Suamous with a Chance of Rain Prosperity #3 MOBI ☆ a

Suamous with a Chance of Rain Prosperity #3 MOBI ☆ a

Suamous with a Chance of Rain Prosperity #3 [Reading] ➷ Suamous with a Chance of Rain Prosperity #3 By Alexis Hall – Dear Dr HowardThe enclosed comprises the complete personal correspondence of Patient #137 prior to her admittance to Bethlem Royal HospitalIt is my hope that these documents will provide valuable insi Dear Dr HowardThe enclosed comprises the complete personal a Chance PDF ↠ correspondence of Patient prior to her admittance to Bethlem Royal HospitalIt is my hope that these documents will provide valuable insight into the events immediately preceding her current episode and may therefore usefully inform your treatment of herSince arrival Suamous with ePUB Ò her behaviour has been characterised by long periods of docility punctuated by outbursts of hysteria in the grip of which she has seduced into deviant behaviour a nurse a uaker and two representatives of the Fallen Women’s SocietyShe has also spoken in unknown inhuman languages inscribed the floor with with a Chance PDF Ê malignant ever shifting runes and revealed to the other inmates an infinite sky of alien constellations much to the distress of the staffI trust you will have greater success with her than we haveYours sincerelyDr L Phillips.

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  1. ☙ nemo ❧ ☙ nemo ❧ says:

    There are universes cold and vast caught at the corners of my eyes like unshed tears Spaces between my thoughts flecked with the fleeting iridescence of a thousand dying worlds We are nothing A disregarded dream of long dead godsthis was a beautiful deliciously dark horror novella that is one of my favourite lovecraftian stories ever including most of those written by lovecraft himself why has it taken me so long to continue this series? i have no idea but excuse me while i devour the rest

  2. lov2laf lov2laf says:

    This was a highly entertaining tongue in cheek paranormal historical novella that is different from the usual fare in lesfic It was very Elizabeth Watasin esue and I enjoyed it uite a bitThe story is told by Jane through her correspondence with her friend Miriam about her coming to live with an unusual family in Cornwall after the unexpected murder of her UncleIf you're looking for a fun amusing and shorter read this is greatI can certainly agree that Lord Bodgeringham possesses several ualities valuable in a husband to wit extensive facial hair and a slightly confused expression I am sure you will do very well with him and still better with his thirty thousand a yearAnd since I am not to conveniently inherit a fortune or for that matter a pot in which to perform an intimate elimination I must focus my attention on my future or lack thereof A very funny way of using the English expression without a pot to piss inHow does that saying go? When God closes a door somebody opens a window and dumps a chamber pot over your headThe other night as I was preparing to leave he abruptly put out a hand as if to hold me back and said “Do you think me handsome Miss Grey?” Heaven save me I confess I was in some eagerness to depart for the night had closed around us like a great black hand and it had been some hours since I had last taken laudanum otherwise I might have leavened my response with some degree of tact “No sir” I told him He looked startled while I wrestled to conceal my frustration I mean really What had he been expecting? “Yes sir your odd behaviour and air of brooding melancholy lubricates my nethers”? Oh forgive me Miriam for my impropriety of expression I have been so out of sorts of late And of course being a gently reared young lady I know nothing of nethers nor of their lubrication But when the captain’s bewilderment had passed he laughed and said rather warmly “You are a very singular creature” And since that was certainly no topic I wished to discuss with him I went on hastily “You must forgive me sir I spoke too bluntly You appear to have all your appendages in the correct uantity and configuration and that is truly all the aesthetic judgement on the male form I may render Good night”'She made no attempt to conceal her aversion to Amalthea Her hatred was unreasoned and unreasoning My wife was a good woman Miss Grey a kind loving virtuous woman” Had he continued in this vein much longer he would likely have swayed me into sympathy with the murderer'It was apparently not enough that the man should leave me nothing but a box of insane ramblings He had now contrived from beyond the grave no less to embroil me in the plot of a three volume novel A particularly hackneyed three volume novel at thatI was raised a lady and now I am supposed to raise other ladies who will marry or not marry and raise ladies of their own an endless chain of paper dolls cut in the same meaningless shapeOh Miriam why are the good ones always murderers?Captain Vanstone has retreated to his airship almost permanently and the children are a pattern of perfection They even spend their evenings in the practice of close harmony singing which disturbs me mightily as it would any rational human'She stilled and in the intensity of physical disappointment I could not suppress a whimper “Now see here my dear I was very fond of Ridge I didn’t murder him” “Oh good” I wriggled in the hope of galvanising her again to motion “Now obviously I discharged my shotgun into the fellow but I didn’t murder him I just happened to kill him”“I ah I am uncertain of the nuances of that particular distinction”' My name in her mouth oh my name in her mouth like a sweet to be sucked upon and lavishedRather less pleasurable was the fact she had brought her shotgun Hardly the ménage à trois of a girl’s dreams is it? Not that one dreams of such things Ahem'She gave me a rueful look “Good point well made There’s not much of a story Jane This is simply what I do” “You tie respectable governesses to beds?” “No that’s just a hobby' 'She ran her hands through her hair making the strands fly about her face in disarray I so itched to smooth them “Nothing bloody explains Vanstone Hall” “Did you murder Mrs Vanstone?” “No I did not” “Did you commit an action towards her for example the discharging of your shotgun which caused her as a conseuence to die?” '

  3. Corrie Corrie says:

    What an utterly delightful read I loved Jane the heroine of our story she was buckets of fun These are the kind of stories I could read by the truckload Did anyone else spot the Sound of Music similarities or was that just me? ; 5 fat stars

  4. Pam Faste aka Peejakers Pam Faste aka Peejakers says:

    This is one of the most hysterically funny books I have ever read I honestly can’t remember when I’ve laughed over a book in my life It is certainly the most er entertaining account of one woman’s descent into madness opium addiction I’ve read or expect toIt’s also by turns wickedly sexy darkly Gothic positively dripping with sometimes gruesome Lovecraftian imagery Yet somehow no matter what else is going on it manages to remain just a half step away from laugh out loud funny at any given moment I mean just how the heck does Alexis Hall even do that? Also maybe he needs to take this show on the road Seriously the comedic timing here is just to die for; the man could probably do stand up or something Well if there were such a thing as Victorian Gothic Governess stand up Hmm muses thoughtfully trying to imagine how that might work Anyway the laughter started on the intro page never really let up I doubt I ever went than few sentences in the entire book without snorting giggling chortling chuckling or cackling wildly over something Punctuated with the not so occasional shout in the privacy of my home that is of “oh my freaking God this is so funny” Yeah um I do tend to get a bit vocal about my reading at timesA large part of the amusement factor comes down to the heroine of this story Seriously after reading this I just adore Jane Grey I mean I liked her in “Prosperity” but here she is just in her glory She is endlessly witty in this tart tongued no nonsense impatient with fools foolishness kind of way and so eminently sensible in the face of utter madness even her own I love her sharp wit dry acerbic observations propensity for speaking her mind sans filter She is also rather amusingly preoccupied with thoughts of sexytimes with sexy women even in the direst of circumstances ; So here’s a brief sampling of Jane uotes but believe me this barely scratches the surface On her impoverished circumstances “since I am not to conveniently inherit a fortune or for that matter a pot in which to perform an intimate elimination I must focus my attention on my future or lack thereof” On her employer “He frowned I think in some confusion Handsome perhaps but like most of his sex not overly lavished in mental acuity” On her first time viewing of a man’s unclad er appendage “I confess I was a little startled at the preferences of what seems to be the majority of my sex I mean really? With that? What on earth does one do with it? Other than point and laugh that is” Oh dear I’m so sorry but guffaws On keeping up appearances “Once I thought I caught a glimpse of Chloe the tresses of her hair gown so wild in the wind that they seemed akin to a nest of tenebrous appendages and I resolved to reacuaint her with a hairbrush as matter of urgency” Aaand okay stopping NOW Before I uote every damned word the woman ever saidNow then besides Jane’s enormously entertaining uotes thought processes the other thing that kept cracking me up all the way through was the astonishing variety of tropes genres this story is sending up andor paying tribute to I mean setting aside the obvious influence of HP Lovecraft which I’ll come back to later this story has literary pop culture references than you can shake a stick at Now let’s see if I can even remember them all There are major riffs on – get this – “The Sound of Music” I kid you not “Rebecca” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” omg view spoiler“Diana”“Indiana” hide spoiler

  5. Maya Maya says:

    Suamous With a Chance of Rain is Ms Grey’s story There are universes cold and vast caught at the corners of my eyes like unshed tears Spaces between my thoughts flecked with the fleeting iridescence of a thousand dying worlds It’s scary Also fun Lots of fun because Jane is so colourful and wonderfully indelicateIt’s told as a collection of letters from Jane to a friend and I admit the letters revealed a softer side of Jane which I did not see in Prosperity – between the krakens' voices in her head the derringer hidden beneath her skirts and the opium running through her veins Jane’s heart is no stranger to the need of love and affection Loved it

  6. Mel Mel says:

    uestion your sanity as a dissolute governess confronts blasphemies from beyond creationSuamous is Jane’s story how she has evolved in her state of seeing horrendous things beyond the aetherThere are universes cold and vast caught at the corners of my eyes like unshed tears Spaces between my thoughts flecked with the fleeting iridescence of a thousand dying worldsWe are nothingA disregarded dream of long dead godsSo I am somehow unfair but from all of Prosperity’s protagonists I feel the least connection to Jane And this is unfair because all the others are such extraordinary people to me that Jane somehow falls short But if I’d look at her on her own she’d still be a great and fascinating womanAnd I want to see her it is just a bit hard for me to distance myself from all the rest and see past themI really like a lot of Jane’s characteristics She’s enticing and blunt and cares naught for what is expected from her as a woman We see the beginnings of this in Suamous and can relish it in Prosperity all the In Suamous we read her correspondence with a friend Parts were gross and terrible others just lovely and funny others were a bit slow for me though It could as well have been me because I was a bit preoccupied in my thoughts with other things while reading 'Suamous' but I had some difficulties with concentrating and getting into the storyAs part of the whole Prosperityverse I still love ‘Suamous’ very much and I love how I get pieces of the whole in everything I read

  7. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    This Is FUN My literary heart was joyfully singing and swinging The word play in Hall’s writing is superb Superbly humorous Superbly direct Superbly sublime Smartly swirled within is that earthy reality to which all of us human types fall prey Our own hang ups need for vindication and the inability to ignore the nonsensical imperfect path – it’s just too irresistibleAlso? The love for The Sound of Music I share that bone deep adoration sirMy adoration for sarcasm is just as mighty Jane my dearest you sing my song If she thought to menace me she misjudged the matter seriously as I have always rather appreciated being underestimated It allows one to relaxYesThe deeper and deeper into this story the and it read like poetry Wonderful desperate mysterious poetry What in the world is going on at Vanstone Hall? With Jane? And Vanstone? Diane? The children?This is a fantastically built story a steady climb further into tentacled horror I freakin’ loved it It captivated me from the sarcastic beginning through the creepy grossness and right on to the perfection that is the ending Is it really though? The end? Jane I know you have too much up your bustle to abandon us now BJ and I did buddy reviews of all of the stories contained within Liberty and Other Stories over on PBAETA Recommended Read on PBA for January 2015

  8. Susinok Susinok says:

    Whoa that was wild You do not see the epistolary style any these days I really like it Great read and very immersive as are all of these stories

  9. Em Wittmann Em Wittmann says:

    Suamous with a Chance of Rain by Alexis HallA shorter version of this review appeared on the All About Romance websiteI wish I could adeuately and elouently express my love for Alexis Hall and his books but it’s impossible Each one is a tiny little masterpiece funny poignant and wonderful I have favorites but since I’m in the middle of a Prosperity series re read I want to turn your attention to Suamous with a Chance of Rain which never fails to make me laugh and because Jane is my most favorite lesbian ever Suamous with a Chance of Rain is told via a series of letters from Jane to her closest “friend” Miriam The first few letters from Jane’s temporary home at ‘Mrs Miggle’s Boarding House for the Genteelly Impoverished’ detail her recent misfortunes Jane’s eccentric guardian Uncle Ridgewell was murdered by a group of miscellaneous ruffians among them an accountant and a priest who's been taken into custody He left behind the writings of a madman and unfortunately no fortune for Jane So Jane has accepted a position as a governess to a family in Cornwall Arriving at Vanstone Hall she meets Captain Von Trapp oops sorry Vanstone who spends the majority of his time in a decommissioned airship and his seven children whom he summons with a whistle that sounds a naval call Jane is suitably impressed with the whistle and the captain but exhausted so she sends the children to bed and retires She tries to sleep but is beset by an unsettling dream I am lost and alone amidst the measureless ruins of an ancient city its aether smoothed oddly angled stonework thick with stardust and tarnished by untold centuries And when I look up I see no familiar constellations merely a great emptiness through which the cold vastness of the universe seeps Her early letters to Miriam detail in her hilariously wry voice her days teaching the children But as the months pass they begin to reveal the strange goings on at Vanstone Hall Jane’s increasing concerns about a malevolent presence and her worry that she may have inherited Uncle Ridgewell’s madness A visit from the captains sister Diana an investigator of occult mysteries heralds the beginning of the end whilst also satisfying Jane’s rather lusty libido Suamous with a Chance of Rain is creepy and awful and disturbing and scaryand laugh out loud funny Jane’s supremely dry sense of humor and matter of fact voice as she details events at Vanstone Hall is the perfect antidote to the horror unfolding in this tiny marvelous novella She’s magnificent and awesome and lusty and irreverentand simply brilliant as is the story It concludes with one last letter from ‘Filthy Florrie’s Flophouse for the Irredeemably Fucked’ and Jane’s future is once again uncertain Since Captain Vanstone was violated and eaten before my very eyes and his children banished to a hellish aetherworld with their mother I am once again without employment without references and worse still without salary for there was no one to reimburse me for my work with the Vanstone children While I suppose some consideration should be given to the fact they were cannibalistic tree beings from beyond space and time they had an excellent grasp of Latin irregular verbs which was entirely due to my diligence

  10. Katie Katie says:

    This is the third booksecond preuel to the Prosperity series It's a hilarious companion piece written as a collection of letters to the unknown friend MiriamIt shows uite hysterically Miss Jane Gray's descent into laudanum infused madness Is it madness? I'm not so sureIt's not exactly romance in that there is no particular relationship culminating in an HEA However there are some interludes implied in an elouent manner befitting a fallen lady of the Victorian eraThis had a profoundly Gothic feel and I appreciated the humorous allusions to the Sound of Music and possibly Hitchcock's Rebecca I say possibly because there were some similarities between the housekeeper Mrs Smith and the creepy as fuck Ms Danvers There were very likely some other literary references to Henry James' The Turn of the Screw and maybe a female Indiana Jones in the character Diana IndianaDiana get it? of Raiders of the Lost Ark There is the strong possibility of other references that've likely escaped my feeble mind but felt eerily familiar just that I couldn't uite pin them down And of this writing uite late at night I might've had a cocktail or threeAlexis Hall I swear dude is a genius I love him I love his writing I love his ability to spin such smart colorful stories out of gorgeous words I love that he writes ueer fiction of all flavorsThis series has become an addiction I'm proud to claimAlso posted on BackPorchReadercom

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