Finding Secrets Kindle Ú Ebook

Finding Secrets Kindle Ú Ebook

Finding Secrets (Brenwyrd Legacy #2) ➠ Finding Secrets (Brenwyrd Legacy #2) Ebook ➦ Author Rosemary Groux – Brenwyd Legacy is an epic trilogy about the unseen battle between good and evil The adventure continues in the second book Finding Secrets by national award winning teen author Rosemary Groux Suddenly Brenwyd Legacy is an epic trilogy about the unseen battle between good and evil The adventure continues in the second book Finding Secrets by national award winning teen author Rosemary Groux Suddenly thrust through a musical “time slip” the teens find themselves in a kingdom ruled by none other than the legendary King Arthur Before they can return and finish the rescue mission they began in their own era the four friends discover that they have a vital role to play in this oneTo preserve the legacy of a kingdom that has fascinated imaginations for centuries they must first uncover several secrets and fight for their lives Caught in a race against time will Cassie and her friends be able to find answers to their uestions in time to save the kingdom and themselves Strong endorsements from youth pastors parents teens and the home schooling community.

6 thoughts on “Finding Secrets (Brenwyrd Legacy #2)

  1. Kimberly Westrope Kimberly Westrope says:

    This second book in the series brings forth even intrigue that the first as Cassie and her friends continue in their efforts to save their parents from the hands of the evil Reficul Brotherhood Enemies become friends and friends become foes in this time travel fantasy story I love all things related to King Arthur and this series particularly this book weaves an interesting take on the King Arthur legends and the rise of Christianity in medieval England I was completely swept up in this story and it's endearing characters I liked it even than the first book and I now find myself eagerly anticipating the third book in the series Wonderfully engaging writing by this young author A story full of suspense intrigue and wonder to be enjoyed by readers of all ages

  2. Sara Canny Sara Canny says:

    This book was originally reviewed on Sara's Books and ThingsI suppose I should have realized that this would have had religious undertones when I saw the reviews from youth pastors Don't get me wrong I loved the book and if I get the opportunity I'll read the rest of the series It just got a tiny bit overhanded not bad and I know some people who will love this book all the for itThe Brewyrds are my favorite part of the story Their abilities are carefully crafted the abilities to wield weapons to heal and to mend songs of peopleI also enjoyed the setting Camelot That entire time period has always been a source of fascination for me And this story supplemented the classic story beautifuly Giving a new dimension to the doomed love triangle Adding new characters to the original cast seamlesslyAfter I finished this book I learned that the author is only 18 I'm impressed I would've assumed that this was a experienced author Rosemary has an amazing talent and I can't wait to see where she takes it nextI received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my free and honest review

  3. Ally Camble Ally Camble says:

    I am not usually a fan of Christian fiction I've read too much that is poorly written or simply hits on the same forulas again and again Maybe I'm looking in the wrong placesThis book was not one of those books It probably helps that I'm a sucker for anything to do with King Arthur but I found this book very refreshing Callie and her friends are sent to the past to learn rediscover the lost history of King Arthur and a sinister group working to eradicate a race of people called the Brenwyds as well as secrets about themselves who they are and what they are capable of Callie's mentor teaches her Brenwyd skills and abilities that have been forgotten over the centuries things Callie doesn't even know to try on her own Meanwhile Will becomes sicker and sicker from some unknown unhealable illnessCallie Will and company are kind and loyal to each other and their newest friends And their faith grows over their time in Arthur's time though none of them are very good at keeping secrets which is weird considering Will's past A great read for teens and preteens alike I'll be looking for the other books in this series

  4. Connie Connie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story that takes place in modern times and in the time of King Arthur The main character is a Brewyd a character who looks human except for pointed ears She is able to hear the songs of nature and people If she notices that people are sick she can heal their song which heals them I loved that most of the story takes place in Camelot During that time period people liked the Brewyds; however their opinions changde when they were convinced by an evil knight and his mother Morgan that the Brewyds are witchesThis amazing book was written by eighteen year old I hope she has a long career as an author and continues to write fiction for the Christian market

  5. Theresa Theresa says:

    Brenwyd Legacy Finding Secrets by Rosemary GrouxThe second book in a trilogy Brenwyd Legacy Finding Secrets is a stand alone book that will thrill young readers I was fortunate to be able to read this book as it is about four modern children returning to King Arthur’s court I found the story intriguing and engaging The characters were believable and had alluring back stories The use of magic and science combined with the strong Christian belief system makes an epic story The final pages with is dynamic fighting the expose of the mysteries of the story will keep the audience hooked I will happily look into reading the previous book and the continuing story

  6. Anne Gazzolo Anne Gazzolo says:

    Wow Rosemary Groux rocks This is a great story for any Arthurian fan set in the time the man lived in 6th century Britain Love the twists and turns and drama Looking forward to reading the next book and hope she comes out with many books

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