Kindle Edition ´ Full Circle PDF/EPUB Ú

Kindle Edition ´ Full Circle PDF/EPUB Ú

Full Circle (Surf Bay #2) [Ebook] ➧ Full Circle (Surf Bay #2) By Ashley John – Can you have a second chance at a first love The year is 1997 and 18 year old Porter has been left devastated after his first love Kane chose a life in the army over a life with him in Surf Bay With h Can you have a second chance at a first love The year is and year old Porter has been left devastated after his first love Kane chose a life in the army over a life with him in Surf Bay With his broken heart he had to find a way to rebuild his life years later and Porter has it all He has the handsome deputy Sheriff boyfriend the adorable daughter and he runs the surf club but Porter's life is far from perfect His relationship is filled with abuse and his surf club is failing Kane can't stop thinking about the decision he made on that dark night when he was and finds himself back at his mother's little pink house ready to face his past When Kane comes face to face with his old flame deep and buried feelings start flooding back and Kane is faced with the same difficult decision once again Porter or the army Can Porter resist the first love who shattered his heart Can Kane find a life of his own without ruining someone else's Can Porter juggle his heart his family and his business without losing everything.

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  1. Lori Lori says:

    A great addition to the series Review previously at BMBRFor all of you who have been waiting for today release day for the second in the Surf Bay series Porter's story is no let down In fact it is my favourite Ashley John novel read to date Porter was an interesting character in Lost and Found He is the kind of secondary character that catches my eye supposedly the carefree owner of the surf shack Oliver's boss and friend Yet even in the first book there were hints that things weren't uite as happy and settled as he made them out to be I liked this hook I was ready for Porter's story as I am for Michael's the next in the series This book flits between two time frames current day and 1997 In 1997 we see eighteen year old Porter have his heart broken by his one true love Kane In 2014 we see the sparks that fly when they re meet for the first time in seventeen yearsAshley John has been clever how his character's are in relation to each other how the friends and relatives dynamics work I like series where even if the focus characters change we still catch up with old favourites and learn about them as the books unfold Each story unfurls different layers which leads to a richer reading experience He is also clever with how he tells his story feeding us bits here and there playing with our emotions Sad happy loving hating it's all there as is the need to find out what is happening to Porter and why he's letting it happenSurf Bay is a series I'm going to enjoy It's the kind of series that makes you feel as though you're greeting old friends when you open up the pages Occasionally I wish he'd cut out some of the reporting clauses and stuck with 'said' Yep show don't tell It's a little thing really a simple fix Please don't let this put you off reading these books the story dragged me in and I found myself needing to read I really can't wait for Michael's story at the moment I want to hate himbut I feel that by the end of the next book I will understand and love him just like I do Porter and Kane and Oliver and Charlie I love watching this writer grow with each book he writes it makes anticipation of the next one to come even better

  2. Stacey Stacey says:

    Struggled with itI really wanted to like this one I read the first book and struggled with the Brittish vernacular in a supposed California surfer boy story and disappointingly this had the same issue What made this one worse was the characters I just didn't like any if them I forced myself to finish it by skimming I absolutely couldn't stand the little girl she is psychotic spoiled and I hope there isn't real kids like this in the world I absolutely hate giving a bad review I have never given one but I have to I even stopped in the middle if the book and read all the review on and Goodread and it's like they read a different book than I did There were too many inconsistencies no one would put up with Michaels BS like that there wasn't a happy ending and I'm sorry to say I do not want to read about Michael there's no way to make someone that messed up into a main character

  3. Mary Beaman Mary Beaman says:

    I liked Lost and Found And I liked Full Circle even We met Porter in Lost and Found the owner of the Surf club Charlie and Oliver worked at This book picks up where that pretty much left off About 17 years before this Porter's 1st love Kane left him and broke his heart Now he's back but much has happened since then to both of them A bit of an emotional roller coaster that had me in tears at times especially the parts with how Porter's current boyfriend Michael treats him I really wanted to shake Porter and Kane many times to wake them up and see the love that was still before them I didn't want to put the book down till I knew if they could work things out A great read definitely recommend

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I just loved this romance and Porter I enjoy how in every book thus far the author tackles issues that we may be going through in life my heart broke for Porter and Kane was pissing me off but the author did such a fantastic job pulling the story around full circle to love and understand each character With everything going on with Michael in book two I'm hoping I can love him too fingers crossed I can't wait to see how author Ashley John puts his magic to use on that one I hope future books also have a tad love scenes as well

  5. Lisa Cullinan Lisa Cullinan says:

    Aghhhh Love Porter and KaneOk I thought the first book was amazing and yeah it was but Ashley John did it again in the second installation in this series This story revolves around the life of Porter the owner of the Surf Club The true love of his life Kane returns after being away for 17 years because of his commitment and career in the Army The reason Kane was enlisted in the first place broke my heart Seventeen years is a long time to be away from the town you've grown up in your mother and your first real love Kane reentering the lives of the people he left behind renders him some conseuences that he's not sure that he can handle It was truly heart breaking to see him with his mom for the first time in all those years But The moment he and Porter saw each other again I was crying Ashley John knocks this one outta the ball park At this point Im so invested in all his characters that I feel like I live in Surf Bay Oliver from the first book is still my fav He is a true friend to Porter as well as a Kane's army friend Benji We also get an important glimpse into Porter's currant abusive relationship and the end result of that as well Now on to book three This is becoming one of the best series that I've ever read in a long long time

  6. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie says:

    This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewPorter and Kane's story begins in 1997 When they are 18 Kane breaks Porters heart by leaving for the Army After 17 years of having no contact Kane returns to Surf Bay He is drawn back to Porter but is it too late for them? Has too much time passed to heal their broken hearts? I loved the premises of the book I loved the story line But these characters were frustrating Every time I thought one of them was about to come to their senses and make a move they pulled back I wanted to knock their heads together Porter I wanted to hug Porter He is a totally different character than the person we met in Lost and Found Lost and Found would have been an appropriate title for this book as well because Porter is very lost My biggest complaint is I wanted to see them as a couple I saw a lot of sexual tension and chemistry but I wanted to see it developed and explored Ashley has a good writing style and his books move along nicely I just wish his characters would get together as a couple sooner in his books I had the same complaint with Oliver and Charlie All in all its a good read

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    Surf Bay love that place I really enjoyed the 1st installment with Charlie and Oliver But this one is so much better I love that these two have a history together as I think it gave meaning to the book rather than an insta love I really enjoyed seeing Charlie and Oliver and Evelyn They brought some depth to the story I also liked Benjii and his support of KaneI don't know who I loved Kane or Porter I felt for both of them the pain past and present that was caused to and by them both I was wanting to throw my kindle at the wall a few times And bang some heads together and punch a certain persons lights outI would have liked a bit of them being together rather than the back and forth we got until right at the end But this seems to be a thread with this series as the same happened in the 1st bookI am so on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book now

  8. Andrea Goodell Andrea Goodell says:

    WonderfulBrilliantHeartfelt and so much First I want to say you can read this book as a stand alone I did read this first one first and then jumped into this one But it wasn't necessary Previous charaters do show up and play a role but the author does an amazing job about keeping the story about the current MC's so you do not get lostThis one is about two boys that found love in high school but one's father wasn't happy and sent him away to the Military The other stayed behind and for the next seventeen yrs just scraped by always wondering why? Why wasn't he enough why can't he find it again just why?Seventeen yrs later they meet again Can they fix the past hurts past lies past pain? Do they want to?You'll have to read and find outAnd you really want to

  9. Tracy Perry Tracy Perry says:

    WOW I just loved this book I read it in one sitting I couldn't put the book down So goodI found this book really emotional I think I cried a couple of pages in the tears kept flowing throughout It was a heartbreaking read with a beautiful love story in between Porter I loved the whole book Kane Not so much Didn't like him since beginning but started to love him around middle disliking him again towards end but thank God for a wonderful ending epilogue even though I didn't want the book to end Can't wait for Michael's story even though I detest him all through the book

  10. Karen Karen says:

    I loved this book even than the first one It was a pretty uick read for me and I didn't want to put it down My husband always knows when I am really into a book when I am yelling out loud at my kindlewhich I did uite a few times with this book I kinda wanted to throw my kindle at Michael's head Porter was completely different than how I saw him in Lost Found which was a nice surprise I will say that I do agree with a couple of the others that have reviewed and I wish that there was of the story after they got together than we got But I loved it and am looking forward to the next book from Ashley 3

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