Offer utan ansikte PDF/EPUB ✓ Offer utan PDF/EPUB

Offer utan ansikte PDF/EPUB ✓ Offer utan PDF/EPUB

Offer utan ansikte [Ebook] ➢ Offer utan ansikte ➨ Stefan Ahnhem – The first book in the Fabian Risk series Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revengeCriminal investigator Fabian Risk has left Stockholm with his wife Sonja and their two chil The first book in the Fabian Risk series Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revengeCriminal investigator Fabian Risk has left Stockholm with his wife Sonja and their two children to start fresh in his hometown of Helsingborg He has planned a six week vacation before he starts a new job at Offer utan PDF/EPUB or the Homicide Department But after only a few hours in their new home he is asked to investigate a brutal murder The body of Jörgen Pålsson one of Risk’s former classmates has been found with both hands missing Soon the bodies of old classmates are found and Risk finds himself in a race against time Can they find the murderer before the entire class is killed.

About the Author: Stefan Ahnhem

”As a kid I never dreamt of being a writer Putting letters in the right order to form words did not come easily to me In school while the rest of my class had Swedish lessons a strange smelling lady would pull me out of the classroom to play with wooden blocks painted with colourful letters Offer utan PDF/EPUB or For as long as I can remember however I have been a passionate storyteller Growing up as an only ch.

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  1. Dem Dem says:

    A killer with a message The first victim was a School Bully who liked using his fists The second was a thug who method of abuse was steel toe capped boots A single clue of a School Class photograph from 1982 was left at the scene with two faces crossed out There are eighteen people in the photograph and one of them is the lead detective Fabian Risk A dark and gripping thriller set in Sweden I read this as it had been likened to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I Am Pilgrim two books that I have really enjoyed in the genre of crime thriller novelsVictim without a Face is well thought out thriller but for me it started out very slow and I wasn't sure I was even going to finish this one as I was finding it a bit tedious but it certainly picks up pace half way through and is one of those books that keeps you guessing right up until the end A word of warning it is uite a gruesome book but its a well written and extremely well translated thriller

  2. Lee Lee says:

    Wow this was an extremely good thriller This is the first book in a series of three and what an introduction to this authors work The story revolves around Fabian Risk a cop who returns to his home town for a six week stay with his family meant to be a vacation Not long into his trip he is confronted with the murders of some of his old 9th grade school class mates and finds himself totally absorbed in the case as he soon becomes a major part of this Meanwhile we are presented with extracts of a diary that adds to the suspence Who is writing this? This was cleverly done I thought I knew what was happening and who the guilty party was but I was way off A very strong read and I will be looking forward to the second installment

  3. The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane) The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane) says:

    Fabian Risk doesn't know when to uit he is like the energizer bunny he just keeps going and so does his first book it just keeps goingRisk has moved back to his hometown to assume a job as a detective after losing his job in Stockholm as a cop It appears that someone is killing members of his high school class Risk who seems not to have a wit of good sense immediately becomes involved in the case thinking that his new working companions are a bunch of dead beats There are so many things going on in this story it sometimes is hard to keep track of the story line While I enjoyed the book the character Fabian Risk was at times grating it way too long I will probably read the second book in the series and see how that goes if it's like the first it may be the last This review was originally posted on The Pfaeffle Journal

  4. Denisa Arsene Denisa Arsene says:

    Oh yes five shining stars It is a thriller which keeps you its prisoner from the first pages Twisted situations crimes it gives you an answer just to make you problems It takes you near the end just to understand that you are far from it There is a criminal but not just one mere criminal among thousands of other criminals He is different He wants to enter to history with the biggest number of crimes An entire class his own ex colleagues All of them But who is the real murder? It can be almost every man from that class And another uestion is can he really kill 20 people? Without any impediment? Without being stopped? I really let you to find out You won't regret it

  5. Calzean Calzean says:

    I don't know why I read this to the endAn irresponsible legend in his own mind Detective Fabian Risk moves back to his home town to rebuild bridges with his family after some shady business in his previous case There's a murder He has to be involved He also is new to the team so he goes about his work with little to no consultation One of his actions causes the death of an innocent person But that seems to be okay by him as he needs to focus on the serial killer who is going around with increasingly amazing ways of killing his victimsOh Risk's wife and daughter return to Stockholm leaving Risk in hospital and their 14 year old son in his room It takes Risk four days to realise his son is missingThere are implausible murders detectives stating the obvious and the same detectives missing easy cluesPlus the murder is some guy no one can remember because he looks so ordinary Pleeease

  6. Dawnie Dawnie says:

    Its a very dark thriller that is uite gruesome in its brutality and descriptions of torturous things so if you are sueamish in any way? stay far away from this one I personally don't mind it as long as it is not overly or unnecessarily drawn out meaning that torture is happening without any reason or we get pages after pages of descriptions of it if a handful of sentences would have been enough Ahnhem doesn't go overboard with it so it worked fine for me however strange that might sound Sadly despite the rather brutality in this thriller it wasn't actually that thrilling The writing was rather boring and dragged on and on and i just wanted to finally get a bit of action and something to happen and when that finally did happen it just felt way to short for what was happening and in comparison to the length of the bookNow i understand that it is the first book in a series where we follow the same guy but i want especially that first book to sweep me of my feet keep me guessing and sitting there unable to do anything but read and read and wanting to know what will happen next in this type of bookThis is sadly not that type of book And while it was fine and okay it wasn't the next greatest thriller If you enjoy the brutal bot slower paced crime books perfect this is exactly what you are looking for If you are like me and want a fast paced writing and story telling especially with the amount of blood that is handled in this book? Might just skip this one and see what else is out there

  7. Paul Paul says:

    Victim Without A Face – A Stunning Nordic Noir DebutStefan Ahnhem is no stranger to writing scripts that is but Victim Without A Face is his absolutely stunning debut that will take your breath away Ahnhem has been compared as the true heir of Stieg Larsson and to me that is an understatement This has all the hallmarks of the best Swedish noir writers such as Larsson and Mankell with the descriptive writing of Nesbo This book is full of surprises and turns that it would give the game twister a run for its money and when you think you have a handle on the villain you are put back in your place as a reader No running before you can walk if you want to know the villain you really do need to read every page and I devoured this book as uickly as I couldFabian Risk is on vacation as he completes his move from the Stockholm Police to the town’s force where he grew up in Helsingborg on the Swedish coast His family are at the edge of breaking and this move is the last throw of the dice for all of them and he really needs to connect with his son Theodor and his wife SonjaA couple of gruesome murders take place in Helsingborg both of whom Risk knew when he was at school and there seems to be some sort of message in both murders The local police chief visits Risk and invites him in to the investigation as there is a complete absence of forensic evidence other than a class photograph from when he was at schoolThe investigation takes Risk across the Oresund Bridge to Denmark in the hunt for clues but at the same time causes conflict between the Danish and Swedish Police forces One thing is very clear that whoever the murderer is there is very little Risk can do to discover who the person isWhat the reader gets throughout this thriller is rollercoaster ride of suspense some very unexpected twists dead ends and leads that are nothing than a smoke screen Whoever the villain is one thing that comes through is that he is a master of whatever he is doing has an ability to blend in must have a high I and be a high achiever Stefan Ahnhem has brought all the skill from his craft as script writer for television and applied it to his debut thriller What the reader gets is a writer who can craft a novel full of ingenuity and evil who delivers an all conuering large scale crime thriller of epic proportions This book delivers on every level and is so absorbing that the reader is drawn in to the centre of the drama and can feel all the frustration of the investigators as the villain really does seem to be getting away with murderThe one thing this book does do is leave you wanting to read from Stefan Ahnhem preferably as soon as possible

  8. Kate Kate says:

    Gritty and gruesome and it must be said overlong

  9. Nick Davies Nick Davies says:

    A five out of five just because of the fact I really uite enjoyed and appreciated the ambition and uality of this and because any complaints I might have about it would basically be a little trivial I'm in a decent mood feeling kindThis was one of the best of the Nordic crime genre I have read following a killer who seems to be avenging the bullying he experienced at school several decades before The plot was big and unusual freuently twisting and taking the reader in a different direction the characters interesting and generally pretty realistic and the setting and descriptions of various intricate and oft gory happenings all well described and colourful I particularly enjoyed various moments of reference to music and felt the characters introspection insightful and believableI'd also like to draw attention to the balance of the translator being perfect I never felt confused by clunky language use nor that the prose was oversimplified and that I was probably losing out on the impact of the original Despite a few moments of cliché despite some aspects of superhuman insight and strength from the good guys despite possibly losing the thread in some of the various Swedish and Danish names It felt like the author had taken many of the 'best' bits from others in the genre and weaved them into something intriguing Aside from comparisons with Steig Larsson and Jussi Adler Olsen it also reminded me of non Scandi authors like Stuart MacBride MJ Arlidge Michael Robotham and James Oswald

  10. Debbie Debbie says:

    Now this was a thriller Fabian Risk a policeman has moved back to his childhood hometown just as a kid of course he is a man now from his ninth grade class has been murdered Several days later another kid from that class is found murdered What is going on and who killed these guys?That's just the beginning I was tearing through the pages of this book trying to figure out who the murderer was Between chapters reading a diary that I assumed was the murderer It was jaw dropping when I found out exactly who's diary I had been reading Actually it was mind blowingThe names were a little cumbersome but foreign sounding names always are for me It reminded me of reading a Jo Nesbo or Stieg Larsson novel in that senseI cannot say enough about how good this book was I will definitely be looking for additional titles from this author I would give this book 6 stars if I could I'm seriously thinking it could be better than Girl on a Train and that was pretty daggone good I will say that with everything going on in the book late at night and with the police helicopters flying over my neighborhood looking for criminals it's a wonder my heart made it through HAHuge thanks to Head of Zeus and Net Galley for granting my wish to read this fantastic e galley in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved it

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