Ben Raphaels All-Star Virgins Kindle à Ben Raphaels

Ben Raphaels All-Star Virgins Kindle à Ben Raphaels

Ben Raphaels All-Star Virgins ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Ben Raphaels All-Star Virgins Author K.Z. Snow – Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title Sixteen year old Jake McCullough and his friends Rider Brody Carlton and Tim are the invisible boys of Ben Raphael Academy an exclusive coed prep school Brody decid Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title Sixteen year old Jake McCullough and his friends Rider Brody Carlton and Tim are the invisible boys of Ben Raphael Academy an exclusive coed prep Ben Raphaels Epub / school Brody decides they need “mystiue” to garner attention “Nobody has mystiue than a desirable virgin” he declares Thus is born Ben Raphael’s All Star Virgin Order or BRAVO The boys polish their appearances Brody launches a subtle but canny publicity campaign Soon the boys are being noticed But they’re emotionally fragile Two have succumbed to a seductive female teacher Jake and Rider roommates and best friends who are attracted to one another fear the stigma of being gay It takes an unspeakable tragedy to make the BRAVO boys realize what’s important in life and that “virginity” has than one meaning.

  • ebook
  • 134 pages
  • Ben Raphaels All-Star Virgins
  • K.Z. Snow
  • 24 March 2014
  • 9781632162571

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  1. Ami Ami says:

    When Joyfully Jay decides to have another reading challenge month this year and opens the first week with TBR Pile Week or read books that have been in your TBR piles for at least a year I decided to finally read this one KZ Snow is one of my favorite authors in the first 5 years of my reading MM genre around 2010 2014 She no longer publishes books sad face; this YA novella was her last released in 2014 I bought it immediately back then but never read it because I couldn't get the right mood to do soI must say that this isn't her strongest book There is uite an important social issue here view spoilersexual abuse by female teacher towards the male teenagers hide spoiler

  2. Lena Grey Lena Grey says:

    At best the teenage years are a confusing time of life; on one hand teens want to be uniue and to be noticed; on the other hand they want to try to fit in and appear like everyone else Jake from 'Ben Raphael's All Star Virgins' by KZ Snow is right in the middle of this ambivalence when his friends form an alliance dedicated to improving their images making them appear intriguing and popular rather than boring and unnoticed Jake doesn't care so much because he's not interested in being noticed by anyone other than his roommate Rider; but at the same time Jake is trying to deny the physical sensations being close to Rider invoke He's not ready to admit that he may be gay As their campaign to make them appealing continues secrets are revealed which change the lives of Jake and his friends foreverJake is a good young man smart honest and almost pretty As with most of his friends Jake has distant parents who don't feel like family At school he and his friends experience the nurturing they miss at home by banding together as brothers of the heart Jake has been making excuses for years about his attraction to other men not wanting to admit the obvious; but when it comes to Rider the feelings are so strong they become impossible to deny only Jake won't take the first step Their love is just beginning to blossom when Jake accidentally discovers a dark secret about Rider which could tear them apart Jake is hurt but the relationship between them is too important for him to ignore it Jake knows if they are going to continue to be together he has to know the truth He confronts Rider which clears the air and gives Rider the courage to finally get out of a bad situation Getting things out in the open draws Jake and Rider even closer togetherRider has been attracted to Jake for a long time but hasn't acted on it because he's not sure that Jake is gay Finally he decides to show Jake how he feels and Jake confesses his attraction as well When Jake finds out about his affair with one of their female teachers Rider knows he owes it to Jake to be completely honest with him He explains how it started and how difficult getting out of it is especially with someone as manipulative and cunning as his teacher is Rider knows that the conseuences of ending things with her could be devastating if the teacher tries to turn it all around to sound like Rider is the one who instigated the affair but Rider has had enough and along with Jake's support is ready to face itAlthough this is a YA story it concerns itself with some tough issues KZ handles these with honesty and compassion Older women preying on children is not a subject anyone wants to think about but it is one which everyone should be aware of There are certain signs that adults need to recognize in order to keep our children safe from this emotionally devastating circumstance Children should never be made to feel ashamed used and guilty by adults particularly ones whose care they are under Mixed in with all this seriousness is a very endearing love story I admired Jake for his honesty and Rider for being able to forgive himself and go on to create an even closer bond with JakeI recommend this serious but important story not only to teens who need to learn how to deal with these kinds of situations but to adults as well I think we need to keep our children as safe as we possibly can and this book has some important information about how to accomplish that Thanks KZ for this insightful and informative storyNOTE This book was provided by Harmony Ink Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. Samantha Samantha says:

    Read my review here Pride that depends on the approval of others is a false pride layered on from outside yourself like gold leaf When the leaf begins to flake and chip you see the base material beneath it When you see the base material the shiny deception exists no What are you left with?Soul crushing disillusionment A sorrow that seems absolute There's something about youth that is so wonderful and yet so sad This is displayed perfectly in the story of five young boys who attend Ben Raphael Academy a boarding school together They're than friends they're family but in the midst of a chaotic world filled with typical teenage drama they're virtually invisibleWhen one of them comes up with a plan to change that to make them become noticed and to highlight their “mystiue” as virgins who aren't trying to chase tail a rare breed among boys their age the rest go along What starts out as a simple act to try and make a uiet forgotten group noticed and desired winds its way into a far darker journey of discovery loss and love I forced myself to look at the sky The stars wheeled thickly overhead This night they seemed like a gateway to infinite possibilities not a glittering veil over a dark suctioning void I went into this thinking it was going to be a fun cute Young Adult story I'm not typically one for that genre but this sounded interestingWell I can say for certain that cute and light were not uite what I got out of this It speaks volumes about the thought process of youth and how they seek to be seen but than that seek acceptance It was all a very sad reality to me And while there is an element of romance in this between Rider and Jake I feel the heart of the story lies in the group of boys themselvesReading the blurb again I think it sounds a bit cheesy toward the end in regards to an unspeakable tragedy and when I read what this tragedy was it may have at first seemed over dramatic and far fetched but the I thought about it the realistic it actually was and that thought made me incredibly sadPOTENTIAL SPOILER REGARDING POSSIBLY TRIGGERING TOPIC I was also surprised at the heaviness of a certain topic in this I will say that if anyone has a hard boundary line when it comes to relationships between minors and adults of the manipulative nature you should steer clear of this For some reason I didn't expect it to happen Granted this isn't a long book but it still surprised me when the initial idea was hinted at and then fleshed outI do think that the tragedy aspect of it as well as the taboo relationship part would've been impactful in a book of novel length With this being 134 pages everything was uick and the brief glimpses we got of this issues being dug into were uite nice but just not enough given the weight of themIn general a good story but certainly not something I'd suggest if you want a uick light read uick yes but light not so much

  4. Becca Becca says:

    KZ writes about some very sensitive subjects And uite well This book left me happy for the findings of beautiful love but heartbroken over the loss of it as well For someone to give up on life because of a game someone played with their heart is devastating Don't be a game player Be a love

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    The boys are 5 friends who go to a boarding school and have decided to start the Ben Raphael's All Star Virgin clubTwo of the boys start a relationship but they keep it uiet Obviously because they are under 18 any sexual activity is fade to black or off the page We had several story lines going at once The female teacher praying on the boys and then the subseuent ending to that story I felt that this story was just the opening few chapters it felt too short to really get going

  6. Mike Oaks Mike Oaks says:

    TouchingThis short story will take you on a long ride A lot is covered in the pages and you'll share their hope as well by the end 40 for giving it a chance to grow

  7. Brandilyn Brandilyn says:

    Reviewed by Brandilyn for Prism Book Alliance High school is tough Add to that knowing you are unwanted by your family and you have to rely only on the family you make aka your friends to get you through That is the scenario facing Jake Rider Brody Tim Carlton and many of their classmates at Ben Raphael an elite boarding school in Wisconsin For Jake and his friends they are the outcast among the elite outcasts So like any goo teenager they come up with a way to be noticed Declaring themselves the Ben Raphael All Star Virgin Order as a way to be noticed

  8. jules0623 jules0623 says:

    I almost stopped reading a third of the way in because I was bored and really unimpressed with the writing It did get better but it felt like a very long trip to get to the good stuff

  9. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Didn't really work for me The narrator didn't feel like a 16 year old boy to me

  10. DeeNeez DeeNeez says:

    A well written coming of age and realization of ones sexuality all tastefully done A story of 5 very close friends at an elite boarding school and two very close roommates

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