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Dead Man Running MOBI ↠ Dead Man PDF or

10 thoughts on “Dead Man Running (Supernatural Bounty Hunter, #2)

  1. Minx Minx says:

    This was actually very entertaining had humor and some sexy times Liked the characters and the plot was well done for a short story

  2. Bubbles The Book Pimp Bubbles The Book Pimp says:

    Book 2 in seriesDifferent take in this book in that thebsigniture couple have already met and been together for a number of years in hiding To prevent alma from getting hurt by a vindictive terminally ill codger who tried to convince victor part time bounty hunter into turning him Fast forward and victors friend Julian is being framed for a double murder when victors blood brother is found to involved victor and alma team up to set things right Whilst deciding they have had enough hiding their relationship Now I love e a price and this book was great but I really wanted victor and Alma’s earlier story

  3. Jessica Frances Jessica Frances says:

    Dead Man Running was incredibly enjoyable While it is a standalone there is glimpses plus a short story at the end which would be much enjoyable if you have read the first book Viktor and Alma were such a fun couple They had crazy chemistry and I loved their story There was action humour and plenty of steamy moments in this book It was a uick read however it was a complete story and it left me with a happy feeling A must read for fans of this series or paranormal fans who love some good banter laughs and mystery Well done

  4. Missp Missp says:

    Vamp and Witch Second chance?I love thwarted live stories Alma and Viktor put a uniue spin on a great theme As mates they are kept apart from an action in Viktor's past It causes a fair amount of tension in their lives A uick fun read

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    DeadI have to say this plot was very suspenseful Not one of my favorites in series but it is well written

  6. Susan Otto Susan Otto says:

    Second book of the series Supernatural bounty huntersViktor is a 350 year old vampire who occasionally works for the Bounty Hunter agency Alma is a witch Karma who works at the receptionist at the agency and she's in love with Viktor A friend of Viktor was arrested for killing two young ladies oh but he doesn't remember themViktor and Alma investigate who actually killed those two young ladies They solve the mystery but they were captured and wound up in Chains Will they ever escaped?As you can see the characters are unusual and sexy However an uniue thing about them where they were lovers and mates for four years why couldn't bond because a human it determined to destroy anyone that Viktor A plot is funny because they solved it by being captured and rescuing themselves There are many scenario which is hilarious a bit being sometimes scaryI would highly recommend it Be warned this book has many sexy scenariosbookwormsuzy

  7. AlligatorSmith loves to read AlligatorSmith loves to read says:

    I enjoyed this supernatural bounty hunter series especially the relationship between the two leads AND all the different kinds of shifters who make up the bounty hunter office wolf snake polar bear fox etc and the book's universe dolphin badger pink flamingo etc Obviously there's humor in this one especially between the two leads Alma a witch and Viktor a vampire who have been hiding their relationship for four years due to an enemy of his I stumbled on E A Price because of ironically the price of her previous shifter series both series are well worth reading and this series is much better edited than the last She is only becoming a stronger writer as she puts out books

  8. Monica Monica says:

    Not my favorite of hers I really don't know what it was but this was really difficult for me to read took me a long time Maybe because it sort of started that they had already found each other and had sort of a relationship and I felt cheated I liked the first book way better Just couldn't get into this

  9. Connie Connie says:

    I really liked the first one in this series but I loved this one Storyline was intriguing from the start It was entertaining had humor suspenseful and sexy I enjoyed the fact there wasn't an overkill on the vampire theme Loved the characters

  10. Rosa Maria Garcia Rosa Maria Garcia says:

    Awesome bookJust loved it; I really like shifter romance but vampires are my favorite You just get lost in the series I have laughed cried and just couldn't put it down Once you start reading you're hooked Anxious to start reading book three

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Dead Man Running (Supernatural Bounty Hunter, #2) [Download] ➹ Dead Man Running (Supernatural Bounty Hunter, #2) By E.A. Price – Viktor Vampire Part time bounty hunter 370 years old After being given an offer he definitely could refuse twenty years ago the vampire found himself the target of a very vindictive billionaire determ Viktor Vampire Part time bounty hunter years old After being given an offer he definitely could refuse twenty years ago the vampire found himself the target of a very Dead Man PDF or vindictive billionaire determined to make his undead life unbearable Meaning that after centuries of loneliness when he finally finds his true mate he can’t even claim her and make her his for fear of the conseuences Alma Flores Witch Office manager No way is she giving up her real age; let’s just say The witch has spent the last four years of her life hanging onto stolen moments with a true mate who refuses to claim her and she has had it One way or another her mate will claim her and soon whether he damn well likes it or not But when a friend of Viktor’s and the vampire member of the Council of Supernaturals is arrested for murder and promptly disappears Viktor has than trying to keep his stubborn mate alive to worry about Viktor with a tenacious Alma in tow sets out to find his friend prove his innocence and work out just what the heck is going on whilst hopefully figuring out a way to claim his maddening mate Please note this novella is approximately words in length short and sweet Alright maybe not that sweet But I do advise caution It does contain swearing there’s a lot of use of the f word as well as scenes of a sexual nature with mf interaction intended for mature readers Also included with this novella is a short story called Foxy On The Hunt a follow up to book one The short story along with others from my other series of books is also published online If you are interested in reading please visit my website where you can also sign up for my newsletter.