To Lie With Lions PDF ê To Lie PDF/EPUB ²

To Lie With Lions PDF ê To Lie PDF/EPUB ²

To Lie With Lions (Wolf Rock Shifters, #4) ❰PDF❯ ✑ To Lie With Lions (Wolf Rock Shifters, #4) Author Carina Wilder – “Mmmm a lion Oh my You know what they say about lions” “What’s that” “Once you go lion you never walk without crutches again” The ingredients a lion shifter with the blood of a cowboy Ad “Mmmm a lion Oh my You know what they say about lions” “What’s that” “Once you go lion you never walk without crutches again” The ingredients a lion shifter with the blood of a cowboy Add to that the curvaceous daughter of a rich mogul A burgeoning crime syndicate run by a mysterious man whom no one can find or trace When Nash the solitary young man who enjoys long rides on horseback through the mountains meets Cecile a white tiger shifter his life transforms into something he'd never imagined But To Lie PDF/EPUB ² before he can be with the woman who seems destined to be his mate he must find a way to protect his town Wolf Rock from the threat that's infiltrated it It doesn't help that her billionaire father isn't exactly crazy about his daughter being with a ranch hand Which will win out when duty and love collide This novel is recommended for readers because of some strong language and steamy scenes There's also a little blood and gore because after all these are shifters we're talkin' about.

9 thoughts on “To Lie With Lions (Wolf Rock Shifters, #4)

  1. Kim Kim says:

    To Lie With Lions is the fourth book in this series I enjoyed the storyline You have a hot lion shifter named Nash who is educated and is working his families farm You have a rich girl named Cecile who is a white tiger shifter They are attracted to each other but don't fit into each others worlds Nash is trying to protect his community from some men who are strong arming the people who live there He has to do somethings he is not proud of and he keeps praying that Cecile will forgive and understand Will he be able to do his duty for the community he lives in? Will Cecile still be in love with him? Will Cecile's rich father accept him for who and what he is? Great read with twists and turns

  2. Tina Tina says:

    Another great shifter read concentrating on Cecile and Nash Nash is home from college he's a lion shifter strong and protective When Cecile comes to the ranch for her horse ride the two seem to naturally connect she's a white tiger shifter who has a good heart but things are happening in Wolf Rock that cause Nash to do what comes unnatural to him will Cecile understand why he's doing what he's doing? Or will she believe what the whole town is starting to believe about Nash? I really enjoyed this story great plot dialogue and of course the characters are great We see reoccurring characters but also new ones This love story starts off rocky but falls beautifully The sex is so hot descriptive but not crude We have lots of angst twists and turns I enjoyed how they have also set the next story up in the series so I think I'll be moving on in the series Would recommend to paranormal lovers

  3. Sandy Digger Sandy Digger says:

    Lions Tigersoh myThis is the fourth book in the Wolf Rock series It centers around a lion shifter Nash and a white tiger shifter who turns out to be his mate If you like some mystery and suspense thrown in with the hot sex and romance then you'll enjoy this series The town is being terrorized by some unknown boss who's underlings are doing the dirty work You'll never guess who's behind it all or why but you'll enjoy the reading This is a full length book and can be read as a standalone book

  4. Pam Louis Pam Louis says:

    This takes place in wolf rock only this time cat rule lolIt's all about two cat shiftersNash is a hot lion shifter raised on a ranch but has been off to college for awhile but now he is back and looking to set up his life Cecile is a rich girl with a heart of gold She is also a rare white tiger The first time she meet Nash she knew he was her mate Now to get Nash on the same page lol but her dad is determined to keep them apartThen the bad guys show up in townOh I love these characters even if I wanted to hit Nash over the head a few times lol

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    Nash has come home after finishing college to help and be with people who understand him He is uick to get angry but his lion is not a killer He likes to chase the native wildlife and scare the predaters so they look else where for food Some shifters move into town and start a protection racket Members of the wolf pack want help with finding the big boss and they ask Nash to go undercover He pretends to want money and protection for his family's ranch

  6. Trina Trina says:

    Pretty good I enjoyed this book Found a few things with the story that bothered me like the pack asking Nash to be a party to lying to his would be mate knowing full well that none of them would have ever considered doing that But as always it turned out well Overall good book

  7. Sharon Webb Sharon Webb says:

    AwesomeAnother wonderful story from Carina Wilder This series is one of many I've read but again she has a way with words To be able to mix the different shifter characters together as she does makes it so much better

  8. Gillian Gillian says:

    A really good series of books Short and uick to read but full of interest

  9. Ceola Ceola says:

    Good book

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