The Unsaintly PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

The Unsaintly PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • The Unsaintly
  • Lisa Vasquez
  • 12 January 2014
  • 9781461031086

10 thoughts on “The Unsaintly

  1. Mir Mir says:

    If only this were half the lengthAnd editedAnd written by someone with a sense of humorI guess what I'm actually saying is that I want it to be rewritten as a Bizarro novella in which an obsessive compulsive nun hallucinates that she's having a threesome with God and the Devil

  2. D.C. D.C. says:

    I have not actually read than a small sample of the preview despite having marked it as read I wished to review without rating because I don't usually assign stars to books I haven't made a good faith attempt to read I will not be making that attemptI am well aware that writing novels is a deeply personal creative effort Like any other creative effort some are successful than others The writing in this book is enormously incredibly dull There isn't actually anything wrong in a lot of ways It's grammatical and literate There probably is a story in here if I ever had the patience to find it There are readers who care less about style than I do Some of them might enjoy itTechnicallywhat pops out at me is overly descriptive' with virtually every sentence containing one and everything being described with eual weight in the same way It can sound like an odd complaint because writers paint with words Description is one of our stocks in trade and done correctly it can evoke any number of things The writer overuses ualifiers too which is pretty common and fairly easily corrected but the issues here really aren't the technical errors because they're not glaring I could probably pick a few out but there are readable books out there that have at least as many I can think of one I had the dubious pleasure of helping to proof It was riddled with issues but at the end of the day it was a dynamic interesting story This isn't There's no life here No art to use the term loosely

  3. Leah Polcar Leah Polcar says:

    34I am writing a revision here of a review I gave this back in 2014 when The Unsaintly appeared in a collection of novellas and I was hugely disappointed in its failure to stand on its own as a novella However Vasuez contacted me saying that The Unsaintly was only meant to be a preuel and that was not advertised as such in the collection Hallowed Horror did it a disservice She actually sent me a copy of the full book to check it out to see if maybe I would like it better if it was presented as it should be since I did like the core idea the possession of a medieval nun and the general fight between innocence and experience and good and evil and some of the elements of the storyIt has taken me forever to get around to reading it and to refining this review and for that I apologize since I really did like The Unsaintly and feel bad since the full book definitely deserves stars than its poorly published earlier versionVasuez is a decent writer In addition to the major storyline of the possession we get interesting relevant backstories of many of the major characters and these historical interludes while difficult for me to evaluate in terms of verisimilitude are entertaining and add to the overall tale The story moves between POVs fluidly and this rounds out the story overall And let's not forget all the super fun elements like angels demons possession nuns God himself Satan himself creepy monks and angelic battles There are some genuinely scary moments too a scene that comes to mind of a monk stuck in a dark corridor while surrounded by demonic entities is so spooky it is still creeping me out As someone who gets jaded every day I have to give Vasuez two thumbs up for that little dittyBuy borrow or burn Borrow But if you like demons and epic tales borrow it uickly

  4. Darth J Darth J says:

    Beyonce called and confirmed that this book is indeed Unsaintly due to a lack of halo

  5. Jason Barnard Jason Barnard says:

    I've been waiting for this book for a long time I followed the book in it's infantile stages and eagerly waited and waited for it so when I found out there were in the works I was excited to get my hands on this bookScenes are written out in such a way that the reader can find themselves observing and watching it happen before their very eyes I was intrigued throughout my read and found myself carefully reading through each page as I found myself almost being able to see it play out like a story or a movie The tale of Isabel is one that I think on a metaphorical level we as humans find ourselves in at many points throughout our lives and it continues to cause us to uestion everythingAnd if you haven't asked yourself before to uestion everything you will by the time you finish this bookWell written and well versed in her work Lisa has been able to take her readers on a fantastic journey one in which might change your views might cause you to uestion them may offend but will not leave her readers disappointed

  6. Bit& Bit& says:

    The Unsaintly is a bold book aiming to draw its reader into the solemn mysterious and often forgotten world of a medieval monastery If that sounds a bit too somber or be honest boring blend that image of peaceful stone walls and uiet gardens with the eerie shrieking of a woman possessed by something inhuman clawing its way out of her soul Author Lisa Vasuez delivers a strong impassioned female character in the Princess Isabel sister of King Louis of France whose religious fervor amidst the crusades allows her to avoid an arranged marriage by seeking the sanctity of monastic life as a nun Full of compassion intelligence strength of spirit and the confident independence that accompanies a king’s sister Isabel is devoted to her God her Church and using her life therein for the love of the sick poor and downtrodden And yet thinly veiled by such a noble personality Isabel struggles with terrifying bewildering problems that haunt her brothers and sisters in the monastery slowly destroy both her life and the sanity of those who love her and clue by clue point to something unnatural something unholy something unsaintlyVasuez takes on with sweeping ambitions a dramatic blend of genres with this book historical fiction horror mystery and religious fiction This can make The Unsaintly an attractive option for a wide audience and the steady pace of the narrative allows for a flow that shouldn’t leave many of those readers bored or distracted She does however stumble in the prologue as the scope of her ambitious creativity has her reimagining the fall of Lucifer from heaven and then throughout the book the story is driven in large part by the activities of an eually reimagined interaction of God Devil and angels whose activities remain mostly hidden from human eyes While she graciously concedes at the outset of the book the invitation for readers with religious backgrounds or convictions to maintain an open mind and remember that she is writing for fiction by tackling so many dogmatic and traditional elements of Catholicism with such a freelance attitude Vasuez creates her own stumbling blocks for readers for whom spoiler alert images like God murdering Lucifer’s son is a bridge too far for even fictional plausibility As a foil to that however in The Unsaintly Lisa Vasuez demonstrates a truly breathtaking talent for vivid descriptions and chilling imagery which at times rivals William Peter Blatty’s renowned works in depicting the spiritual physical and psychological horror of a woman possessedRating 3 out of 5Reviewed for Bit'N Book Promoters web | facebook | twitter

  7. Maureen Maureen says:

    book The Unsaintly |22890862 BY LISA VASUEZ I found this book to be brilliantly freighting Move over Linda Blair you have nothing on Isabel AS you read this book you find yourself feeling like you are therea well written book that will give you chills and make you think about good verses evilcould not put this book down Kudos to the Author on a FASINATINGCHILLINGAND INTERTAINING BOOK 5 stars ALL THE WAY Can't wait for seuelMaureen Lanza

  8. Nev Murray Nev Murray says:

    I did enjoy this story It has a lot of potential to turn into something huge in the next book when it comes out As I said before Lisa Vasuez has a great imagination and her writing style is very easy on the eye I love her character building and she has a definite knack for setting the mood in the story and making you feel very at ease with her writing I think this would have been a five star book for me if it hadn’t been for the extra padding and the poor editing in placesSee here for the full reviewThe Anti God

  9. Christy Thornbrugh Christy Thornbrugh says:

    It stared out slow but once i got in to it It was a real page turner i could not put it down I had to know what happen next was very writing and entering i enjoyed the read and look forwarded to book two

  10. Perry Lake Perry Lake says:

    “The Unsaintly” is a work of historical fiction written by Lisa Vasuez The first portion shows a brace of disputes between God and Lucifer The first dispute is a friendly argument; the second a war in Heaven reminiscent of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” And having been cast from Heaven Lucifer vows to harm God however he canIn Jewish folklore Satan may be the enemy of mankind but he does so as the servant of God It is the Christian view that Satan is the enemy of GodHowever the meat of the story is not about God or Lucifer but about Isabel daughter of the king of France First her childhood friend Marco is attacked by another boy When Marco kills him in self defense he is sent away Later Isabel is betrothed to be married but her suitor betrays her And then after being to a nunnery the young girl begins to begins to suffer stigmata—the mark of Christ’s suffering Through all this and Isabel has visions of demons and vile creatures attacking herWatching over future Sainte Isabel is the angel Marciel disguised as a monk within the nunnery His guardianship is tested by his growing attraction to her and the knowledge that Lucifer has sent one of his agents as wellGod and Marciel hang out from time to time not really doing anything God reminds Marciel to write Isabel’s story but vanishes without telling him what to do about Lucifer Other times God and Lucifer pal around together and murmur fears about something called the VoidIn “The Unsaintly” Lucifer pulls a sword and charges God thinking he can slay the creator of the Universe And seemingly God thinks that Lucifer might succeed for he seems afraid and surrounds himself with bodyguards The scene is almost comicalSo would anyone not Catholic get anything out of this story of a historical saint? There’re some humorous bits with angels and demons suabbling Not unlike the gods in the Iliad they supply comic reliefStill it’s aimed at a Catholic readership Those readers will get the most out of the story though some Catholics might uibble over theological matters Fans of history might enjoy the medieval setting and customs There are some very good creep out scenes of demonic possession for horror fans It certainly builds to a dramatic conclusion“The Unsaintly” could have used a final proofreading due to some misspelled words cropping up Throughout the book but especially in the first few chapters the narrative within a chapter suddenly jumps from one scene to another without a break That’s a bit jarring at time but these problems are not so bad as to ruin the bookAlso Vasuez drops in chess moves like Nb1 c3 Bc8 g4 which are utterly meaningless to most people even those who play chess non professionally It’s also anachronistic because that method of recording chess moves did not exist in the 13th Century Better to describe the move in the narrative so everyone can follow the actionStill if you’re into stories of demonic possession and battles between the forces of Good and Evil you will enjoy “The Unsaintly” the first book in a planned trilogy

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The Unsaintly✫ [PDF] ✑ The Unsaintly By Lisa Vasquez ✸ – This is the Prologue to the series that begins in January 2015 of dark epic proportions where the book of Revelations collides with the likes of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Dream Fantastical creatures A This is the Prologue to the series that begins in January of dark epic proportions where the book of Revelations collides with the likes of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Dream Fantastical creatures Apocolyptic wars and edge of your seat encounters that will leave their mark on your mind long after you put the book down When Isabel the daughter of the Blanche of Castille and Louis VIII was young she could only dream of serving her country and her family by putting her faith in God A devout Catholic she was known for her kindness and work with the sick When she finally made her dream come true by convincing the head of the Church to allow her to open her own convent she had no idea that it would test her conviction and faith on such a personal level God had sent a watcher to record her life's story The Devil infiltrates her monastery and she comes face to face with the Father of Lies in a story of Heaven versus Hell Isabel then suffers through the worst case of stigmata the Church has ever seen resulting in her being both feared and revered Her nightmare truly begins when she must fight for her very soul from demonic possession which places the lives of those who are sworn to protect her in jeopardy Everything she's learned up to this point could not prepare for the dark truth Humans are merely pawns in a game of chess between a father and a son torn apart by jealousy Cover art by Lisa Vasuez with stock images by Marcus Ranum of wwwranumcom Thank you so much for making this amazing vision come true.

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