Hardcover ↠ The Spectators PDF/EPUB Ú

Hardcover ↠ The Spectators PDF/EPUB Ú

10 thoughts on “The Spectators

  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Hussenot's meditation on urban existence Lovely watercolor artwork somewhat reminiscent of Belgian Brecht Evens's work Eschewing narrative for a series of journalist uestions and thoughts I liked the look of it and individual pages are great but I thought the whole of it didn't add up to much Not deeply philosophical Maybe the point is we all see things differently Or change is constant; every time you get on a subway car there are different configurations of people Gorgeous artifact though meditative than active A series of scenes tableaux Didn't affect me much but I can see why people would pick it up It's aesthetically pleasing sometimes gently provocative

  2. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    This was interesting but a bit disappointing Perhaps my expectations were too high It's sort of a meditation on points of view and humanity and continuity That makes it all sound a bit grand but it's not a deep and rigorous journey arriving at startling insights so much as it is idly musing and drifting the sort of thoughts one has while taking an evening walk andor gazing up at a starry summer sky The artwork is gorgeous some lovely watercolor work This is a beautiful looking book even if the actual content is a bit on the light side

  3. Ingrid Ingrid says:

    We live together in cities pressed against strangers on subways and park benches and sidewalks yet each person's experience is completely uniue What is the nature of reality if each spectator interprets it differently? Hussenot's latest book a ethereal collection of philosophical musings investigates this concept with sparse poetic text and dreamy watercolor illustrations Like the Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens Hussenot's use of color adds layers of meaning to the images His vibrant characters change their selves like a wardrobe a woman sheds her skin and becomes a man a man sheds his and becomes a boy and they wander the ever changing Parisian streets at dawn or dusk—when the edges of the world are blurriest “Each of us sees the city in our own way from the rift between sleep and waking bursts of light” Hussenot writes “The mind's eye is set free The invisible is revealed”VERDICT This graphic novel is a thinker—not for the casual reader browsing the shelf in search of a light diversion However Hussenot's artwork is so universally appealing and engaging that anyone can appreciate it even if the philosophy of the text doesn't resonate Recommended for adult collections

  4. Chris Arnone Chris Arnone says:

    The prettiest existential crisis I've ever seen

  5. April April says:

    French existentialism in a watercolor dream

  6. Lateef Lateef says:

    This is a graphic novel that is of an artbook with words narrating the art This work doesn’t have a plot it’s an unstructured illustration of how the world around us is just a projection of the light coming out of our eyes From what I understood it’s an illusion There’s a black shadow or what I would interpret as a soul wearing different bodies and from each body seeing things are shown from its perspective It’s a metaphysical view of how our world or perspective of the world is an illusion that we are transiently observing I thought the author Victor Hussenot does a great job of illustrating the points he made in this work I also thought the artwork was excellent It’s done in a watercolour style and it’s in cohesion with the words used for narrating

  7. Patrycja Patrycja says:

    This is uite uniue graphic novel comic It is philosophical contemplation of human existence or nature of manAuthor asks uestions and gives provoking thoughts But every reader may take it in different way since we all see things differently Everything around us changes and we as spectators may pay attention to one thing while a person next to us to something different We can be in the same subway car every day and we may see the same people or new faces And as circle of life even the thing that change actually repeat We are kids than adults than old people When we vanish the circle repeats because our kids become adults than old than they vanish We only see the changes in friends and family while the strangers we encounter in our lives seem timeless forever fixed in their roles The art in the novel is different from what I am used to The illustrations are watercolor art It is beautiful and lovely artworkI enjoyed this novel a lot even though it reads like authors wild train of thoughts

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is a funny yet introspective examination on the nature of humans The book is filled with bright colors and scenes that reuire a second thought as readers ponder all the things they might mean There are seemingly random encounters that turn out to be significant and scenes showing the drama that goes on behind lighted windows an ever changing play that reuires constant vigilance to catch it all One of the especially appealing ideas that is explored through this book has to with how humans take on different identities for various reasons almost like zipping into and out of a new suit of clothing for each occasion It is fascinating to consider how buildings outlast us and what that means This is a lovely accessible introduction to philosophy by a French authorillustrator

  9. Jennie Jennie says:

    A perfect blend of art and storyThis book is just one of the many reasons I love to read and discover new authorsThis is Victor's first translation from French to English I find it uniue with it's art poetic narrative and use of colourThe book is a graphic novel about living in a city and how we can be so similar and so different at the same timeMust read

  10. El El says:

    Absolutely Beautiful And I tried to take my time and really enjoy the artwork and the narrative But honestly I couldn't get into the text and ended up drinking in the images and ignoring the words

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The Spectators ➻ [Reading] ➽ The Spectators By Victor Hussenot ➰ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk What if we are merely shadows our characters defined by a simple inflection of light The realm of possibilities opens up because in our world we are nothing but spectatorsThe Spectators unfolds as a p What if we are merely shadows our characters defined by a simple inflection of light The realm of possibilities opens up because in our world we are nothing but spectatorsThe Spectators unfolds as a poetic and philosophical introspection on the nature of man Victor Hussenot‘s palette is awash with subtle colour gently carrying the narrative and allowing the reader to envelop themselves in the lyricism of the work Reminiscent of French New Wave cinema with its clipped dialogue gentle pacing and departure from a classic narrative structure The Spectators is an exciting new graphic novel.