A Darker Shade of Magic Epub ð Darker Shade of

A Darker Shade of Magic Epub ð Darker Shade of

A Darker Shade of Magic ➥ [Epub] ➟ A Darker Shade of Magic By V.E. Schwab ➯ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Kell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red Grey White and once upon a time BlackKell was raised in Arnes—Red London—and official Shade of PDF/EPUB ´ Kell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red Grey White and once upon a time BlackKell was raised in Arnes—Red London—and officially serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador traveling between the freuent bloody regime changes in White London and the court of George III in the dullest of Londons the one without any magic left to seeUnofficially Kell is a smuggler servicing people willing to pay for even the smallest glimpses of a world they'll never see It's a defiant A Darker MOBI :Ú hobby with dangerous conseuences which Kell is now seeing firsthandAfter an exchange goes awry Kell escapes to Grey London and runs into Delilah Bard a cut purse with lofty aspirations She first robs him then saves him from a deadly enemy and finally forces Kell to spirit her to another world for a proper adventureNow perilous magic is afoot and treachery lurks at every turn To save all of the worlds they'll first need to stay alive.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Every night of the year the market lived and breathed and thrived The stalls were always changing but the energy remained as much a part of the city as the river it fed on Kell traced the edge of the bank weaving through the evening fair savoring the taste and smell of the air the sound of laughter and music the thrum of magic I'm already a Victoria Schwab fan after reading her good vs evil superhero urban fantasy novel Vicious so I couldn't wait to get reacuainted with her addictive writing style complex characters and wonderfully conceived fantasy worlds As it turns out A Darker Shade of Magic was even than I'd expectedThis book feels like traditional fantasy than Vicious with the style the invention of a new language the large cast of characters the magic and the focus on royalpolitical dynamics And yet to use the word traditional anywhere near this novel is an injustice because it's unlike anything I've ever read beforeThe characters are weird and colorful We have a protagonist Kell who is strong and badass enough to root for but also complex and layered enough for us to truly care about and relate to Plus he has a coat that has many sides which he turns around depending on how he wants to look insane uniue wonderful Schwab's imagination clearly knows no boundsWe also have a cross dressing pirate who happens to be a tough infuriating and lovable female character Lila And a promiscuous prince villains who are blood slaves evil twin rulers and much And then there's this bizarre world that just played on every one of my senses The author asks us to believe in a setting that is incredibly farfetched and yet she breathes life into this world with evocative language and makes the unbelievable something we can picture in our heads She shares little stories from this world's history to flesh out the picture The infamous Krös Mejkt the “Stone Forest” was made up not of trees but of statues all of them people It was rud the figures hadn’t always been stone that the forest was actually a graveyard kept by the Danes to commemorate those they killed and remind any who passed through the outer wall of what happened to traitors in the twins’ London What's all this about the twins' London? Well in this world there are four different versions of London that only the Antari like Kell can move between Technically there are only three these days because Black London fell consumed by its own misuse of magic The others are Grey London the one we know Red London the one Kell is from and White London ruled over by the sadistic Danes twinsEveryone it seems is out to use magic for their own selfish goals in this book And when a mysterious relic from Black London a relic that should have been destroyed reappears Kell and Lila must do what they can to protect it from all those who wish to claim it as their ownNothing short of a wild fast paced adventureBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still” Isn’t it astonishing how upon our second readings of our favourite books we discover so much about our beloved characters and the world building itself than the first time around?And so in conseuence to my rereading of A Darker Shade of Magic in order to be fully prepared memory wise for A Gathering of Shadows I started seeing redeemable ualities in Delilah Bard the fierce courageous yet reckless thiefWhen she and Kell—the gorgeous Kell my sweetheart Kell—had gotten closer on my first reading of this book I damn straight wanted to chop her head offBut now my wish is only to smother her a little bit in her sleep—just a little bitProgress right? Saves me a death sentenceA Darker Shade of Magic is such a colourful book I say that because there is not one dull character or moment in the story Even Holland—yes the poker faced Holland—released a feeling inside of me curiosityIt’s a dangerous world—forgive me worlds—Kell lives in In Red London is by far the most agreeable place to live in but the other worlds or shall I say ''alternative Londons''—Grey London White London and dead Black London—are not as pleasantBut magic runs through his blood for he has a great purpose to travel through the Londons for diplomatic purposes and to keep peace He’s somewhat of a guardian to those landsKell is incredible It’s—and I mean it—impossible to dislike him He’s understanding temperate calm powerful and charming without even trying to be he really isn’t unlike his brother Rhy whom I love dearly but do not get to spend much time with what’s with not including him in the adventure Miss Schwab?Miss Schwab is a very skilled writer What’s funny is that even though this is a relatively dark fantasy novel for debatably mature teenagers it strangely feels like a fairytale or a cautionary tale rather It’s just so memorable and re readable like a classicLove love love To all fantasy readers who have yet to plunge into A Darker Shade of Magic feel my wrath You need read itBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  3. Rick Riordan Rick Riordan says:

    YAadult Fantasy There isn't just one London There are in fact four cities sharing that name and geographic location each in a very different plane of existence The novel takes place in the early 1800s when magical travel between the different Londons has been severely restricted Long ago the place called Black London underwent a massive magical accident a sort of implosion during which the forces of magic consumed the humans who tried to wield it Since then the doors between the worlds have been sealed The only ones who can travel from world to world are the blood magicians known as Travellers When we first meet the traveler Kell he has arrived in Grey London in our own un magical world to deliver a message from his own sovereigns of Red London to King George III and the Prince Regent The existence of other Londons we learn is a closely guarded secret that only the rulers know We follow Kell's travels from Grey London to his home the magical Red London to the sinister world of White London ruled by a pair of despot siblings who make Vlad the Impaler look like a nice guy At the same time we meet a young thief of Grey London named Lila Bard whose life becomes entwined with Kell's accidentally as they are both plunged into a plot to reawaken magic and tear down the walls between the worldsPhew Just describing the book makes it seem complicated and it is an intricate world that VE Schwab has created but it's not as confusing as it seems I highly recommend checking it out if you like fantasy The idea of four separate Londons is fascinating and like all the best fantasies this novel makes its system of magic seem absolutely plausible Me I hope I never get stuck in White London That place is YIKES Having said that I would definitely sign up for adventures with Kell and Lila

  4. Victoria Schwab Victoria Schwab says:

    I wrote this book so I'm probably biased Since it's early and the full jacket copy isn't out here's a list of things in ADSOM –Magic–Cross dressing thieves–Aspiring pirates–Londons plural–Sadistic kings and ueens–A royal who is eual parts Prince Harry and Jack Harkness–More magic blood magic elemental magic bad magic etc etc–Epic magicky fights scenes–Angst–And coats with than two sides

  5. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    I'm so glad I decided to re read this before carrying on with the trilogy There were SO many things I had forgotten Can't wait to get to book two VE Schwab does it again It amazes me how she continues to get better and better with each book she puts out into the world I need the seuel ASAP

  6. Katerina Katerina says:

    “As Travars” he said Travel And oh boy I did travel I was covered in smoke I tasted metal I smelled roses I wore a bizarre coat and I dreamed under a pale sky But unfortunately I did not feelA Darker Shade of Magic had great potential The world VE Schwab created is fascinating full of magic and blood There is Kell an Antari a blood magician who can travel between parallel universes and Lila a street thief who wants to become a pirate and experience great adventures and when their fates interwine they are the only ones who can save all three Londons from the tainted magic that destroyed the forth I mean it sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? “I'd rather die on an adventure than live standing still” I can't say that the execution failed me because I was all too eager to read Kell and Lila's story to turn the pages and fight and travel and discover the mysteries of the powerful obsidian stone and uncover conspiracies and secrets But in the end I was unsatisfied I expected something and my expectations were not met because I couldn't connect with the characters They were superficial and I was detached I didn't care about their fates I didn't find in them the depth I wanted and the pang of enthusiasm I usually feel when I start a new series I was just a silent observer witnessing their story unfold without finding the spark of magic that would make me an active participant and cheer for them worry for them and eventually love them Lila annoyed me a couple of times with her imprudence and her recklessness but there is no doubt she was a badass and strong female lead I liked Kell a little and I waited for the signs that I was falling for him but they never came I'm still intrigued about his magic and his past though and I'm curious about the way his relationship with Lila will develop “Some people steal to stay alive and some steal to feel alive Simple as that” I can't help but shake the feeling that VE Schwab had raised her wand ready to cast the spell that would bewitch me but the words never left her lips Her plotline was like Red London vivid and full of possibilities Her characters like White London dangerous yet somehow pale and faded And me well I'm Grey London magicless in the surface but waiting for the magic I know it exists to ignite I don't know how to rate a A Darker Shade of Magic Four stars are too much three not enough and I'll have to settle with 35 and a hope that A Gathering of Shadows will actually be the one that will disperse the shadows the debut of this trilogy cast

  7. Darth J Darth J says:

    An Overhyped Shade of MediocreBefore you jump down my throat I didn’t hate this novel as much as I felt let down by it Let me explain it’s been hyped up everywhere and when that happens expectations tend to run very high Think back to when you were a kid and wanted something for your birthday so much and were so sure that you were going to get it; and even if you got plenty of nice things the fact that you didn’t get the one thing you wanted made you disappointed That’s the same feeling I got from this bookFurther I felt like there was a lot of pandering going on here Currently YA books are trying their darnedest to be inclusive which I personally think is a great step in modern storytelling However I don’t care for having one dimensional characters just for the sake of faux representation Prince Rhy is well a prince but he’s also bipanomnisexual and that’s about it Sure he is our MC’s best friendadopted brother and serves some purpose in the story but he’s mostly a token character since there is nothing to him Our second case of pandering comes from our female MC Lila She’s a tough female protagonist with a dark past because we’ve never seen that before eye roll Okay I get that audiences need strong female characters and are sick of Mary Sues but Lila reads like a stock character She’s tepid and boring just like the writingThis book took me longer to finish than I would have thought simply because the writing is so dry and flat On nearly every page I pendulated from interested to bored and back again like a metronome The story itself is captivating in parts but the actual prose has no life There's no heart in it at all and you don't care about the characters so when they die it's no big deal It sits there listless and says Our main character is Kell and he is oh so original You guys he’s “one of the last travelers—magicians with a rare coveted ability” Are there any protagonists that don’t have rare gifts any? Wait though he has a completely black eye and does blood magic and there is only one other blood magician in the story so of course they have to face off Not only that the MacGuffin in this book is a stone split in half and wouldn’t you know it? The other half of this stone belongs to the villain I have never heard of a hero and villain having some sort of weird twin connection between their magical foci before sarcasmBack to Lila view spoilerI think it’s pretty clear that Lila is an Antari because she’s missing an eye that probably would have been black like Kell’s and there are strong hints that she has magic inside her plus she can also travel worlds hide spoiler

  8. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    “I'm not going to die she said Not till I've seen itSeen what?Her smile widened Everything” Kell one of the last Antari is playing a dangerous game Being an Antari he travels between worlds He knows of four worlds and all four of them have one conveniently overlapping city London Grey London Magicless technology driven Red London Magic is considered a gift and is practiced with careful determination White London Magic is cruel often needs to be stolen and locked into bodies Black London Magic is hungry and all consuming magic apocalypse happened here All magic artifacts and people from Black London is banned from the other worldsKell freuently travels in and out of the Londons passing along correspondence adventuring and smuggling artifacts that last bit is hugely illegal After a visit to the cruel king and ueen of White London Kell is given an innocuous black stone and told to bring it to Red London A bit buzzed and confused he travels between worlds only to discover that the stone is actually a part of Black LondonBy smuggling the stone Kell committed treason against the crown of Red London his adopted family but importantly the black stone contains remnants of that world's magic seduction and hungerDelilah Lila Bard lives in Grey London not that she knows it It's the only London without magic and she's spent her entire life looking for a way out And then Kell lands on her doorstop I'd rather die on an adventure than live standing still Kell immediately struggles with the power of the stone And he soon realizes that although he may not want it help will come to him in the form of one very very stubborn Lila Bard “Sure I do” countered Lila cheerfully “There’s Dull London Kell London Creepy London and Dead London” she recited ticking them off on her fingers “See? I’m a fast learner” Whewww I really enjoyed the start to this seriesSchwab had such a uniue idea with the four Londons and their varying degrees of magic and executed it extremely well I loved all the details she included it really made the story come alive As for the charactersLila at times a bit over the top really balanced out the seriousness and coldness of Kell The two of them working together had a really natural feel as evidenced by their free flowing banter “I apologize for anything I might have done I was not myself”“I apologize for shooting you in the leg” said Lila “I was myself entirely” I cannot wait to get started on book twoAudiobook CommentsRead by Steven Crossley and he did a great job This was a rather well read audiobook I do wish he would've had emotion when it came to his characters but then again Kell is supposed to be a little stand offishYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  9. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    RE READ UPDATE So in a startling turn of events this book is even insufferably perfect the second time round and I'm so in love with it I freuently forget WHAT AIR IS I love Kell I love his frown I love his love for his brother I love his smol fragile beginnings of a relationship with Lila I love his bloody magic I love his dark sideI LOVE THIS BOOK AND THIS WORLD AND THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH IT HURTS JUST A LTITLE WHICH CAN BE TRANSLATED A LOTWow I may need to go lie down or else faceplant into A Gathering of Shadows for the second time 3FYI the audiobook was fantasticORIGINAL REVIEW 2016It took me 90001 years of procrastination to read this I DOn'T EVEN KNOW WHY???? I over hyped to myself??? Despite already having read and adored Vicious So clearly I am the most pathetic of grapefruit fiends So of course I ADORED this book It was violent and magicy and bloody and incredibly writtenand I have a severe love Kell's magical multi sided coat Like seriously I want one YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE HIS FREAKING AWESOME COAT AhemAlso this book just had this WHOLE LIST of things I loveseriously it's like it stole the checklist of things Cait likes and just completed it all perfectly For instance• Magical multi sided coat ✓• Characters who put things in pockets like millions of things I have a pocket infatuation btw ✓• Sassy snarky witty banter ✓• A girl who's #1 aspiration is to be a pirate #goals ✓• Evil magic ✓• Concise writing ✓• Lots of stabby stabbing all the time ✓• LIKE STABBY STAB EVERYTHING OMG ✓I told youIT WAS WRITTEN WITH ME IN MIND AhemAlso I absolutely adore VE Schwab's writing style Like it's brisk and too the point It doesn't fluff around And she is UEEN of world building Gah I am in love with the world building skills Seriously not a lot of books manage to make a world this complex and dimensional but EASY TO UNDERSTAND so so simply and fast I actually never had any Huh I don't get it? moments Which is a big deal for me Because 87% of my life is spent saying Wut I don't get it BUT NOT WHEN I READ A SCHWAB BOOK HUZZAHAnd the characters? OmgI shall pause here and SHRIEK MIGHTILY OF MY LOVE Shriek loudly I tell you• Kell was perfect Like literally perfect A little bit tragic and lost and longingand also totally sassy with the perfect comeback waiting I love how basically the ENTIRE book is because he made a stupid mistakeso he's a gorgeous little darling but at the same time immensely flawed• Lila of course is my hero She's NASTY She's a thief and so snarkyomg she'd bite you She really would And she's wondrous I love how she starts off just wanting an adventure BUT THEN SHE GETS A FRIEND IN KELL 333 And the way she and Kell continually had to save each other???? My favourite thing of ever• Rhys was definitely a potential favourite I mean I DID love him He was really overconfident and dashing and dazzling and spoiled and vibrant and INCREDIBLE My favourite kind of character tbh buthe really wasn't in the story very much For this I am sad• Holland? I feel I want to mention Holland who is another magician like Kell they're the only two of their kind who can jump through worlds and he was really CREEPY But tragic? Like I felt really bad for him even as he was doing terrible evil things He was enough of a villain to be hated and enough of a victim to make me whisper a small oh dear and feel sad for him #perfectwritingbasically everything in this book was freaking perfect nUNNNNNGHOH WAIT One thing wasn't perfect But this is purely me? And I dare say most people wouldn't have this problem but I found the book very predictable Seriously I KNEW what plot twists were going to go down most of the time??? It was really weird I have this slight suspicion that it's sort of how I would put together a story? I am in NO WAY claiming to be as good of a writer as Schwab HAHAHAH NOPE I am like a toddler with a crayon compared to her Butyeah I would choose all the plot directions she went in which made me sort of know they were going down? SO THAT'S WEIRD BUT THAT HAPPENED Also pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me I'm not alone in catching the potential plot twist about Lila??? view spoiler LILA'S FREAKING MISSING EYE?? BAh She is so totally an Antari Clearly someone cut out her eye as a kid right??? hide spoiler

  10. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    ”Magic was a truly beautiful disease”And it was such a pleasure to read about it XD I can’t say how much I loved and adored this book Alone the magic in this was everything and it was so dark and twisted that it was a delight to read about it In “A Darker Shade of Magic” magic is a living and breathing thing and it can help and heal at least as much as it can corrupt and destroy In my opinion this was a really great concept and I lived and breathed for the execution of it ”The words themselves were less important than the focus they brought to the speaker’s mind the connection they helped to form the power they tapped into In short the language did not matter only the intention did”Still it wasn’t only the magical aspect of this book that kept me glued to the pages The mere idea of four different parallel Londons that exist next to each other was than just intriguing as well Sure we didn’t get to see an awful lot of them because the characters travel through them and don’t stay all too long the little I saw was enough to keep me hooked though ; London is my favourite city and the mere idea to explore four different versions of this town already made me feel like I won the jackpot lolAnd last but not least “A Darker Shade of Magic” had its fair share of intriguing and complex characters that caused my eyes to sparkle We all know that I can’t resist the temptation of morally grey and ambivalent characters so it’s no surprise that I savoured this like a delicious gourmet dinner Alone the villains of this book The Dane Twins were such evil creatures yet I couldn’t help but want to read about them Ohh and Holland Don’t even get me started on Holland 3 Or well maybe I actually should start to talk about him In the characters section of course ; PThe characters Good afternoon fellow Antari It’s a good day to travel between the worlds but be careful nevertheless There is always a shadow lurking at the next corner of the street and if you’re not cautious it will not only attack you but also spoil you big time as well Tread carefully my dear friend You’re being observed by dark forces ; Kell ”Kell tipped his head so that his copper hair tumbled out of his eyes revealing not only the crisp blue of the left one but the solid black of the right A black that ran edge to edge filling white and iris both There was nothing human about that eye It was pure magic The mark of a blood magician Of an Antari”I’m such a sucker for red heads and Kell is really yummy ; P I can’t help it Really They are my kryptonite Ask Lucien lol Anyway Kell is a really interesting character and he definitely has depth than initially meets the eye On the outside you might think that he’s the typical hero but the I discovered about his life the I felt sorry for him He is part of the royal family and might seem to have it all but when push came to shove his true status among the royals was revealed and my heart ached for him I know Lila didn’t understand what he meant but by the end of the book it became pretty clear that he wasn’t really a family member but rather a valuable asset At least when it came to his “parents” Despite this he still had his own moral code and acted according to it even if it meant that he was at a disadvantage when he had to face Holland and the Dane twins Poor Kell I had the feeling in some way or another he was figuratively and uite literally bleeding throughout the entire book lol Let’s hope things will get better for him in “A Gathering of Shadows” ; ”Magic was a living thing – that everyone knew – but to Kell it felt like like a friend like family It was after all a part of him much than it was a part of most and he couldn’t help feeling like it knew what he was saying what he was feeling not only when he summoned it but always in every heartbeat and every breath” She always went looking for the truth in his right eye as if it were a scrying board something to be gazed into seen past But what she saw she never shared Kell took her hand and kissed it “I’m fine Your Majesty” She gave him a weary look and he corrected himself “Mother” ”I said Rhy forgave them” Kell pushed to his feet “I never said I did”Lila Bard ”Death comes for everyone” she said simply “I’m not afraid of dying But I am afraid of dying here” She swept her hand over the room the tavern the city “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still” I’m not entirely sure if I like Lila or not XD I mean I admire her resilience and stubbornness but I think sometimes she was way too sure of herself and that got her into a lot of trouble lol But oh well when it comes down to it there is no denying that I actually like her Her character seems to be somewhat of an acuired taste and I’m curious if she’ll truly become a pirate in the end Also I could relate to her when it came to her choice of clothes I would have gone for the boy’s clothes in a heartbeat as well ; P Could it be that Lila is non binary or gender fluid? Generally speaking I think it wasn’t easy to relate to her because she kept everyone at a distance and didn’t let anything get too close to her For me this made it kind difficult to gauge her character and I hope we’ll get a better grip on it in the next two books Now that I think about it I had the same feeling when it came to Blue Sargent throughout the first two books of “The Raven Cycle” I only really got to know her in “Blue Lily Lily Blue” so I hope the same will happen with Lila in the next book XD ”What are you?” he asked amazedLila only shrugged “Stubborn” ”Love doesn’t keep us from freezing to death Kell” she continued “or starving or being knifed for the coins in our pocket Love doesn’t buy us anything so be glad for what you have and who you have because you may want for things but you need for nothing” Holland ”He didn’t know if it was the evenness in the man’s tone or his strangely faded appearance or his haunted eyes – one black of course the other a milky green Or perhaps it was the way he seemed to be made of water and stone than flesh and blood and soul”I love Holland okay? I know he’s supposed to be one of the villains but seriously how could I not adore him? 3 His character was so multi layered complex calculating determined and cruel It was so nice to watch him in action lol I just can’t resist a decent villain and Holland had all the makings of one XD Especially an intriguing background story I really wish we would have gotten of it though I mean we only got the necessary details to keep the story moving but there are so many things I would have loved to read about I guess it was Schwab’s intention to keep us in the dark because this might sound paranoid but I’m CONVINCED that Holland will reappear in the next book I don’t buy his death There’s no way he died He said it’s hard to kill an Antari and he was still breathing and alive when Kell sent him to Black London THE SOURCE of black magic Hell this has trouble written all over it If you ask me Kell basically handed him the means to come back even stronger Kell is so going to regret this ”Looking into Holland’s eye made her skin crawl Dark things swirled just beneath the smooth black depths One word whispered through her mind Run” ”Hesitation is the death of advantage” mused Holland and Kell fought in vain against the metal pinnings ”I hope you made him suffer” she spat turning towards the looming castleNo thought Kell as they set off He suffered long enoughRhy “Yes Because unless you plan to wed me yourself – and don’t get me wrong I think we’d make a dashing pair – I must try and find a mate”“And you think you’ll find one traipsing around the city?”“Goodness no” said Rhy with a crooked grin “But who knows what fun I’ll find while failing”Rhy is such a precious bean He gave me Nikolai and Hypnos vibes so it’s no wonder I almost instantly adored him lol He sounds like a lot of fun but unfortunately we didn’t get to see all too much of him in this book I hope that will change in the next one though Also he seems to be unapologetically bi and I live and breathe for characters like that Still judging by the little we saw and heard of him I can already tell that he loves Kell like a brother and would never do anything to harm him I can’t help but wonder what he thinks about his parent’s reaction though If Kell wouldn’t have been bound to him they would have either killed him or sent him to prison so it’s pretty obvious that Kell was right about their intentions all along I can’t wait to see of funny caring and kind Rhy so there better be scenes with him in “A Gathering of Shadows” Also was it just me or did Holland and Rhy actually flirt with each other? It’s such a shame he was merely a means to an end for him I bet from now on Rhy won’t trust people as easily as before Rhy’s hands curled into fists “How could you?” he said and Kell worried that the prince was bitter about being tethered to him Instead Rhy said “How could you carry that weight?” Rhy laughed silently “I apologize for anything I might have done I was not myself”“I apologize for shooting you in the leg” said Lila “I was myself entirely”Rhy broke into his perfect smile“I like this one” he said to KellThe Dane Twins ”Jealous?” he asked Holland’s two toned eyes held Athos’s the green and the black both steady unblinking “He suffered” added Athos softly “But not like you” He brought his mouth closer “No one suffers as beautifully as you”Okay Can anyone please tell me how exactly Holland suffered? I mean it’s indicated that there was something sexual and cruel going on between Athos and him but WHAT EXACTLY?? Apparently the Dane Twins had a reputation of torturing and forcing people to do their will And Holland was under their spell as well so I can only assume that he suffered kind of “RhysandAmarantha style”? Also there was only a brief mention that Holland didn’t win the throne because he wasn’t cruel enough to take it before the Danes did What exactly happened before they ascended the White throne? I really wish we would have gotten details here because this really sounded like an interesting story Either way the Dane twins gave me the creeps Astrid even than her brother Athos Magic and malice indeed shudders They made for pretty intriguing villains for sure XD I’m just glad Kell never became Astrid’s toy He certainly wouldn’t have survived it ”Astrid Dane is made of magic and malice”The relationships shipsLila Kell ”You don’t know anything about these worlds” he said but the fight was bleeding out of his voice“Sure I do” countered Lila cheerfully “There’s Dull London Kell London Creepy London and Dead London” she recited ticking them off on her fingers “See? I’m a fast learner”Is it just me or was Kell ending up on Lila’s bed TWICE in one night some sort of a broad hint? The first time it was even BDSM style lol I guess we all know in which direction their future relationship is going to head Haha ; P Also they kissed at least twice for good luck as well and they both had luck than brain Right after the motto “Fortune favours fools” So they didn’t need the luck but obviously were looking for an opportunity to kiss XD They were very different but for some reason they still worked Maybe it’s because they balance each other and magic is all about balance as we already learned Plus they are both Antari I wonder how their relationship is going to continue There is a lot of potential that only needs to be explored ; P ”I’m not going to die” she said “Not till I’ve seen it”“Seen what?”Her smile widened “Everything”Kell smiled back And then Lila brought her free hand to his jaw and tugged his mouth towards hers The kiss was there and then gone like one of her smiles A wry smile cut across Lila’s mouth “You’re a smuggler”“Says the pickpocket” snapped Kell defensivelyRhy Kell ”What sons our parents have” said Kell gently “Between the two of us we’ll tear the whole world down” They might not be brothers by blood but they are brothers by heart 33 I loved their relationship so much and I was so glad that Rhy truly cared about Kell Which is than can be said about his parents but Kell already knew that I felt so sorry for him but at least he has Rhy and he wouldn’t allow anything to happen to him Those two seem to balance each other as well and I’m kind of beginning to see a pattern here lol In their relationship dynamic it seems like Rhy is the daredevil who gets into trouble though and Kell is the mature and responsible one I can only imagine in which kind of mess they’ll get in the next book One thing is for sure I can’t wait to read about this brotherly duo ; P ”He looked up and saw me crouching over him bleeding and the first thing he said wasn’t ‘What happened?’ or ‘Where are we?’ He touched the blood on his chest and said ‘Is it yours? Is it all yours?’ and when I nodded he burst into tears and I took him home”ConclusionI absolutely LOVED this “A Darker Shade of Magic” had everything I’m looking for in a book There was dark magic there were four parallel Londons and there were lots of complex characters I couldn’t help but want to read about Yes the world building and some of the characters themselves might have been rather sketchy but knowing Schwab I’m certain that we’ll get details in the following books This was only just the beginning and what a marvellous one it was XDI’m going to read this FINALLY There are about a thousand of reasons why I wanted to read this for ages and yet I still didn’t manage to get to it Typical me I’m going to stop procrastinating now thoughI’m ready to tackle this series BECAUSE Four parallel Londons Magic A smuggler A thief VE SCHWAB Do I even have to say ?? I’m so ready for this Just bring it on I got this XD

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