All the Devils Here Epub ì All the PDF/EPUB ²

All the Devils Here Epub ì All the PDF/EPUB ²

All the Devils Here ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ All the Devils Here Author Astor Penn – Brie Hall a sheltered and privileged teenager is in her final year of boarding school in New York City when disaster strikes A worldwide biological crisis the origins of which are unknown uickly decim Brie Hall a sheltered and privileged teenager is in her final year of boarding school in New York City when disaster strikes A worldwide biological crisis the origins All the PDF/EPUB ² of which are unknown uickly decimates a large portion of the population and there is no known cure The threat of contamination is always present and she cannot trust anyone she sees on the road and as time goes on she sees fewer travelersWhile journeying to find her family Brie meets another wanderer a girl with a past she can’t or won’t divulge Circumstance force them together to escape notice of government issued hazmat vehicles sent to deliver them to unknown conditions With no hope of a cure they do only what they can to survive and remain free picking up new skills and hardening into people they never meant to become While struggling to answer the uestion of how to survive a plague they must also ask how they can survive the version of themselves they’ve become.

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  1. Meags Meags says:

    3 StarsThis was a bit like Contagion the film meets The 5th Wave the book but with teenage lesbian protagonists The story follows teenager Brie as she fights to survive in a drastically changed world after a deadly virus takes out most of the population She believes that going it alone is her best chance at survival but when she literally runs into a small group and a lone traveler named Raven Brie decides that maybe joining forces at least for the time being isn’t such a bad thingHowever the mutating virus isn’t the only danger out there and in a matter for days Brie’s newly formed fellowship comes under a different kind of attack that threatens their precarious way of lifeI liked the first half of the story where Brie was on the run from the “bad guys” who were collecting andor eliminating survivors but the second half went in a direction that left me detached and indifferent to the ultimate outcome of the story and its character I think my main issue lies in the fact that I never felt any sort of connection between the prominent characters From the moment Brie meets Raven we are told over and over that their connection is deep and profound but I never felt it They barely spent three days together in total and during that time their interactions were caustic and unemotional I simply couldn’t see how these girls felt so strongly for one another to the point they were apparently willing to live or die for each other I guess it was a bit too tell and little show for my likingAs I said the second half lost my interest to the point I skimmed most of the final uarter of the story which was a shame because I was really into the mood and the happenings earlier in the piece As far as dystopian YA stories go this was a solid offering but one I simply wish had have gone in a different direction

  2. Breann Breann says:

    Oh wow WOWWowThat's really all I've got I'm uite speechlessWe began with Brie all on her own A horribly contagious and fatal sickness hit and the world was in a post apocalyptic state Right from the start I could feel the emptiness and desperation in the world The heartache was thick So think I felt consumed by it right from the startBrie was all on her own since she was away at school in New York when the outbreak started Brie who is just 17 was out for herself and knows that being with anyone else would only slow her down and slowing down means death She's as heartless as they come or so it seemedRight away she stumbled upon two guys and a small girl who are also just trying to survive They're running from the hazmats the group of people who say they're there to help but every sane person knows they're the enemy So her heart got the best of her and she stayed with this small group That's where she also met Raven Raven I really like Raven She's as ruthless as Brie Knows what it takes to surviveAnd so that's what they did Together they tried to surviveOf course it wasn't that easy Poor Brie went through some horrific events As did I My poor shattered heart The author really made this feel like an authentic story She took it where it needed to go no matter how gut wrenching it was at times The story was organic and flowed naturally The writing was flawlessBrie and Raven had this bond that neither one of them expected But it's there and it's strong I could feel it between them almost instantly They're both young and barely knew each other but Brie felt for her than she'd ever felt for anyone I think being so alone made them grasp onto each other even harder They knew what they had was special and did everything they could to keep it And I mean everything These girls were seriously badassI loved Brie and Raven I'm praying and hoping and wishing that this is a series I got just a smidgen of an HEA and I want Especially of Raven I didn't get nearly enough of her but mmhm that girl has words to make me swoonObviously I wasn't all that speechless But honestly this is one of those books that all I want to say is READ IT Because now you've wasted precious reading time reading my review instead of ALL THE DEVILS HERE Which you should get to Stat

  3. Sabrina Grafenberger Sabrina Grafenberger says:

    A deadly virus wipes out a large portion of the population The reader follows Brie a survivor with the goal to get to her hometown While journeying to find her family Brie meets a small group and another female solo traveler named Raven Circumstances force them to work togetherInteresting plot but the characters especially Raven feel underdevelopedThe reader doesn’t learn enough about Raven to care for her She doesn’t seem to have much of a personality and the only things we know are the assumptions Brie is making about her She thinks that Raven left her home too young probably never had a good relationship with any of her family and had few friends We don’t know if any of that is true because Raven doesn’t talk much and that’s just what Brie assumes so we’ll never know But how should we care if Brie and Raven survive this virus and get together in the end if we don't even know who half of that relationship really is?If you’re specifically looking for a dystopian novel with a lesbian romance you can give it a try The story is interesting enough it’s a uick read and there aren’t a lot of options anyway But don’t expect too much from the ending it feels rushed and unfinished I guess the author is or was at some point planning on writing a seuel

  4. Danika at The Lesbrary Danika at The Lesbrary says:

    If you're like me you have observed the dystopianpost apocalyptic YA trend and thought Yes great but where's the lesbian version of this? Don't worry It exists All the Devils Here takes place after the worst has already happened The majority of the population has been wiped out in a massive pandemic everyone else is on the run avoiding both the infected and the mysterious governmental ? units roaming in vans promising safety but delivering gunshots and kidnappings I thought it was interesting that the book starts here with Brie already having been on the run for a while and having adapted to this new reality I would have expected to start at beginning of the outbreak following her as she escapes New York but instead we get this backstory summarized later It shifts the focus from how this happened to the process of surviving And that is what the narrative revolves around not any specific goal or path just the relentless determination to survive at almost any cost Despite the genre I didn't actually find this a fast paced book It is short but although Brie is a survivor and active in her perseverance the plot revolves around things that happen to her and then her attempts to deal with it Through no fault of her own she is a passive agent with very little control over her life in this cutthroat landscape The arc of the story is not so much the plot as it is Brie's understanding of how she has changed as a person in order to survive and her relationship with Raven who begins as an extremely reluctant ally and becomes a vital person in her life There is a bit of an element of insta love in this but it's understandable in the context of a dystopian future where any human contact is unusual I do wish that we got from Raven as her own person as opposed to Brie's perception of her however She permeates the novel in Brie's fixation on her but we don't actually get to learn a lot about her In fact my biggest problem with this book is how Raven is described She is referred to constantly by her dark skin color which is once compared to mud She is repeatedly described as a wild thing when she's not the prettiest thing Brie makes a lot of assumptions about her based on her appearance which considering that she knows pretty much nothing about her other than her skin color seem pretty racist she assumes that Raven is a lost girl with no relationship with her family who left home too young She contemplates whether Raven was a sex worker in her former life There is absolutely no context as to why Brie is making these assumptions about her other than her appearance and the fact that she is alive and alone which of course Brie a pampered boarding school student also isI found the governmental agency to be the most interesting element of the story We know that they are taking people in vans against their will and there are rumors of camps that are being set up but we don't know the motives of this organization I couldn't help but think that these people very well could have a cure and be trying to help survivors but there would be no way to know this as a person hiding in the woods Because of the lack of any source of media these people in hazmat suits are a complete wild card view spoilerEven as we learn about this group of people they remain morally grey which I thought was interesting In some ways they are the villains of the piece but they are also the only reason humanity has any hope of a civilized future hide spoiler

  5. XR XR says:

    I wanted to like this but it was okay Why'd Jackson do what he did? Bit weird

  6. CR Daylex CR Daylex says:

    Pleasantly surprised by this one I've had it on my kindle for a really long time and didn't get around to reading Plot was kind of predictable but the chemistry was great and I loved the sinister world

  7. Bey Raines Bey Raines says:

    I don't usually go for dystopian fiction but this one pulled me in and didn't let go until the end Good plot great characterizations and I would love to read a seuel

  8. McKayla Sellot McKayla Sellot says:

    This is exactly what a guilty pleasure should be for me It's a dystopian story with a focus on a sapphic romance which was nicely done good tension and solid release Typical YA writing style though the subject matter is a little on the mature side Exactly what I want when I want to switch off Two young girls at the end of the world finding each other It won't make you think it will scratch an itch

  9. Lori Lori says:

    WowI wasn't sure what to expect here I was pleasantly surprised how great this book was Light on the romance but lots of feelings If that makes sense Not just a lesbian book Excited to read from this author

  10. Caroline Hislop Caroline Hislop says:

    Loved it

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