Fringe Girl PDF Ú Paperback

Fringe Girl PDF Ú Paperback

Fringe Girl ☂ Fringe Girl PDF / Epub ✐ Author Valerie Frankel – Adora's place in the pecking order of her posh high school is decidedly on the fringe Pretty but not beautiful comfortable but not rich popular but not the ruling class But for her latest social studi Adora's place in the pecking order of her posh high school is decidedly on the fringe Pretty but not beautiful comfortable but not rich popular but not the ruling class But for her latest social studies project and to exact a little old fashioned revenge she decides to put what she's learned about political revolutions to good useWith the help of her friends Adora stages her very own uprising And guess what Victory is hers Before she knows it the snotty cool kids have been overthrown and suddenly Adora is the leader reveling in her newfound power and popularity But a few unexpected events are about to trip up the new order and Adora's noticing that sometimes it can be lonely at the top.

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  1. Aithen Aithen says:

    Two weeks ago I went book shopping with Beryl Being kind of broke I bought a paperback and then found a 2 book section and discovered this little book It looked interesting and though it was it was definitely only worth the 2 I paid for itThe characters are what struck me the most They were so completely and utterly unbelievable I sometimes wanted to puke Especially because of their love life SPOILER ALERT Adora Benet for instance The main character She is 16 and a Fringe Girl on the fringe of the popular girls circle She is so artificial boring predictable and not teenager like She goes through 3 boyfriends in 6 weeks one of those being her long time love interest She got over HIM after about 2 days Honestly if my lobe interest for the past few years had cheated on me I would've been inconsolable for weeks But no She goes on to dating a guy she's known for a week and breaks up with him when he turns out to be a stalker Once her reaction to this news was completely unbelievable I have such bad luck with boys If I had just learned my ex boyfriend was expelled from his past few schools for stalking I would've been creeped out and traumatized For weeks But not Adora Benet oh no She now realizes her enemy the guy she has hated ever since she was 6 she realizes that in fact she is completely in love with him And he has loved her since she was 5 They hook up are happy forever the end END SPOILER ALERT ASGUHGAIOHFS I swear I never read about such an unbelievable love life EverOne comforting thing though was that there wasn't an abuse of teenager slang like Like OMG and the suchNow onto the actual plot That part was uite interesting and filled with unexpected twists and turns The whole concept of someone trying to reverse a school's social order was something I'd never seen before and really liked being somewhere along the fringe or farther away myself The way Adora got to the top of the social order was very instructive too since it was pretty much the same way all revolutionaries managed to do a coup d'etat in the real worldAs I said earlier there were some moments where I was actually surprised by the turn of events Even if what was happening was still often believable it was something I never would've expected and that is pretty good I can usually predict how the book will end within the first pages of a book but this one kept me thinking until the last pageFinally the emotions conveyed in this book were incredible Even though I didn't care about the characters because they were so unbelievable what sometimes happened to them sometimes made me really sad and almost made cry This book also gave me a few good giggles but it wasn't roll on the floor funny like the cover praise saidI would've loved to give this book a better rating since the plot was excellent but the characters really were annoyingly unrealistic I don't suggest you waste your money on this except if you find it for 2 like I did

  2. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomIf Adora Benet had her way the first day of junior year at the Brownstone Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights New York could be summed up like this I am hot My heat could melt the belly of an airplane I am only slightly less on fire than the surface of the sun Unfortunately as soon as Adora utters this mantra she knows it's not true More matchstick than burning ember generally pretty than outstandingly beautiful Adora knows that she'll never be A list uality Sure she has friends and yes she's pretty well ensconced in middle class but she'll never be the girl who sits comfortably atop the popularity pyramid It doesn't help that her well known parents Gloria and Ed Benet are authors of the tomes of wisdom like His And Her Seduction and His And Her Dating Those kinds of books and she can't even get gorgeous track athlete Vin Transom to notice her Not even attempting to jog across the Brooklyn Bridge had garnered her a passing glance even though she did admittedly uit three blocks from home for an iced coffee Nevertheless Adora wants junior year to be different Others though like Sondra Fortune ueen of the A listers most popular of populars insists on calling Adora Fringe Girl Sure it started out when she had a haircut with bangs or fringe but it's continued because Adora suspects Sondra knows just how accurate the nickname is But now Adora has a plan Mr Sagebrush her social studies teacher has presented an interesting idea to the class Their term project will be based on the three tenets of bloodless revolution undermine authority present an alternative government and enlist the masses Adora needs to come up with a proposal and suddenly the idea is brought to life why couldn't she along with her best friends Eli and Liza stage her own school revolution? Who said Sondra Fortune had to be the undisputed ueen of the school's halls? Where was it written anyway that a girl on the fringe couldn't rise to ueendom? And so begins Adora's ascent or descent into the ups and downs of becoming an A lister the ueen of cool the undisputed champion of popularity Except as these things have a way of happening Adora's life as an anti fringe girl seems to have some really disappointing conseuences Will Adora ever find her place in life somewhere in the middle of the top and bottom of the social pyramid? What makes FRINGE GIRL such a fun fascinating read is the true to life characters the great dialogue and the interaction between everyone involved You won't be able to help yourself from rooting for Adora during her bloodless revolution just as you won't be able to stop yourself from feeling her heartbreak along the way This is definitely a read that's well worth your time

  3. Steph Su Steph Su says:

    Adora Benet and her friends Eli and Liza have always been on the fringe of their high school’s social order not one of the common people but certainly not special enough to be treated honestly by the Ruling Class led by Sondra and Noel Dora is tired of Sondra always setting trends including hairstyles clothing and even how to think She wants revengeA perfect opportunity to inflict change occurs when Dora must complete a project on revolution for her social studies class Why not try to usurp the Ruling Class in the very own school through an actual revolution of her own? The Dora thinks about this idea the she is determined to act upon it She gets her own “Me Style” haircut riles up the school through satirical editorials in the now hot school newspaper and enlists the support of the masses—all following the footsteps of previous bloodless revolutionsBefore long Dora has succeeded in overthrowing the Ruling Class No longer do they dictate what everyone else says or does Dora is seen by nearly everyone as some sort of hero a leader for their purpose Life couldn’t be any betterOr could it? It doesn’t take too long for Dora to realize that the old saying is true revolutionaries do NOT make good leaders In the process of her revolution Dora has managed to anger her two best friends fall for the wrong boy—twice and misjudge the people around her What can she do in order to right her upside down life?FRINGE GIRL is imaginative and easy to read Personally I get sick of books that mention the Ruling ClassUpper CrustRoyalty of high school as the main conflict but Valerie Frankel works with this too much used conflict very nicely creating for us a uniue protagonist in a convincing world

  4. Marsha Marsha says:

    On the surface this is just another young adult novel dealing with all the typical anxieties of teen angst fitting in standing out sibling jealousy fractured families awkward romantic entanglements sexual frustrations whether you’re getting it or not school assignments etc But Ms Frankel probes just a little deeper as we’re taken into the life of Adora her too understanding parents and her friends who don’t necessarily have it together any better than Adora doesAdora comes off as being a bit of a sullen brat sycophantic and then retaliatory—bad character traits she comes to realize as the book progresses She’s not entirely likable as she rides roughshod over the feelings of her friends little sister and boyfriends Her interference even when well meaning wrecks the lives of people around herSo why read about her? Why stick with her? Because she’s genuinely trying to sort herself out and learn how to apply history to real life problems She fumbles stumbles falls in a spectacular way and then pulls herself up by her bootstraps Adora isn’t given a medal citation or a ticker tape parade Most of her self actualization goes unnoticed by her peers But she reconciles tentatively with most of the people she’s alienated and her life goes on with considerably grace than when she started The various characters that swirl around Adora are ably realized like flesh and blood people not mere caricatures of Mean Girl Popular Girl Jock Geek etc This is definitely above average YA fare and worth a second look And hey if you really are interested in how revolutions work this isn’t a bad how to book

  5. Estelle Estelle says:

    Later posted additional review on Rather Be Reading BlogFrankel certainly redeemed herself with me So much better in every conceivable way then The Accidental Virgin Fringe Girl is the story of a girl who like many is tired of the popular kids getting away with everything and being worshipped in school For a social studies project she decides to bring down the popular crowd and in the process makes a lot of mistakes I really liked the movitation of the character and the realness of the situation It seemed like it could happen to anyone Many characters are introduced but the author handles them well and the main character's thoughts and feelings are never inconceivable I was also happy to find out there are 2 books to read after this so it'll be nice to see how the story continues

  6. Katrina Knittle Katrina Knittle says:

    This book just was not really for me The characters seemed too much unbelievable The relationships in the book 3 guys in 6 weeks almost made me puke One nice thing for this book was that the author didn't abuse teenager slang throughout it Lastly I did like that at times it was hard for me to figure out the ending AN okay book that I don't really ever see myself reading again for a second time

  7. Erin Erin says:

    A cute teen story about a girl making war on the popular girls A typical teen fantasy about changing social order in school Made me realize just how old I am though with how different teen life is today

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Fringe Girl as I would describe is brave than most girl's in todays generation She goes up against popular people she dates the most biggest jerks she over comes bad haircuts just to make peace at Brownstone This book should be recommended for teen girls

  9. Lea Lea says:

    somewhat predictable plot a few genuinely amusing moments enough boy crazy teen angst to make you gag and the uppercrust of the financial order in private school not surprisingly my favorite character is the younger sister

  10. ™yourbeautifulnightmaree™ ™yourbeautifulnightmaree™ says:

    this looks good

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