Liberty Prosperity #6 MOBI ☆ Liberty Prosperity

Liberty Prosperity #6 MOBI ☆ Liberty Prosperity

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  1. Mel Mel says:

    Gasp at an entirely true and accurately rendered tale of pirates cavalrymen aethermancers scientists and a power to unmake the worldFor now it must suffice to say that it is a haven for exiles built around the vast petrified corpse of a kraken There is no day or night in Liberty its skies are an ever shifting canvas of light green and purple limned with silver as pure as the aurora Its twisting streets crackle and glitter with strange crystals but the buildings that line them are ephemeral places made by placeless people from wood and canvas and hopeSo ‘Liberty’ seems somehow difficult to review because I don’t want to give anything away and mebbe I should just stop with this first uote and make it my review But nah I’ll try As with ‘Cloudy’ I really like how Alexis chose to tell the story ‘Liberty’ is a collection of court documents—witness statements letters and similarSo from the very beginning I knew that horrible things were gonna happen—to my loved characters—but was left in the dark about the details Who would have thought that this would make it so suspenseful? I was biting my nails and sitting at the front of my seat for the most time”I reckon one town dropping out the sky’s and adventure but when it happens twice it’s personal”And yes it’s so personal—not only for DilBrilliant All of Prosperity and Prosperity’s other stories Just perfect I want I’ll always want And it makes me so very very sad that this is the end For now I hope that Alexis will be able to write sometime in the future because a future without of Prosperity just doesn’t cut it for me

  2. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    35 stars rounded up because there were some really good moments and glimpses of characters I care a lot aboutThis is the story of England's military attack on the pirate town of Liberty which was home to some of our favorite aethershipmen and friends It's the tale of a good man led to wrongdoing under the heading of patriotism and threat to our nation and as such has a lot of resonance Captain George England is taken from conventional soldiery and changed and shaped into a weapon for the British Empire's aetheric SkyfleetThe problem I had with it is that unlike the rest of the series the format is that of trial transcripts seen from a historical distance There are pieces of witness uestioning bits of letters sections of first person testimony A fascinating jigsaw but not an emotionally engaging one We meet Captain George England through his letters to his mother but what a man reveals on the page to his mother is not a match for what he might have told us from his heart and I never really fell for him or felt his pain The best sections are the first person testimony from Piccadilly which pulled me into the story only to be pushed away by the next drier section Worth a read if you love the series; clever fascinating but for me unlike the rest not engaging to my heart Which hurt in a way because serious things happen to characters I really care about and I wish I had felt them

  3. Maya Maya says:

    Liberty is the final story in the anthology and it mostly takes place in 1866 – three years after Prosperity Mostly because it also includes a back story that explains what led to the events in 1866 Further I have long since known that the human heart is full of tricksome turns and twisty passages and ’tis rare to find one what is all good or all bad It’s a tale of spies and aetherweapons where one very proper Captain George England finds himself willingly at first involved in the plans of a crazy aethermancer in the chase for power Liberty is told as collection of letters from Captain England declassified documents and a number of court statements and it’s a wild adventure full of suspenseBut most importantly what shone throughout the story was Dil’s smile I saw it in Jane’s words in Byron Kae’s words even in George’s words And it made my heart melt because this time it is not Dil using his dimples and charms to get things his way it’s him being genuinely happy Truly fantastic story

  4. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    I don’t have a review per se of this part of the story I will tell you that it’s fun as hell It’s a sort of behind the scenes backstory roly poly’d in alongside It’s like the Prosperity case files got cracked open and we’re the lucky ones to have been in the right place at the right time to leaf through peruse and soak up at willAnd Dil gets the last word as it should be ;BJ and I did buddy reviews of all of the stories contained within Liberty and Other Stories over on PBAETA Recommended Read on PBA for January 2015

  5. Laxmama Laxmama says:

    Ending to Prosperity I loves this series and miss them already

  6. Susinok Susinok says:

    Poor George gave all for ueen and Country and what thanks does he get?

  7. Katie Katie says:

    A great bookend bringing a close to the Prosperity seriesThis is told in a series of documents consisting of letters and court testimony mainly circling heinous events that lead to a trial of one Captain George England who we've not seen previously and who may or may not be found guilty of treasonous acts and muuuurrrrderI found this highly enjoyable with testimony most hilarious offered up by the extraordinary characters I got to know over the course of the seriesIt was wonderful to see them all again and hear their voices their wit witticisms Piccadilly especiallyI'm sad to see this end BummedIn fact I've found myself floundering at a loss as to where to go nextIf I had my wish Alexis Hall would make this an ongoing seriesI'm also kicking my own ass for ignoring this for as long as I did after discovering this author last year I wanted to gobble up all of his words but was afraid of this Steampunk business I have one book of his to read that I've been putting off because it's paranormalwith mermaidsand I'm a coward But if I've learned anything and I've learned loads from this author I know when I finally take the plunge soon ish I'll get an incredibly spun tale that I won't want to endAlso posted on BackPorchReadercom

  8. KC KC says:

    45 Written in trial record form the story is about a spy who infiltrates the Shadowless crew in order to take down Liberty city What made this story awesome for me were the testimonies given by Dil Miss Jane Grey and Byron Kae I love these three characters so much

  9. Gail Overholt Gail Overholt says:

    Actually read this in Liberty and Other Stories but since I've reviewed the other 3 stories separately this gets its own review tooA so so ending to the wonderful Prosperity universe—especially disappointing after coming off the high of There Will Be Phlogiston Why?1 The story was told in an epistle adjacent form which may or may not have been to its detriment On the plus side the story had to be pieced together from various letters documents and transcripts as was the author's intention much like a jigsaw puzzle The negative of such storytelling was that the action was told second hand and therefore much of the excitement was lost I wondered if I would have liked it had it been a conventional story Well as conventional as anything set in the Prosperity universe can be2 The story centered around a character we'd not met before Or if Captain England had been mentioned previously I don't recall it We didn't really have anything invested in him 3 And although Captain England turned out to be a worthwhile and admirable character he was as much a victim as the inhabitants of Liberty Which makes his story all the unsettling He tried to do his duty and maintain his honor but ended up tragically on trial for treason and his life No happy ending here He deserved better4 Worst of all? The Privy Counsel or whomever recommended knighthood for Richard Tudor WHAT?? No way view spoilerTHE FUCKER SHOT BYRON KAE How dare he? NO ONE shoots the fabulous dashing fabulously dashing Byron Kae and gets away with it hide spoiler

  10. Liewen Liewen says:

    And that was when I first met ol' Green and Pleasant That being what I took to calling him on account of his name being England and him being right green but sorta pleasant with it 'Tis what ye might call a pun or a literary allusion These thing just come to me 'Tis a giftI reckon they could have heard that voice back in Prosperity even with having dropped out the sky three years ago as result of a seuence of events both exciting and educative about which I have penned a novella which is soon to be seralised in All the Year round your honourDil oh Dil How I've missed youWarning contains true bits of awesome and fabulous new characters such as Nancy DoolittleI don't know what took me so long to read the final novella of the Prosperityverse I probably didn't want to take leave of Dil BK and my beloved Jane Grey But reading it on Christmas Eve was the best idea ever even if now I feel bereft ; a part of me is forever living in some aethership up there

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Liberty Prosperity #6 ❰EPUB❯ ✻ Liberty Prosperity #6 Author Alexis Hall – The wars of the future will be fought not by men on horseback not with lances or with cannon or with ships but with weapons fashioned from the very stuff of creationScholars of military and internatio The wars of the future will be fought not by men on horseback not with lances Liberty Prosperity ePUB Ò or with cannon or with ships but with weapons fashioned from the very stuff of creationScholars of military and international history have long held the destruction of the British Empire’s th Skyfleet above the pirate town of Liberty in to be the first recorded use of modern aetherweaponry and to constitute a turning point in international and interdimensional politicsThe pertinent documents declassified in and compiled here in a new edition are not only an invaluable resource for the interested amateur but also a fascinating tale in their own right revealing as they do the story of Captain George England’s hitherto secret work for the Aethermatic Operations Executive his infiltration of the now legendary aethership Shadowless and his final confrontation with the historically controversial pioneer of militarised aethermancy Samuel HardingeIn these times of social unrest and multiversal upheaval the events of have a new relevance and it is our hope that the modern reader will find this narrative as pertinent as it would have been a hundred and fifty years ago.