give it four stars instead of five is that I would strongly prefer headings that give a sense of what Irenaeus is talking about because sometimes his writing especially when condensed as Payton condensed leaves one confused as to the topic at hand All in all I recommend this work without hesitation

  2. Zach Hedges Zach Hedges says:

    This rating is for the introduction and translation provided by Payton not the content of the work itself which of course is an indispensable patristic classic The decision to condense the text by eliminating the vast majority of Books I and II which consist largely of Irenaeus' polemic against various Gnostic sects seems misguided from the outset as confirmed by Payton's explanation of that decision in his introduction not least because it removes much of the contextual material that allows for a thorough comparison and contrast of Irenaeus' reading of scripture with that of his opponents Thus while this volume should certainly not be consulted for scholarly purposes it does provide an accessible and highly readable stylistic update not an original translation to the wearisome English renderings of the ANF series

  3. Brian Collins Brian Collins says:

    Payton realized that much of the helpful theological material in Against Heresies remains inaccessibly buried to most Christians The recitation of Gnostic beliefs in the first several books of Against Heresies discourage readers from pushing forward to theologically rich passages Further until recently Against Heresies was only available in an older 19th century translation the recent translation in the ACW series remains incomplete Payton seeks to remedy these defects by updating the language and style of the older translation and by excising Irenaeus’s detailed discussions of Gnosticism and leaving behind his theologically rich teaching

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Irenaeus on the Christian Faith➽ [Reading] ➿ Irenaeus on the Christian Faith By James R. Payton Jr. ➲ – Irenaeus of Lyons c 130 202 is heralded as one of the greatest theologians of the post apostolic church The spiritual grandson of the apostle John for his instructor in the faith was himself taught by Irenaeus of Lyons c is the Christian eBook ✓ heralded as one of the greatest theologians of the post apostolic church The spiritual grandson of the apostle John for his instructor in the faith was himself taught by the apostle his writing stresses the importance of apostolic teaching and faithfully handing on the apostolic tradition Irenaeus's magnum opus Against Heresies offers an Irenaeus on Kindle - unparalleled insight and interpretation of John's own writing and an exposition of the Christian faith Payton's compendium is a careful distillation of Irenaeus's masterpiece He presents St Irenaeus's writings as a collective and seminal point in the development of Christian theology from its genesis in the first century and as a compelling exploration of the Christian doctrines of the early church on the Christian Kindle ´ For years James Payton has studied Irenaeus's most important work the result is an extremely accessible and yet still erudite condensation of Ireneus's theology; the essential companion to a work founded in a thorough knowledge of Scripture and steadfastly rooted in the apostolic tradition of the early churchPayton's examination of patristic theology is vital for those interested in learning what the early Christian church received and passed on from the apostles.

About the Author: James R. Payton Jr.

James R Payton Jr PhD University of the Christian eBook ✓ Waterloo Canada is emeritus professor of history at Redeemer University College in Ancaster Ontario Canada He is the author of Light from the Christian East An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition and Getting the Reformation Wrong Correcting Some Misunderstandings as well as the editor of A Patristic Treasury Early Church Wisdom for Today.