Gone Gardner and Freeman #2 MOBI ✓ Gone Gardner

Gone Gardner and Freeman #2 MOBI ✓ Gone Gardner

Gone Gardner and Freeman #2 ❴Read❵ ➫ Gone Gardner and Freeman #2 Author Rebecca Muddiman – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Emma Thorley is gonebut not forgotten GONE is a twisty story of murder guilt and unintended conseuences from an exciting new crime novelist 250000 people go missing in the UK every year91% of those re Emma Thorley is gonebut not forgotten and Freeman PDF/EPUB ¶ GONE is a twisty story of murder guilt and unintended conseuences from an exciting new crime novelist people go missing in the UK every year% of those reported to police Gone Gardner PDF/EPUB or are found within hours% of cases are solved within a yearAnd % stay goneEleven years ago troubled teenager Emma Thorley went missing The police assumed she was a runaway But now a body has been found in Gardner and Freeman eBook ✓ woods near BlythDI Michael Gardner knows he didn't take Emma's disappearance seriously enough back then and is determined to make up for it now But when he and DS Nicola Freeman start to reinvestigate they discover that nothing is as simple as it seemsAs news of the discovery travels the past will come back to haunt all those involved Because there are conseuences when good people do bad things and some secrets cannot stay buried for ever.

About the Author: Rebecca Muddiman

Rebecca was born and raised in and Freeman PDF/EPUB ¶ Redcar She has lived and worked in Holland and London and travelled across America on a Greyhound bus in She won a Northern Writers' Award in and the Northern Gone Gardner PDF/EPUB or Crime Competition in When not writing she spends her time watching Game of Thrones and dealing with her two unruly dogs.

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  1. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    A staggering 250000 people go missing in the UK every year 91% of those reported to the police are found within 48 hours 99% of cases are solved within a year And 1% stay goneI loved reading Gone by Rebecca Muddiman she certainly weaves some clever twist that no one would see coming Eleven years ago when Emma Thorley went missing DI Michael Gardner didn't take her disappearance seriously but he is determined to make up for it now As a body has been found in the woods near Blyth with Emma's ID on it DI Freemans starts a new investigation Emma was a drug user who visits Ben Swale at a clinic to help her come off drugs Ben becomes one suspect that he murdered Emma as Ben left working for the clinic eleven years ago at the same time Emma disappeared Emma's ex boyfriend Lucas Yates becomes another suspect that he murdered Emma Crime fans you cant miss Gone by Rebecca Muddiman It is time now for me to go and put the kettle on but I will back soon with another crime book review

  2. Christine Christine says:

    Thanks to Mulholland Books and Bookbridgr for my lovely copy of ‘Gone’There is something rather fascinating about a missing person case It is the element of mystery and speculation And Rebecca Muddiman brings this to life in her new novelRebecca Muddiman explores a missing person investigation in two time frames Emma Thorley was a teenager who disappeared eleven years ago Emma’s disappearance was not taken that seriously She was a troubled young teenager and had gone off the rails after the death of her mother A body is found and it is assumed that it is Emma The story alternates between 1999 when we see Emma with her contemporaries and get an insight into what her life was like In particular we see the thuggish Lucas an ex boyfriend of Emma’s and her drug’s worker Ben We also have the 2010 present day police investigation run by DS Nicola Freeman with assistance from DI Michael Gardner Gradually the pieces of the mystery of what happened to Emma come togetherThis is a clever mystery; with some rather interesting and well drawn characters and a strong sense of realism The characterisation made it work for me and Rebecca Muddiman’s style of writing just draws you into this world of teenage nightmares I loved the detectives and the 1999 account of Emma’s life and her struggles to get her life back on track Both Freeman and Gardner with their own personal stuff going on were the right balance of uirky and down to earth I particularly was fond of Nicola Freeman and her dogged determination to find out what has happened to EmmaAnd it was lovely to read a crime story set in the North EastAnyone who can write a good mystery gets the thumbs up from me I will look out for Rebecca Muddiman again

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I actually won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway so thank you to Goodreads and the publisherThis is the first book I have actually read by this author Even though it is the second in a series it easily reads as a stand aloneThe book is made up of pretty short chapters I think the longest being three or four pages this made it feel like uite a fast paced read as I flew through the book Obviously it helps that it was a gripping read alsoI really enjoyed the story line of a missing person Emma was very much a troubled teen a former drug addict the fact that she went missing before obviously had the police at the time not taking her disappearance seriously There’s only ever been her dad who believed in her and knew she wouldn’t just take off like that without letting him knowGardner and Freeman I liked instantly The working relationship between the two I really enjoyedLucas Emma’s former boyfriend is very much a nasty piece of work and I really didn’t like him at all He ends up giving the police a run for their money in trying to uncover the truth before them and Gardner and Freeman really have their work cut out in staying aheadWith the short chapters and a gripping story line this really is a good and solid crime thriller The author kept me guessing through out and loved that there was a few surprises in store Will certainly be reading

  4. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    An extremely clever and addictive mystery story to be found here another great crime novel and it kept me on my toes throughout I have been lucky lately to find a lot of new crime novels one of my favourite genres this is a top notch addition to my must read authors listSome brilliantly drawn characters lead us along the most fascinating of which is one Lucas Yates someone who has a past with missing teen Emma Thorley now presumed dead and who was not that fond of her Then we have DI Michael Gardner a man haunted by his past when it comes to his present colleague relationships with the sense that he did not do the search for Emma justice at the time of her disappearance These two very different but eually compelling characters made this book for me I was eager to find out the outcome for bothThe mystery element is beautifully imagined and very well constructed as the story ebbs and flows there are some great twists and turns and Rebecca Muddiman has a great turn of phrase and descriptive prose that keeps you deep into the story throughoutOverall then highly recommended for Crime Fiction fans an excellent addition to my list of author favouritesHappy Reading Folks

  5. Thebooktrail Thebooktrail says:

    Following on from her success with Stolen the winner of the 2010 Northern Crime Writers competition in 2012 has done it again and places the North East on the North East Noir mapRead the review with map here Gone in the North EastThe book opens in Middlesbrough and Blyth as we meet a series of characters who have just heard the news “The body was found in woods near Blyth earlier today”Their reactions to it could not be different and the trail of suspicion starts to weave and coil its way around each and every one of them throughout the novel The missing girl is thought to be Emma who disappeared 11 years ago but it is DI Michael Gardner based in Middlesbrough who reacts with regret that he failed the girl Meanwhile Louise also in Middlesbrough fears that the discovery will mean that 'they will find out what she's done' Then we are in Blyth the scene of the crime and we meet Lucas a vile and sexist individual who ‘ has history’ with the dead girlThe investigation into the woods and into those who knew Emma takes the police deep into the heart of Northumberland Morpeth is a place of interest for someone linked to her past Alnwick police station the office of DS Janet Williams becomes a place of investigation too since someone the police become interested in and so before long the trail from her disappearance to her discovery becomes a veritable trail across Northumberland and beyondStill it is the woods near Blyth which provide the dark and chilling point of interest Added to that the looming presence of Lucas and the dark criminal clouds start to gather in earnestReviewA snappy well structured and well written tale of a chilling and very real to life case Maybe it was the statistics in the blurb which did it but this felt like a real case and for that reason the undesirables you meet in and around Blyth are particularly nasty very real and believable just down right nastyTold in dual time line 1999 and 2010 present day this was an effective mix of the confusion and regret of the present day investigation coupled with the dangerous unravelling of the past very effective two paced thriller which made me want to read just one chapter in order to fill in another missing piece of the puzzleThe mix of characters was particularly interesting as the two police officers joined up to solve the crime The regret and sheer frustration of the investigation past and present rang true and when you add those people Emma knew well and their past actions the puzzle grew in complexity and took on a life of its ownA missing persons case is perhaps the greatest puzzle of all as everyone seems to have a theory or an explanation of what happened But peel back appearances and there is a lot ‘behind the scenes’ You the reader feel very much a part of the investigation and the breadcrumb trail Rebecca leaves you is not as easy to follow as you think I was left wondering what on earth I would find out at the end of it And I was not disappointed Gritty real and a North East Noir pin on the booktrail map

  6. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    Wow That's the only word I can think of to start this review and to say that I wish I was better at writing them as this one will be short I'm writing this review a few days before the end of 2014 and already I feel that I've read some of 2015's best books one of which will surely be Gone Rebecca has written a brilliant story here one that definitely kept me on my toes throughout It's a story that had me thinking one thing when I should have been thinking something totally different I also feel I should have paid attention as I might not have been caught so off guard when certain things were revealed It's such a complex tale written in such a clever wayThe book opens with the discovery of a body believed to be that of Emma Thorley who went missing eleven years ago when she was a teenager We meet three very different people who have differing reactions to the news DI Michael Gardner feels that if he had done at the time of the investigation Emma might still be alive Louise looking forward to Christmas is caught off guard with images of home and the discovery of Emma as it means that 'they will find out what she's done' Meanwhile there's a particularly sexist and vile individual reacting to the news Lucas Yates Lucas hated Emma thinking back to the last time he saw her when he was filled with rage he believes that it won't be long before the police come knocking After all he and Emma have historyI started this book late at night planning to read a couple of chapters before bed I never learn from my mistakes Fast forward a couple of hours and I was still wide awake totally consumed by this book with one eye on the clock as I should have been asleep Sometimes though a book is just too good for sleep and Gone is one of those books Rebecca writes with such skill it comes across as effortless making the book so eminently readable and seriously enjoyable It's very much a mystery story featuring a lot of unsavoury characters all of whom I was afraid to trust I honestly didn't know what was around the corner and couldn't turn the pages uick enough It's twists and turns galore all the way through and I loved it I could easily see this book being made into a TV drama and think it would be brilliant if it was As I started to reach the conclusion I found myself wishing pages would miraculously appear as I didn't want the book to end as the action is cranked up to the max I highly recommend Gone to those that like an addictive mystery which is exactly what this book is

  7. Pat Pat says:

    I really enjoyed this its what I would call a 'uiet' thriller It got uite suspenseful towards the end but the entire story was infused with enough drama to keep you turning the pagesThe body of a teenage girl is found in a shallow grave There is not much of it left but police believe it to be Emma Thorley who had disappeared 11 years ago DS Niccola Freeman is on the case and tries to contact everyone who knew Emma to see if anyone can remember anything relevant This brings her to Lucas Yates who had been Emma's boyfriend for a while although they had broken up by the time she disappeared She also contacts Ben Swale who was a counsellor at a drug clinic that Emma had attended Then there's DI Michael Gardner who was the investigating officer for the original disappearanceAs these two police officers team up and dig deeper initially just to be able to confirm the identity of the body they start to wonder what really happened and uestion everything they thought they knew This was a well written mystery with an excellent twist that kept me turning the pages rapidly until the very end

  8. Colette Lamberth Colette Lamberth says:

    I really enjoyed Stolen and always planned to read the follow up and can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years To be honest I have read so much in the intervening period that this was like starting over and the author gives you enough of the characters’ back story to make that possible I have a bit of a soft spot for DI Gardner and I definitely warmed to DS Freeman as the book went on This all felt like it could really happen particularly the way the police officers acted with one another It felt like it moved up a gear towards the end and I was page clicking like crazy to finish it I’m going straight on to book 3 as I’m keen to see what Gardner and Freeman do next

  9. Storm Storm says:

    This one gets straight in there with the discovery of a young girl's body believed to be that of Emma Thorley a local girl who disappeared 11 years ago aged 16 Initially police suspect she was murdered by her violent thug of an ex boyfriend Lucas the local drug dealer and generally all round nasty piece of work However suspects do start to work their way out of the woodwork; such as Ben a local drug therapist who was straddling the line of appropriate behaviour whilst working with Emma to get her clean; and Jenny the local drug addled bike who had a thing for Lucas as well as really disliking EmmaCoincidentally both Ben and Jenny left town about 11 years ago Ben left to look after his sick mother but when uestioned 11 years on he denies ever knowing Emma – even though he was uestioned and happy to help the police 11 years ago And Jenny has not only left town but taken on a whole new identity So what are they hiding? And why is Lucas now so desperate to find these two before the police do?This one was a great read that got straight into it without any faffing about It switches between the present day investigation and flashbacks of when Emma first went missing You are only drip fed the flashbacks though in order to keep you guessing An eual amount of focus is given to the investigating officers Freeman and Gardner's side of things – including substantial character development – as is given to Emma and all those that knew herThroughout you feel like there is much to all of this than is being alluded to and you will feel as frustrated as DS Freeman when you feel like things just don't uite add up But then BAM I was treated to the first twist that has full on slapped me in the face in a very long time This was one that I did not see coming one little bit Usually with even the best of twists I will probably suss it at the latest by a few paragraphs before the actual reveal But this one had a one word reveal and I genuinely had no clue until I read that one word What also made a refreshing change was the male and female officers on the case not ending up in bed together – I find this often cheapens a story so I was pleased that they remained professional though not cold Speaking of cold the reader is often reminded of the cold – specifically regarding the weather but also reflecting some of the characters and the bleakness of their stories Set in the deprived areas of North East England it was also a gritty and stark reminder of how rough life can beEssentially I really enjoyed this one It seemed that I had finished it extremely uickly but it wasn't lacking so I must have just been completely enthralled And my God that twistMy thanks to the publisher for providing this book for review

  10. Samantha Kilford Samantha Kilford says:

    For this review and bookish posts visit my blog hereThank you to Mulholland Books for sending me a copy of Gone in exchange for an honest reviewA gripping and well written British crime story Gone was just absolutely phenomenal I haven't read anything from Rebecca Muddiman before but after devouring this over the space of three days I might have to pick up her other book Stolen which is part of the same series as Gone Muddiman's writing is just compelling and I can assure you that if you haven't read Stolen it will not be a problem when it comes to enjoying Gone I have had a uick look at the summary myself and the basic outline of what happens in Stolen is recapped briefly in this second novel Although if Gone is anything to go by then I will definitely be giving Stolen a readDropping the reader right into the action I was instantly fixated with this story line You'll know by now that I adore crime thrillers due to the immense amount of fun it is to follow the detectives on their case As I've said before I would not make a very good detective but not even the cops in Gone had this one sussed There are just so many twistsWhat I also liked was how an eual amount of focus is given to both the suspects and the officers investigating the Emma Thorley case which I find to be uiet rare in a lot of crime novels As a reader there's nothing enjoyable than seeing characters develop over the course of the book and it was nice to see how each of their stories played out From Freeman and Gardner to Emma and those who knew her these characters were distinct and felt very realSpeaking of characters feeling very real I must applaud Muddiman on that feat The character of Lucas Yates completely made my skin crawl I don't think I've ever been so unsettled by a fictional character He was arrogant vicious and misogynistic I couldn't hate a character any than I hate Lucas I know you're probably wondering why I'm dedicating an entire paragraph to a character I absolutely despised? Well the reason is that it proves what a terrific author Rebecca Muddiman is The way in which Lucas and a lot of characters are written provoke a vast array of emotions whether it be hatred or sympathy No character in this novel is without flaws and that's something I greatly admire about Gone If you're looking for heroes and happiness this isn't the book for you Gone is very refreshing in the fact that it's realistic None of the characters have a perfect life behind closed doors which yes is tragic but it's not too far off how real life can be in that aspectGone is everything I want out of a crime thriller It's gritty dramatic and will have you on your toes

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