Spy Games Philip Mangan #2 PDF ✓ Games Philip

Spy Games Philip Mangan #2 PDF ✓ Games Philip

Spy Games Philip Mangan #2 [Download] ➵ Spy Games Philip Mangan #2 Author Adam Brookes – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk IN A WORLD OF LIES ONE MAN WANTS THE TRUTHFearing for his life journalist Philip Mangan has gone into hiding from the Chinese agents who have identified him as a Western spy His reputation and life ar IN A WORLD Philip Mangan PDF È OF LIES ONE MAN WANTS THE TRUTHFearing for his life journalist Philip Mangan has gone into hiding from the Chinese agents who have identified him as a Western spy His reputation and life are in tatters But when he is caught in a terrorist attack in East Africa and a shadowy Spy Games PDF/EPUB or Chinese figure approaches him in the dead of night with information on the origins of the attack Mangan is suddenly back in the eye of the stormMeanwhile thousands of miles away on a humid Hong Kong night a key British Intelligence source is murdered minutes after meeting spy Trish Patterson From Washington DC to the Games Philip Mangan ePUB ¹ hallowed halls of Oxford University and dusty African streets a sinister power is stirring which will use Mangan and Patterson as its pawns if they surviveDeeply steeped in tension and paranoia Adam Brookes's follow up to his award nominated debut is a remarkable groundbreaking spy thriller.

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  1. Larry Larry says:

    Following Night Heron a tremendous first novel journalist Philip Mangan gets pulled deeper into the workings of British intelligence driven by his need to live on the edge He certainly gets his fill of the edge in Spy Games because he becomes part of a dangerous war between two powerful families within the Chinese establishment Mangan is approached by a Chinese intelligence colonel as it turns out while working as a journalistic stringer in Ethiopia where a Chinese presence is making itself known as in the rest of East Africa The colonel promises a deeper glimpse into the workings of the Chinese power structure than MI6 has ever gotten Once Mangan dangles this contact to people he knows as conduits to British intelligence the MI6 response is swift Despite opposition from within M6 from non aversive to risk types Valentine Hoppo an intelligence controller who appeared in Night Heron uses her ex military agent Patterson to rope Mangan into working for her But what do the sources of this new intelligence want in return? What is their end game?It soon becomes clear to the reader if not to Mangan that he is the pawn of two forces British intelligence and a particular powerful family that is determined to ruin another powerful family thereby rising in the Chinese power structure We learn about this while watching what happens to two young college students at Oxford one from each family They male student Kai and the female student Madeline are cautiously drawn to each other but their contact becomes known to their family minders especially those of the male scion of the family that has contacted the British via Mangan The novel's points of view range from the Chinese male student to Mangan to Mangan's British handler to an omniscient third person view of the human events in this novel Other interesting characters appear Peanut the escaped prisoner from Night Heron who works for Thai intelligence; the Poon family the very competent anti communist mercenary family who work for the British; Rocky the Chinese colonel; the Clown the colonel's chef thug; NIcole the seductive penetration agent Chinese intelligence use to gain access to Madeline; and the various members of British intelligence who watch over Mangan especially Patterson It is a dizzying mix of plot elements and characters but it is never less than interesting and it remains clear throughout even when confusing to the characters in itMangan is a mixed bag as major characters go He is smart and brave but also shows remarkably poor judgment and his audacity is often almost throttled by his fear Like most nonprofessionals roped into working as agents he is both strong and weak attractive and maddening clear and muddled innocent and a danger to all around him Adam Brookes remains an author to watch carefully because he understands things about the twilight world of intelligence work that reach to the heights of the work of Eric Ambler and Alan Furst

  2. Samuel Samuel says:

    PLAYER OR PAWN “Ensuring the security of the state through effective measures against enemy agents spies and counter revolutionary activities designed to sabotage or overthrow China's socialist system – Official mission statement of the Chinese Ministry of State Security Family For a culture which prides itself on family loyalty and strong ties not even Chinese families are immune to the wretchedness of human nature By the end of the ing Dynasty and socialpolitical upheaval the traditional family structure on the mainland had taken a battering and under the Maoist tenure it was encouraged by family members to stab each other in the back for the service of the great Helmsman As a result compared to the overseas Chinese diaspora specifically the ones who have lived their lives outside of the PRC the Mainland Chinese are far less unified or willing to stick their necks out for their relations in a life or death situation But what would make one betray flesh and blood? That’s the centrepiece of novelist Adam Brooke’s second thriller on modern China “Spy Games” Brookes is an author who has written what are possibly the three finest spy thrillers focusing on Modern China and the geopolitical issues that have arisen with its transformation from supersized Communist hell hole to a modern cut throat State – Capitalist economic giant Over his three books we follow the journey of a British SIS asset by the name of Magan whose life intersects with a female SIS officer Patterson and her superior the manipulative Hopko who is in charge of Britain’s covert wars against China and its Ministry of State Security In “Spy Games” this war comes home in a big way as a new up and coming spymaster seeks to settle accounts with those that ruined his family back in the cultural revolution by targeting a member of that family studying in the most prestigious university in Europe Now to the review Can a wronged man with good intentions avoid the road paved to hell? The novel begins during a struggle session during the Cultural Revolution in 1967 A man is being abused and heckled by a mob that’s been driven to near insanity They torture him by making him repeatedly kneel on broken glass and make him give up the name of an innocent acuaintance He leaves the struggle session to an uncertain doom with some regret that his sin will never be forgotten We then cut to the present day in Hong Kong SIS officer Trish Patterson is heading off to meet an asset who manages the financial affairs of the CCP’s top echelon in Beijing It’s a dark foreboding opening with a category 3 Typhoon bearing down on Hong Kong Island The dread increases upon meeting the asset Patterson tries to get him to safety but the man bluntly reveals that he’s been burned the people who did the burning were from Beijing and that they wish to contact Patterson personally Suddenly a team of mysterious operatives materializes and Patterson takes one down during her successful escape Returning to Legoland she learns that her asset managed the near impossible feat of ending up under an MTR train a development which panics the middle managers of the SIS In Ethiopia Philip Mangan the journalist who has pissed off the Ministry of State Security for getting one over them a year ago is hiding and busying himself as an independent journo His efforts at returning to civilian life are derailed by a terrorist bombing and the sudden appearance of a jolly enigmatic Chinese man in his life The man offers him the chance to investigate the bombing further under the condition he begin moving back down the same espionage rabbit hole Mangan managed to climb out of And in Oxford University the somewhat melancholic Princeling Fan KaiKai finds himself being stalked by a sinister presence and a sense of dread as his involvement with Madeline Chen a fellow Princeling with an axe to grind deepens All these threads come together in a glorious cyclone of tumultuous political upheaval in China as the most violent inter – elite factional fighting ever to face the Chinese Communist Party commences Unexpected friends are made Enemies go in for the killing blow and from London to Ethiopia and Myanmar a conspiracy begun with very good intentions begins to drag those surrounding it along the road to hell And soon only one uestion will remain Can the righteous win when playing a game for spies?In Terms of plot Spy Games is a major improvement over the first book and is uite epic in scope The pace in this story is a bit faster with the pace of gambits and mind games picking up steam until the backstabbing and gambits is at a near frenzy The narrative lives up to its title with competing shell games playing out between everyone from the MSS and PLA Second Directorate and even the SIS gets into the act with all these institutions using the protagonists as human pawns ones that get battered and scratched as the story reaches its climax The author also examines some fascinating themes in this story that are very relevant to current affairs Whether it be the true power of China’s soft power to eclipse the influence of the West in the Post – Colonial Third World the new dynamics between the enriched Chinese elite the old school malicious human nature that causes things to boil over in the post Maoist era and even the love hate relationship the West and the PRC have with each other where realpolitik will keep kicking the stuffing out of righteous morality ever single time Spy Games explores this and with a nuanced cold maturity that simultaneously makes the narrative rise into a class of its own Action and setting? A bit action than in the previous book although no one will ever mistake this for a violent romp of the kind Mark Greaney writes Highlights include the opening asset rendezvous on Hong Kong Island that goes pear shaped a spectacular counter – terrorist operation in Ethiopia a synchronized kidnapping in London and the heart of Beijing and a final climax on the Myanmar – Chinese border where those with good intentions reach the end of the line The backdrops the events of the story take place are a strength of the book Whether it be a southern Hong Kong apartment building the decadent and opulent homes of China’s new rulers or the wild free zone on the Chinese – ThaiMyanmar borderlands Brookes picks some very impressive stages for the backdrop of his second novel A particular highlight is Ethiopia which the author captures perfectly This is not the starving hell – hole run by psychotic Marxists whose crimes inspired one of the great private humanitarian initiatives Instead it’s a stable semi – authoritarian state that has signed on the dotted line and opened up to Chinese investment in everything from transport infrastructure to modern electronic surveillance technology The book uses this as a sign of things to come with China making its own mark on the world and erasing the one made by former Western colonial powers whose time in the sun has passed Research? Outstanding This is one of the best researched spy novels I have ever read and has so many highlights A major highlight is the trauma of the cultural revolution on the Chinese Nation and how successive generations have been denied the chance to come to terms with the wasteful tragedy that nearly destroyed the modern China Brookes also points out how there will never really be any sort of absolution for the sins that occurred because so many people whether it be the leadership ordinary people who didn’t know any better and partook in the bloodshed or the victims who gave up others in a usually futile effort to save themselves are all complicit in what went down So the ones who made it to the end have resorted to taking solace in the materialistic present and a glorious nationalistic future Another highlight is an examination of the inter – elite power plays among China’s rulers and the scandalous excesses that are only now finally being curtailed under the Xi Jingping regime It’s this money which along with the mutually bonding violent oppression is what keeps the PRC’s Standing Committee seeing the big picture in a world where Maoism is long since morally bankrupt Finally there is a further exploration of spying in China In this case we have a look at the contemporary MSS tactics such as the use of overseas Chinese Assets and contractors from say Taiwan or Hong Kong to conduct spying where a boorish mainlander would stick out like a sore thumb We also get a look at the little known component of the Chinese intelligence community namely the PLA Second Department Few people know about this important organization which is responsible for ticking off the items on China’s military technology “shopping list” As such it’s a major player which in this story engages in a ruthless inter – service faction fight with the MSS Finally we have a fantastic look at the real life capabilities of the UK SIS One of the best bits of the novel features “E Suadron” Contrary to official statements the SIS does have a paramilitary team like the American Special Activities Division In this case however Vauxhall Cross was sneaky and hid it inside the SAS Formerly known as “The Increment” E Suadron is called in during the climax to provide muscle for an ad hoc asset extraction with Mangan and a major conspirator running for their lives with a team of MSS officers nipping at their heels Characters? Many many standouts much than the previous book But I’ll focus on three Fan Kaikai Rocky Shi and the Chens First Fan Fan Kaikai is the heir apparent to the Fan dynasty which runs a firm that is basically Huawei with the serial numbers filed off A somewhat melancholic chap who despite being groomed to become the king of China’s technology sector is somewhat dissatisfied with the luxurious trappings of life However he’s knocked out of his rut by the arrival of the granddaughter of a family friend He and this granddaughter begin to explore the skeletons in their family closet and begin to work out the issues between their clans His scenes are some of the most intense and harrowing particularly when he revisits his Grandfather’s diary which is heavily embellished except for one page of tragic honesty and regrets Fan’s earnestness and attempts to mend bridges for his family’s sins are uite touching and you will feel great sympathy for him when they all come to naught But his arc ends in one of the most satisfying places you won’t see coming Next we have Rocky Shi Rocky is an incredibly smug Chinese military intelligence officer who barrels into Philip Magnan’s life like a clown fired from a cannon Highly enigmatic and devious as one of the players in the titular spy game he turns Magnan into his playing card manipulating our journalist with consummate skill But behind the faux affability lies a much sympathetic figure who has long since grown disgruntled with the opportunities of the Post Deng Xiaoping era being suandered by a ruling class that has long since decided to stop “serving the people” in the way that the original CCP activists aspired towards doing Ultimately he meets a tragic end with murderous realpolitik systematically dashing his hopes and dreams for his country but until then his character arc and downfall is some of the most compelling in the book where one will go from loathing his hubristic sleaze to having pity for his ignoble fate Finally we have General Chen The most enigmatic figure of the story he’s the nominal bad guy of the story As the man in charge of the PLA second department General Chen is one of the most powerful members of the Chinese intelligence community and one who even terrifies the heads of the other services As a black hole whose past has long since been forgotten by the public and his superiors Chen’s past drives the narrative of Spy Games And let me tell you it’s one tragic backstory only known to his surviving offspring and henchmen They say a man’s character is his fate and the same can be said for Chen who has good intentions and wants to make some very bad people pay but who ultimately fails due to being blinded by the sin of righteous wrath Despite not even appearing in the story Brookes milks the build up for all it’s worth and creates a spectre who hangs over the story like a sword of Damocles that falls in the final chapters Constructive criticism? Not much really I would have loved at least one chapter from the Chen’s perspective namely their fall rise and fall again The enigmatic General Chen surely deserved at least one inner monologue because while I understand Brookes is going for the coolly realistic approach with no last minute baddie conversation the build up was most anticlimactic So Spy Games My verdict is this Adam Brookes has written an epic contemporary spy fiction masterpiece A story that focuses on the most important country on earth the realpolitik behind our relations with it and the struggle to come to terms with its growing power A tale that crosses generations and explores one of the great national betrayals in world history Spy Games explores how that history and those sins if unforgiven can motivate men and women with righteous intentions to do terrible things The author handles his subject matter with deft skill and nuance exploring a variety of very deep and dark themes that haven’t been seen enough in contemporary spy fiction The narrative is outstanding and complex The actions and settings are phenomenal and fully realized And the characters their interactions and arcs? The best in recent memory Having survived his time as a pawn in the game Managan isn’t done yet with travelling further down the rabbit hole There’s a spy’s daughter on the loose and he’ll need to find her to make a final exit Recommended

  3. Michael Martz Michael Martz says:

    This is a great spy thriller a worthy successor to the great 'Night Heron' by Adam Brookes Many of the same characters are involved the story is complex yet not overly so and the writing is superb Unfortunately Mr Brookes has no back catalog so I'm now in the position of anxiously awaiting his next novel whether another installment of this series or any other sort Let's go manSeriously this is an exciting novel full of not only exotic characters but also 'everyman' folk with whom readers can identify I've tried to think of why I've been so impressed with his two stories and I think part of it beyond the excellent writing great plots intricate spycraft and fine character development is that the key protagonists Mangan and Patterson are both people that are pretty normal especially Mangan with personal foibles jobs etc They just happen to get caught up in the spy game and believe me once that happens in these novels you just can't put the books down Wonderful stuff

  4. Phillip III Phillip III says:

    I truly enjoy the main character Philip Mangan in the Adam Brookes' Mangan series He is kind of an average guy highly intelligent and a bit of his rocker but just a journalist who gets sucked into the middle of it all Into the thick of the situationChatter indicates there is an ancient family feud coming to a head The Fans against the Chens Two groups scrambling for control The battlefield is than just their home country Their war can influence the economy of the entire planetChina is coming apart at the seams Unglued A college boy's a Fen dormroom in broken into His laptop is swiped It would seem an innocent enough crime a theft to most anyone What makes it suspicious is who the kid is Or not exactly that but who his family is that raises red flags And then a Chen girl Madeline goes missing Time is running out A play is in motion But who what when where and why are all so unclearThe United Kingdom Secret Intelligence Service has someone who can get to the bottom of things Philip Mangan is officially brought in as an agent a spy And he is sent back across the ocean to China to work with old contacts to get to the bottom of the mess before it is too lateA maze of names and places and plots SPY GAMES is intense and gripping The writing is crisp and clean The characters are full of dimensions and flavor The suspense begins coiling tight at the start and only gets tight after each chapter until it finally explodes at the endSPY GAMES was a fast fun and scary read Cannot wait to start the third book in the sagaPhilliop TomassoAuthor of Absolute Zeroand Damn the Dead

  5. Colin Colin says:

    Like the first book this has lots of exciting tradecraft and a cinematic plot ripped efficiently from contemporary headlines and geopolitics Also like the first book this grounded ness slips away in the final pages in favor of a larger hinted conspiracy that isn't fully delivered on and seems out of place with the initial limited realist approach Will have to see if the author is able to tie those larger strands together satisfactorily in a third book

  6. Haley Mathiot Haley Mathiot says:

    This book was not catching I tried twice to get into it but both times I just couldn’t stay with the characters or in the world actually some of them were kind of annoying this was disappointing because I absolutely love crime novels and spy books

  7. Neil Neil says:

    I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest reviewI found the characters very bland and difficult to relate tooThe story itself was slow and in places could send you to sleep without any problems

  8. David Harris David Harris says:

    I received a review copy of this book as part of a blogtour Fearing for his life journalist Philip Mangan has gone into hiding from Chinese agents who have identified him as a British spy but when he is caught in a terrorist attack in East Africa and a shadowy figure approaches him in the dead of night with information on the atrocity Mangan is thrown back into the eye of the stormThe book comes bearing a uote from modern master of the spy genre Charles Cumming and also with the comparisons to Le Carré which are inevitable for anything in the espionage field these daysIn one sense they're apt in that like those other books this is very good writing gripping page turning thought provoking Brookes is you feel a total master of his material He knows what he's doing he understands the world he has created and his characters he takes the time and space needed to set things out then he closes the trap Everything convinces right from the startYet I think they're also misleading In terms of antecedents this book suggested something older to me In its relation to a vaguely menacing background of geopolitics the scramble for East Africa the direction of China and in the central character at a loose end Philip Mangan clearly bored rigid itching for adventure I was drawn to a comparison with John Buchan No the book isn't about a bunch of tweedy men anxious for the fate of the Empire in fact in a uote from of all people Richard Murphy Brookes makes it clear that he has no sympathy for the sleazy financial webs that have succeeded the EmpireBut then nor was Buchan Those were at heart spiritual books always seeking behind their shocker plots some kind of moral centre some sense of completion for the protagonist albeit then he was usually to be found suffering from ennui as he kicked his heels in the gentlemen's clubs of Mayfair Mangan by contrast seeks a life of adventure in Africa as a journalist But he's frustrated at not being able to get close to the big stories and he looks back with longing as well as fear at whatever it was happened earlier in China I hadn't read Brookes' previous book Night Heron but will obviously have to now So when a mysterious Chinese colonel appears offering to whisper secrets in his ear it doesn't take Mangan long to accept that he's back in the game to almost casually shrug off Maja the Danish nurse who's interested in him to casually note how he's placing her and his Ethiopian friend Hallelujah in danger by associating with them but not to warn them and to get himself in deep deep troubleJust like Richard HannayThe events in Ethiopia are linked to what at first seems almost a sweet story of two young Chinese students at Oxford They come from rival families of kleptocrats and both have hard eyed minders to keep them apart Will love or even lust conuer all? What will happen if it does?As things speed up we get detailed and to me convincing account of Mangan's crash training as a spy plenty of glimpses of life at Vauxhall Cross the home of MI6 the building you saw blown up in the last Bond film and the one before that and lots of satisfying thriller y jargonBut to me despite the modern dressing here we have a modern Richard Hannay preparing for his trip across Germany in wartime to hunt Greenmantle And I mean that as a sincere compliment for sheer compelling writing I don't think any writer has beaten Buchan but if anyone comes close it's BrookesIn the end Mangan remains something of an enigma as do Patterson his cool competent minder and even Valentina Hopko her controller In these three Brookes has I think developed a superb triad of competent dangerous people oh I do like competent dangerous people in books and stirred things up between them just enough that together with hints of dark secrets to be revealed there is bound to be trouble looming in future And I trust some of the others come back too sinister Nicole for exampleI hope that trouble comes soon because as with the best books I really didn't want this one to end I just wanted to keep reading and reading

  9. Christine Christine says:

    After reading Night Heron I was desperate to see what happens next to the lovely heroic and slightly naive Philip Mangan Spy Games effortlessly follows Night Heron and brings the now familiar Mangan Patterson and Peanut backMangan is in Ethiopia far away from Chinese authorities Mangan was outed as a spy so has to live cautiously and uietly He is still working as a journalist He is contacted by a Chinese man with secrets The Chinese are in Ethiopia making their mark on the region They have not forgotten Mangan He has a choice and he goes for it He gets in touch with MI6 and of course his handler Trish Patterson in London Mangan ends up in Thailand getting into all sorts of trouble A pawn in a spy gameI was slightly envious of Mangan He may have a tough time as he is sucked into the espionage world again But he gets to travel to and see some wonderful places We see him living in Ethiopia and going to Thailand We get fascinating insight into the different cultures It feels very authentic and is a credit to the writerThis would make a superb television spy drama along with Night Heron Can I suggest Damian Lewis for the part of Mangan?I really didn’t want it to end I want the third part of the trilogy to see what is going through the mind of Mangan It is that kind of readA terrific heart thumping spy thriller Recommended

  10. Joe Stamber Joe Stamber says:

    A build up that seems a bit slow in places as characters are painstakingly introduced and scenes are set had me wondering if Spy Games was going to turn out to be a drag The uality of the writing and attention to detail kept me going though and it slowly built into a fascinating spy story The characters that been so carefully constructed upped the pace and took the tale to a complex and thrilling conclusion Brookes has a great writing style full of little touches that separate out good writers Be prepared to be patient but it's worth it

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