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Now You See Me [Reading] ➬ Now You See Me ➳ Pamela L. Todd – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Invisible A ghost No one sees her No one knows her Until himFor the last seven years Jo has been a ghost in her own life No friends No permanent address No long term job And that is exactly the way sh Invisible A ghost No one sees her No one knows her Until himFor the Now You Kindle - last seven years Jo has been a ghost in her own life No friends No permanent address No long term job And that is exactly the way she wants ituntil a typing error lands her on Nate’s doorstep in the city of Edinburgh answering his ad for a roommateNate and his luxury house are like a different world for Jo Tall rugged and with a voice that seems hardwired to Jo’s sex drive Nate is a distraction Jo can’t afford but neither seems able to fight the growing tension between them Nate’s touch brings Jo back to life and every encounter leaves her craving As they grow closer and intimacy creeps its way around them Nate knows there are things Jo isn’t telling him What he doesn’t realise is the less he knows about Jo and her past the safer he isFor years Jo has been careful Hasn't let her guard down or got too comfortable or let anyone get close enough to see the person beneath her protective armour Soon it isn’t just Nate that Jo has fallen for—it’s his whole family from his adorable niece to his eccentric sister Suze who uickly becomes the best friend Jo has ever had Against her better judgement Jo let’s herself believe she can have a normal life In Nate’s arms she forgets the things that haunt her and the reasons she should leave that innocent family become all the reasons she can’t Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of physical abuse and a reference to enforced undressing.

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  • Now You See Me
  • Pamela L. Todd
  • 13 February 2015

About the Author: Pamela L. Todd

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but only in Now You Kindle - recent years since I began taking it seriously I have three books published with Totally Bound Publishing and many in the works My first Escaping Normal is a paranormal romance short story My first full length novel Now You See Me is a contemporary romance with thriller elements The latest release is Secrets Lies Vegas.

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  1. Gina Wilkins Gina Wilkins says:

    WowwowI don’t uite know where to start with the brilliant book Now You See Me by Pamela Todd This book made feel every emotion I can think offrom relief to grief extreme happiness and joy This book was brilliant from beginning to endJo and Nate wow they are definitely a pair Jo is this timid and damaged girl that I found to be funny and witty Nate is like every girl’s dream guy handsome rich extremely kind and giving What I found most intriguing about this book is the situation that Jo is going through I think on some level that everyone either knows someone or has experienced an awful relationship that has changed them on every level It was easy to relate to Jo as well as Nate’s sister SuzeThe suspense in this book has you easily flipping the pages well into the night And at one point that I will not discuss I found myself standing up and pumping my fist after this incident I felt like Jo was finally FREE I loved every way that Nate made Jo feel again He built her back up and made her love again They were on each other at all possible times and it was so VERY hot It didn’t feel forced or redundantI couldn’t get enough Pamela Todd had me hanging onto every word until the very end I love the suspense and the turns and twists in this story It’s a very multi faceted story with lessons that every woman can respect Beautifully written and I can’t wait to read by this author

  2. Ashe Barker Ashe Barker says:

    Wow Sexy plot fast paced with an alpha hero to die for although leading lady Jo hopes it won’t come to thatNow You See Me is set in Edinburgh one of my favourite cities in the UK so that was a plus point straight away I recognised the uiet sophistication of New Town and could easily visualise the elegant townhouse where Jo responds to an ad for a room to rent There are lots of references to locations in the city which makes the story seem authenticNate owns the house and even though there has been a mix up about the rent he still lets Jo have the tenancy It’s clear he doesn’t need the money but his real reason for renting out space in his home does not emerge until much laterNate is my favourite sort of alpha At first he comes across as aloof and rather private He has his own space and expects Jo to remain in hers Under the sexy stern exterior though lurks a seriously suishy centre And he comes out with some insanely sexy lines My personal favourite “You’re fucking beautiful when you come” That would have me every timeJo has a past a murky past which she is trying desperately to escape Her fears colour everything she does and she is permanently on standby to bolt at a moment’s notice Nate and his family make that harder and harder for her to contemplate and as the tension builds it’s clear something has to snap When it does the climax is terrifying and so well written I felt I was actually there experiencing at all with JoThe two central characters make the book but they are backed up by a strong supporting cast Suze Nate’s sister is scatty but lovely Tilly Suze’s toddler is just adorable The baby’s preoccupation with the inner cardboard tubes of wrapping paper was just spot on This is a book charged with emotion and some of the most touching scenes involve the non human characters Cat the stray who adopts Jo and Ace her German Shepherd puppyThe sex scenes are plentiful and hot Right from the start the connection between Nate and Jo crackles their attraction is unstoppable and they christen just about every room in Nate’s house The action on the kitchen island is particularly steamyI gave this book five we;; earned stars for the fast pace the gripping plot and the sheer sensuality of the relationship between Jo and Nate If you like a book to offer hot sex underpinned by a solid storyline this is for you Heartily recommended

  3. Cara Nicole Cara Nicole says:

    Powerful chilling engaging and provocative Now You See Me was brilliantly written and had me anxiously turning the pages all the way to the end Jo and Nate are impeccable together in a flawed type of way Jo has been running from her past for years until she runs into Nate When they end up living together she unwittingly starts to make friends and start a serious relationship with Nate Will the chemistry between them be enough for her to stay put? Or will her past make her run again to save him and his family she has fallen in love with Pamela LTodd weaved together an intriguing story of fantastic characters and a riveting plot I fell in love with not only Jo and Nate but his entire family as well There are a few scenes that were challenging to read because you are just rooting for this couple so much but it adds to the complexity of the book and makes the scorching hot scenes between Jo and Nate all the worth it I'd definitely recommend this book it's not only sweltering with a side of thrilling but it tugs at your heart I read a lot of books and sometimes they start to jumble together but this is one that will be at the top of my favorites this year

  4. Lisabet Sarai Lisabet Sarai says:

    Jo Carpenter barely exists By her own design she strives for invisibility Every six months or so she moves to a new town rents a new hole in the wall room and finds a new job where she’ll be paid in cash Her deliberately prickly personality helps her keep people at arm’s length Friends are a luxury she can’t afford Jo sleeps with a baseball bat under her bed and her shoes by the door ready to flee if necessary but all her precautions don’t dispel her nightmaresEdinburgh was supposed to be like all the other cities where she has hidden in plain sight a brief stop before moving on When she answers a classified ad for a housemate though she finds a stunning luxury home that’s a far cry from her usual basic digs and meets its even gorgeous owner Nate Harding is licking his wounds after an ugly divorce He hardly cares who rents his extra floor as long as the tenant is uiet and responsible Jo touches something within him though soothing his ragged feelings and moderating his cynicism about women She’s sharp witted sincere self reliant and unpretentious a huge contrast to his unfaithful gold digging ex Kate And despite the impropriety of a sexual liaison given their respective roles Nate finds Jo incredibly attractiveJo understands that it’s dangerous to get close to Nate but she can’t help herself Although she tries to pretend they’re nothing than fuck buddies both of them know their relationship goes well beyond the fabulous sex they share As Jo grows intimate with Nate and integrated into his warm uirky family hiding her secret become and difficult The openness that Nate craves though will threaten not only Jo’s life but those of the people she has come to love Now You See Me is phenomenally good especially for a first novel In a genre famous for straining belief it may be the most realistic romance I’ve ever read The first person narration puts the reader inside Jo’s head where we’re party to her scheming her uncertainty and her barely suppressed terror The pressure is unrelenting as she falls deeply for Nate and fights harder to keep the skeletons from her past under control Nate begins as of a fantasy figure the tall dark dominant arrogant lord of the manor type that romance readers seem to crave Cracks soon appear in this facade though Jo happens upon him late one night when he’s drinking away the hurt after a run in with his demon ex wife Kate When Jo tries to console him he brags “You think I’m lonely? You think I have a shortage of women waiting willing begging to fill my empty bed?” I closed my eyes “Meaningless sex isn’t companionship”“Sex with me is never meaningless Even if it’s only once it’s not like the women don’t get anything out of it And you know what? They’re grateful for it” Another author would have us taking this at face value – classic alpha male cockiness Ms Todd makes it clear that this sort of bravado is indeed a symptom of Nate’s craving for real love and affection – especially when he apologizes profusely the next dayJo and Nate have plenty of thrilling erotic encounters in a wide range of locations including the kitchen island They don’t fall into bed immediately though and even after they do their relationship develops gradually another realistic touch I appreciated Jo is not the sort of person to let down her guard easily Nate woos her with his tender care and true consideration as well as his talented tongue and hard cock In a pleasing turn about the male in the couple is eager for commitment long before the female can bring herself to even consider the possibilityThe pacing is brilliant The author gradually ramps up both the erotic intensity and the suspense until the point when Jo has to reveal her secret to Nate and to the reader Her love for him will not allow her to stay silent any longer Then she tries to leave because she must for her own safety and for Nate’s Nate understands this too He goes off to work giving her the space to make her own decision She packs her few things into her battered suitcase but she can’t resist going upstairs to his room one time Releasing a shaky breath I sat on the chaise longue and pulled my knees up to my chest The city was laid out in front of me all sprawling rooftops eccentric almost random twists and turns of the streets Views of the Water of Leith and the Gardens broke up this ancient city that had worked itself under my skinnot unlike Nate He had given me the perfect opportunity The moment I tole him the story of my past was the moment my fate was sealed and the first chance I got I would leave his world behind And now here I was poised above departure but unable to moveWhen had it happened? I couldn’t pinpoint the moment everything had changed When it had become an impossibility for me to leave I watched the light change The pale sun sank over the buildings casting shadows into the room before twilight began and the room turned a dusky purple It was fully dark when I heard him behind me My heart didn’t thump I didn’t panic It was almost as though I was resignedHe crouched in front of me “You’re still here”“I’ve been trying not to be” This scene had me close to tears something that almost never happens when I’m reading romanceOne might think that this is the happy ending but this is only half way through the book After this things become truly dark – really scary – as Jo’s past catches up with her At one point I had to shut off my tablet for a while Intuiting what was about to happen I simply couldn’t bear to read further There’s a reader’s advisory about violence and abuse associated with this novel Take it seriously This dark section of the novel is eually believable though as Ms Todd describes a real life nightmare many women face When the monster is finally defeated terrible scars lingerIn the last uarter of the book Jo tries to rebuild her life and her trust in herself To be honest I felt the book dragged a bit during these latter chapters For one thing it’s a bit too easy Some therapy a pet dog a trip to the seashore with Nate and years of psychological damage are undone I’m fortunate never to have experienced anything like what Jo had to deal with but I have close friends who have suffered in similar circumstances It took a very long time for them to recover their sense of safety and self respect In addition there’s a sense of anti climax The major conflicts have been resolved and hence there’s nothing driving the narrative but the need to tie up loose endsOn the other hand I suspect many readers will find these chapters a huge relief after the almost unbearable tension in most of the book Lots of sex and lots of love including Christmas with Nate’s family How happy can you get?Overall Now You See Me is a substantial and satisfying novel as well as a brilliant instantiation of the “What’s Her Secret” theme Jo’s secret drives the book from beginning to end Revealed it has as much power as it did when it was hidden I applaud Pamela Todd’s skill in weaving this tale of terror love and redemption

  5. Steph Steph says:

    Hot sex intense drama humor and redemption make up NOW YOU SEE ME and I couldn't get enough Nate Harding needs a roommate Jo Carpenter needs a room When she sees his ad in a local publication for a ridiculously cheap amount Jo takes the chance and meets the sexiest man she's ever seen She and Nate are like ships passing in the wind but that doesn't stop the crazy attraction from taking hold of them both and soon they find it impossible to keep their hands off of one another To make matters worse Jo genuinely likes himand his crazy sister and bubbly niece But Jo knows better than to get involved with anyone and she would never want to put the three of them in danger from the man who'll never stop searching for her But there comes a point where she CAN'T walk away from the man the family she's fallen in love with And it could cost them all dearly I just love Ms Todd's work She's such a talented writer making the reader feel as if they are besties with the characters in her books Jo has some seriously big secrets and has been on the run from a pretty dangerous man Her character is independent and used to a solitary existence but when she falls in with Nate and his gregarious sister Suze and niece Tilly life just clicks for her Nate is a bit of an arrogant attitudinal man whore in the beginning but the two of them have delicious chemistry that made me salivate But it wasn't just hottie hottie hot sex it was also the tension and surprisingly the humor that did me in Witness this little nugget of fun while Jo and Nate were discussing her jobBut if you decide you don't want to my offer still stands I elbowed him laughing The offer where I come to work with you every day sit on your desk in a short skirt with no knickers and feed you cake you mean? Let's call that plan B shall we?Nate huffed Fine fineTheir banter was funny and sweet and excruciatingly erotic and I loved it As they grew closer and their relationship developed Nate softened immensely falling hard and fast for the secretive little multifaceted woman who made him a better manAnd then the suspense started I literally sat straight up with my eyes wide open and said Oh my god out loud when Nick's sister Suze sprays the perfumethe creep factor shot fromnot uite zero let's say 20to 60 with one line EEK But unlike a lot of books it didn't end with drama it ended with healing and I LOVED that Well done Ms Todd this is an EXCELLENT read and I can't wait for from you Bottom Line Crazy good read that'll give you the feels in so many different ways See at See at

  6. L.E.Olteano L.E.Olteano says:

    Cool read sweet love story DOriginally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Nov 21 2014Fluttering ThoughtsWorldbuilding We’re talking one fun Edinburgh setting for the story and I loved that It wasn’t too focused upon but I loved the feeling of the place nonethelessCharacters Jo was interesting MC transparent yet very secretive I can’t say I liked or disliked her most likely because for most of the novel she’d holding herself back in a way You’ll get what I mean when you read the novelNate was of course crush material all yummy alpha male somewhat player vibe but tender and caring I loved his nutty family especially his sister Nate and Jo had awesome chemistry and their one on one was very passionate and awesomely hot DIf there’s one character I would have liked developed somehow it’s Scott But you know me I always care about the villain of the storyPlot The romance arc was really sweet usually not my thing and while I wasn’t head over heels with it it worked out in the end The suspense arc wasn’t terribly thrilling for meit’s tough to thrill me though keep in mind but it had a good tempo and though the action didn’t give me a rush I liked how tension and conflict were resolvedWriting First person past tense narrative Jo’s POV Interesting voice I really loved Pamela L Todd’s descriptions not lengthy or too emphasized upon but definitely suggestiveCurb Appeal Cool cover interesting blurb Good impulsive buy candidate for my suspense y reading moodsAll in all I had a good time reading a story that I will say was very much vanilla and sweet for me While we’re talking tortured characters and traumatic MC past I’d say Pamela L Todd’s writing has a way of making even shocking scenes flow smoothly leaving your feathers uite unruffled somehow As an adrenaline junkie and a totally sadistic evil reader I would have enjoyed a darker haunting kind of approach because that’s what I’m generally into but even so the story worked for meI recommend the novel if you’re into suspense but not into gory details and much violence plus I’m sure you’ll love this if you’re into sweet romance because boy was it sweet Not overly fluffy or anything but on my scale of things definitely sweet even though we’re talking heroine with a traumatic past and present

  7. J luvs books J luvs books says:

    I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is an erotic thrilling sweet touching romance about a lonely lost girl with a traumatic past and a handsome man that helps to save her I absolutely love all the characters in this story especially Nate but it's rare that I like the secondary characters as much as the main And in this book I seriously loved them all except of course one Which you will know who when you read the book Jo moves in to a room in Nate' s beautiful house in Edinburgh expecting this to be just another stop until reality knocks on her door She doesn't expect to fall in love with Nate and his family After Nate' s chatty sister and adorable daughter Tilly become amazing friends Nate sees a side of Jo that he loves But will Jo's frightening past ruin everything? The relationship between Nate and Jo is beautiful and totally hot So even though there was a lot of nail biting moments that totally made up for it This is a beautifully written story that had me on the verge of happy tears a few times and touched my heart It's my first by this Author and not the last

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