The Bosss Baby PDF/EPUB ☆ The Bosss ePUB Ò

The Bosss Baby PDF/EPUB ☆ The Bosss ePUB Ò

The Bosss Baby ❰Read❯ ➵ The Bosss Baby Author Cristina Grenier – A Sexy BWWM Interracial RomanceEver since Adrianna’s heart was broken she’s contented herself with throwing all of her energy into building a career in hotel management while spending free time re A Sexy BWWM Interracial RomanceEver since Adrianna’s heart was broken she’s contented herself with throwing all of her energy into building a career in hotel management while spending free time reading from The Bosss ePUB Ò her vast library or going out with her girlfriends But something is missing and when her best friend suggests sex as the answer it strikes a chord But never did she intend to fulfill her desire with her boss John Merritt What starts as a fling boils over into something much hotter and when emotions become a problem Adrianna’s not sure she wants to take things to the next level Now in an uncertain relationship with her boss Adrianna fears at the future she never had in mind for herself Her friends see the positive change and so does her mother but Adrianna isn’t sure she’s ready to settle down and trust a man again despite how excited John is to start a life with her But his loyalty is tested when a work crisis causes him to turn on her and Adrianna wonders if there is there any hope of a reconciliation or is she going to spend her life as alone as she’d once convinced herself she should.

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  1. Tonileg Tonileg says:

    Contemporary workplace romance with a Hotel manager finds love with her regional managerThe pregnancy was obviously going to be a factor because they never used protection in this silly story Adrianna was super smart except when she was having sexy time with her boss John Merritt at her work place which was too ridiculous This was clearly a fantasy situation because sex at the work place is totally gross Yuck But the chemistry between Adrinna and John was believable and well written as was the sexual harassment issues in this story Didn't find anything original in the story although the best parts are when Adrianna is hanging out with her friends That felt very real and natural168 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

  2. postcrdprincess postcrdprincess says:

    This is the first book that I have read by this author The title of the book was a draw for me because for some reason I enjoy reading unexpected pregnancies by women with their bosses especially interracial romances I also liked that this was an actual book which meant that the hero and the heroine were going to have a relationship of some kind not just uick sex and then oops I’m pregnantThe book did start off a little slow for me It seemed to focus on actual job duties of the heroine in her career as an assistant manager of an affluent hotel However it didn’t stay that way too long I did enjoy that this book wasn’t solely focused on the fact that the heroine was black and the hero was white The only time it was actually brought up was by the heroine because of her fear of what people would think if a black woman moved up the ranks in her career by her boyfriend who happened to be white; in others did she sleep her way to the topThe heroine did at times get on my nerves with her fickleness with the hero when it came to their relationship but it wasn’t enough for me to want to throw or scream at my Kindle LOLI think this book could be a five star book if we the reader had been given just a little back history or information about the hero and a tad depth to the hero and heroine’s relationship I would read books by this author

  3. Andrea Chambliss Andrea Chambliss says:

    Great storyCristina Grenier book was well written and entertaining Adrianna was successful in her job as a hotel manager and looking for a friends with benefits relationship only She had tried romance before and didn't need the drama She has an encounter with her boss and the fun begins

  4. Tina Young Tina Young says:

    This was Great Read This was my first Cristina Grenier book but it will definitely not be my last The story was very well written and flowed beautifully from beginning to end Addy and John's story was one that was a Intriguing and Challenging I can't believe this was a Free BookT

  5. Shyla Colt Shyla Colt says:

    Entertaining read with a bit of drama nice back stories and likable characters I found myself sad to see this couple go

  6. Seto chor hang Seto chor hang says:

    I have watched the movie the boss baby but this is the first time I have read the book about boss baby although some of the content might not be same as the movie but in some how the content are still uite funny the author also used some good words to write this book so I think this is a perfect bookSo in my own opinion I will recommend my friends to read this book and see the movie that is played at the cinema

  7. Tamara Tamara says:

    Sigh I really wanted to like this book a little than I did It almost felt as if it should have been titled The Boss's Girl Acts Like a Baby Adrianna had an awesome job support system and friends She finially gets the last pieve to her ideal life's puzzle in John and not only does she mess it up royally things went way left way fast I'm not really sure exactly what happened to the storyline mid way through the book but I was really hoping it would have gotten back on trackIt was actually of a 25 star book instead of three But what I liked about the book were the actual characters who weren't the hero and heroine Her friends were a hoot and I found myself not only wanted to about them but also wanted to see of their relationshipWhat I wanted of If you were to ask me about John there isn't much I could tell you as the entire book seemed to center around AdrianaI may give this author another chance but I hope future books have a little overall character development and a little depth to the storyline

  8. Amoy Amoy says:

    Something missing Although it was a good read I still think the writer could have done a lot better with the story it started out great a little steamy then fizzled towards the end I was anticipating a red hot readI was disappointed I thought that the story lost something in the middle the author focus too much on the friends and not the main characters Plus where is the passion from them ?? I love interracial but was a little disappointed with this one

  9. Alveria Alveria says:

    WorkingThis story is about Addy's job the relationship with her boss He appeared in bits and pieces of the story After she had a break up with a past boyfriend she isn't sure she's ready to give her heart to another person but John is so much in love with her They face a lot of obstacles with her job This was a test of their relationship

  10. joy mcbride joy mcbride says:

    Cute storyI read this in about 2 hours Both Addy and John have emotional complications from last relationships that they bring with them They both are able to work through their issues and make a go of it Addy has a great group of friends and prehistory is centered around her views Would have liked to know about John

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