Dance Lest We All Fall Down PDF/EPUB Á We All Epub

Dance Lest We All Fall Down PDF/EPUB Á We All Epub

Dance Lest We All Fall Down ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Dance Lest We All Fall Down Author Margaret Willson – Dance Lest We All Fall Down is a gripping first person account of one woman's experiences living in a Brazilian shantytown She a white American anthropologist joins forces with an African Brazilian sh We All Epub Ü Dance Lest We All Fall Down is a gripping first person account of one woman's experiences living in a Brazilian shantytown She a white American anthropologist joins forces with an African Brazilian shantytown activist to change the violence and despair they see around them Their pledge to the residents to create a top uality educational center for girls becomes a turbulent journey that takes us from the shantytowns of Northeastern Brazil to urban Seattle to high society London With the Dance Lest PDF/EPUB or author we experience a world of drug dealers street urchins and capoeiristas English socialites power hungry do gooders and wise teachers This is a true story of insight and inspiration courage passion and intrigue.

10 thoughts on “Dance Lest We All Fall Down

  1. Lisette Lisette says:

    This is an excellent book if you want to know about Salvador Brazil andor are interested in learning about Bahia Street an excellent model for setting up a non profit organization in another country It is model that truly respects the people and culture that it is aiming to serve I am madly in love with Brazil own an apartment in Salvador and live and was born in Seattle I am thrilled that there is an organization in my home town that serves Salvador and I hope to find ways to be of service to Bahia Street both in Seattle and in Salvador Also as someone who is still learning about Salvador and Bahia this book was extremely informative about the culture the reality and brutality of poverty and racial injustice and vibrancy of its people Margaret Willson offers a window into the Salvador that exists beyond the tourist corridor into the heartbeat of Bahia The change that she and Rita ConceiƧao have brought about in the lives of young poor girls in Salvador is touching and inspiring I highly recommend this book

  2. Leah Goldberg Leah Goldberg says:

    Dance Lest We Fall Down is an intimate look at a the creation of a non profit Bahia Street from the street need to the world support Bahia Street's philosophy and vision rebel against the current norms of International Development This is a refreshing and exciting new model that others couldshould follow Willson writes from her experience and shares her struggles as a foreigner to subvert power structures and keep the central power of Bahia Street in the hands of native Brazilians Not only do we get a glimpse Salvador Brazil and the struggles of its community but we get to learn with Willson the challenges of helping without dictation using one's privelege without replicating the power dynamics she's working to circumvent Willson's writing truly captured our hearts and takes us with her on her journey to create a new model of change In short I loved it and am so excited to know that Bahia Street exists and hope that it will be replicated

  3. Maret Maret says:

    I absolutely loved reading this book I'm from Seattle and I too lived abroad for a number of years in South America I could really relate to Margaret's descriptions and feelings of living abroad and discovering that her soul was in Brazil I also long to start a non profit someday but I want to do it the right way and I think this book is an excellent source for those who want to do the right thing It was very interesting to know how Bahia Street got started too because I remember learning about it when I took Portuguese classes at UW and I even wrapped gifts over the holidays one year as a Bahia Street fundraiser This book put everything in perspective and has inspired me to follow my heart

  4. Christie Christie says:

    I love books that talk about development processes and this is a good example of both the frustrations and joys involved Margaret Willson talks first about time spent in Brazil simply to learn about the culture about capoeira about people Then she and a Brazilian friend start and NGO and the latter part of the book describes this process The author writes very clearly and it's a joy to get to know the people she got to know while in Brazil

  5. Tarik Malek Tarik Malek says:

    Beautiful book loved it When I began reading I thought it was about economics numbers and statistics specially that it's listed that way But I realized I was mistaken to my fortune It offers an astonishingly comprehensive bird view of philanthropic work and charity offering a new model regarding the administration and organization of NGOs working in poor regions But I wouldn't spoil the joy for u would I ? ;

  6. Carol Flotlin Carol Flotlin says:

    This is an amazing compelling TRUE story of what two women are doing to change many lives The challenges are many but Margaret and Rita persist and create the successful Bahia Street ngo This is the book that inspired me to volunteer to realize that each one of us in our own small way can make a difference

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    A Brazilian friend of mine gave this book to me she proofed the Portugeuse for Margaret Willson It's a fantastic story and the next thing I'd like to volunteer for since it has a base here in Seattle

  8. Gregg Farrar Gregg Farrar says:

    Opened my eyes to the incredible obstacles and ultimately the great things that come from a volunteer effort such as Bahia StreetHaving lived in Brazil as a kid long ago Margaret's observations and excellent writing helped to matar saudades

  9. Carol Flotlin Carol Flotlin says:

    New edition with an afterword Loved the original love this one even ALERT Book launch at UW Bookstore Oct 21 7 pm Come and hear Margaret readspeak and try some Brazilian sweets while you listen to Brazilian music

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    This was a really inspiring read It was interesting to see the anthropological theories that I've been learning in class being put into a real life application Margaret Wilson wrote it in a personal way but wrote it in a way that I thought was still able to maintain objectivity

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