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Cards on the Table ePUB ð Cards on MOBI :Ú

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  1. Dita - on short hiatus Dita - on short hiatus says:

    My Belgian buddy has done it again Bravo PoirotThis one was weird I think Aggie was having an off day when she decided how to conclude this one but Agatha Christie is like pizza even a poor showing for her is pretty damn good

  2. Adrian Adrian says:

    Well how have I missed this one I don't remember the book or the David Suchet TV version and yet this was or should I say is one of my all time favourite Poirot novelsThe story is an excellent one with all the twists and turns you can expect from the Dame and for the first time in a while it also heavily features the enigmatic Poirot as well as the delectable Ariadne OliverWithout giving the game away literally the story is focussed upon a meal hosted by an unpopular man with 8 guests Following the meal the guests split into 2 with 4 people playing Bridge in one room and 4 others all detectives in their way playing Bridge in the next door room Mr un Popular is sat by the fire relaxing through an evening of Bridge At the end of the evening after many rubbers Mr un Popular is found deadPoirot and Mrs Oliver being 2 of the detectives are ably joined by a Police Superintendent and a Secret Service operative the other two players in their investigation of the only 4 possible suspectsAfter many twists and turns red herrings and blind alleys the denouement is a lot than expectedThis is truly a great detective story and could be held up as a paragon of the genre Thoroughly enjoyed and thoroughly recommended Certainly a big contender for my book of the month

  3. Amalia Gkavea Amalia Gkavea says:

    “He played the part of the devil too successfully But he was not the devil Au fond he was a stupid man And so he diedBecause he was stupid?It is the sin that is never forgiven and always punished madame” A flamboyant mysterious host who goes by the impressive name of ‘’Mr Shaitana’’ invites eight guests Four sleuths and four people who are possibly capable of murder Following a rather exciting game of bridge Mr Shaitana is found dead Now each one of our sleuths has to investigate and try to connect the dots leading to motive and the perpetrator Memory sins of the past dangerous secrets and an impressive pile of the finest stockings compose one of the most elaborate and exciting mysteries of ueen Agatha This is the introduction of Ariadne Oliver the most impressive sassy and downright glorious sidekick of our beloved Belgian genius “Life is a difficult business” said Mrs Lorrimer “You’ll know that when you come to my age It needs infinite courage and a lot of endurance And in the end one wonders ‘Was it worthwhile?” My reviews can also be found on

  4. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    An eccentric rich guy called Mr Shaitana whose features were described as Mephistophelean; ha ha dear Mrs Christie very funny was a collector To topple his own eccentricity one fateful day he decided to collect perfect impossible to prove murders So he threw a party inviting four different people who committed such murders it was not said directly but it was strongly implied and four investigators from different parts of investigating business They were Mrs Ariadne Oliver a writer of detective novels on her later Superintendent Battle police Col Race secret service and Hercule Poirot private detective All of these four people have their own series; this is an example of Agatha Christie doing crossover yet again While the last four were playing Bridge in a room the first uartet with the host was doing the same in another room What follows is exactly the plot Hercule Poirot described in The ABC Murders when Hastings asked him what would be an impossible to solve perfect murder One of the four stick a knife into the host while others were busy playing cards Anybody who played for anything other than candy wrappers knows that during play situations often arise when nobody sees anything other than the table and cards At this point it is possible to remove all the furniture from the room except for the aforementioned table with nobody noticing So one of the four was afraid that hisher past crime would be disclosed and suspecting only the host knew about it struck when nobody was looking Which one? It was practically impossible to figure out Luckily Hercule Poirot was present He obviously became interested and eventually solved the crime starting with noting at all except the Bridge score list By the way my limited knowledge of the game I entertain the idea of starting playing it when I retire was enough to take a note of one irregularity which attracted Poirot attention as well Of all the characters Mrs Ariadne Oliver deserves a special attention This is her first but not the last appearance I am convinced the Dame of Mystery wrote this character after herself I am sure I am not the only one I do not know if Mrs Christie loved apples the way Mrs Oliver did but other parallels are clearly visible Mrs Oliver most famous private investigator was a Finn She mentioned she was tired of explaining the choice of his nationality it just happened I am willing to bet any money Agatha Christie was asked about the choice of Poirot's nationality countless number of times I am also sure her reasoning for selecting it was similar In case I did not make it clear this was the best demonstration of Poirot's knowledge of human psychology in the absence of any clues he had to use it in his investigation Add interesting characters in addition to Mrs Oliver Superintendent Battle was if not genius then at least very capable in his investigations The result is a great 4 star mystery

  5. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    I'm done It feels like I am finishing books up so slowly lately June wasn't a strong reading monthThanks to Hercule Poirot it ended well the Belgian detective dominates the story from start to finish That may sound like it's something needless to say but Agatha Christie did tend to have some Poirot books where the beloved detective didn't even show up until the second half or toward the end In this case we open up with him at a party and end with him entertaining survivorsThe story was fascinating While it wasn't her strongest mystery who cares because I loved the general concept Poirot was invited along with three other detectives of sorts one mystery novelists a Scotland Yard Detective etc to have dinner with four murderers who had gotten away with it When the party host is found dead in front of all the guests they had four suspects Blending the past murders with the present was interesting enough but it was the time Christie took to dig into various motivations and personality traits that was the actual winner here Sometimes her story takes so much focus that characters play mere backdrop counterparts but in this case the paper people are individually drawn and convincingly motivatedIt may not be the most exciting in her library but so far it's one of my many favorites The story speeds by and it stays intriguing from start to finish The ending line was just hilarious too have to love the people who dare to tease the detective

  6. Janete Janete says:

    35 The plot was awesome but the book's conclusion wasn't good

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    I hadn't read any Christie in years though I've kept my ancient paperback copies of her books through many household moves Picking up Cards on the Table as part of a group read reminded me why I haven't let them goIn a word reading this was fun pure and simple Christie isn't brilliant at any one aspect of writing but she's decent at all of them And I love the pace The plot moves along briskly without feeling rushed and the various misdirections at the end are deliciously entertaining The fictional detective Poirot's friend the fictional author of mysteries Ariadne Oliver makes an appearance in this book and as always she's an entertaining addition Her idiosyncrasies along with Poirot's balance nicely against the two staid sleuths making up the crime solving foursome in the book four other characters are the potential murderersI suppose that if I knew about the game of bridge the book would have been even entertaining but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway Definitely rates 5 stars when compared with other golden age mysteries

  8. Brina Brina says:

    Hello to my goodreads friends September turned out to be a busy month with holidays and work so busy in fact that I didn’t open a book for a week and a half With only a little over three months to go in the year I am beginning to experience 2020 burnout as I’m sure others have at various times throughout the year Like so many times during this year Agatha Christie has been there for me The ueen of Crime with her cases featuring Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple has kept my little gray cells active in an otherwise mentally draining year In my busiest of times I’ve turned to Dame Christie again this time in an uniue case featuring four of her sleuths Mr Shaitana enjoyed collecting objects d’art and flaunting his taste at parties A self proclaimed Mephistophelian his collections included pieces from Egypt and the Far East items that wowed most of his visitors In a move that appeared even uniue to him Shaitana decided to collect four sleuths and four murderers and invite them to the same supper party This move while shocking announced that there will be a murder here so let’s see if the detectives are up to the task of preventing or at least solving it The crown jewel of the dinner party was none other than Hercule Poirot who had known to only be wrong once in twenty eight years of detecting He would be joined by Inspector Battle Colonel Race and the peculiar Ariadne Oliver as they attempted to foil Shaitana’s plot before murder was committed right under their collective noses Whatever the motive of Shaitana’s experiment was a murder was indeed committed at the party his own It would be up to Poirot and company to solve a case that was designed to mock their expertise The murder centered around a game of bridge and Poirot’s methodology involved asking each of the four players potential murderers all how well they remembered both the rounds of cards dealt and the attention to detail in the room His instinct was that one of the four would have at least noticed the other committing murder even if they did not reveal to him who the guilty party was Whereas Mrs Oliver had no idea whodunit and acted as though she did and Inspector Battle employed the methods used at Scotland Yard Poirot used his little gray cells to solve this case one that utilized all four of the detectives’ collective intelligence By conducting mind games and social experiments Poirot would bring Shaitana’s murderer to justice and perhaps even solve some old crimes in the process Because Poirot is never wrong As one who enjoys reading Poirot’s cases I am used to seeing him work alone or at least with Colonel Hastings who is usually as baffled by the cases as the average person I am not as familiar with Battle or Race although they have appeared from time to time in Poirot’s other cases It was intriguing for me to see him interact with other detectives at his intellectual level even ones as strange as the crime writer Mrs Oliver In Mrs Oliver Christie wrote herself into certain cases because it is apparent that in writing as many books as she did she had as much aptitude to solve mysteries as her fictional creations did Even with the assistance of three other sleuths it is apparent that Poirot was intellectually ahead of the game as it was he who recognized whodunit from the beginning and only had to interview all of the potential defendants in order to go through the motions of an investigation I found this case featuring a game of bridge an intellectual game in its own right to be uniue from Christie’s other cases in that from the beginning the reader knows that the murderer has to be one of four people eliminating a lot of the legwork that goes on in an investigation As a result Cards on the Table ended up being a intellectual crime that usual showcasing the height of Poirot’s intellectual sleuthing powers Like Poirot I had a hunch whodunit this time around and read through to see if I was right but to see the methods employed in this uniue setup for a case Agatha Christie has helped me get through this uniue year and I still have a few of her cases to get through before the year is out Mentally I’m ready for the calendar to read 2021 I think then I’ll be able to exercise my gray cells with literary tomes that I have not attempted in months Until then Dame Christie is there and Poirot is never wrong 4 stars 🕵️‍♂️

  9. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Cards on the Table Poirot #15“Real life’s a bit different” said Scotland Yard Superintendent Battle“I know” said mystery novelist Mrs Oliver “Badly constructed I could make a better murder any day than anything real I’m never at a loss for a plot”Not a household name Cards on the Table yet it has things to recommend it First it involves a—first time—introduction by “Agatha Christie” speaking for Hercule Poirot as a “real person” whose case we will read as one of his favorites The core of this case is the murder of a mysterious “foreign” always exoticizing the other this Christie snuff box collector a Mr Shaitana who organizes a bridge party to exhibit yet another “collection”—of murderers—four people he knows who have committed murderers and gotten away with it Shaitana also invites Scotland Yard Superintendent Battle Colonel Race of the Secret Service Ariadne Oliver a famed mystery novelist and Hercule Poirot a semi retired Belgian detective “It is impossible not to give oneself away—unless one never opens one’s mouth Speech is the deadliest of revealers”—Poirot The presumption is that between the four of these latter types we will see who is the best sleuth and though we already know the answer to this one the four actually work together pretty well Battle in particular is a than able participant in the solution to the crime not a joke like former Poirot sidekick Hastings and I like this arrangement better It's less insulting to the Scotland Yard That the mystery novelist Oliver is also in the hunt is a kind of joke Christie plays on herself in a homey self deprecating way She’s the comic relief in the story and sort of a star of the show a really memorable characterShaitana is killed with a knife during the bridge game so it is clear one of the invited murderers wait was that a good idea inviting four murders to dinner or not? have done him in Poirot’s primarily psychological analysis the mind at times can see clearly than the heart focuses on bridge moves the extent to which each suspect recalls items in the room and the past—did the suspects actually kill someone and if so how? People reveal who they are to Poirot and they rarely surprise him finally after he figures them out Logic rules You will not figure this one out but if you want to stay close to a solution pay attention to what Poirot pays attention to and largely ignore the rest The rest isn't boring but it is a fair number of pages you know are not completely relevant of course but necessary detective work One feature of this one is that a confession takes place roughly fifty pages from the end 250 pages into it a confession I completely buy but that is just the beginning of a series of crazy surprises and pretty ingenious reversals This is a pretty average Christie tale for the most part but the way it turns out reveals that “average” for Christie is spectacular for most mystery writers I might nitpick that it goes on too long as they will often do but in the end mais oui Some interesting featuresShaitana is referred to as Mephistophelean by several characters with his flair for the dramaticAs is often the case characters are racist about Jews but here “Dagos” are in for their share of abuse But white men? Colonel Race dismisses Major Despard of suspicion “He’s a white man Battle” “Incapable of murder you mean?” “Incapable of what I’d call murder yes” by which he means justifiable homicide isn’t murder and white men usually have perfectly good reasons for killing people This is Race's racist view not necessarily Christie's view Writer Oliver at the apparent moment of Poirot’s revelation of the murderer “Least likely person It seems to work out in real life just the same as in books” and later when she sees it is now someone else she says uite untruthfully “I always said he did it”Fun times 35 rounded up to 4 for the last 5 starred fifty pages for the puzzle maker non pareil Funny and head shakingly clever And I had never even heard of this one

  10. Tim Tim says:

    “Least likely person It seems to work out in real life just the same as in books” Mrs Oliver Cards on the TableThe fact that this is a uote in the book absolutely delights me That it’s played with multiple times after the uote makes it even better Mr Shaitana is throwing a party There will be drinks bridge and a bit of murder You see Shaitana is a collector and one of things he’s collected is murderers Not just any murderers but the ones who have gotten away with it; the ones you can’t uite prove are murderers Upon a chance meeting with Hercule Poirot he comes with a funny to him at least idea He will invite some guests over eight people in total and four of them murders The other four? Hercule Poirot of course Superintendent Battle if Scotland Yard Colonel Race of the Secret Service and Mrs Oliver a writer of mystery novels Four murderers and four sleuths It’s a great little joke on his part until one of them realizes this little game and murders him With little in terms of clues the only way to solve this crime is to solve the crimes of the past and find out which if any of the guests really did commit them This is honestly one of Christie’s cleverer Poirot novels in my opinion It’s a little slower moving then some of them with much of the book being built up piece by piece much like a house of cards as we slowly piece together the past in order to understand the present In her very tongue in cheek forward to the book Christie says that this is one of Poirot’s favorite of his own cases but that his friend Captain Hastings found it a rather dull affair With this little joke she actually sets the tone uite well This is a uiet murder mystery with very little flash about it but a great deal of analyzing the psychology of our potential murderers There’s also a good deal of humor in this one much of it supplied by Mrs Oliver This is her first appearance in the series and it will not be her last She is a freuently returning character to the Poirot novels and at least one book outside of the series and in a rather interesting development I actually liked her in this one Mrs Oliver is the anti Captain Hastings in that Hastings was extremely annoying in his first couple of books but as Christie evolved as a writer he got tolerable In this case Mrs Oliver started off a rather amusing foil to Poirot but later would become such an annoyance that I freuently hoped the cases would involve solving her murderHere though she plays an almost meta character with whom Christie voices her own frustrations with writing mysteries She claims not to care about the “facts” involving real investigations but gets caught up in the details so much that she writes herself into corners and then has to do research to found out which type of beans would be in season so as not to be inconsistent with her books She has gained popularity writing a foreign detective who is Finnish rather than Christie’s Belgian sleuth and she can’t stand him but continues writing his books because he’s popular Given Christie’s well known dislike of Poirot this comes off as absolutely hilarious All around this one just works for me The case is clever the characters are entertaining and this time around the side bits of comedy actually come off as humorous rather than groan worthy While it doesn’t stand as one of the greatest of Christie’s books it is certainly right below them and well worth a read to any mystery fan A solid 45 stars

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