Rocks, Paper, Flowers PDF ✓ Rocks, Paper, PDF or

Rocks, Paper, Flowers PDF ✓ Rocks, Paper, PDF or

Rocks, Paper, Flowers ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Rocks, Paper, Flowers Author Katie Sullivan – The clothes may not make the woman but they certainly help This is the story of one woman’s life changing journey to overcome grief and loss It is a testament to a daughter’s love for her mother a The clothes may not make the woman but they certainly help This is the story of one woman’s life changing journey to overcome grief and loss It is a testament to a daughter’s love for her mother and the uniue bond between siblings Megan O’Malley Moller Rocks, Paper, PDF or lost her mother to cancer at age sixteen One of six siblings she grew up in a strict Irish Catholic family in Ohio In adulthood she and her siblings all settled in different parts of the country Each year Megan and her sisters Helen and Fiona go on a girls’ trip with their dear friend Suson Fuson Known for her impeccable taste Megan provides The Collection an assortment of items from her wardrobe which all of the women share for the weekend In the twenty fifth year after their mother’s death the women visit her grave in Dubuue Iowa The purpose of the trip is to find emotional healing and closure after their many years of grief Megan especially carries misplaced guilt and anger and her sisters insist that this trip is her chance to face her loss and embrace what is left of her own life The endearing and comical relationship between these four women and the love they share proves to be the greatest gift their mother gave them and they come to find that if you have salt in your life you can make it through anything.

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  1. Susan Maltese Susan Maltese says:

    I initially read this book with my daughter in law in mind because her mother died young and her grief was so deep I became totally captivated by Katie's story and delighted in the sisters interactions The bicycle ride taken by Megan and Fiona was a special experience and drew me in What I did not expect was that my own personal experience of being raised by my grandmother and her death when I was 19 would come to the forefront to the point where I felt the impact of my loss as if it happened yesterday instead of 40 years ago Katie does an exemplary job of describing the feelings of guilt love loss and struggle of coming to grips with one of the most devastating life events to cope with at such a young age I can certainly relate and love this book Waiting for Katie's next novelSusan Maltese

  2. Caroline Grim Caroline Grim says:

    I was interested in this book initially by the clever title and cover however there is so much on the pages in between Sullivan has that rare gift of storytelling that draws in the reader and makes them feel they are right there with he author The topic of dealing with the loss of a parent at a young age and how it has affected different aspect of the authors life is very relevant and relatable for many readers The characters are likeable and I truly found myself wishing I could have joined them on their journey home Kudos to Sullivan on providing a story that brought out so many emotions

  3. Diane Diane says:

    This book is a book that will make you laugh make you cry and make you glad you took the time to read it cover to cover It won't take you long to read it because once you start you won't want to put it down Great book Katie Sullivan

  4. Tina Matthews Tina Matthews says:

    The book was excellent I had not read a book in about six years because nothing could hold my attention Once I started this story I could not put it down I was so sad when Megan's journey was over I laughed and cried Brought up a lot of memories of my own Can not wait till her next book A must read if you have lost a loved one

  5. Jean Mullis Jean Mullis says:

    Great Read We all have guilt in our lives this helped me let go of some of my guilty feelings A book all can relate to and would make an excellent book club read

  6. Stacey Stacey says:

    This was the kind of book that you just can't put down and end up reading it front to back in no time at all Read it

  7. Mary Scholtens Mary Scholtens says:

    If you have ever wondered if you could spin as compelling a narrative from the raw material of your life and be true to yourself and do your story justice with humor and heart here is how you would do it Read Rocks Paper Flowers to be inspired as a writer and entertained as a reader

  8. Liz Duren Liz Duren says:

    Beautiful Story about a family coming to terms with the loss of a mother Sullivan joins her sisters on a trip to visit their mother's grave and have another chance to say goodbye Their weekend together is filled with memories laughter and a little wine Her story is a true testament to family and resilience

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This wonderful book that made me laugh and cry I couldn't put it down until I had finished the whole thing I can't wait to read from Katie Sullivan


    I really enjoyed reading Rocks paper flowers It was hard to put down It was written very well and I laughed and cried when I read it The author expressed about losing a loved one and I felt her pain and I'm glad her sisters were there for her

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