Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3 PDF Ó as Steele

Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3 PDF Ó as Steele

Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3 [PDF / Epub] ★ Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3 Author Georgette St. Clair – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Roxanne has suffered a concussion after a severe bump to the head but that's okay she's having the best hallucination ever It involves being rescued by an incredibly handsome man who can turn into a w Roxanne has suffered a concussion after a Steele Timber Kindle × severe bump to the head but that's okay she's having the best hallucination ever It involves being rescued by an incredibly handsome man who can turn into a wolf and lusts after her like no man ever has Hard as Kindle - before No really in her home town plain chubby Roxanne was lusted after by no one Her handsome shifter hallucination is so hot she finds herself wishing she'd never recover Steele Battle wolf shifter Sheriff of Timber Valley has met the love of his life and as Steele Timber PDF/EPUB Ä he must leave her behind with her memory erased because she's human and can never know about the existence of his people A year later he's still mourning the loss of the woman who captured his heart when she strolls in to the bar in his as Steele Timber Valley Pack Kindle - remote out of the way town which is not on any human map How did she find him and what does she want To keep her safe Steel has no choice but to hold her captive until the town's shaman returns to erase her memory for good but will Steele be able to part with the love of his life a second time.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 158 pages
  • Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3
  • Georgette St. Clair
  • English
  • 03 July 2015

10 thoughts on “Hard as Steele Timber Valley Pack #3

  1. Abril Sol Abril Sol says:

    Yikes this one was a big no noThe plot might have worked if the book had at least 200 pages In a book this short? Not really

  2. Starr Starr says:

    I could not get past the part that she feels shes dreaming just because he is able to lift her Then the fact that she's must be hallucinating just because he's hot and wants to be with her Chick had serious issues I didn't want to get past

  3. Ruckasaurus Rex Ruckasaurus Rex says:

    I am a big big fan of Georgette St Clair’s paranormal romance work especially the Shifters Inc and Blue Moon Junction series I especially appreciate the fact that the heroines that his writer produces are not always society’s ideal but instead are big beautiful woman BBW and definitely not the dishrag type Her shifter covers typically feature a hot steamy dude and his animal counterpart with an open skyline or nature setting at the bottom near the title Hard as Steele is part of her Timber Valley Pack series which runs about 150 pages per book making them shorter stories but excellent uality and ideal for a single day read or bedtime readHard as Steele stars Roxanne a small town cook who is rescued by a smoking hot dude after a car accident and Sheriff Steele Battle of Timber Valleywho is the smoking hot dude of course Although shifter and human relationships are strictly forbidden by pack law things get carried away Instead of forgetting Steele as intended Roxanne starts to suffer from horrible bouts of amnesiaand over a year later shows up in Steele’s shifter town asking for him The armed kidnappers from previous books are back too and unknown shifters come on to the scenebut what will happen to Roxanne and Steele? Shifter law dictates that anyone revealing shifters to humans must pay the ultimate price but is a life without love really living?I enjoyed the book and I enjoy her work – you will not be disappointed The book is currently going for 99 cents at and I am sure Barnes Noble is competitively pricedFavorite uote of the book “Well you’re a hallucination Of course you’d say that Maybe you’re an angel trying to cheer me up as I’m dying Not that I mind” she added This is one good looking angel she thought to herself Thanks Supreme Being I really appreciate it”RuckieYou can find the author on her website Facebook or Twitterhttpgeorgettewritescom you enjoyed my review check out my website or find me on Facebook or Twitterhttpwwwromancereviewsbyruckiecom

  4. Hollie Hollie says:

    short but fulfilling This book has a suspenseful plot and likeable characters A solid 45 star rating here I appreciated it being original For a uick read it as intense throughout

  5. Carrie (Bears Read Too) Carrie (Bears Read Too) says:

    This review was originally posted on Bears Read Too Hard As Steele is book 3 in the Timber Valley Pack series by Georgette St Clair    Best one so far     Steele Battle is the town sheriff and is respected and loved by all  He has been uiet and solemn around the pack lately and has no interest in hooking up with anyone and we finally get to find out why in this book  Roxanne is a human who isn't supposed to know anything about the shifter society but she's having dreams or are they memories?This series is so much fun  The excitement and anticipation is so good that you can't stop reading  The characters are all fantastic  I love the humour in the dialogue  It's hilarious  I love the style of St Clair's writing  She grabs your attention right off the bat and then holds it right to the very end  It's not an overly huge book but I read it in one sitting  I just couldn't help myselfIt's not completely perfect though  Here's what I didn't care for  I would like to strangle the Wardens  I started to take a liken to one of them and then he turned out to be a dick because they are such sticklers for rules  Rules are meant to be at the very minimum bent  The harshness for breaking a rule is archaic  There are bad people and shifters alike but the punishment that they wanted to enforce on Steele was uncalled for  Save that kind of punishment for terrible acts rather than trying to save someone's or several life  I'm very unhappy that view spoilerSteele was banished from his pack and never is to have contact with his family and friends ever ever ever again or he faces death  WTF?  He along with his human saved the lives of several shifters that had been going missing  The wardens certainly backed him up long enough to rescue people and then still wanted to kill him because he left pack territory with a human who had knowledge of their existence  First of all he didn't leave WITH her she was taken and he went after her  That annoyed me  I mean he accepted his punishment and is fine with it because he likes where he's ending up but still in my opinion he really didn't do anything wrong  Maybe it's all in St Clair's plans to fix this in future books???  I hope so hide spoiler

  6. JJH--Judy JJH--Judy says:

    4 4 12 stars I really loved this one It was way different than the rest of the series One reason is I liked the characters Steele was a good alpha without being over dominating Roxanne was funny smart and sweet I thought their relationship and chemistry was a bigger part of the overall plot and I could actually see this couple together It also had a very exciting suspense plot line that had me guessing until almost the very end Secondary characters were well done and entertaining too I was disappointed in the actions of some of Steele's pack mates toward the end but it just added another level tension I don't feel it's totally necessary to read the others in the series to enjoy this book the author did a great job with the backstory

  7. Shosh Yusufov Shosh Yusufov says:

    50 I knew it starsfrom the first moment I seen this book I wanted it it looked interesting and Georgette St Clair is my UEEN so I had to have it and when I had it I couldn't stop reading it the writing was great the characters entertaining the female characters was oh so funny and the story was mesmerizing view spoilerin that moment when Steele said he couldn't have kids with a human I knew she would be pregnant XD I mean COME ON She was a virgin and they weren't using protection what do you think would happen? hide spoiler

  8. Ashley Ashley says:

    45 StarsSuspensful engaging story charming warm MC's and captivating side characters There was a lot of buildup to his character and this didn't let me down Another pretty girl that doesn't know shes pretty The view spoilerbaby hide spoiler

  9. Margo Margo says:

    This is my favourite so far There is an ongoing story about a military group who has been targeting and kidnapping shifters As well there is the story of Steele the sherriff of Timber Valley who falls in love with a human A big no no in the shifter world It could mean death Roxanne's world is tilted when she finds out Steele is a wolf but that's not all she finds out If you like shifter books it's a good read but you really need to read the first two to understand what is going on

  10. Laura Butler Laura Butler says:

    In I really like this series but how this book ends makes me not want to read it any The counsel has been on my nerves sense book one but in this one they went too far And no mention of the pack taking up for Steel You can't choose who you fall in love with and he is being asked to I hope in the next book they try to change this If the counsel's ruling stands I don't think I want to read any about a family that basically disowned you because of who you love

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