Professor Sandwich MOBI Ú Ebook

Professor Sandwich MOBI Ú Ebook

Professor Sandwich (Campus Cravings, #19) ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Professor Sandwich (Campus Cravings, #19) Author Carol Lynne – Love is a give and take whether shared by two men or threeAfter the devastating loss of his parents Rusty Bonham feels like he is floating through life without an anchor The problem he discovers is th Love is a give and take whether shared by two men or threeAfter the devastating loss of his parents Rusty Bonham feels like he is floating through life without an anchor The problem he discovers is the anchor he wants is already tied to another man an eually hot professorProfessors Adam Ryan and Manuel Corto Delgado believed they had the perfect life but everything changed the day Rusty walked into Adam’s classroom and sat in the front row Four years later Adam and Manuel still want Rusty but it wasn’t until Rusty fell victim to an attack that they decided to do something about itInviting Rusty into their bed and lives turned out to be the easy part but when Rusty reveals a secret they discover the challenge will be keeping him there.

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  1. Heller Heller says:

    Maybe it was a mistake to jump into an established series on such a late book There’s uite a bit of character crossover in this one with what seems like a loose plot thread on the campus attacks connecting them all The story was firmly plotted to the three men but I may have enjoyed it knowing the surrounding characters The concept is something that I enjoy and I was looking forward to the older men bringing the younger Rusty into their established relationship Unfortunately the trio didn’t work as a menage for me I found the dynamic between the couples a bit odd Sometimes the men worked together but only when Rusty interacted with the separate men and they seemed to suit then but as a menage it felt really unbalanced with threads of intense jealousy running through it When each member of the menage feels strongly like an outsider at different points in the story that rings a warning bell for meIn the end I think I was intrigued with the secondary characters because the MCs relationship just had issue after issue both logistically and emotionally I don’t see it lasting long despite the protestations of love from them all This didn’t work for meCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    Rusty’s story has been sort of simmering in the background for the last few books with a teasing hint here and a revealing bit of information there so I was relieved to see that he is finally getting his own book And what a tale it is Rusty has always been on the uiet side and has been clearly attracted to Adam one of his professors but it takes him being attacked for Adam to make the first move At that point he just wants to comfort Rusty and yes I did raise my eyebrow at the apparent lack of “professorial ethics” initially but these two men are clearly meant for There is only one problem and it’s significant Adam is already in a committed relationship with Manny another professor and even though they both want to add Rusty triads are never easy and this one is no exceptionRusty in many ways has the most problematic role in this emerging three way relationship He is much younger than the other two men he comes into an existing relationship feeling like a potential third wheel and he is totally inexperienced He has uite the transformation ahead of him and watching him change and grow was wonderful to see—not to mention very hotAdam is the most secure in the relationship he is the one who has the link to Rusty and the one who is most outspoken about the idea of becoming a triad He and Manny have had their own issues to overcome but Adam is not one to shy back from a difficult situation when he wants something to happen Despite the seeming lack of ethics he has carefully considered the situation and manages to ensure the last few weeks of being Rusty’s professor are handled in as professional a way as possibleManny can see the issues confronting them clearly but he doesn’t have Adam’s self confidence He needs to get to know Rusty since he has not had much contact with him but doing it the way he suggests isn’t exactly helping keep the jealousy down He is sensitive than Adam but also very possessive so he challenges both his partners to really think things throughIf you like triad relationships that aren’t as easy as they look and definitely aren’t all about the physical side of it if you want to read about three men who are very different yet feel inexorably drawn to each other and if you’re looking for a read that is emotional hot and very much in the tradition of the ‘Campus Cravings’ series then you will probably like this novellaNOTE This book was provided by Totally Bound Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    This is actually book 19 in the series but it was my first I followed just fine and thoroughly enjoyed the book There was enough back story that I felt I knew what was going on I will say some of the characters teased me enough to make me want to go read the restRusty has recently found out his parents were killed in an accident He has a crush on Professor Ryan but has heard rumours he was involved with Professor Delgado A trip to a gay bar with his roommate Chase he sees for himself that the rumours are true He is attacked leaving the bar and finds himself in the arms of non other than Professor Delgado He awakens to a noise and sees both professors having sex Professor Ryan Has wanted Rusty for four years ever since he first walked into his science class He loves Professor Delgado but they have discussed adding Rusty into their lives They know it won’t be easy but agree it could be worth itI loved this book for many reasons First of all the characters were all intriguing Every last one I want to read the other books to see of them all Next is the story line it’s interesting and there was a lot of tension to make you want to read It flows well even though it’s part of a series with lots of books before it and the backstory doesn’t overwhelm you I loved it Let’s not forget the hot man sex I find some ménage stories a bit dull as they focus on one person and seem so perfect This was a very good ménage Though it focuses on bringing Rusty in it wasn’t all smooth sailing There is a bit of jealousy and doubt If you like hot Professors stories with a little drama and a twist and a sexy ménage this is for you I received a copy of this book free of charge from MMgoodbookreviews in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own

  4. Ije the Devourer of Books Ije the Devourer of Books says:

    Book 19 in the Campus Craving series and the first menage storyI do like this series but I feel ambivalent about this story I thought the Professors were a bit hinky in the way they went after Rusty who is much younger than both of them AND their student Not sure about their professional ethics hereI liked the first part of the story where Rusty was resisting their advances It was good to see him reasoning out the pros and cons of a relationship with the two hinky proffs but in the middle of the book he gave in and then it got a bit boring and predictable So it was ok A nice enough read but rather mundane towards the end I still think the professors were creepy though although towards the end they sort of redeemed themselves from their hinky beginnings

  5. Lilladii Lilladii says:

    well it started off good real good but then it just lost me the further I got into the story I would of loved of a development for the three MC's everything felt rushed the further I read and the I tried to get connected with not only the three MC's but as individuals and lets not forget it felt 100% unfinished it ended and that was that for their story and with that I give it 2 stars too bad I feel like this could of been a pretty good story

  6. AyoDollFace AyoDollFace says:

    It was a good enough read The beginning started out really good and just kind of sparked out The ending was a total let down It left me feeling kind of empty on how I felt for these MCs Incomplete Not a HEA not even sure if it felt like a HFN

  7. Pianisuparse Pianisuparse says:

    4 'sweet and sexy menage' stars

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    I knew this was a series but decided to read this book first I don't know if that was a good idea I almost don't want to read any of them The book felt unfinished and confusing during certain parts explanation at the bottom I feel Adam should get his own book with a new set of lovers If that happens then maybe I'll read it view spoilerThe attacks outside the club went unresolved which leads me to believe it might be a major part in the next book if there is one That wasn't really what bothered me thou What bothered me was Rusty He claims he wants to be treated like an adult when most of the time he acts like a child I know that the readers are supposed to think that some of that is because relationships are new and he doesn't always know how to react but he still over reacts to most things I also have an issue with his sex problems I in no way feel like he or anyone else should do anything heshe doesn't want to do but how come the possibility of him topping never comes up? We already know that Adam bottoms for Manny and that he loves sex Adam feels like it's a very important part of connecting emotionally If the issue is that Rusty does not like that type of sex then why don't they experiment with him topping? If he didn't like that then at least they would know but they never even suggested it I know that he's smaller then the other two men but that shouldn't make a difference That really bothered me He's new to everything and instead of showing him the pleasures of everything they have left him feeling that his only choice is to bottom or else he gets nothing but foreplay while he watches the others go at it I also felt like the first person to have taken his virginity should have been the first person he fell for My last complaint is that He and Adam never told each other how they felt about each other They met each other fist and they fell for each other fist but Manny gets to take his virginity and be the only one to exchange I love yous Adam seemed to have gotten the shaft in this book Even during Rusty's first attempt at a sexual experience he mentions that Manny gets him hotter than Adam Not a satisfying read hide spoiler

  9. Inked Reads Inked Reads says:

    Four StarsAdam Manny and Rusty are the characters in this story It is an intriguing story of love found and love discoveredI enjoyed Adam and Manny for the most part They were patient teachers to Rusty I also really liked their own dynamic Both of these men loved each other but also were willing to realize that there might be to their relationship should Rusty become involved The sex between the professors is hot and steamy which only adds to the story When Rusty becomes introduced it is also a good dynamic what I appreciated most about it is that Rusty did not have to have the same relationship that Adam and Manny had Each character has their own preferences and that was something that was uniue and awesome about this storyI didn't really like Rusty so much Besides his innocence and constant running away at the beginning he just didn't really grow on me that much It felt almost like the older characters were constantly having to check in with him Despite my not liking Rusty's character the relationship that developed was one that has the potential for longevity and that's why I gave the book 4 stars The author was able to show me potential for what might beI was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsAvidReader

  10. Kristin Kristin says:

    Love x 3Rusty has lovedlusted after Professor Adam for years but doesn't want to come between him and his partnerlover Professor Manuel Both professors want Rusty to join them in their bed and in their lives Four years later Rusty is attacked and the professors step in to help Later that night Rusty walks in on them having sex and runs back to his room It was very steamy sex too Rusty eventually reveals a secret and let's them know that he is worried about jealousy and fighting Manual and Adam try to woo date Rusty separately which is uite funny The three eventually start dating and dealing with Rusty's relatives who are out for his money fortune Rusty is still dealing with the loss of his parents These three form their own uniue relationship I give the story itself an overall 35 stars because I really didn't care for the ending I felt like it just sort of stopped Like you feel off a cliff It didn't explain how they solved their sexual issues I would give the love caring loyalty and sex between the three characters an overall 44 stars I have read another book by this author and would read others Professor Sandwich just has me wanting

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